Martial God Asura Chapter 6046: Zhao Zhao Zhao Hong I love you


Chu Feng didn’t know where he was, but was discovered by the man with white hair and black armor.

On the contrary, I was more interested in looking at the huge mirror body formed by entrance in the Age of Gods.

“So, everything we just did can be seen outside?”

Chu Feng couldn’t help but smile, thinking that the Age of Gods was quite fun.

Although this mirror only reflects the picture, no sound can be heard.

But everyone, realm, can read lips, so people outside can probably guess what the people inside said.

Fortunately, the people inside didn’t do anything too outrageous, otherwise wouldn’t their true colors be exposed?

“Jie Tianran is so old.”

After sighing, Chu Feng’s’s eyes quickly fell on Jie Tianran.

There is no way, at this time, within the mirror, a large area of ​​Vast Starry Sky is reflected.

But the one who attracted the most attention was naturally Jie Tianran who caused the vision and followed Stairway to Heaven into the sky.

“His path is different from mine. I wonder if he will gain anything.”

Chu Feng is a little worried. Jie Tianran’s strength has not been determined yet, but Chu Feng can be sure that he is definitely not as simple as First Rank Tianlong.

From his calm expression when he faced the Red Soul Sect Sect Master and others before, it can be judged that Jie Tianran’s strength is above them.

Even if Sect Master of the Cangqiong Immortal Sect and cultivation realm of Divine Body Celestial Palace palace master were able to break through to the realm of gods, it was probably related to him.

He should have many trump cards. Now that the Age of Gods has begun, he no longer hides them and gradually reveals them.

If he could still gain something in the Age of Gods, that would not be a good thing for Chu Feng.

Jie Tianran successfully entered the formation gate, and others began to take the stage.

It is a coincidence that the second ones to take the stage are Divine Body Celestial Palace palace master and Yuwen Yanri, the grandfather and grandson.

Divine Body Celestial Palace palace master opened Stairway to Heaven, which also caused a vision. Although the vision could not be compared with Jie Tianran, it was still quite spectacular.

This makes the people inside feel more and more that whether there is a strange phenomenon is related to cultivation realm and has nothing to do with talent.

But when Yuwen Yanri came on stage, people discovered that they were wrong,

Yu Wen’s blazing sun not only caused visions, but his visions even shocked heaven and earth.

Rolling flames engulfed the starry sky, as if forming a sun and igniting the starry sky.

The flames cover surface area, which is wider than the previous vision of Jie Tianran.

Especially for everyone outside the Age of Gods, they could see more clearly through the mirror. The flames actually engulfed the entire area visible on the mirror, which was more than a little stronger than Jie Tianran.

This scene aroused great amazement from the world.

Obviously, Yuwen Yanri’s talent has reached an extremely terrifying level.

But compared to those outside the Age of Gods, the people in the Age of Gods were more stimulated. They could feel the destructive power from the flames.

I don’t know if it’s a psychological effect or something else, whatever it is realm The strong man felt that the flame was extremely hot at this moment, and he felt a little difficult bear.

“Brother Yuwen, are you… so powerful?”

Qin Xuan looked at Yu Wen Yanri rising into the sky with a solemn expression, and his heart was even more shocked, even though he had long known that Yu Wen Yanri’s talent was superior to his.

But when such a vision appeared in such an intuitive way, he still felt great pressure.

We are both geniuses. If, after a while, he fails to cause a vision, wouldn’t it be a judgment call?

It’s a lie to say you don’t care.

not to mentionContemporary cultivator, even the father and daughter Zhao Laoba and Zhao Zhuyin can’t help but look at Yuwen Yanri.

Zhao Zhuyin had long known that Yuwen Yanri was not a simple person, so relatively speaking, she was somewhat prepared.

Zhao Laoba showed a meaningful smile: “It seems that Chu Feng is not the only one of the current generation.”

After Yuwen Yanri and his grandfather were promoted to the formation gate, it was the turn of Zhao Zhuyin and Cangqiong Xianzong Sect Master.

Cang Qiong Immortal Sect Sect Master opened Stairway to Heaven, which also caused a strange phenomenon. The scene was similar to Divine Body Celestial Palace palace master.

