Marvel: Unlimited Possession Chapter 262: Clues



New York, Cliff House.


Tony wakes up from his sleep with a burst of rapid breathing.


He was pale and clearly had a bad dream.


“Sir, you haven’t been sleeping very well lately.”


Noticing Tony’s status, Jarvis made a sound reminder.


“I know.”


Wiping the cold sweat from his face with a towel, Tony looked at his nearly pale face in front of the mirror and replied with a weak look.


As a matter of fact, he hasn’t been in great shape since the Great War in New York.


Although the outcome of the New York War ended in the victory of the Avengers, everything experienced during the period has constantly reminded Tony of the dangers facing humanity. Especially after that, David Jones, who appeared in Upper New York Bay, the sacrifice of the turtle fairy, one by one, told Tony how much danger the world was facing.


He tried to save it all, but apparently it didn’t turn out as expected.


The power displayed by the opponent always seems to be stronger than what he is about to come.


And Tony has been immersed in the training with the stone ghost recently, and he has not wanted to use this to divert his attention and avoid his thoughts.


“But, I just fell asleep.”


Turn his head and glanced in the direction of the bed, Tony gave up his plan to lie back, turned around and went to the basement of the villa, looked at the steel suits full of them, and said casually.


“Sir, according to my diagnosis, the appearance you are presenting now clearly has the characteristics of anxiety disorder, and it is already a situation of severe anxiety disorder.”




In the basement, upon hearing Jarvis’ diagnosis report, Tony’s face subconsciously showed a stunned expression.


He, Tony Stark, billionaire, super genius, Iron Man, has an anxiety disorder.





Luke Cage swung his heavy fists and punched the corpse in front of him.


However, Luke Cage’s powerful blow did not cause as much damage to the corpse as he imagined.


Get up from the ground and look down at the fist mark on his chest. Luke Cage’s punch directly broke the three ribs of the corpse’s chest.


It’s just that this is a serious injury to an ordinary person, but it’s just a scratch for a corpse.


Opened his mouth and let out a roar. Without hesitation, the corpse stepped forward and charged towards Luke Cage again.




Controlling the posture of flying and falling from the sky, Jessica kicked off the neck of a corpse on the opposite side, frowning and said: “Now, I understand Joseph Joestar’s reminder, These corpses are indeed a group of troublesome guys.” After speaking, Jessica glanced at the corpse who had kicked her neck off in front of her. Even with such serious damage, this guy still stood up tenaciously. Against his neck, which was still bent at a 180-degree angle, he rushed towards her.


Using the power of his iron fist, he directly smashed the head of the corpse in front of him. Danny looked at the corpse who had completely collapsed after losing his head with a solemn expression. His expression was not very good.


“Haven’t you noticed that since the last few days, there have been more and more dead people?”


This isn’t the first time members of the Defenders have fought ghouls, in fact, they’ve been on the hunt for hidden ghouls in Hell’s Kitchen since a few days ago.


However, since yesterday, Danny has clearly felt that the number of corpses encountered by the defenders has increased significantly.


“Actually, I feel the same way.”


Raising his hand, he grabbed the head of a corpse on the opposite side, ignoring the other’s bite, Luke Cage squeezed the other’s head with one hand, and his expression also became solemn.


This is not a good phenomenon. The increase in the number of corpses may not be too serious a threat to the defenders, but for ordinary people living in Hell’s Kitchen, it is obviously a huge threat. . After all, not everyone can look at them and ignore the corpse’s attack.


Even if, according to Joseph Joestar, corpses infected by vampires no longer have the ability to infect others. However, don’t forget that the main way for ghouls to survive is by eating corpses. In a sense, the existence of ghouls is even more frightening and dangerous than vampires.


Jessica frowned, glanced at Luke Cage’s hand that squeezed the corpse’s head, moved to the side subconsciously, then turned to look at Matt on the other side, The blind lawyer used the power of the ripples to easily melt and destroy the corpses attacking around him, with a somewhat envious expression on his face.


“Sure enough, ripples are the most effective means of attack against corpses.”


After learning the power of the ripples, Matt’s attack on the corpse can be described as deadly, and it is obviously much more efficient than the other members of the Defender.


“After all, this is the strength that Baron Shapiri learned from Penglai after all the hard work.”


Raising his hand to block the attack of the previous corpse below, followed by a left uppercut that knocked the opponent into the air, with a heavy landing sound, Luke Cage raised his eyebrows and added: “Also, If you are interested in the cultivation of ripples, you can go to Matt or Joseph Joestar to learn.”


“Forget it.”


Dodging the corpse’s attack and flying into the air, Jessica swung her fists and smashed the corpse’s head into her body, pouting her lips and saying, “If I can learn it, I was at the riverside before. It’s time to learn.”


Jessica is very clear that the so-called ripple power is good, but obviously it has nothing to do with herself.


“Ripple Run~”


Adjusting his breathing, he exerted the last weak ripple power in his body to melt the corpse in front of him.


Matt breathed heavily. The power of his contact with the ripple was too short after all. Although he quickly understood the power of the ripple with his own super senses, he wanted to really use the power of the ripple to do it. To use nature, it still takes a period of practice.


Fortunately, Matt was not the only one fighting the corpse in front of him. With the help of the Defender members, they finally wiped out all the corpse in front of him.


It’s just that the immediate victory didn’t make the defenders much excited.


“There are more and more dead people.”


Adjusting his breathing, Matt said solemnly: “This is not a good phenomenon.”


“I’ve actually found a little clue about this.”


