Martial God Space Chapter 3339: The eve of the storm



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There is no doubt that those who can be present are the best among the emperors of the gods, at least the peak emperors, who are qualified to be called, from the super strong in the five regions of the southeast, northwest, and middle. It is also impossible to say who is really convinced of whom.


Looking at the two sides who are about to break out into conflict, everyone’s faces are somewhat amused. Both sides are extraordinary. Even if the strength of Ruyi God Emperor is one of the best among many emperors, he is extremely Tyrannical, not to mention that behind him there is a peerless figure that is too tyrannical and unimaginable.


On the other hand, Ye Xiwen is not an ordinary person. This is a terrifying existence that can slaughter Tianzun, that is, he changed the pattern between heaven and earth, and it was he who broke the myth of Tianzun.


None of them are easy to provoke.


So on this issue, everyone is not going to intervene, this is not the person they intervene.


However, many people are well aware that God Emperor Ruyi made it clear that he would target Ye Xiwen, and I am afraid it has something to do with Emperor Yingjiao.


God Ruyi had a very good relationship with Emperor Yingjiao before he followed the Heavenly Venerate to retreat into the sub-plane deep in the God of Fortune Dynasty. It is rumored that Emperor Ruyi was rescued by Emperor Yingjiao in the early years. Since then The relationship between the two parties is excellent.


A few times when Emperor Yingjiao was in trouble, the Ruyi God Emperor came forward to resolve it. At the time, no one knew about it, but after the Ruyi God Emperor retreated far away, it became a matter that no one knew about. That is, these old monsters who have survived for many years, still know the reason.


At this time, God Emperor Ruyi targeted Ye Xiwen so much because he wanted to avenge Emperor Eagle Horn.


Although Ye Xiwen didn’t know the key, he felt the hostility of Ruyi God Emperor, and he never thought that the fall of the Eagle Horn Emperor would bring him such trouble, but even if he knew He would still do it when he should have done it in the first place.


The Emperor Zhan had one point about him before, but he was very accurate. Once he made a decision in his heart, he would never look forward to it. Therefore, in the eyes of many people, it is lawless, everyone dares to kill, and everyone dares to destroy!


Let’s not say Ruyi God Emperor, when he has survived the calamity, what can the Heavenly Venerate of Time and Space treat him!


God Ruyi’s face suddenly turned ugly, Ye Xiwen dared to put him right. Face-to-face confrontation, obviously slightly exceeded his expectations. I thought he represented the God of Fortune at this time, but Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to be presumptuous.


As for the revenge for the Eagle Horn Emperor, it has to be done slowly. No matter what the situation is, it is no ordinary person who can kill the Eagle Horn Emperor, one of the ten emperors. Although he is angry, he Not brainless.


However, seeing Ye Xiwen is only like this. He couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Although he knew it was impossible, he still had another thought in his heart. If Ye Xiwen couldn’t bear this humiliation and turned out of the God of Fortune in a rage, then he could mobilize the resources of the God of Fortune. If you attack him, no matter how strong he is. Even the first emperor who claims to be able to slaughter Tianzun will die miserably.


No one can stand against the God of Creation!


It’s a pity that Ye Xiwen still didn’t let him get his way!


Although Ye Xiwen didn’t know his plan, he wasn’t stupid either. He knew one thing. Fighting against the Heavenly Venerate of Time and Space and against the God of Creation were fundamentally two different concepts. It is nothing to fight against the Heavenly Venerate, but to fight against such a behemoth as the God of Fortune, then the consequences will be unpredictable. Unless you can reach the supreme realm of Heavenly King of Fortune, you can be invincible and unscrupulous.


“Humph!” God Emperor Ruyi snorted coldly, and then said, “Since that’s the case. Then I said, according to the instructions of the adults, the God of Fortune will start the Great Formation of Hunyuan, and everyone will have to each Take the main point of one side, and don’t leave without permission, until all the adults leave the customs!”


Although other emperors have heard about it for a long time, they have never thought of it.


Fortune Hunyuan Great Array, what kind of existence is that? It is the supreme great array arranged by Heavenly Master Fortune, and even surpasses the great array arranged by Heavenly Venerate. It belongs to the top secret among the top secrets. There are few opportunities to use it.


The process of attracting and starting is very complicated, and it is necessary for the emperors to serve as the eyes of different branches, and some even require the Tianzun to stand. Throughout the ages, how many crises are worth doing so.


