Martial Peak Chapter 2: Do not look back when you break the south wall


One of the High Heaven Pavilion rules: High Heaven Pavilion disciple, every day has the opportunity to challenge, every five days has the opportunity to be challenged! The strength of the two fighting parties must not differ by three levels. The winning party rewards the corresponding contribution points number based on the opponent’s disciple level, and the negative party deducts the corresponding contribution points number based on its disciple level.

contribution points number, also called Sect Contribution value!

This is the characteristic of High Heaven Pavilion. In simple terms, the contribution points number is equivalent to money in High Heaven Pavilion. As long as there is enough contribution points, then you can redeem anything you want at Sect logistics office, medicine pill, cheats, weapons, Treasure Armor, everything related to practice can be exchanged at any time, and of course, it can also be exchanged for gold and silver, but in general, the value of Sect Contribution is hard to come by, generally disciple is reluctant to exchange for gold and silver.

There are many ways to obtain the Sect Contribution value. You can get a certain Contribution value by handing over the own treasure hunt to Sect or completing the tasks given by Sect.

One of the most common and easiest ways to get Contribution value is the challenge! Challenge and own strength less than 3-layer of the same door disciple, victory can get Contribution value.

So there are so many people around this Yang Kai that everyone knows staring at the soft persimmon.

The name of Yang Kai is also well-known in High Heaven Pavilion, not only because he is carrying a rare Trial Disciple identity, but also because he has been from High Heaven Pavilion to the present, and basically has not won! Every time someone is challenged, it is the result of losing.

observant and conscientious person Naturally remember when was the last time Yang Kai was challenged. Today is the fifth day from the last time. According to the rules, he can be challenged again. Who is not jealous of the readily available Contribution value, although There is not much Contribution value to win Yang Kai, but mosquitoes are as small as meat. What’s more, it will challenge Yang Kai’s disciple, and it is not a wealthy and noble generation, and they will not be too small for a little Contribution value.

In the field, Yang Kai and Zhou Dingjun have already opened up their positions, and they are saying, “Please advise!”

Nevertheless, everyone knows that Yang Kai today is bound to be full of meals!

When the words fell, Yang Kai took the lead. The thin and thin body burst out with amazing fighting power. One step forward, and punched the fist to Zhou Dingjun‘s chest. attack is simple and straightforward. Into it.

This boxing is the long boxing that everyone in High Heaven Pavilion ’s bottom disciple has practice. This set of boxing methods is not esoteric, but it is used for disciples for physical fitness. The moves are naturally simple.

Zhou Dingjun is not panicking, with a smile on his face, it is because his realm is two levels higher than Yang Kai. There is no suspense in this battle. When the fist of Yang Kai’s was about to come, he just turned around like he was in a leisurely manner, and his burly body seemed a bit agile at the moment.

The fist was rubbed against the clothes and hit without any damage to Zhou Dingjun. After waiting for Yang Kai to collect punches, Zhou Dingjun has been elbowed on the forearm of Yang Kai’s, and at the same time, the knees have been raised slightly to the center of Yang Kai’s‘s abdomen.

Yang Kai snorted, forbearing pain in the heart, making a mistake, stepping back in a hurry, and avoiding the third hit that followed by Zhou Dingjun.

“Eh?” Zhou Dingjun was surprised. His didn’t expect Senior Brother, which only has Body Tempering 3-layer, had expected the enemy to know how own would deal with him next, and own‘s plan to defeat him in one fell swoop was disrupted.

But the mistake of small does not affect the overall situation. After turning around, Zhou Dingjun ’s thoughts follow, and he wants to end the battle completely while Yang Kai is breathing.

I did n’t know that his front foot had just moved, but Yang Kai of retreat and suddenly rushed over. The two figures approached quickly. Zhou Dingjun saw the unyielding and high fighting intent in the eyes of Yang Kai, the clenched fists of Yang Kai’s, and another long punch.

Oops! Zhou Dingjun jumped in his heart, knowing that he had hit the opponent’s tricks. Although the strength of own is higher than Senior Brother by 2nd layer, the combat experience is not as good.

But what about even the middle-of-the-roads? Zhou Dingjun Qi Shen Ruoyuan, no longer dodging, also returned the color of Changquan.

pèng pèng two beeps, Yang Kai flew out, Zhou Dingjun fluttered, still standing, complexion was a little dignified. If this time was played by an opponent of the same level, it would definitely be own.

Others may not know the mystery of these two punches, but own is the clearly feeling. This Senior Brother fist turned out to be a little faster than own, that is, he hit own first, and own hit him.

But his fist is far less powerful than own, and own is strong and strong. On the other hand, the other side is thin and thin, with a thin face, a dish like a dish, obvious malnutrition, and the ability to resist attack is not on a level. , So this kind of result appears.

Senior Brother Ye, it’s been accepted!” Zhou Dingjun is not a good feeling. It’s not a matter of pride to hit the opponents behind own 2nd layer. Although the own won this battle, I always feel that some wins are not taste.

While whispering, “This guy thought own won?”

“Ha ha, is it possible that he ran to challenge without the name Yang Kai’s?”

“This is really interesting.”

Zhou Dingjun frowned. He didn’t really know Yang Kai very much, but he often heard people mention this Senior Brother. Today, I saw many people around and participated in it. However, didn’t expect was so lucky that he was directly selected by Yang Kai as an opponent.

Can this could it be that win? own punched this Senior Brother in a punch, and it already had an overwhelming advantage. It should be handled according to the Sect rules, and the other party should also admit defeat, because it is no longer necessary to fight.

“Come again!” While thinking, the Yang Kai who flew out and fell to the ground had already stood up, instead of being discouraged in his eyes, fighting intent was more intense, but after being punched, it was full. The dish’s face was a little pale.

While Zhou Dingjun‘s answer, Yang Kai rushed over again. At a place less than three feet away from Zhou Dingjun, the body suddenly slightly a swing, legs swept like long whip, and hit the Zhou Dingjun.

Whip leg! It is also the basic skill that everyone in the bottom disciple of High Heaven Pavilion has passed practice, but it is being exhibited by Yang Kai at this moment, which has made many levels far higher than his peers.

It turns out that this whip leg can still be kicked like this.

Don’t wait for everyone’s emotions, it came out with a soft touch, and Yang Kai flew up again.

The gap between the two levels and the difference in physical fitness make Yang Kai unable to resist Zhou Dingjun at all. The Zhou Dingjun punch was hit on the calf bone of Yang Kai’s. When Yang Kai stood up again, the pace was slightly faltering, obviously the bone was injured.

“Come again!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth, and there seemed to be burning flames in his eyes.

“Touch …” Yang Kai flew out.

“Come again!”

“Hit …” Yang Kai flew out again.

There are already people who ca n’t bear to leave in advance, and some even boast: “This toughness of Yang Kai really has no way to say, he will never give up on any challenge without knocking him out!”

This word passed into Zhou Dingjun‘s ears, and he couldn’t help feeling bitter. didn’t expect own challenged such a crazy opponent this time.

Yang Kai was blown out seven or eight times. Her cheeks were swollen, her eyes were blackened, her pace was sloppy, and she seemed to be falling like a wind. She was still stubborn like a rock. Where to get up, shout and continue to rush forward.

After repeating this, Zhou Dingjun finally changed color: “Are you crazy? If you don’t admit defeat, you will be dead!”

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