Martial God Space Chapter 2854: It’s time



“Then die!”



Ye Xiwen said coldly.



“Young man, you are very confident and strong. Throughout the ages, among the people I have met, there are not many people who can compare with you, but in this world, it is not what you think, too much. Excessive publicity, no matter how strong you are, you will have to pay the price!” Lao Zhongyang Tianwang said coldly.



“Kill!” The old Zhong Wuyang Tianwang shot instantly. Countless cold lights erupted from his body in an instant, rushing directly into the universe. At this moment, countless formations felt this amazing The power of , all revived.



These formations arranged by Emperor Zhongyang Tiandi countless years ago have fully recovered and burst into bursts of divine light, protecting the entire world from being completely shattered by fighting.



“Zhongyang Tiandi Fist!” The old Zhongwuyang Tianwang roared and punched out, causing the world to collapse. “Ye Xiwen, although your Six Paths Samsara Fist is powerful, it’s not the only one in the world!”



“Humph!” On Ye Xiwen’s body, the colorful lights flashed, and the power of time was flowing.



The battle broke out in an instant, and Ye Xiwen shot directly, suppressing the pressure with the six-path reincarnation boxing.






Two peerless and tyrannical boxing techniques collided directly, and various visions erupted instantly.



The terrifying fist style overturned everything, the whole world was shaking with rumble, and the terrifying power was still spreading at an alarming speed.






In the void, Ye Xiwen’s body swayed slightly, his hands directly tore apart the collapsed energy frenzy, and the demon wings behind him unfolded instantly, slaughtering directly in front of the old Zhongyang Tianwang.



“The Great Seal!”



A huge Indian pattern formed in the sky, smashing down like an ancient sacred mountain.



At this moment, this blow shattered the eternal tranquility of the universe. Just smash everything.



The runes appeared one after another, communicating the heaven and the earth. The energy of the heaven and the earth surged at this moment. The power of the earth-shattering seal to communicate the heaven and the earth was fully reflected in Ye Xiwen.



The old Zhongyang Tianwang didn’t hesitate at all, and the Zhongyang Emperor directly transformed into a fist and bombarded Ye Xiwen with a punch.



The outbreak of both sides shocked the world in an instant, with unparalleled power.



Dao Wen appeared one after another. Then it started to burn, and the splendid light between the two was burning violently.



Who would have thought. As soon as the two sides came up, it was the rhythm of doing their best. The old Zhongyang Tianwang didn’t even want to test. As soon as they came up, they immediately released the body of the Zhongwuyang Emperor and fought with Ye Xiwen.



The battle between the two directly surpassed the peak.



At this moment, the power of the two sides broke out across the sky, which is countless years apart. Amazing encounters from far-off times.



Ye Xiwen didn’t know where he was when the old Zhongyang Tianwang was galloping across the world, but now, he is fighting against the top players from countless years ago.



In those days, the old Zhongyang Tianwang was so powerful that he dominated the world, and now he is the pinnacle of the quasi-emperor. One of the strongest group of people in the world, even in the case of the Celestial Clan invasion, is still one of the powerhouses with books.



But now, they have to fight Ye Xiwen astonishingly.



“This Ye Xiwen is too self-willed, if he uses the Taoist tool, he will use the Taoist tool!”



Many people can’t help gnashing their teeth with hatred when they see this scene. Of course, they understand that with Ye Xiwen’s current skills, even if he has entered the stage of being a quasi-emperor, he and the old Zhongyang Tianwang do not know how much he has survived. Compared with the old monster of ten thousand years. Still not worth mentioning.



In the eyes of everyone, even though Ye Xiwen is a prodigy, the skill accumulated by the old Zhongyang Tianwang over a long period of time is still enough to crush all powerful enemies, and living a long time is the biggest advantage.



And now Ye Xiwen actually blocked the offensive of the old Zhongyang Tianwang, relying on the time robe, not to mention everyone knows that he still has a Taoist tool in his hand that has not yet been used.



A person holds two Taoist implements. What an extravagant thing this is, you know, even if it is a behemoth like Longdao, there is only one Taoist tool.



One Dao weapon is enough to make him invincible, not to mention two more.



It is useless for ordinary people to get a Taoist tool. Unless the Taoist tool is in the hands of the emperor, they can only hope that the tool spirit that exists in it will recover by itself, so that the most powerful power can be erupted.



Every recovery requires tremendous effort, unless it is the descendant of this emperor. Otherwise it is impossible to revive them.



But this Ye Xiwen was different, and got the approval of Abijian. He even revives against many Taoist weapons for him.



Some people even rumored that Ye Xiwen should have obtained the inheritance of Abi Prison Master, otherwise it would be impossible to get the approval of Dao Abi Sword.



There has never been such a situation in the past. How arrogant the Taoist Spirit is, and when he followed the emperor to fight in all directions, how could ordinary people gain their discernment.