Just as the Defenders were concerned.


Joseph Joestar’s voice sounded, and then he saw the weather-beaten vampire hunter dragging a tall and thin figure with bruises in one hand and appearing in front of the defenders.


With his right hand, he threw the figure in his hand in front of Matt and the others. Joseph Joestar pointed to the tall and thin figure and said, “This is what I have been looking for, the servant of the Vampire King. , I think it should be able to tell you why there are so many dead people in New York.”


[The legend from Daredevil…]


[From the legend of Jessica Jones…]


[From Danny…]


[From the legend of Luke Cage…]


“Servant of the Vampire King?”


Jessica raised her eyebrows and looked at the wounded guy in front of her. If it wasn’t for Joseph Joestar’s own words, she would never have imagined that such a wounded existence would be a vampire.


“Cough, cough, cough-“


Lying on the ground, coughing loudly, the tall and thin figure swept across the defenders in front of him with his red eyes, and finally landed on Joseph Joestar behind him, grinning Baring his sharp teeth, he said hoarsely: “Joseph Joestar, have you forgotten how your master died at the hands of Lord Dior, and finally survived, but now, you don’t know how. Find Lord Dior to die…”


“No worries about this.”


Faced with the taunting of the tall and thin man, Joseph Joestar raised his feet expressionlessly, using the power of the ripples to melt the opponent’s hand directly, and then he screamed at the opponent with a cold face , continued the interrogation: “Now, you just need to tell me why Dior let you come to New York.”


“Do you think I’ll tell you, Joseph Joestar?”


Gritting his teeth and making a hideous expression, the tall and thin man replied in a hoarse voice.


“You can choose not to say it.”


Silently hanging his feet over the lanky man’s head, Joseph Joestar began to make a silent threat: “Then. My ripples won’t fall on your hands next, Rather…”


“Okay, I say, I say!”


Feeling the deadly threat from his head, the pale face of the tall and thin man suddenly changed, and he opened his mouth and shouted: “It’s Jiuyou, Lord Dior arranged for me to come to New York because of Jiuyou’s affairs, to meet Jin. And meet, and give the stone ghost face to Jin Bing.”


“Jiuyou? Stone Ghost Face!”


[The legend from Daredevil…]


[From the legend of Jessica Jones…]


[From Danny…]


[From the legend of Luke Cage…]


What the tall and thin man said made the expressions of the members of the Defenders change suddenly. They didn’t expect that the appearance of vampires was actually related to Jiuyou, and they didn’t expect that Jin Bing’s existence was actually involved.


“Joseph Joestar, I’ve told you everything, you should…”


After saying everything he knew, the tall and thin man hurriedly shouted to Joseph Joestar behind him.


However, what responded to him was the heavy blow of Joseph Joestar carrying the power of the ripples.


“You deceived me…Joseph Joe…Star…”


Under the power of the ripples, the tall and thin man’s body quickly melted, but he still shouted at Joseph Joestar with a grudge.


“I never said I would let you go.”


Faced with the question from the tall and thin man, Joseph Joestar replied with a cold face and a blank expression.


At this moment, the ruthless image of the vampire hunter is revealed before the eyes of the defenders.



“So, Steel Patriots?”


Looking away from the mockery of Colonel James on TV, Tony looked at his friend in front of him and asked with raised eyebrows.


“Can you tell me how you’re feeling now?”


With a wry smile, in the face of Tony’s ridicule, Colonel James shrugged helplessly: “They think War Machine sounds a little too warlike so.”


If possible, Colonel James doesn’t really like the name Iron Patriot. Unfortunately, although he has become a war machine, or the controller of the current Iron Patriot, he has no practical Naming rights can only passively accept orders from the military and even the Pentagon behind it.


“James, tell me, what’s all this about?”


The name change of the armor is not for no reason. In fact, the reason why the White House chose to change the name of the steel armor at this time is to suppress the recent explosions.


“This is a secret, Tony.” Faced with Tony’s questioning, Colonel James’ expression was a little Hey, James, do you even want me to keep it a secret? “


Facing Tony’s emotional card, Colonel James’ face clearly showed a hesitant look, and he struggled for a while before lowering his voice: “In fact, as far as we know, there have been nine explosions. There are only three incidents that are known to the public, and the crux of the problem is that we cannot identify how the explosion occurred, and there is no bomb casing at the scene…”


“No bomb casings?”


The message from Colonel James gave Tony a little boost from his sluggish spirit and a little bit of interest.


“The Pentagon takes these explosions very seriously. After all, after New York and the [Flying Dutchman] incident, we all know that the world is no longer as safe as it used to be…”


Tony: “I don’t think it’s safe in the past.”


Ignoring Tony’s sarcasm, Colonel James continued to express the government’s position: “The government needs to re-establish its image and avoid greater panic, and for this purpose must trace the source of the explosion and prevent similar explosions from happening again, New York and The frequent incidents on the corners of the mouth have lowered the people’s trust in the government to the lowest point.” Speaking of which, Colonel James hesitated for a while before lowering his voice again and said to Tony in front of him: “In addition, there was evidence that the explosion occurred during the explosion. During the incident, someone once called out the name of the Holy Lord…”


“Holy Lord?!”


[From the legend of Tony Stark…]


“What’s the matter, Tony, are you okay?”


Noticing the changing expression on Tony’s face, Colonel James asked.


Hearing his friend’s concern, Tony turned his head silently and looked at the other party: “If the other party has really called the name ‘Holy Lord’, then maybe you are in big trouble.”


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