Martial God Space Chapter 3404: A loud slap



Three days later, the Heavenly Venerates who were rescued by Ye Xiwen and Zun Zun, who were trapped in the path of creation, headed by Heavenly Venerate Yunmiao, followed Ye Xiwen and the two on their way back together.



Since Ye Xiwen dealt with Emperor Hunyuan and others very quickly, when he returned, Zhan Zun only rescued a few Tianzun. Because of Ye Xiwen’s addition, the speed of the two of them to rescue Tianzun undoubtedly accelerated a lot.



When Ye Xiwen returned, even Emperor Hunyuan was taken aback. He was already prepared that Ye Xiwen might not be able to come back in time.



After all, he also knew that Ye Xiwen was going to kill a Celestial Venerable. This kind of battle is possible at any time. Celestial Venerable shook the mountain in anger, the situation changed, and the galaxy trembled. How could it be so simple that it could end? .



But now Ye Xiwen has returned in such a short time, which must have shocked him.



Looking at Ye Xiwen’s appearance, it is natural that he has successfully killed Emperor Hunyuan, otherwise it should not have been the case.



In my heart, I have a clearer understanding of Ye Xiwen’s unpredictable skills.



But what he didn’t know was that Ye Xiwen was more than slaughtering Emperor Hunyuan, it was just a Celestial Venerable he killed in this trip. Otherwise, he wouldn’t just feel that way, I’m afraid he really wanted to rise up in his heart. Feeling extremely shocked.



These Heavenly Venerates were trapped in various parts of this continent. For many years and tens of thousands of years, they did not move, trying to maintain the lowest consumption and delaying time. Now, their delays have finally come to an end.



When seeing the appearance of Ye Xiwen and Zun Zun, even those Heavenly Venerates with extremely firm minds all had expressions of surprise on their faces.



Soon the team was getting bigger and bigger, and the people in this team were basically big names with names and surnames in the Dynasty of Fortune, and any one picked at random was a big man who shocked the world.



All of them once left a legendary story in the Dynasty of Fortune.



Most of them have seen it. Or at least they have heard about the existence of Zun Zun, but Ye Xiwen, they are really smeared. In their era, there was not even a single bit of news about Ye Xiwen in their minds.



It was only later learned from Zun Zun. Ye Xiwen came from the heavens and the world, and the time of his enlightenment was even ten thousand years in the Congo.



This made the Heavenly Venerates who were used to seeing life and death and had great supernatural powers sighed with emotion. With their eyesight, how could they not see that Ye Xiwen’s performance did not look like the youth who had just entered the Heavenly Venerate realm. Especially when they rescued them, the many martial arts and supernatural powers that they used were at their fingertips, as if they had already entered this realm for hundreds of thousands of years, and they were familiar with them for millions of years.



In the hearts of many people, such a name is silently remembered.



With just a few words, Ye Xiwen, the younger generation, left a deep impression on their hearts.



When their practice has reached their level, it is naturally impossible to divide the predecessors and the younger generation, but now they can still maintain the idea of ​​​​high. Because Ye Xiwen was still far from their peak at this time.



However, in a few years, everything will be completely different, and they are well aware of this. So even if the qualifications are older and the realm is stronger, you Tianzun have not underestimated the idea of ​​this person in front of you.



Not to mention Ye Xiwen came to save them, they owed a favor no matter what.



Although it’s not a life-saving grace, it’s almost the same!



After confirming that everyone has been rescued, they finally embarked on their return journey. For these Heavenly Venerates, it is equally complicated.



This used to be the place that carried the hope of their creation, but now. But it has become a cage that has imprisoned them for countless years, and now they are leaving. I can’t even tell what kind of mood I have in my heart.



Just sure that the mood is not what it used to be.



Everyone soon came to the ferry, and completely collided with the group of Tianzun from Outer Territory who also saved people and returned.



If it is under normal circumstances. When the two sides meet, I am afraid that another battle is inevitable, but now, both sides have tacitly chose to remain silent and did not fight.



They, who were no longer at the peak, could not afford the price of such a big fight. Could it be that they have already been rescued, and are they still here to fall?



It’s just that although there was no major fight, they were tacitly divided into two groups, two camps, facing each other far away.



But soon, those Heavenly Venerates who created the Divine Dynasty realized that something was wrong, because they found that the eyes of those Heavenly Venerates from outside the realm were more or less focused on Ye Xiwen, which made them feel very strange.



Why does this happen? It seems completely unscientific!



Especially in their eyes, with a look of amazement, resentment, or vigilance, this is definitely not an ordinary concern.



