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2/06: Race: The Phoenixes/The Phoenixes

2/06/01: Race: Phoenix/Phoenix (1): Overview

Epic photonic creatures. Even in the epic level, it is also a very special kind.

The phoenix is ​​covered in flames. This flame has no actual temperature, but the firelight generated by the phase difference between the intrinsic photons in the phoenix and the external photons. The principle is very similar to the excess light emitted by the lightsaber.

Legend has it that the phoenix will set itself on fire and die every thousand years, and new phoenixes will be born from the ashes after death. However, the legend has never been verified, because the phoenix’s habitat is far away from human beings, and their alertness is also extremely high. Once humans or other threatening creatures approach, they will quickly flee.

2/06/02: Race: Phoenix/Fire Phoenix (2): Legend of the Immortal

Legend has it that drinking the blood of a phoenix can bring the dead back to life, or add hundreds of years to their lifespan. The only thing that is currently known is that the blood of the phoenix does contain some kind of active enzyme, which can coordinate the biological cells, so that the cells can smoothly assimilate with the inherent photons.

Injecting blood into the human body will temporarily change the physique and temporarily turn it into an epic photon creature-like existence. Coupled with the large amount of inherent photons contained in the blood of the phoenix, those who drink the blood, no matter how serious the injury is, the body cells will be repaired quickly. However, it is impossible for people who have died to be rescued by this method, and resurrecting the dead is just a superstition.

Because of the magical effect of phoenix blood, many people have the idea of ​​hunting phoenix. However, there are not only very few successful people, but there are also many cases of bizarre deaths in a short period of time among the successful people. People generally refer to this phenomenon as the “curse of the phoenix”, so fewer and fewer people dare to hunt phoenixes with the passage of time.

Someone once witnessed the [white phoenix] surrounded by white flames, and the [black phoenix] surrounded by terrifying black flames. Biologists generally believe that they belong to a subspecies of phoenix, but there are a lot of folk legends, such as “the white phoenix will save you, and the black phoenix will die”.

The phoenix itself is a mysterious creature surrounded by a lot of mysteries, and the many rumors of the black and white phoenix cast an even more mysterious color on the creature.


2/07: Race: The Griffins

2/07/01: Race: Griffon (1): Overview

A race between [Photon-adapted creatures] and [Epic photonic creatures].

Among all griffins, only purebred [Platinum Griffin], [Ruby Griffin], [Sapphire Griffin] and [Emerald Griffin] ( Emerald Griffin) is epic, and the griffins of other subspecies are photon-adapted creatures after genetic degradation. (The situation is very similar to the giants)

Purebred griffins have the highest ability to manipulate photons of all epic photonic creatures, so they can easily use very sophisticated magic, and their ability to control magic is even the best magician among humans. Out of sight.


2/08: Race: The Nightmares

2/08/01: Race: Nightmare (1): Overview

Epic photonic creatures. An extremely rare species, but also something that no one wants to encounter.

Nightmare has almost no physical attack power, but they are all proficient in spiritual attack magic, which is very similar to advanced hypnosis. They directly release photons to affect the opponent’s brain and cause the opponent to see hallucinations.

2/08/02: Race: Nightmare (2): Mind Attack

There are generally two types of hallucinations seen in nightmares:

Shows what that person is most afraid of, and uses fear to break people’s spirit, [Horror].

And, revealing one’s past sins, destroying one’s spirit with remorse, [guilt] (Guilt).

For those who do not wake up for a long time under the mental attack of the nightmare, the body will be slowly corroded by the magic of the nightmare, a process called “curse”.

While the curse is active, the internal organs or limbs will randomly liquefy. (If it is an internal organ), it will overflow from the body cavity after liquefaction, and turn into photons to be swallowed by the nightmare. The process is very terrifying.

Once someone was affected by a curse, their brains liquefied and they died. There are also people who have been trapped in the mental attack of the nightmare and can’t get out, and finally the whole body liquefies into a pool of blood.

Therefore, nightmares are very dangerous and harmful creatures, and they are generally disposed of immediately upon discovery. Killing the Nightmare is actually very simple: because the Nightmare cannot move while using the psychic attack, and the radius of influence is only about thirty feet in radius. Just find a person who has never committed a crime and is very courageous, and can resist the mental attack of the nightmare and kill him. Long-distance sniping is also a feasible method.


2/09: Race: Astro-Steeds

2/09/01: Race: Pegasus (1): Overview

Pegasus is actually a collective name for Unicorn and Pegasus.

A unicorn is a horse beast with horns on its head, while a pegasus is a horse beast with wings.

Depending on the lineage, most of the purebred unicorns and pegasus among the Pegasus beasts are epic photonic creatures, but the academic standards are divided. It is difficult to judge by appearance unless measured with precision instruments. However, purebred Pegasus beasts generally have powerful innate abilities, such as some unicorns that can teleport anytime, anywhere.

There is also a very rare species of Pegasus, the Alicorn. Alicorns are high-ranking species that appear after crossing a unicorn and a Pegasus with a probability of one in a billion (most of the hybrid offspring will degrade into photon-adapted creatures), and are the highest-level Pegasus beasts with both horns and wings .

