My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! Chapter 1321: Great cooling, power store!


[Ordinary human rations (random type), 1kg/portion, price: 1 copper coin (Tian Yuan currency, the same below)]

[Nengshi raw ore (mined state), 1kg/portion, price: 500 copper coins]

[Gentleman Type 1 Rifle (comes with a magazine), price: 2 copper coins]

[Starch making machine (Foundation version), price: 3500 copper coins]

[The third generation test electric wolf machine (experimental version), priced at 1,700 copper coins]

[Dihu light infantry vehicle (complete vehicle does not include weapons), priced at 2,500 copper coins]


Purely perverted.

This was Sumo’s only feeling after clicking on the little house icon and jumping to the new interface that popped up.

Who would have thought that the currency drawn in the battle roulette would have a place for consumption in the system.

Not only are the prices exactly the same as the current prices in Tianyuan Territory, there are even many “not for sale” items that have not been marked with a price and are not intended to be sold.

[When the host draws the force currency from the battle roulette, the corresponding force shopping store can be opened]

[Currency can be consumed in the store, and purchased items can be withdrawn directly or temporarily stored in the dimensional space. Please note: the storage time is up to 24 hours]

[Any shopping behavior of the host in the purchase store will not have an impact on the outside world, that is, the host’s purchase will not consume the original inventory of the force]

[Please note that only the extracted currency can be used in the shopping store, external currencies cannot be used]

[Please note, please do not take any initiative to interfere with the selling price. If the case is serious, you will be fined currency]

“Good guy, it’s really just shopping in the void, right?”

After reading the complete shopping rules, Sumo had to admit that he was still too young.

He is on the first floor, and the system is on the fifth floor.

If drawing power currency can open the corresponding store, then as long as you draw the currency of colleges, foundations, and companies, wouldn’t it be possible to buy a large amount of technology, raw materials, and equipment from a distance?

Or a device that Tianyuan Territory finally obtained can also be copied in this way.

Sure enough, money is everything!

“It seems that drawing currency should be a good prize…”

Sumo pondered and went back to open all the remaining seven draws.

Three white currency rewards and another 2064 copper coins were given, which can almost buy a Dihu infantry tank.

Two white characteristic states, one is fatigue resistance and the other is strong, which can increase a bit of bone strength.

A white ordinary item. When opened, there are two boxes of fourth-generation cephalosporins, which is better than nothing.

As for the remaining green award, it actually gave me a nice gadget.

[Special item–Building Transfer Ticket (can extract a building with an area of ​​no more than 200 square meters to the dimensional space, and it will be re-placed if used again)]

“I don’t know if there is a height limit for this area definition. If there is no height limit, it would be a bit awesome. You can easily move a mountain over here.”

Sumo was still satisfied with the result of the first ten consecutive rounds.

Especially after knowing the role of currency, the only depression disappeared without a trace.

But the question comes again, should we continue smoking?

“There were 1,350 points left last time. This time I earned another 3,000 points, and I can draw three ten-consecutive draws.”

“It would be a bit too risky to draw them all at once, so let’s try it twice more and ten in a row!”

Although his luck seemed good today, Sumo decided to keep some points as a backup.

After making up his mind, Somo took a deep breath and pressed the ten-link button steadily with his mind.

The cursor on the interface quickly separated into ten parts and began to rotate, gradually pointing to one area after another.

Six white, two green, one blue and one purple.

“Damn it, it’s a big deal!”

The purple area is only about 5%, I didn’t expect it to be extracted so easily.

Immediately putting aside other rewards, Sumo directly clicked on the purple award to check it out first.

[First draw level: purple]

【Randomly selected rewards…】

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the transaction currency: Enterprise Green Chips*500]

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Today we really had a conflict with currency. Unexpectedly, currency came out of it again.

And this time it’s not Tianyuan copper coins, but corporate currency!

Sumo subconsciously raised his eyes and looked at the upper right corner. Sure enough, there was another small house icon with a bright corporate logo hanging on it.

Click in, and there are enough goods that appear inside…

“1974 pages, 20 products on one page…”

Sumo murmured, his eyes gradually becoming distracted.

General goods will be directly classified into one category. For example, all food will be classified in rations, and all daily necessities will be classified in general daily necessities.

Only after reaching a certain level, it will be specifically listed with independent prices.

The current goods in Tianyuan Territory total 17 pages and 340 independent items.

Compared to the nearly 40,000 companies, the gap between the two is more than a hundred times.

In terms of magnitude distribution, Zhaoshuyuan is at least tens of thousands of times worse!

“No, these should be products from Blue Star’s entire enterprise, not from the wasteland Hu Lai City.”

After flipping through a few pages, I saw that there were supersonic fighter jets and global anti-missile facilities that could be purchased directly.

Sumo came back to his senses and realized the crux of the problem.

Just like the Tianyuan store sells some things that are not listed at all, the enterprise store opened from the system panel should be in a similar situation.

It covers all products developed by Blue Star Enterprises, which can be purchased directly with power currency.

When it comes to power currency, chips are the orthodox currencies issued and recognized by companies.

According to different colors, the order is: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple.

Each level of chips is exchanged at a rate of 10, that is, 1 red chip can be exchanged for 10 orange chips, or 100 yellow chips, 1,000 green chips…one million purple chips!

And the 500 green chips I just drew…

Sumo looked through it carefully and suddenly felt like a windfall.

The price of a nutritional meal for one person per day is 3 purple chips, that is, 1 purple chip per nutritional meal.

And these 500 green chips can directly purchase 500,000 nutritious meals, enough to feed 16,000 people for a month!

Of course, purchasing consumable supplies through power stores is not the most cost-effective way to use currency.

After checking the starch making machine from the store, the value of the green chips was immediately apparent.

A starch making machine sells for only 25 green chips.

This means that this reward is enough to bring 20 starch manufacturing machines to Tianyuan Territory.

According to the current manufacturing speed, one machine operating at full speed can supply 5,000 people per month.



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