However, the vision caused by Zhao Zhuyin is similar to Jie Tianran. Although it is weaker than Jie Tianran, it is equally shocking to heaven and humans.

Unfortunately, he was wearing a robe and a hood, so people couldn’t see his face clearly. They started talking about him, wondering who he was.


Especially the people outside, they all thought that Zhao Zhuyin was a contemporary junior, and they all sighed for a while, there are also people in the contemporary junior generation who can hide things well.

However, Zhao Zhuyin was not satisfied with this vision, frowning and showing displeasure.

“A mere vision means nothing.”

Chu Feng kid, it’s not that he couldn’t even trigger the vision, but can we say that he is weaker than Yuwen Yanri?”

A secret sound transmission flashed into Zhao Zhuyin’s ears, and it was her father, Zhao Laoba.

Hearing his father’s comfort, Zhao Zhuyin’s face showed a smile.

She was actually afraid of disappointing her father. If her father didn’t care, why should she care.

But soon, everyone was surprised and started talking again.

It turns out that there has been a change on the side of Sect Master of Cang Qiong Immortal Sect. His Stairway to Heaven disintegrated like before Chu Feng and was sucked into the formation gate.

“Cang Qiong Immortal Sect Sect Master also failed?” Everyone was surprised.

“He doesn’t want to enter the age of gods either?”

Chu Feng was thoughtful, and he saw that Cang Qiong Immortal Sect Sect Master intended to give up.

And Chu Feng gave up entering the Age of Gods because he knew his own path, which only had disadvantages and no advantages.

But he didn’t think that Cang Qiong Immortal Sect Sect Master could see so much clearly.

So why did Cang Qiong Immortal Sect Sect Master give up?

There is only one possibility. From beginning to end, he had no intention of truly entering the Age of Gods.

“This old thing has a sinister look on his face, and I don’t know what evil is hidden in his belly.”

Chu Feng sighed in his heart.

Next, other people appeared one after another.

But there is one person whose performance is surprising again, and that is Zhao Laoba.

Not only did he cause visions, the visions he caused were even second only to Jie Tianran and Zhao Zhuyin.

Far above Divine Body Celestial Palace palace master and Sky Immortal Sect Sect Master.

People did not expect that the existence of this True God in the early stage could cause such a shocking change.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Xuan also caused a vision. His vision was similar to that of Zhao Laoba, but it was not weaker.

But compared to Yuwen Yanri, the shocking vision was indeed much darker.

Like tiny stars competing for glory with Sun and Moon, they cannot be compared.

At this moment, people in various places in the starry sky outside the Age of Gods moved their eyes away from the mirror and looked at a place in the starry sky.

A banner with nine colors of light appeared there.

The flag is huge, and coupled with the brilliant light, it is difficult not to attract people’s attention in the starry sky.

“Who is Zhao Zhao Zhao Hong?”

“Is there something wrong with this person? He came here to court me? What a brain”

But after seeing the words on the flag, people cursed with disdain and ignored it.

It seems like a madman has appeared.

Because there is a line written on the flag.

Zhao ZhaoZhao HongI love you.

But compared to others, Chu Feng looked happy, he knew who did it.

So he quickly flew towards the direction of the flag.

Although the starry sky is big, fortunately, the flag is not too far away from the Chu Feng’s position.

After getting closer, Chu Feng was able to see clearly who the person standing in the starry sky was holding high the huge flag.

It was a man wearing flowery pants and a mask on his face.

“What, you are also shy?” Chu Feng secretly sound transmission.

Damn .”

Hearing this, the man quickly put away his flag and looked in the direction of Chu Feng’s.

“Come with me.”

As he spoke, Chu Feng rose into the air and left the area first.

He never showed up from beginning to end, but he secretly gave guidance to that person, so that person could always follow Chu Feng.

It wasn’t until they came to Star Region that Chu Feng thought was safe that Chu Feng stopped and revealed his true identity.

After that person got closer, he simply took off his mask, revealing the extremely familiar face of Chu Feng.

This person is precisely Wang Qiang.


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