Martial God Space Chapter 3470: Kill him, I want him to die!




Ye Xiwen uttered the sound of the Dao, the sound of the Dao, like a heavy hammer, slammed into the hearts of everyone, reaching the depths of their souls, and buzzing in the minds of the shocked people.



Everyone was petrified, and a super scary being came.



And above this satellite city, Ye Xiwen’s eyes are like two sharp swords, and wherever they pass, all evil spirits will appear.



Almost immediately, I saw the power supply where Bian Xiaoyue and Yin Yang He He Di were located. Although the palace was equipped with layers of defense formations and formations, which could block outsiders’ prying eyes, Ye Xiwen’s eyes In front of him, there is no secret at all.



When she saw that Bian Xiaoyue was bound with a pipa bone and tied to a cloud bed, Rao Yi Ye Xiwen’s current state of affairs and state of mind were still unstoppable.



“Yin Yang He He Di, I think you are courting death!”



Ye Xiwen shouted loudly, and motivated by his will, the chaotic energy in the sky was drawn by him and turned into a terrifying opponent. In an instant, he moved towards the Yin Yang He Emperor in that palace.



As early as the moment Ye Xiwen’s eyes fell, Yin Yang He Di felt it. It was like a weak rabbit being stared at by a powerful old tiger. Even more terrifying.



Because of the difference in the level of life, that terrifying will contains the meaning of killing, which makes him only feel that his heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney are in fear, and even his soul is trembling. There is really no way to make up the gap.



All the enchantments and formations, in front of this look, are so ridiculous that they cannot be stopped at all.



As if separated by the whole world, Ye Xiwen’s eyes fell on him.



The big hand formed by the Qi of Chaos pierced the sky and fell ruthlessly, but it was only a short time, but to him, it seemed like a century-long, inch by inch. When it was crushed, it broke all his psychological bottom lines, and his eyes were sluggish, almost as if he was dumbfounded.



All the defensive formations and formations in the city seemed to no longer exist in front of this big hand, and were easily automated.



This blow is really terrifying!



Suddenly, just when the Yin Yang He Emperor thought that he was absolutely unable to escape this grasp and despaired, the voice of a **** chanting came, and the rules in the air changed at a speed that was almost visible to the naked eye.



This big hand collapsed in an instant and disappeared into nothingness. This was not a collision of powerful forces, but a fundamental change in the rules, thus breaking Ye Xiwen’s move.



“Tianzun has shot!”



Everyone knows exactly what this means, because only Tianzun’s action can cause such a grand scene of rule change.



When the battle between the emperors and emperors was changed, it was necessary to confront each other head-on. Only when the Heavenly Venerate made a move would it be possible to interrupt the opponent’s attack by changing the rules.



In the face of this sudden change, Ye Xiwen did not panic at all, because he knew from the very beginning that there was a Celestial Venerable beside Yin Yang He He Di, which was inevitable.



He easily defused Ye Xiwen’s attack, but he also revealed his existence. A blond man with endless holy light all over his body walked out slowly, but behind him there were a pair of wings. , quite a bit like the people of the feather clan, but they are different.



This figure has a very powerful sense of oppression and endless holy light. It seems to say that everything against him is a heinous crime, and it is against God.



“Holy Light!”



Ye Xiwen effortlessly determined the identity of this person.



“Wu Zun, as the Heavenly Venerate of the God of Fortune, you dare to attack the satellite city to which the God of Fortune belongs. Do you want to rebel?” As soon as the Holy Venerable Light opened his mouth, he would put a rebellion on Ye Xiwen. big hat.



“Hmph, Holy Venerable Guangming, you know exactly why I came here, you don’t need to put garlic here, what are you, you are just a dog of the City Lord of Moon City, you dare to break the barrier I set up and cause heavy damage. My army of human race took my human race emperor away, you are so brave!” How could Ye Xiwen be fooled by him, he immediately opened up what he wanted to cover up.



A look of anger appeared on the face of Holy Venerable Guangming. At the beginning, he was defeated by the city lord of Moon City, and he was cursed by him. Since then, he has been driven by him to be a cow and a horse, and even obey the emperor of Yin-Yang and Hehe. driven.



This is also a huge shame for him. It’s just that ordinary people don’t have the courage to expose this in front of him, but Ye Xiwen has such strength and qualifications.



He directly exposed the little fig leaf he had left. His eyes were full of fierceness, and he wished he could kill Ye Xiwen.



“But I didn’t come to you today, Yin Yang He He Di, you kidnapped my disciple, don’t you have the courage to meet me now?” Ye Xiwen didn’t even look at Holy Venerable Guangming at all, and directly opened his mouth.



His gaze was still directed at the Yin-Yang He He Di in the palace.