Naturally, they were very puzzled, but they quickly learned what these Outland Heavenly Venerates were through other means.



After secretly passing the news to each other, even they had to pay more attention to Ye Xiwen. Originally, they just thought that Ye Xiwen was just a new and powerful junior in recent years.



However, now they really found out that this junior is simply outrageous. Of the few Heavenly Venerates killed by him, which one is not famous, even they have heard of the existence, and even they are among them. None of them were completely sure of winning, but now the four of them joined forces and actually died at the hands of Ye Xiwen.



This made their evaluation of Ye Xiwen have to be raised by another level. Such a person already has the potential to be on an equal footing with them in the future, but now has the ability to threaten them.



This situation is completely different, and the eyes of many people looking at Ye Xiwen have also changed.



Naturally, Ye Xiwen didn’t know that Tianzun was secretly sending news, but he could probably guess when he saw the eyes of those Tianzun, but he didn’t care. At this point, it’s meaningless to keep a low profile. After all, the world is still It depends on whoever speaks with a fist. Whoever has a bigger fist speaks louder, and someone will listen.



With the return of this batch of Heavenly Venerates, the pattern of the entire creation world will also undergo earth-shaking changes. Whether it is the God of Fortune Dynasty or the Outer Domain, the strength will be greatly increased this time.



“Wu Zun, how dare you violate the agreement between us and kill my Outland Heavenly Venerate!”



Suddenly, the Great Sun Tianzun roared, the ground shook, and the sound waves swept toward Ye Xiwen like a mad knife.



Ye Xiwen just glanced at it lightly, and this sonic mad sword disappeared without a trace, and he couldn’t even get close to him.



Tianzun is the ruler of this world. As far as his eyes can see, all the darkness dissipates, and everything is destroyed. When he opens his eyes, he creates the world, and when he closes his eyes, he destroys the world. He has incredible power.



“So what, are you planning to fight?” Ye Xiwen looked at the Great Sun Tianzun indifferently, “This time, there won’t be any of your masters here to save you. If you want to die, I can fulfill you!”



Dasun Tianzun’s face was flushed, and everyone else understood at once. I’m afraid that this Dasun Tianzun and Ye Xiwen had fought before, and they had failed miserably. If they were run on this account, there would only be a fiasco. , rather than defeat or something like that.



Ye Xiwen glanced at the Great Sun Heavenly Venerate and didn’t mean to say anything at all. This Great Sun Heavenly Venerate was just relying on the presence of the undead Evil Venerable, and planned to save some face from the scene. It is best to bring Ye Xiwen a big one. The hat made him bear two charges of provoking a war between the two camps.



The idea is very good, but unfortunately he still doesn’t understand that for the emperor and the practitioners below the emperor, it is a big sin to cause a war of charred souls on both sides.



But for a master like Tianzun, what is this? In order to survive, Emperor Hunyuan and others have killed many emperors on the road of creation. Who dares to accuse them, and who can blame them? them.



The so-called lifeless beings are just a term for these Heavenly Venerates. There are endless creatures in the world of creation, and tens of billions of deaths are just a drop in the bucket.



If killing tens of billions of creatures can bring their cultivation to a higher level, then they are likely to do the same.



For these Heavenly Venerates I don’t say everything, but most of them take the Great Dao as their first goal. In order to get good luck, they can do anything. Not natural hatred.



From the bottom of the creatures, it is to compete for the living space. For these Heavenly Venerates, they spontaneously form two camps in order to compete for resources. power.



And the people who decide all of this are not others, or they are these gods, so these accusations are nothing to them.



After all, the Great Sun is still too young. He who has never really reached the top will not understand this, but Ye Xiwen is different. Although he is younger than the Great Sun, he does not know how much younger. Yes, but he once dominated the heavens and the world.



He is high above, and all living beings surrender. He understands the principles of many rulings and the principles of all camps.



And other Outland Heavenly Venerates are also looking at their eyes, nose, nose and heart. It’s not that they can’t see that the Great Sun Heavenly Venerate has the intention of taking advantage of the situation. If they send it to the door at this time, it would be really stupid. , if it’s just an unimportant character, that’s fine.



However, the guy in front of him just slaughtered four famous Celestial Venerables in their camp a few days ago.



This kind of ruthless guy who doesn’t hesitate to kill, they don’t want to lose their lives when they meet at the most critical time.



For a while, the whole scene was cold, like a slap in the face one by one, hitting the face of the Great Sun Tianzun. (To be continued)【】


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