The God of Fortune is at the very core of the territory of the God of Fortune, and no one has been able to reach this place since ancient times. The emperor-level creatures that have reached the extreme, and now after those emperor-level creatures have been transformed one after another, no one can do this anymore.


So this Good Fortune Hunyuan Great Array has become a legend. Everyone has heard the legend about the Good Fortune Hunyuan Great Array, but in fact, apart from the Emperor of War, few people have really seen the Good Fortune Hunyuan. Great array.


And what makes everyone even more concerned is, what kind of thing actually makes you Tianzun have to use the formation of the universe?


There is so much information in it that everyone didn’t react for a while, but their expressions were extremely solemn. If this is the case, then it is likely to face a catastrophe.


You must know that with the many defensive formations and enchantments of the divine capital, even if Tianzun breaks in, he will still be trapped in it, and may even fall. There is no need to activate the Hunyuan formation.


This made everyone even more shocked and vigilant. If something goes wrong, there must be demons. This truth is not only understood by one person, but everyone understands this truth.


But they themselves can’t figure out the origin of this matter. It must be completely blocked because it involves the level of Tianzun.


Rao is that most of these old monsters have lived for more than hundreds of millions of years, and even the war emperor has lived for hundreds of millions of years. Even in terms of the generation of emperors for thousands of years, this is a long time. Logically, there should be no What would shock them.


But at this time, they still began to feel flustered, because this matter was obviously out of their control, and this kind of thing that was not under their control could not be worse for them.


There are also four words that must not leave without permission. These four words made them smell a little bad, but what they wanted to say at this time was useless, because they knew that they could not refuse. Over the years, relying on the **** of creation How many benefits they have gotten from the dynasty, how many cultivation resources that ordinary people can’t even think of, they can leave now if they want to, and the God of Fortune is not a charity organization.


“Since it’s all said and done, there are a few adults in need, I wait for them to protect the Dharma, and there is nothing wrong with it, but at least let us know what it is and why? We don’t understand why we’re dying here?” A cold voice came, with a bit of yin and yang in the voice, and it was an old monster with a strange temperament. It is absolutely impossible to drive these people.


Everyone’s expressions became more solemn, and what they said was a bit cruel. Letting these emperors die here, there is nothing more vicious than this.


Other people’s eyes turned to Ruyi God Emperor. This person was just expressing their hearts. At this time, they naturally had to wait for an answer they wanted to hear.


Ye Xiwen just leaned back on the back of the chair, closed his eyes, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and his fingers tapped the armrests regularly.


To say that he is lawless and has a tough personality, what about those old monsters, there are not a few surly tempers, but there are very few things that can make them move, so they pretend to be unpredictable and unsmiling.


He had a hunch that the waters of the divine dynasty were unfathomable, but this time, those behind the scenes who were hiding underwater and stirring up the situation were finally about to reveal the true colors of Mount Lu.


If it was in the past, he would probably feel an unprecedented pressure, but now it is different. He will soon pass the calamity. Once he succeeds, then he will also become one of those people. can go.


A kind of sky high let the bird fly, the sea is wide and the feeling of leaping like a fish jumps into my heart.


God Emperor Ruyi was stared at by so many top experts, and he couldn’t help but feel a scalp tingling, and then he said: “This matter has nothing to do with you, so don’t ask more, as for the opening of the Great Harmony of Fortune. The formation is also for precaution, if there is a strong enemy, it will not be caught by surprise, if not, then it is the best!”


“Cut, isn’t this the same as not saying? I don’t want to be a fool, I don’t know how I died!” It was the emperor who spoke again, with a sneer on his mouth, and said yin and yang strangely.


God Emperor Ruyi’s face suddenly pulled down and said: “This matter is a decision made by all of you, Lord Tianzun, and you can’t say anything about If you have any questions, you can go by yourself after you leave the customs. Inquiry, now all obey the orders, from now on, the God of Creation will start the Great Formation of Hunyuan, and no personnel will be allowed to enter or leave until the adults leave the customs!”


“Then what should we do if we have to go to work, we can’t just go out at all!”


“Yes, is it possible that we are all stuck here?”


“What the **** is going on?”


Many peak emperors said dissatisfiedly.


“It’s only in the past few years, lords, that you have left the customs. How much official business can you handle in a few years? Don’t think I don’t know, this matter is beyond doubt, don’t talk more!” Ruyi God Emperor immediately Cut to the rails.


His eyes swept to everyone, especially when he looked at Ye Xiwen, there was a bit of malice in his eyes.




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