Light Spirit Epic Chapter 994: Fighting for Ziyan (28)


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Chapter 994: The fierce battle against Ziyan (twenty-eight)

At the same time, in a certain virtual world, the bottom layer of Zhangren’s castle.

In a hall full of traps, Shaxing and King Arthur are scrambling with about thirty chapter guards.

When Xinghuilong nimbly avoided a guard’s sword stab, slashed his backhand and chopped off the guard’s head, a water pressure cannon hit his left chest. The one who fired the cold shot was another Zhangren guard ten yards away. He was on the upper floor of the trap hall, controlling the commanding heights, and raised his hands from the iron fence on the upper floor to snipe Xinghuilong with continuous water pressure cannons.

And what Xinghuilong hated most in his life was this kind of cold shot guy. He swung his lightsaber in a sweep, deflecting the oncoming water cannon. He twisted and flicked again, letting the second hydraulic cannon grazed over his right shoulder. He crouched down and the third water pressure cannon flew over his head!

After the three consecutive fights, the Zhangren guard also needs time to take a breath and cannot continue to cast spells for the time being. Seeing that the time had come, Shi Xing immediately sprinted to the wall, and then stepped on the wall with this speed, and instantly climbed to the upper floor that was originally six feet high. He reached out and grabbed the edge of the iron fence and flipped, and before the Zhangren guard who fired the cold gun noticed it, he flipped over to the back of the enemy! Xinghuilong raised his sword and stabbed out, and the blade of the lightsaber pierced fiercely from the enemy’s back, piercing the chest of the Zhangren guard.

However, the evil star that has climbed to the top is exposed to more enemy range! More water pressure cannons shot from all directions, forming an encircling net around Shaxing’s body!

Xinghuilong did not hesitate for half a second, grabbed the dying Zhangren guard with one hand, and shrank his body, using the guard as a shield to block the attack of the water pressure cannon one after another. The water pressure cannon made countless holes in the body of the Zhangren guard, and the evil star was safe until the guy’s skin was cut to pieces.

The next second, after the enemy’s strafing was over, the dragon rushed out quickly, raised his lightsaber and swept in a straight line, cutting off the heads of several guards!

On the other side, Arthur also dealt with the last wave of enemies, just retracted the blade, looked back at the evil star, and shouted: “Be careful!”

Long just stopped when the floor sank under his feet, knowing that he was stepping on some kind of trap. The sharp axe that fell from the sky was about to split the evil star in two from head to toe, but the dragon evaded the blow with a quick backflip!

Whoosh whoosh! There is not only one mechanism to deal with the invaders. Sha Xing dodged the attack of the axe, but the mechanisms on the surrounding walls were also opened at the same time, and arrows flew from countless wall holes, rushing towards Xinghuilong!

Seeing that Xing Xing couldn’t dodge such a dense attack, he turned back while swinging his lightsaber! The lightsaber spun rapidly, protecting Xinghuilong’s body like a shield, blocking most of the arrows coming from the front. The rest of the arrows slashed or stuck in Shaxing’s thighs, causing no serious damage.

“Tsk!” After this wave of traps passed, Sha Xing showed an unhappy look, and reached out to pull out an arrow that stabbed in his thigh.

“Uh, is the game’s pain system malfunctioning?” King Arthur asked suspiciously: “Does your leg hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Shixing doesn’t seem to care about such trivial matters: “Compared to the injuries suffered when fighting with dragons, this small injury is nothing at all. After all, the enemy has dog eyes. Why? Why are most of the enemies rushing towards me, am I the only one who is easy to bully?”

The Knight King glanced up and down at Xinghuilong’s golden armor, then looked at his own black armor: “I thought it was your windy armor that was attracting hatred. Who told you to dress so gorgeously?”

“I just want to be myself.” Xinghuilong was unmoved by Arthur’s suggestion. In fact, his prototype—that is, the form of the Xinghuilong—was originally an incomparably cool dragon with golden scales all over his body. When he changed into a man, he only wore that golden armor, which was actually low-key enough.

“And you have to keep this low-key in this game, great.” Arthur taunted the evil star: “This is also cleaned up, let’s go to the lower floor. The little devils are probably in In the dungeon.”

“Uh? Isn’t it going up?” Shaxing expressed his astonishment. From the map of this castle, the leader of the chapter people should be on the upper level of the castle, right?

“It is impossible for the little devils to break into this castle by their own strength.” King Arthur sneered and analyzed: “Since they did not rely on their own strength, that is to say, they were caught. The prison cell In the minus three dungeons of the castle. To meet them, we have to go down, that’s about it.”

