Martial God Space Chapter 3070: The battle for the top seat



That year, that mountain, that boy!



He has been successful in cultivation and will not let his memory fade over time, but that feeling has indeed made him feel too far away, the youthful memory of his youth.



Occasionally, those memories will come back to my mind, especially in the past ten years or so.



In fact, this is just an incarnation of his primordial spirit. Of course, his real body will not be here, but he will refine the Taiyi Juyuan Dan in the small world in the room. A few years have passed, and Taiyi Juyuan Dan is still being refined at an orderly pace.



Now it’s coming to an end, and this incarnation of the primordial spirit is just kept outside for vigilance, and it is because of this that he can get to know Wang Jun.



“Ah, it’s still just a fur!” Wang Jun said in frustration, it seems that no matter what kind of achievements he has, in Ye Xiwen’s eyes, it’s still just a fur.



He didn’t know what kind of realm Ye Xiwen was in, and he didn’t dare to imagine that it was too high. With his current vision, he couldn’t imagine that it was too high. Even proving the Tao and becoming a **** was an unparalleled and high-level big man for him.



“Of course, do you think cultivation is an easy thing? With your current cultivation, you only understand a little bit, don’t be proud!” Ye Xiwen glanced at Wang Jun and said casually.



Of course, he knows how difficult it is to get these young people to guard against arrogance and impetuosity, because back then, he walked through it step by step.



But because of this, there are always so few people who can successfully stand out. Time waits for no one, and there is nothing fair or unfair in the matter of cultivation.



At an age when some people are still restless, some people are calm like an old fox who has experienced many years of sophistication.



“Before, an elder in the division asked about the origin of this set of swordsmanship, but I perfunctoryly passed it. I just said that it was obtained from an adventure!” Wang Jun seemed to remember something and said.



Ye Xiwen nodded, his expression remained the same, which is not surprising. The Sword Burial Technique is a sword technique that Ye Xiwen improved and created. Even if it is placed in the God of Fortune Dynasty, it is a peerless skill, unless the teachers in his sect are all He is blind, otherwise he might turn a blind eye.



Previously, Wang Jun was just a little disciple. It was nothing, and naturally he would not attract attention. However, now that Wang Jun became famous in one fell swoop, it will inevitably attract a lot of peeps.



And among these peeps, I am afraid there are many with malicious intentions.



Ye Xiwen will not interfere in these matters, and there is no need. These can be said to be a test for the king. The situation Ye Xiwen faced back then was thousands of times worse than this, but so what, he was finally killed by him. Bloody road, break out of the sky.



If Wang Jun can’t even pass this test, then his achievements in this life will be like this.



The so-called master leads the door, and the practice is like this in the individual.



“You have to be careful yourself, this set of swordsmanship is an opportunity and a test for you. It’s not just this little bit that will trouble you in the future. If your cultivation cannot improve quickly, sooner or later Something is going to happen!” Ye Xiwen said.



He has experienced countless things, and he has already matured, and he can see it casually. If Wang Junxiu can’t keep up with the speed of those who covet this set of swordsmanship, the swordsmanship will be taken away in the future. It’s not impossible.



On the other hand, as long as Wang Jun’s cultivation is improving at a steady rate, no matter how arrogant those people are, they can’t help him.



Only when people show value can they be valued and sheltered.



“I understand!” Wang Jundao, he was also used to Ye Xiwen’s attitude like this, from childhood to adulthood.



“By the way, Uncle Ye, my father and mother made a good table tonight to celebrate my promotion and asked you to come over for dinner. I almost forgot about it!” Wang Jundao.



In fact, this is the key reason why he came here. Because of Wang Jun’s relationship, Ye Xiwen and the Wang family have a very good relationship.



“Well, I see!” Ye Xiwen stood up and moved his muscles and said. “Let’s go, don’t make your parents wait!”






Wang Jun smiled, he didn’t see any outsiders, and with the relationship between the two sides, he didn’t need to see outsiders at all.



Wang’s house is not far from here, it’s all on the same street, but it’s only a few steps away, and it’s already there.



At this time, it is time for dinner, and every household is fragrant, especially since the neighborhood is a settlement of the human race. There are many civilians, and not all of them have the qualifications, resources and opportunities to cultivate.



Wang Jun is also a famous person on this street. It is rare for a cultivator among these residents in a street. It is a great honor for the whole street.



When the two entered the courtyard of the Wang family, the parents of the Wang family had already prepared meals, but at this time, in addition to the father and mother, there were a few more people, all dressed in Uniform clothing, obviously from the same place.



