Martial God Space Chapter 3053: At the time of success, the black hand emerges



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The roar of the ancient golden swallowing python was earth-shattering. He was struggling and struggling, but the word “Squash” on the top of his head was constantly suppressed, and the ancestor of the golden swallowing python only felt His own power was gradually blocked, and his power seemed to be pulled out of his body slowly. (wWW.VoDtw.coM)【,


Rao is because he has a lot of knowledge, and he doesn’t know how many magical powers and martial arts he knows. The ordinary emperor is really not his opponent, but he also has a fatal flaw. The ancient scriptures went straight to his weakness, so he had no way to fight, only constant struggle.


Under the crushing of the scriptures suppressed by Ye Xiwen, the Golden Swallowing Fierce Python could only find a way to prevent itself from being pulled out of the corpse by this force. Once pulled out, the consequences would be unimaginable, even if He is just a ghost that has been transformed into obsession, and he is very clear in this regard.


Ye Xiwen’s hands were constantly changing the seal formula, and the splendid golden light of the town word kept erupting, as if all evil was to be completely suppressed, and there would be no way for this yin spirit to survive.




The ancestor of this golden swallowing python saw that he couldn’t suppress his Yin spirit and was about to be deprived of it. He immediately roared and attacked Ye Xiwen. The long spear pierced directly, like a It’s like tearing apart the world and killing Ye Xiwen to the ground.




With a loud roar, the gun stopped three inches in front of Ye Xiwen. The time robe appeared on Ye Xiwen’s body, although there was still a huge wound on his chest. The spear was left behind by the heavy wounds, but most of its abilities are still there.


This long spear pierced in front of Ye Xiwen, and in an instant, it seemed as if the endless energy was broken, setting off a terrifying energy frenzy. The collision point between the two sides was the center. Rolled backwards in all directions.


Ye Xiwen’s expression did not change, even if the spear had stabbed three inches in front of his own door, for him, the expression also did not change.


In his hands, he is constantly changing the magic formula, and every minute and every second, he is suppressing and stripping the Yin spirit of this golden swallowing python.


And this golden swallowing python was even more fierce, and the spear continued to blast towards Ye Xiwen like raindrops.


Every time I can penetrate the time domain around Ye Xiwen’s body, but there is no way to really break the time robe. After all, it is compared with the terrifying blow of Emperor Hunyuan. There is still a huge gap.




On Ye Xiwen’s body, the Emperor Wu’s seal flew out, like a mountain, growing bigger and bigger, and the three thousand martial arts were released all at once, and pressed down towards the bottom, adding strength to the word.




Under the suppression of Emperor Wu’s seal, the ancestor of the golden swallowing python suddenly felt the pressure surge and kept roaring. But it was of no use, and there was no way to escape. He could feel that his strength was getting smaller and smaller, and the spear in his hand was constantly blasting towards Ye Xiwen. But after all, Ye Xiwen couldn’t deal with it.


“It’s out!”


Ye Xiwen abruptly opened his eyes, and the ancestor of this golden swallowing python instantly transformed into an incomparably huge body. In constant struggle, the huge body stirred up the sea water.


On his body. A yin spirit is slowly peeling off from his body bit by bit, although not fast, above this corpse. There are actually endless talismans suppressing this yin spirit, trying to re-seal the yin spirit into the bones.


But in the end, Ye Xiwen used this scripture to pull the Yin spirit out, even if it was only a little bit, but it had already started, and the later things became easier.


However, Ye Xiwen’s face showed a look of anxiety. He could already feel that there was already a terrifying aura coming here. That majestic and tyrannical aura, even Ye Xiwen was far away. You can feel it, he must be the supreme master of the Heaven Swallowing Fierce Python clan.


It has to be done before the terrifying being returns, he doesn’t want to stay and be surrounded.








The ancestor of this golden swallowing python kept struggling and roaring constantly, but it was of no use. Even the more he struggled, the more he roared, and more and more people were pulled out. The more and more parts are pulled out, the more and more his strength is affected, and the less and less he can struggle.


If it weren’t for the fierceness of his heart, he would have completely collapsed long ago.


“Get out!”


Ye Xiwen put out a big hand and grabbed it directly above the ancestor of the Golden Swallowing Fierce Python, grabbed his Yin spirit, and then bit by bit from the ancestor of the Golden Swallowing Fierce Python It was drawn out of the body.


Totally, completely, completely pulled out the entire Yin spirit.