Even the descendants of the emperor should be respectful and worship them as their ancestors. Unless the catastrophe of life and death is reached, they will not be actively awakened to reduce consumption. Without the emperor alive, who can completely treat them recovery.



What they didn’t know was that Ye Xiwen pressed and refined the Abi Sword for him. Of course, he couldn’t force the Abi Sword’s spirit to revive him, but the two sides have already formed A quasi-ally relationship, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t wake him up in a hurry, but after all, he had already obtained Abijian’s approval.



This is not easy for him. After all, the Abi Sword is different from Ye Mo. When Ye Mo fell into Ye Xiwen’s hands, it was already broken and afraid, and the Abi Sword was still at its peak, even after swallowing the Tianqi Emperor Sword. , become stronger, once the real strength is fully erupted, it is impossible to spy, and even can completely stop the emperor’s corpse and completely suppress it.



Ye Xiwen believed that there should be a way to kill the emperor’s corpse if he did not hesitate to spend his own origin, but Abi Sword would not burn the origin for Ye Xiwen, nor Ye Mo.



And the other one is also very clear to everyone, that is the robe of time. They found records about the robe of time from ancient books, and it is also clear that the spirit of the robe of time has been broken and cannot be used. There is no shortage of power, but in the same way, in order to really use the robe of time, the conditions required are also much lower, and there is no need to obtain the approval of the robe of time.



But how much Emperor Yuan is needed here, many people only feel that their backs are cold after a little calculation, and many more people are speechless. Could it be that Ye Xiwen really threw an Emperor Tomb?



Otherwise, where did so many emperors come from?



This is almost comparable to all the emperor sources in an emperor’s inheritance, but the emperor’s source in the emperor’s inheritance has to supply many people, and it is necessary to keep enough emperors in case the Taoist device is awakened. Source use, so as not to burn their own source.



Xiang Ye Xiwen’s extravagant use of the Emperor Source to urge the Taoist weapon to fight for himself, in the eyes of others, is simply a prodigal.



And the rumors about Ye Xiwen protruding an emperor’s tomb continued, and many people began to consider whether it was really possible. In their opinion, the most likely thing was that he really protruded the Abi prisoner. The tomb, not only obtained the Abi Sword, but also obtained a large amount of Emperor Yuan, which can support him in such a battle.



Ye Xiwen, who holds two Taoist weapons, is not invincible. After all, there are people such as the Fire Dragon True Monarch Da Zizaitian. If these people also hold Taoist tools, it will be another brand new The realm is invincible.



But even so, in the eyes of many people, Ye Xiwen is terrifying enough, and has become the most threatening person. Such a young Lengtouqing is the most terrifying. Because he is young, he is fearless. Have great strength.



It’s like a child with a knife in his hand, but he doesn’t have the same worries as an adult, and he shoots when he says it. This is a ticking time bomb.



No, I just entered the big world of Zhongyang, normal people, if they weren’t crazy, who would do this.



Ye Xiwen naturally knows everyone’s opinions, but he doesn’t care, he has his reasons, he can’t afford to delay, he has a hunch, the final battle is coming soon, and he wants to achieve the supreme avenue before that.



As for Diyuan, everything is outside the body. As long as he attains the Tao in the future, is he afraid that there will not be enough Diyuan? Of course, this is something outsiders don’t know, because they can’t understand it either.



This is a feeling, an inexplicable feeling, the end of everything is coming soon.



But everyone still Even at the level of Ye Xiwen’s wealthy and powerful prodigal, he should have lacked the source of the emperor, so he would directly kill the world of Dazhong and Wuyang to seize the treasure house. big move.



Of course, most people are definitely not capable of this. Who gave Ye Xiwen a Taoist tool to help?



The Zhongyang Great World is inherited from the Zhongyang Tiandi, and it has not been broken open for many years. There must be amazing wealth in it, which may make his cultivation level go further and reach an unimaginable limit.



While everyone was thinking wildly, the battle between Ye Xiwen and Lao Zhong Wuyang Tianwang had also entered a white-hot stage.



“Ye Xiwen, it will be your worst decision to come to the great world of Zhongwuyang today. I couldn’t kill you before when you were robbed, and I will do it myself today!” Wushuang, who was afraid of Ye Xiwen’s calamity before, did not dare to take action in person, otherwise, if someone as powerful as him would take action, he would be directly wiped out by the calamity, and he was not allowed to challenge the majesty of the heavenly way.



But now it is different. Without the catastrophe, he is also unscrupulous, and there is nothing to fear.



The entire Zhongyang Great World is trembling violently. If it wasn’t for the protection of the Emperor’s Formation, I’m afraid it would have collapsed long ago, but even so, it seems to be boiling water, constantly surging, at any time. May break apart.



“It’s about time!” Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and said coldly. ()



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