Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5595: Heroic



“Damn humans, I’m going to kill you…”


The man who was sent flying by Long Chen’s slap was abruptly awakened from the state of concentration.


The power of Long Chen’s slap was not strong, and Long Chen never thought of slapping him to death. On the premise of not destroying the formation, Long Chen just wanted him to make room.


At this time, Long Chen was sitting in the center of the altar, with the ring of gods covering the sky and the stars shining all over the world. Like a long whale absorbing water, he crazily devoured the energy between heaven and earth. His speed was much faster than that man’s. times.


“Master Tiantong, calm down, keep the power of the Tianmai fluctuating, and don’t let the dragon energy of the ninth Tianmai dissipate…”


Seeing the man’s fury, an eight-veined heavenly sage hurriedly yelled. At this time, Tiantong was still in the state of promotion. Although it was interrupted, as long as it stabilized, there was still a chance to continue to condense.


“Master Tiantong, wait a moment, let us kill these stupid people!”


Another Eight-Meridian Heavenly Sage also yelled, and they rushed towards Long Chen like lightning. The four Eight-Meridian Heavenly Saints rushed to Long Chen immediately. come out.




There were two explosions, and a long spear came through the air. The sharp point of the spear pointed directly at their vital points, and the two had to free their hands to defend. Was picked up by Su Yu.


Su Yu’s aura is much stronger than these four people. Although they are both Heavenly Sages with Eight Meridians, their coercion is much more solidified.


I don’t know if the four people contributed too much original power, resulting in a decline in strength. Even if the power of Tianmai was burned, they were still no match for Su Yu.


But after attacking the two, Su Yu’s attack slowed down, and he was unable to pursue the remaining two.




However, at this time the eight captains came, and they broke out with all their strength, fighting with their lives, forming a human wall, blocking in front of the two of them, but after a few moves, their defense was broken away.


It’s not that they are not brave enough, but that the difference in strength between the Seven Meridians and the Eight Meridians is too huge, and they have tried their best.


At this time, Su Yu was entangled by two other eight-veined heavenly saints, and was unable to come to support him. Seeing a person killing Long Chen, he couldn’t help but shouted loudly:


“Long Chen be careful…”


At this time, Long Chen was concentrating on absorbing the power of heaven and earth, and seemed to be ignorant of the dangers of the outside world, as if he had given his life to them.




The eight-veined Heavenly Sage held the magic sword and slashed at Long Chen’s head. Seeing that Long Chen was about to die under the magic sword, Su Yu became anxious and let go of the spear in his hand.




There was a loud explosion, and when the magic sword was only three inches away from Long Chen’s head, the spear sent the magic sword flying, and the eight-veined Heavenly Sage of the demon clan was also taken away.


“Kill this woman!”


Seeing that Su Yu was out of weapons, the two strong men of the demon clan stopped drinking at the same time, and came to kill Su Yu with their magic blades in their hands.




At this time, the powerhouses of the Southern Alliance charged desperately, forming a torrent of human figures, rushing towards them.


Tens of thousands of Heavenly Sages with Six Meridians joined forces to attack, and their power condensed into a rope. The violent power shocked the two Heavenly Saints with Eight Meridians, and they were rushed back a few steps.




The impact of the crowd gave Su Yu an opportunity, the spear flew back to Su Yu’s hands, and the crisis was immediately resolved.


“Boom boom boom…”


With a long spear in his hand, Su Yu was full of fighting spirit. He fought against the two eight-veined heavenly saints with one manpower, while the other strong men gathered together and rushed to the eight captains to support them.


It has to be said that the powerhouses of the Southern Alliance have extremely rich combat experience, and they are not afraid of death. The four great and eight-veined heavenly saints were gradually forced away from the altar.


Seeing this scene, the man named Tiantong was very anxious and roared: “Go all out, kill them all, quickly…”


The man named Tiantong has the most terrifying aura, but he dare not do it, because his ninth Tianmai dragon aura is in the embryonic state and has not yet formed. The ninth Tianmai dragon energy collapses.


You know, for the ninth dragon energy of the sky, he has worked hard and must not fail.


At this time, Long Chen was frantically devouring the energy between the heaven and the earth. The power of the heavenly veins above the nine heavens was rapidly decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the immortal energy gushing under the altar gradually dissipated. The runes on the altar also began to fade rapidly.


It will take several days for Tiantong to absorb all the power. Judging from this posture, it will be absorbed in less than half a stick of incense.




Su Yu charged frantically, one against two, desperately moving, and even killed the two strong men, making them back again and again.


As for the eight captains, half of them were wounded and covered in blood. Four of them dealt with one, and all of them used the tactics of killing the enemy together.


The demon army all over the sky, under the command of Tiantong, charged wildly, but at this moment, the powerful demons were like a group of headless flies, attacking indiscriminately. At this time, we can see the importance of formation.


Let them rush however they want, but they are still unable to break through the defense formed by the Southern Alliance. What’s more, it affects the attacks of the top demons and drags down their rhythm.


The man named Tiantong was about to burst into tears at this moment, watching the endless energy being absorbed by Long Chen, and he couldn’t regain that position, the remaining power was not enough for him to condense a complete ninth dragon vein .


“Damn human race, it’s a good thing to kill Tiantong, and none of you can live!”


Sha Tongtian let out a roar, he couldn’t bear it anymore, he had to regain his position, even at the risk of Tianmai Dragon Qi collapsing, otherwise it would be too late.




Suddenly the void trembled, and the space was torn apart. A long sawtooth knife tore through the void and slashed at it with boundless devilish energy. Su Yu hurriedly blocked it.


As a result, Su Yu’s arms shook violently, and the spear flew out of his hands uncontrollably.


“Sister Su Yu…”


No one expected that Su Yu, who was in such a terrifying state of killing Tiantong and burning Tianmai Dragon Qi, would be unable to catch his move.


“Don’t worry about me, keep Long Chen, as long as Long Chen absorbs enough power of heaven and earth, he will never even think about condensing the dragon energy of the sky, and he will fail!”


The strong men of the Southern Alliance saw that Su Yu was injured, and immediately rushed to rescue him. The formation was chaotic and they shouted anxiously.


Their purpose is to destroy and kill Tiantong and advance to Jiumai Tiansheng. Since Long Chen has this ability, they must assist him with all their strength. Even if they die, they must not let the demons be the first to appear in Jiumaitian St.




Seeing this time still thinking about stopping himself, Sha Tiantong’s face was distorted, and the serrated long knife in his hand slashed down in the air. At that time, he was no longer an ordinary eight-meridian celestial sage, half of his foot had stepped into the realm of nine-meridian celestial sage.


“Sister Su Yu…”


Seeing that Su Yu was about to die under the magic knife, the powerhouses of the Southern Alliance were furious, but no one had the ability to save her, so they could only watch her die like this.




But at this moment, the blown spear, with stars shining all over it, smashed hard at the magic knife.




There was an earth-shattering explosion, Shatiantong let out a muffled grunt, and was thrown backwards by the spear.




The sudden change shocked everyone.


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