This yin spirit directly turned into a ferocious python that swallowed the sky for thousands of miles. It was extremely huge, and there was a terrifying killing intent in his eyes. Even in his eyes, there was only such a tyrannical killing intent. There is nothing else.


This is a Yin spirit formed by only one obsession, so compared to other creatures, this Yin spirit’s thoughts are also very simple and pure.


Only thoughts of tyranny and devouring.


Almost at the moment of being pulled out, without the suppression of the power of the corpse, even the last trace of clarity and reason disappeared, leaving only these tyrannical thoughts.


This yin spirit completely turned into a fierce spirit, rushed towards Ye Xiwen, and wanted to kill him completely.


However, Ye Xiwen is not afraid at all. If it is in the body, Ye Xiwen may be afraid of three points, but if it is just a fierce spirit, no matter how terrible it was in life, for Ye Xiwen, who is already in the realm of the emperor, it is all A piece of cake.




The word “Suppression” continued to shine brightly. This time, it wasn’t to suppress the ancient ancestor of the golden swallowing python, but to suppress the murderous spirit that attacked him.




With the continuous roar, the huge body of this fierce spirit burned into fly ash little by little in the void under the suppression of the town character, and was completely annihilated.


For creatures that are not eternal and immortal, even if they have reached the level of emperors, they will still die. Even if they form Yin spirits, they must be supported by special methods, so that they can be preserved for a long time. Even the Yin spirits of emperor-level creatures are useless and will automatically disappear as time goes by.


Ye Xiwen breathed a sigh of relief and finally succeeded. In front of him, the body of the ancient golden swallowing python began to gradually melt in the sea water, and gradually only the one that Ye Xiwen saw at first remained. of enormous body.


“Success!” Ye Xiwen put out a big gasification hand and grabbed it directly towards the corpse. Since all the Yin spirits born on the corpse were eliminated, naturally there would be no resistance.


However, at this moment, an astonishing sword light broke through the sky and instantly broke Ye Xiwen’s big gasified hand.




The sword glow sank into the seabed, setting off a sky-shattering wave, and the mud mixed into the sea water, turbid the sea area on this side.


“Who?” Ye Xiwen suddenly opened his eyes, and wisps of light burst into his eyes.


“You’d better not have the idea of ​​a phaseless spirit!”


A frivolous and indifferent voice sounded behind Ye Xiwen, and a figure finally emerged.


“I didn’t expect you to come here one step ahead of me!” That figure finally appeared in front of Ye Xiwen, but it was a man in a royal robe, with twelve pairs of wings growing behind him. Even the exposed parts of the face and hands are covered with feathers.


He had a somewhat frivolous smile on his face, as if he had settled for Ye Xiwen.


Ye Xiwen’s eyes locked on the man, and he slowly said, “If you guessed correctly, you are Emperor Yu?”


“Emperor Wu, I didn’t expect you to be able to step on my origins, it’s really not easy!”


The man said indifferently.


“There are rumors outside that you were seriously injured. Now, it seems that they must have been blinded by you!” Ye Xiwen said slowly, countless information flashed through his mind like lightning.


Innumerable thoughts flashed through his mind, and he never thought that Emperor Yu would be able to reappear before.


Emperor Dan and the others also said before that Emperor Yu was seriously injured and would definitely not be able to participate in this expedition. Ye Xiwen was convinced of this, because based on the cultivation and experience of the old Dan Emperor and others Said, pretending to be injured can’t fool them.


It’s like someone pretending to be hurt in front of him and trying to deceive him, that’s simply impossible.


Emperor’s eyes can see through falsehood and directly see through the essence, and it is almost impossible to be deceived.


So he didn’t think much about this at the Now that I think about it, I’m afraid I missed a lot, although I don’t know what method he used to deceive the emperors. , but obviously, the goal of his appearance here is also obvious, for the phaseless spirit bone.


“It’s not an easy thing to deceive the old guy Shen Lao!” Yu Huang said lightly, with a somewhat complacent smile on his face, obviously quite proud of this.


“If you put it that way, the person who disturbed the Heaven-Swallowing Serpent Clan before should be you!”


Ye Xiwen glanced at him lightly and said.


“That’s right, it’s me. If not, if you are more careful, the Heaven Swallowing Serpents might have to be touched by you in the cemetery to discover you!” Yu Huang said with a smile. “But thanks to me, or do you think that such an important cemetery will not be guarded? And you have the opportunity to capture the phaseless spirit bone so easily, and now that big guy is about to return, how about, let’s make a deal Well, there is no phase spirit bone, we are one and a half, how about it?” (To be continued..)


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