And the person in the lead is a tall and tall old man with a childish face. His eyes are piercing, and he doesn’t look old at all, and his eyes are as sharp as an eagle’s.



Behind him, followed by a few disciples who looked like they were in their twenties.



“Mr. Ye is here, take your seat quickly!” Wang’s father said quickly when he saw Ye Xiwen next to Wang Jun.



“They are all old neighbors of the villagers. You don’t need to be polite, Old Wang!” Ye Xiwen said with a slight smile.



Although Ye Xiwen said so, the royal father didn’t dare to treat him like this. Ye Xiwen’s face has not changed at all over the years. It has long been spread around here. Who doesn’t know that Ye Xiwen should be a cultivator? Although I don’t know the specific cultivation base, just a little cultivation base is like a **** for ordinary people like them.



At this time, Wang Jun noticed these other people, and couldn’t help but feel a little strange and asked.



“Father, mother, these are…” Wang Jun was a little strange, he had never seen these people.



“Jun’er, this is the third elder of our Wang family, who is here to pick you up!” Wang Father glanced at Wang Jun and said.



Then the Wang father explained the ins and outs of the matter to Wang Jun. It turns out that the Wang family is a small family in Tianxing City, and the Wang father is just a child of a side branch of the Wang family, basically the same as the Wang family. The Zong family doesn’t have much contact anymore.



Originally, there were too many side disciples of the Wang family like the Wang family, they were nothing at all, and they would never contact them at all. They have already released five servers, but this time, let them come The reason is none other than Wang Jun.



Because Wang Jun has performed very well in the sect this time, and there are also disciples of the Wang family in that sect.



It was only after an investigation that I found out that Wang Jun was also a disciple of their family, so this action was taken to take the Wang family back. Of course, the main purpose was to win over Wang Jun, a new disciple who showed outstanding talent.



“It’s the same way!” Wang Jun nodded.



“We’ve discussed it just now, and tomorrow our family will move back to the clan’s land. The family’s intention is to arrange a job as a steward for me and your mother, so that you can practice without worrying about us! “The father looked at Wang Jun and said.



There is a look of relief in his eyes. He has no future in his life, and he has no aptitude for cultivation. Otherwise, considering the power of the Wang family, he would still be able to step into the path of cultivation.



However, he gave birth to a good son, so that they can recognize their ancestors and return to the clan, and they will be worthy of the ancestors in the future.



“I have no opinion, you are the masters!” Wang Jun glanced at Ye Xiwen, and then said, he still felt a little reluctant to be here, but after thinking about it, with his current cultivation level, he has to come back and have a look Also very fast.



Besides, he knew that Ye Xiwen was successful in practice, and his cultivation base should be higher than his. There will always be time to see him again in the future.



“Okay, okay, since it’s all said and done, let’s eat first!” The Queen Mother said quickly.



Those who came from the Wang family were also a little impatient. They didn’t come to see some short-lived parents, but when they all thought that the third elder of their own family was going to take the throne.



However, Wang Jun took the lead and said: “Uncle Ye, please come to the seat. For so many years, I have not invited you to a good meal. Today’s meal, I will borrow flowers to offer Buddha, and by the way, you will help me practice. That’s it!”



The third elders of the Wang family were immediately embarrassed. Even the father and mother did not expect Wang Jun to do Even they did not think that Ye Xiwen would have such a high status in Wang Jun’s heart.



In Wang Jun’s view, this is a matter of course. In his heart, Ye Xiwen is like a teacher and a father. Although he doesn’t give him many pointers, he is very important. He is a member of the Wang family who has no relationship with the same clan. I don’t know how many times more important it is.



Ye Xiwen was startled for a moment, then smiled, did his part, and sat down. Everything was so calm and light, as it should have been.



The king’s father and mother were also a little embarrassed. They wanted to let the third elder of the Wang family sit in the seat so that he could take care of himself in the future, but Ye Xiwen was already seated, so naturally he couldn’t drive people away.



“Who are you, and why are you qualified to sit on the seat?” At this time, the three elders looked embarrassed, but a disciple of the Wang family behind him couldn’t help but speak up.



“Why can’t I take the seat?” Ye Xiwen asked with a smile.



That person was also questioned a little bit. He was just disliked by Ye Xiwen, but he dared not know that the sky is high, but he was really asked by Ye Xiwen, but he couldn’t find a reason.



But then he opened his mouth and said: “Our third elder of the Wang family is here, and he hasn’t taken the seat yet, why do you take the seat?”



“Don’t go too far, Uncle Ye is my mentor in my heart, he is not qualified to sit on the seat, who is qualified?” Wang Jun couldn’t help speaking at this time. (To be continued)


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