Light Spirit Epic: Part 2: Races (1) Humans/Orcs


——————[PART 2: RACIAL OVERVIEW]—————–


2/00: Races: An Overview of the Major Races

In the Pantoracken-Orim plane, the humanoid races include three major races: humans, orcs (Huns), and mermen (Icelandians).

According to the photon adaptability, it can be divided into:

a): non-photonic adaptable creations,

b): Photonic adaptable creatures,

and c): Photonic Symbiotic Creatures Trans-photonic Creatures (also commonly known as Epic-photonic Creatures).

Non-photonic organisms, as the name suggests, are somatic cells that cannot adapt to photon flow. When a large amount of photon flux enters the body, it can cause damage to the cells, and the cells will keratinize and die, which is the so-called petrification phenomenon.

The use of magic by non-photonic beings, such as humans, is life-threatening. However, because they are not disturbed by the excess photons during the casting, they control the magic with high precision.

Photon-adapted creatures allow the flow of photons to flow into the body without the petrification penalty. Mermaids and orcs are both photon-adapted creatures. Mermaids can use magic freely, as long as they consume mental power to gather photons in the surrounding environment. Orcs are more special, they can concentrate photons in the environment to strengthen muscle cells (called madness), but this ability will hinder other methods of collecting photons, and eventually the orcs cannot use any magic.

Epic photon creatures are the apex of all photon creatures, and their bodies have always stored the inherent photons (Trans-photon) in a fixed structure. Typical epic photon creatures include all kinds of true dragons (excluding sub-species of sub-dragons and pterosaurs), succubus, pure-bred giants (excluding frost giants, lava giants, etc.).

Strictly speaking, although there are photons in any living organism, the ordinary living organisms are free photons (Exo-Photon), which will escape into the environment over time, and the process of absorbing free photons and expelling them from the body is a photon. decay cycle.

The epic-level photonic creatures absorb free photons from the environment. After absorption, part of them will change their structure and form intrinsic photons that can be accumulated in the body. This process is called photon fusion.

Photon fusion occurs continuously for tens of millions of years, allowing epic creatures to have a huge size beyond biological boundaries, or superhuman tough flesh, or be able to quickly and easily cast a variety of powerful magic by consuming inherent photons . Therefore, epics are creatures that are powerful beyond imagination.

Of course, epics are not born with great power. Epic power takes time to accumulate, and if you keep fighting, your power will be consumed and weakened.

Inherent photons also have the property that they will not escape after the death of an epic photon creature. If the corpse of the epic photonic creature is treated with special embalming, these special intrinsic photons can be preserved and even used to make special weapons. What the ancient dragon hunters were best at was slaughtering dragons and then using the flesh and bones of dragons to make various dragon weapons. They possessed various special enchantments, and their power was unmatched even by modern photon weapons.

Even if a photon-adapted creature is killed under special circumstances (such as the madness of an orc), there may be inherent photons in the corpse with a semi-stable structure, and it is also possible to use this corpse to create special weapons. , although the difficulty is very high.

Special life form: photanima

Abbreviation for photonic anima, conceived by scholars, the ultimate life form of “theoretical existence”. Out of the limitation of matter, a living body composed of pure inherent photons, the thinking process is achieved by photon quantization calculation, and the memory is a variable inherent photon sequence, so it combines infinite memory capacity and close to infinitely fast. The speed of thinking is almost equivalent to the existence of God.

The idea of ​​the light spirit is actually a derivative of the super photonic computer conceived by scholars, but the possibility of the existence of the light spirit has further impacted various religious systems today. With the question of “the ultimate life form composed of inherent photons”, the modern religious system is further disintegrating. This is the so-called scientific slaughter of the gods: the more people understand the makeup of the world, the more they lose faith in gods. When the mysterious veil of the existence of gods is gradually revealed, people gradually no longer fear gods.


2/-999: Race: Human

2/-999/01: Race: Human (1)——Overview

A non-photon-adapted creature that inhabits the Radiance Territory. Extremely weak, incompetent, short-lived race, the essence is the same as the succubus, it is [chaos].

Humans have almost no innate abilities, and only one in tens of thousands of human beings may obtain special talents under the grace of the photon world. However, human beings are very malleable, and they can create great survival value in their limited lives.

Depending on the individual’s learning ability, some highly gifted human beings can even practice martial arts, and can challenge dragons and other creatures much stronger than themselves with the help of equipment.

Are humans the weakest or the strongest? It is an eternal mystery.

2/-999/02: Race: Human (2)——Magic aptitude

Humans, as non-photon-adapted creatures, can use magic, but are punished by petrification. Humans use magic with greater precision than mermen, giants, and even dragons, and are best suited for those that require precise control.