Generally speaking, the uncontested Pegasus beasts live in various secret realms far away from the human world, and it is rumored that they will even hide in the warp to avoid humans. Therefore, there are very few human research materials on Pegasus beasts, and ordinary human beings can hardly come into contact with such creatures. The legends of unicorns and Pegasus are always deified and appear in various ancient myths.


2/10: Race: Chaos Troll / The Behemoths

2/10/01: Race: Chaos Troll (1): Overview

More inclined to the attributes of [Chaos] than the succubus, the Chaos Troll is the incarnation of Chaos, and is also the ancestor of the synthetic beast (Chimera).

Because it is the incarnation of Chaos, the individuals of Chaos Trolls have nothing in common. One Chaos Troll may look like a cute little rabbit, another may be a huge monster like a mountain. If we really want to summarize the commonality of Chaos Trolls, it is that they are all born from a special item – Chaos Egg. Even this is still debated in academia.

Scholars don’t even know where Chaos Eggs come from, or how the Chaos Trolls hatch. Some people have obtained Chaos Eggs for research, but Chaos Trolls break out of eggs without any special conditions. I am afraid that even the timing of their hatching is completely random.

2/10/02: Race: Chaos Troll (2): “Heart” Form

The only credible information shows that the Chaos Trolls hatched by Chaos Eggs are determined by the character of the holders of Chaos Eggs. Chaos trolls hatched by people with noble characters are bound to be holy and noble, while those hatched by people with bad characters are bound to be evil and ugly. The egg of chaos can reflect the chaos of the human heart, and it is clear at a glance whether it is good or evil.

In the same way, because it is the incarnation of Chaos, the individual Chaos Troll may be any kind of creature, including non-photon-adapted creatures, including photon-adapted creatures, and epic-level photon creatures. The strength of the hatched creature is probably also determined by the strength of the “heart” of the owner of the egg of chaos: a person with firm will and lofty aspirations, the stronger the hatched Chaos troll, and vice versa. Of course.

However, human hearts are changeable. Chaos trolls get along with the master who hatched it day and night, feeding on human hearts*, and in fact changing their forms all the time.

When a person who was weak-willed suddenly becomes strong, the Chaos troll he holds may suddenly become extremely powerful. And vice versa.

When a good person suddenly becomes evil, the Chaos Troll he holds may suddenly become ugly. And vice versa.

*Note: “Take the human heart as food” is the original words in the writings of ancient people. Modern scientists agree with the statement that Chaos trolls can sense the brain waves of their masters and synchronize with the master’s personality/feelings/ideas. (I still have to eat rice.)


2/11: Race: The Cerberus

2/11/01: Race: Cerberus (1): Overview

It is also a race between [photon-adapted creatures] and [epic photon creatures]. Cerberus breeds have one to three heads, and those with more than two heads are all epic photon creatures. Cerberus with multiple heads, only one head is the real body, and the rest of the heads have a common consciousness with this head.

Contrary to the ability of dragons to fit together, Cerberus can use clones. The number of clones depends on the number of heads, up to 3 clones (including the main body). Cerberus can also use fire magic (weak) and various breaths (weak), but the strongest and most proficient Cerberus is actually its warp magic.

2/12/02: Race: Cerberus (2): Warp Magic: “Hellgate Watcher”

The most powerful talent of Cerberus is that only two or more Cerberus can use it. When activated, the body of Cerberus cannot move, but its clone can freely enter and exit reality and warp space within a circle of 500 feet from the body.

Biologists estimate that this 500-foot-radius warp was created by the ontology. It is precisely because the clone and the main body have a common consciousness, the two operations of [controlling the movement of the clone] and [creating a subspace] consume almost all of the Cerberus’s concentration. Therefore, the body of the Cerberus cannot move and is extremely vulnerable to attack.

However, the power of such a huge risk is also very powerful. Cerberus clones can move in the warp regardless of distance/disregarding the laws of physics in reality. They only interfere with the real world at the moment of launching an attack. It can be said that their [attack response time] is infinitely close to the speed of light.

In theory, even a warrior who is proficient in mind-eye can’t completely avoid the Cerberus’ Mind-eye can detect the enemy’s hostility and the trajectory of the attack for a moment, although the response time of mind-eye is also Close to the speed of light, but the human neural response time is much slower than the response time of cardio-ophthalmology. In the extremely slow process of [detecting the attack]->[brain nerve response]->[muscle response to action], the Cerberus’ attack close to the speed of light has been able to kill people countless times.

It is almost impossible for the mere humans to fight the Cerberus head-on. The only way to win is to use various camouflages to circumvent the Cerberus, or use magic to slow down the Cerberus’ clone, or use powerful ‘s defense is Cerberus’s attack nullification. In short, for humans who have no special talents themselves, Cerberus is an extremely difficult enemy.


2/12: Race: Deep Sea Troll (Klaken)

Epic photonic creatures.

Strictly speaking, it is not a race. Because according to historical records, there is only one deep sea troll in the world. Scientists prefer to believe that the monster was mutated by a mollusk under the influence of certain photonic conditions in the deep ocean.

The monster has been recorded to be extremely resilient and over a thousand feet long. The actual appearance is unknown, but it is generally believed to be a monster with a large number of octopus tentacles.

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