Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3814: Promote (Part 1)


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“If you endure it, it can only mean that you have to endure it! Even if you don’t want to endure it, you have to endure it, right?”

After a pause, Fierce Flame God Demon said with a smile.

As soon as these words came out, these big demons behind the scenes immediately had their veins popping out!

You can see this, this fierce flame **** and demon is really not simple!

However, now that things have happened, it is no longer a matter of whether the Fierce Flame God and Demon is simple or not.

But if they continue to let the fierce flame gods and demons continue like this, they will have no time to escape!

Or is it really like this? Should we attack together and kill the Fierce Flame God and Demon first?

While they were hesitating, the Fierce Flame God and Demon continued: “Kekekeke… I’m sorry to interrupt your thinking, but there is one thing I must remind you.”

“What happened?”

Some big demons asked subconsciously.

“If you continue to procrastinate like this, Lord Chu Yan has already caught up with you.”

The fierce flame **** and demon said with a long sigh.

Yes, Fierce Flame God Demon did this to help Chu Yan buy time to catch up, and then kill all these big monsters!

The Fierce Flame God and Demon asked herself that she was not interested in killing these big monsters, but she wanted to show her worth to Chu Yan!

After all, when the Fierce Flame God and Demon has something to do, she takes it upon herself to do it.

For example, the Great Sage Zhentian.

If the Fierce Flame God and Demon were at their peak, she would definitely not be afraid of the Heaven-Suppressing Sage.

The problem is that she is not at the top!

Then you need to be wary of the Great Sage Zhentian.

Considering that Chu Yan definitely wanted her to take action, it was impossible for her to just sit back and watch, so the Fierce Flame God and Demon directly went to break the Demon God Realm!

Not only did he defeat the realm of demon gods, but he also pretended to try his best.

In this way, even if Chu Yan had more or less figured out the ins and outs of Fierce Flame God and Demon, since she was acting so hard, there would be no need for her to take action.

In fact, this is indeed the case. Chu Yan saw everything with his eyes and understood what the situation of this fierce flame **** and demon was.

He didn’t really count on the fierce flame gods and demons, so he just let her do whatever he wanted.

However, just because Chu Yan can do whatever he wants with the Fierce Flame God and Demon does not mean that the Fierce Flame God and Demon himself can do whatever he wants!

So the scene happened now… Chu Yan did not give any orders, but the fierce flame gods and demons took the initiative to help intercept these big monsters who wanted to escape! “You really want to kill the fish and defeat the net…Chu Yan, and you, a **** and demon! Do you really think that we dare not die with you! Even if you can kill the Great Sage of Zhentian, it does not mean that you can wait for me! What if? you

If you really want to experience it, then come and give it a try! Look who dies! “Fight!” Kill it! Die! I don’t believe it. We are really going to fight them to the death. They really dare to fight us! Are they really not willing to risk their lives at all? This is impossible! So, don’t be afraid, just go ahead

Go fight them! Kill them! “Do the mere human monks and the ferocious flame gods and demons really think they can take advantage of us?” In this case, let you have a good look at our strength and our ambition! We, the demon clan, are not weaker than humans! Look down on us monsters

If you think you can take advantage of us, the Monster Clan, then come on! “Yes, the worst possible outcome is death!” I don’t believe it. He can kill the Great Sage Zhentian, can he also kill us? Do you really think that we demon clan are wimps? If we monsters are really useless, then let’s die here!

No matter what, you are going to die, so your death must be worthwhile! “Absurd, simply ridiculous!” We big monsters can actually be chased around the world by a mere human race and a **** and demon! If you hadn’t witnessed this kind of thing with your own eyes, who would believe it? This is simply ridiculous,

This is simply outrageous… As for giving it a try, why give it a try? Are we bound to lose? Let’s go together and crush them! ”


These big monsters of the monster clan were greatly stimulated.

Isn’t it?

They thought they were good, and even the Great Sage Zhen Tian only looked at them with high regard.

Now they are trapped by Chu Yan and Fierce Flame Gods and Demons, just like chasing chickens and teasing dogs, and they want to slaughter them… Are their demon clan beasts?

In comparison, it’s better to fight them directly!

Chu Yan remained silent.

He had already expected what the Fierce Flame God and Demon did.

The Fierce Flame God Demon is an out-and-out smart person.

She is really smart, Chu Yan needs to admit that.

No matter whether you are being smart or not, smart is smart, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Of course, in fact, Chu Yan is not planning to kill the Fierce Flame God and Demon for the time being.

He will be of great use if he keeps the fierce flame gods and demons.

It’s just that the Fierce Flame God and Demon is now moving on its own without the need for Chu Yan to urge it. This is still a good thing.

After all, Chu Yan is too lazy to supervise the fierce flame gods and demons all the time.

This is good now.

Buzz buzz!


Boom boom boom!

Chu Yan took advantage of them being trapped here and went up directly to kill them indiscriminately!

Because these big demons are strong and weak, it doesn’t mean that every one of them is that powerful.

Some people just call them great demons. In fact, they have just reached the level of great demons, rather than the kind of great demons who have been cultivating for many years.

This kind of young demon is nothing to Chu Yan!

Chu Yan wiped them out casually!

Not only that, after Chu Yan killed them, he directly absorbed the blood energy they left behind… Chu Yan wanted to use this to improve his cultivation level! “The human monks are actually using the blood of our demon clan to practice… The crooked ways are simply crooked ways! In fact, you are not a human race, you are also a demon clan! Yes, you are not real, not a pure human race

Right! “But no matter how you look at it, he is indeed a human race!” The real human race, the fake human race! But why does he have such methods, just like the demon clan! This kind of thing should be impossible

, it just happened, it’s incredible! “”not good! If this continues, won’t he become stronger as he fights? As one goes and the other goes, isn’t it the end of the road for us? How to get this kind of thing! Let’s try to unite and kill him or break these flames

Let’s go! Otherwise we will just be caught in a trap! ”


The big demon who was not killed immediately immediately saw the problem.

Judging from the fact that Chu Yan killed more and more, and the more he killed, the stronger he became, they were almost destined to die. This situation and Chu Yan really made them feel desperate!


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