However, since humans are punished by petrification for using magic, humans are generally very stingy with the opportunity to use magic.

For unknown reasons, women’s magic suitability is higher than men’s, and women’s petrochemical punishment is lighter than men’s when using magic. Therefore, women are also able to use about 1.5 times more magic tricks than men in their lifetime.


2/01: Race: The Hunkzyrs

2/01/01: Race: Hungarian (1)——Overview

Fan refers to the orc race that inhabits the “Darklands” of Eastern Europe. The Hungarians were not originally called the Hungarians. They had seven large clans and sixteen small clans. The Huns actually refer to “The Hunkjers,” a clan of tiger-shaped orcs.

This clan is the first clan to loot human society in history. Since then, the bad reputation of the Huns has spread in the human society, and humans have begun to call all orcs “Huns” arbitrarily. In fact, among the orcs, the clans that live a life of self-control are the majority, and there are also many orcs themselves who despise the plundering of humans by the Fierce Fangs and never interact with the tigers. But in the face of the increasingly poor life and the threat of the tiger people’s growing power, in recent years, more and more orc clans are willing to attach themselves to the Fierce Fang.

2/01/02: Race: Hungarian (2)——Physical

The Hungarians have a great diversity of physical characteristics. In terms of height, they range from bears with an average height of five meters to foxes with an average height of only one meter. But they have something in common: they have great vitality but cannot use spells. The purebred orc body can absorb a large number of photons for short-term physical enhancement, which is called “Berserkry”. Unlike humans, orcs will not be punished by petrification for using madness, because orcs themselves are photon-adapted races.

Despite the huge differences in size, orcs can intermarry, orcs can even intermarry with humans, but the offspring of intermarriage are almost sterile.

2/01/03: Race: Hungarian (3)——Clan

The Hungarian clans are mainly divided into seven:

(1): Located in the northeast of the Underdark, living on the Siberian tundra, the werewolves—The Eskimos. It is a race that can easily travel through severe snowstorms of minus fifty degrees, and has excellent cold resistance and hunger resistance.

The Eskimos have a branch of the canine race, but they do not live in cold Siberia, but migrate around as herds. Cold tolerance is also relatively poor.

(2): The Hunkjers living in the southernmost part of the Underdark, the closest to the human world, with extremely high fighting ability and very ferocious tigers. Due to their proximity to the human world, their aggression against the Shining Territories is increasing. The Hungarians also have a branch of the lion race, but the number of tiger people is still dominant.

(3): Located in the southeastern part of Eastern Europe, in the Everglades, the burly (the average adult height is five meters), the elephant people who are good at using herbal medicine to treat diseases – The Turks. Even in modern times, where medical science is prosperous, there are still some incurable diseases in human society, but the Turks can use their herbal medicine to cure them. Therefore, there have been human patients who went deep into the underdark to look for Turkic physicians to treat incurable diseases, but they were generally refused treatment because the Turks were very repellent to foreigners. Their aim is generally not to invade foreigners but also not to welcome foreigners, except for caravans of gypsies.

(4): Located in the northernmost part of Eastern Europe, along the coast of the Arctic Ocean, it is the second tallest among all orc races (an average adult height is three meters), and has the strongest single combat ability. –The White Russians. (However, bearmen are said to be pacifists and generally do not attack humans unless they are protecting themselves.)

(5): Living in the middle of the Underdark, the fox-men are said to be as developed as humans, and full of research spirits— They are small in stature and generally do not actively attack people, but As cunning as a fox, and aggressive.

(6): Living on the coast of the Aegean Sea, and often plundering as pirates, the Leopard people with lightning-fast skills—The Greeks. They are close relatives of the Fierce Teeth, and they often even join forces with the Fierce Teeth to invade human society. There is a branch of cat people, but cat people are shorter in stature, and although more agile, they are nowhere near the running speed of leopard people.

(7): Known as the “Beastmaster”, he has the ability to telepathically communicate with beasts. He is good at domesticating all kinds of giant beasts. He migrates around the dark area in a nomadic way. —The Gypsies.

There were many rumors in ancient times that Gypsies were also good at divination and psychics, but it was later confirmed to be false. Real gypsies never engage in divination and psychics, only a few liars who pretend to be gypsies (usually “black rabbits”, a rabbit subspecies that look very much like gypsies) play tricks to cheat money trick.

Since Gypsies usually bring huge caravans when migrating, it has a great stimulating effect on commercial activities. The territories of other clans will welcome Gypsies caravans to enter. Therefore, the range of activities of the Gypsies can be said to be spread throughout the Underdark, and they are often even chartered into the territory of humans. The Gypsies are probably the single most beloved clan of the orcs, and they are often referred to as the “happy bunnies.”

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