At this time, everyone in the city seemed to finally understand why Ye Xiwen dared to kill him aggressively. It turned out that such a thing had happened.



Many people can’t help but want to faint, although they have long known that Yin Yang and He Di are usually arrogant and arrogant, but they never thought that they would be so arrogant and arrogant, joking, dare to break the seal enchantment of Tianzun , kidnapping an emperor disciple of Tianzun, these things are simply a fantasy.



He is too bold, even if his father is the City Lord of Moon City, this is too exaggerated. After all, this one is also a Celestial Venerable. Although he is a little worse than the Lord of Moon City City in terms of position, his status is Not bad.



How courageous and maddened it must be to be able to do such a thing!



Once the two Heavenly Venerates fight here, the satellite city will be destroyed, and all of them will have to die by then, and will the God of Fortune really punish Ye Xiwen excessively for the destruction of a satellite city?



The city lord of Yuecheng will protect his sons. At that time, only them will be unlucky. At this time, they can’t help but feel boundless resentment in their hearts. They are far away, and now they have to be buried with them, how to make them not angry.



But at this time, Yin Yang and He Di were much calmer. At this time, he suddenly remembered that there was such a heavenly body guard by his side. Under the extreme fear just now, he almost forgot about it. Now that I remember it, I have regained my prestige as the young city lord of Yuecheng.



“Wu Zun, what are you trying to do, you are so bold, dare to attack my city, I will let my father take care of you!” Yin Yang He He pointed at Ye Xiwen and said, but he no longer dared to attack my city. What kind of old dog is he talking about, because Ye Xiwen is not a servant like the Holy Venerable Guangming after all, and can be driven by him. The most important thing is that he has also inquired clearly that Ye Xiwen’s cultivation years are less than a fraction of his. , to scold him but to appear incompetent.



“I’m stubborn, I’ve already arrived here, you dare to do this, you’re really courting death!” Ye Xiwen just said lightly, Yin Yang and Hedi were not in his eyes at all, if it wasn’t for his father Yuecheng The city owner is not even qualified to let Ye Xiwen remember.



“Emperor Yin-Yang Hehe, you joined forces with the Celestial Venerable of the Ancient Era to attack the resident of my human race and kidnapped the emperor of my human race. It is clear that you are going to rebel. Today I will clear the door for your father!” Ye Xiwen laughed and shouted loudly. The entire city continent.



He is not the only one who can wear a high hat. At this time, Ye Xiwen is not strong enough to ignore the divine dynasty, so it is necessary to stand on the commanding heights of morality.



“What a big deal!”



Yin Yang He He said angrily, how could he not be afraid of Ye Xiwen’s threat, just kidding, with Ye Xiwen’s strength, it is indeed enough to kill him.



“You don’t have a master, otherwise we will put the Moon Emperor back, otherwise, the consequences will be unpredictable!”



At this time, the voice of the Holy Venerable Guangming came from the ears of Emperor Yin-Yang Hehe. Although he thought that he was not afraid of a newly promoted Heavenly Venerate like Ye, he really made trouble, and eventually it would cause the East Heavenly Venerate and Yuecheng. The confrontation between the two camps of the city lord.



The City Lord of Yuecheng, who had just been breached and severely damaged his vitality, is probably not really an opponent of the Eastern Heavenly Venerate.



“No way!” Yin Yang and Hedi immediately scolded loudly and rejected the suggestion of the Holy Venerable Guangming. If it was just an ordinary lewd relationship, he would have let him go long ago if Ye Xiwen did this, but according to the man in the cloak, Mr. Ghost Said that this may be the key to whether he can enter the ninth realm, and he is unwilling to give up.



He is self-aware of himself, and he is also very clear that his own aptitude is limited, and his foundation was damaged in the mother’s womb. It is a miracle that he has been able to reach today. If there is no way to go further, he will not even survive. Heaven and earth were shattered.



And Bian Xiaoyue is his chance. He has the chance to reach the peak of the emperor. Even that Mr. Ghost said that even in the most prosperous time of the Era of Demons, it was only a few. Once released After that, there is no chance to step into a higher level.



“Don’t you claim that you are very powerful? Are you also the No. 1 figure in the Era of Light? Are you afraid of him? Give it to me, kill him, I want him to die!” Yin Yang Hehe Emperor shouted , he was all too familiar with the killing intent contained in Ye Xiwen’s tone, because he was equally murderous all his life, that kind of aloof, ant-slaughtering tone that he was all too familiar with, and his heart suddenly became fierce, Since a Heavenly Venerate like Ye Xiwen has already produced killing intent.



Then just don’t do it again and again, and just make Ye Xiwen the Wuzun! 〖To be continued〗【】


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