One Punch Man King Engine Chapter 1: Trouble, let’s go to the supermarket


“This world is… too dangerous!!”

In the innermost corner of the Hellshouse Kengeki store, there is a man wearing a black peaked cap and tightly covering his face, and three terrifying scars can be seen looming on his face.

The man’s name is Wang Feng, a traveler who traveled from modern times to the world of “One Punch Man”.

At this moment, Wang Feng stared at the laptop computer on the dining table. The computer video was playing a short film and television similar to a superhero destroying heresy.

“There are really weird people!?”

He muttered to himself in disbelief. According to the information he found, although this world is not rampant with weirdos, it is often burned and destroyed in major cities.

According to the data, the eccentric is the existence of abandoning the human world and completely detached from the human world.

There are generally four sources:

1. Humans are mutants caused by extreme emotions, bad habits, huge pressure, or genetic mutations.

2. Obtain world-leading technological products or modified artificial monsters.

3. Biological variation other than human beings.

4. Special intelligent creatures that are different from humans.

“Monster alert, freak alert, according to the latest news, there is a dangerous incident of monster attack in M ​​City. At present, the Hero Association has dispatched heroes near M City to destroy the monsters. Before the monsters are eliminated, please ask the residents of M City. Be safe…”

The latest geek news plays on a TV screen in Central Kengage.

“Huh? City M?”

Wang Feng was startled, the city he is now in is City M.

In the world of One Punch Man, the world is relatively small. There are only 26 cities in total. They are named after 26 English letters. Each city is very close to each other.


Just when Wang Feng closed the laptop and was about to check out and leave home to avoid danger, there was a sudden explosion in the street, and he was startled by the sight of the source of the sound, and then he was startled.

“Damn, what is this, weirdo?”

He was stunned. A Minotaur appeared at the intersection of the street, and just like the League of Legends’ Void Escaper, it sneaked under the road to “swim”, revealing only a locomotive-sized, hideous bull’s head with a long head on it. There are two terrible horns with threads about half a meter long, the bull’s eyes the size of copper bells are red, and the bull’s nose with an iron ring spews two long white mists from time to time. The saliva is terrifying and disgusting.


The Minotaur’s bull nose spewed two white mists, and then the bull’s horns dropped, and violently crashed into a bull electrical appliance store with red walls on the corner of the street. Seconds later, with a clanging sound, the Minotaur destroyed the electrical store, and the electrical store was in ruins.

The Minotaur didn’t stop, and slammed into the clothing store with red banners again, rumbling, and the sound of incessant destruction and explosions echoed in the street.

Must run!

All customers in Kengeki had the same thought, and after a short observation, they were keenly aware that the Minotaur would destroy the red items in front of it for the first time, and the non-red items usually got away with it. Over a catastrophe.

However, what makes them bitter is that the storefront of the world-renowned fast food restaurant Kengage has always been dominated by red, which means that the Kengage store where they are located will become one of the targets of the Minotaur’s destruction.

Wang Feng’s body tightened, and he subconsciously ran out of the Kengage store with the crowd.


At the moment when they escaped and left, the Minotaur knocked down the Kengeki store like a guess. The level of the bull-like monster is estimated to have reached the level of a tiger. Without a stronger hero, it is impossible to quickly solve the incident. .

The Hero Association divides the monsters into the following five levels according to the degree of harm of the monsters, the difficulty of elimination and other factors:

Wolf class: There are risk factors present.

Tiger: Crisis that deals massive damage.

Ghost Level: A crisis that causes a town to stop functioning or be destroyed.

Dragon Class: May cause several town functions.

God Level: A crisis that could lead to the demise of humanity.


Wang Feng ran away, gasping for breath after a while. His body was too weak. There were bursts of explosions behind him. He ran quickly without any hesitation, while his eyes searched for the best escape route. .


After an urgent stop, Wang Feng looked a little bitter. The Minotaur’s speed was really faster. It only took ten seconds to destroy a house. After destroying several houses in a row, he happened to appear in his before.

He’s… so immortal in the middle of a minotaur and a red brick house!


He stared nervously at the Minotaur who “swam” over. The streets were dusty, and his brain was running frantically, hoping to find any possibility of escape. His heart had begun to overload due to fear. The sudden voice burst out of the chest and echoed in the air, almost forming a piece.

Niu Tou also seemed to be attracted by the strange sound. Tong Ling’s big eyes stared at Wang Feng as if he was observing something.

At this moment, three human beings in odd-shaped clothes emerged from the chaotic crowd. The first one held a cannon on his shoulders, the second held an enlarged version of a dog bone, and the third wore an iron armor.

“Minotaur, you’ve done a lot of evil today, and I will send you to the West.”

“My big bone stick will go out in person, you can capture it!”

“Haha, I will take care of you personally by my hero, Iron Man.”

Three strange guys shouting slogans.

“Wow, a hero.”

“Don’t be afraid now, the weirdo will be eliminated by the hero.”

The chaotic crowd who were fleeing saw the appearance of the three heroes of the water and iron cannons, and immediately shouted in surprise. The Minotaur shook his head irritably, a smear of blood red gradually crept up his eyes, and his whistle-like nose began to sound faintly.


The three heroes shouted, and the water and iron cannon pulled the cannon with a loud bang and fired a cannonball at the Minotaur. Unexpectedly, the Minotaur was only shaken back a few points, and there were no other scars. The bone rod and the iron-clad man went forward bravely, each holding a weapon and beating on the Minotaur.


The Minotaur roars angrily, boom! When it moved, it jumped up from the ground, revealing a body as large as a building, and countless gravels fell from it, making a clattering sound.


As soon as the Minotaur fell to the ground, its sturdy limbs kicked, its horns drooped, and it slammed into the position of the three water-iron cannons roughly.


The three heroes who were invincible three seconds ago were instantly knocked out, or fell into the crowd, or hung on a high-rise building, or hung on the horns and were thrown into the street.

Damn, I’m going to be killed by you!

“Go away!”

After the three heroes were eliminated by the Minotaur, Wang Feng immediately became the first target. The furious Minotaur’s gaze locked on him, making his legs tense and unable to move, but his voice was still like a steel machine, calm yet indifferent.

He has developed a strong instinct in the endless attacks of weirdos, that is, he can be happy and angry no matter what dangerous situation he faces.

“The hero is also defeated, run away!”

“Mom, help!”

The stunned crowd was awakened by Wang Fengbing’s cold and indifferent voice, and immediately ran away crying.

“Please let me go, the supermarket has a special sale, you will miss it…”

At this moment, a clear stream appeared in the voices of the noisy crowd crying father and mother, no, or a mudslide is more appropriate, in such a critical situation, there are still people paying attention to the supermarket specials.

What a wonderful thing!

The corner of Wang Feng’s mouth twitched, and he was very tired…


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