“However, this way—” Shaxing felt that there was something wrong with this plan: “If reinforcements are sent to this level from the upper level, and we go down, we will be trapped in the dead. In the basement, we have to fight another **** path when we come back. If they close the floor, we will be even more…”

“Don’t worry.” King Arthur smiled mysteriously: “The enchantment generator of the castle is on the negative floor. After destroying that one, you can use teleportation to leave the island. Of course, the return scroll needs to be in an open place. use.”

The evil star is even more depressed: “Hey, did you listen to me seriously? I was just saying that it was underground——“

“It’s okay, the evil star.” King Arthur seems to have his own set of plans: “Anyway, go down to the lower floor first and meet the little devils. I will find a solution for the future.”

“Okay, okay.” Xinghuilong replied with a dissatisfied mouth, and he was very puzzled. He didn’t know what kind of tricks the King of Knights had to allow them to escape from the ground. Anyway, I can only trust him now.

“Arthur.” A ball of light fell from the sky, and a female voice came out of it: “I heard that you are going to use [that prop]. Do you want me to prepare it now?”

“Yes, the sooner the better, Greenville.” Arthur responded to the ball of light: “Get everything ready and wait in my bedroom.”

Greenville’s disturbed voice came from the white ball of light: “Are you sure? Using [that thing] to sneak into the deep consciousness of others is a very dangerous thing. What’s more, you are going to fight… To fight without any weapons…”

“I’ll take care of it, don’t worry.” Arthur didn’t seem to care. In fact, he doesn’t rely on any artifact to fight in the in-game world, and only a lightsaber is enough to deal with most enemies. Arthur never thought of relying on the power of the Sword of the Holy King.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand at all.” Sha Xing couldn’t hold back his curiosity, and leaned over to ask.

“If you want to know, I’ll count you in as well, Shaxing.” Arthur looked at Xinghuilong with a sly look: “The details, you’ll find out tonight.”

At that time, the second floor of the castle began to kill the sky, and it seemed that there was another wave of Zhangren coming to reinforce. Continuing to entangle with this group of guys will only waste more time, and Husky can’t wait for a moment. If you wait a moment longer, the danger of the dog boy will increase a bit.

Just run away.

“The stairs are here, go!” King Arthur urged, running down.

At the same time, the castle’s dungeon (minus three floors), in the underwater cave.

“Um… what’s going on?” After a while of shaking, the murloc prince finally woke up, he rubbed his eyes and asked in a low voice.

“You really fell asleep in the game?” Husky looked at the murloc prince in disbelief: “Have you never logged out of the game?”

“No.” Calvin sneered, looking at the canine boy with strange eyes: “Your tail is soft and fluffy, it is the most luxurious pillow, why is this prince willing to leave it? Your tail… fell asleep.”

The canine boy shivered with a chill from the back of his back——I don’t know that the body of his character in the game was moved by the murloc prince while he was logged out of the game. What hands and feet have passed. Better not to think too much.

“Anyway, in short, the morning has arrived, and our combat skills should have been reset. Get up, check the number of times your combat skills are used, and then you will be out.”

“Oh~” Calvin climbed lazily out of the tent, getting dressed. His leisurely demeanor like a vacation made Husky feel irritable.

“Wake up meow? Let’s all have breakfast meow.” Hal was heating up the food around the campfire. This is the jerky they brought out before going out. They were going to eat it before going to bed, but they (game time) (in) camped out and slept in a hurry last night, and turned into portable dry food.

This breakfast (or supper?) I just made before leaving now, Hal intends to make the best of everything, to make a good meal, so as to improve the morale of the team, so as not to make mistakes in the next action— — A bug could kill them, and Husky’s situation is so bad that dying in the game could affect reality.

“Well, thank you.” The murloc prince took the barbecue and started eating, not knowing what happened. Among the people present, he was the only one who could play this game as a game, with this relaxed state of mind.

And Husky finished the roast with a complicated heart, and opened the inventory to check the details of the combat skills:

Calvin: Frostbolt m/Icemist m: 14/15

Husky: Arm burst: 7/10

Self-healing enhancement m: 5/7

Howl: Power Dash: 5/10

Spiritual unity: 2/5

Very The dog boy sighed inwardly. Their combat skills have basically been returned to the server, and only the leopard boy Hal is the only one who has recovered relatively poorly. Howl (the character in the game) has hardly slept, so it is only natural that his combat skills have recovered less.

Anyway, according to the current situation, it should at least be enough for them to break through this chapter man castle.

In other words, before Uncle Arthur comes to join them, go as far as possible to earn more experience points. Husky is still level 3, and it is very difficult to go from level 3 to level 5 in just a few hours remaining.

And to do this, you must fight the boss of the Zhangren Castle. Only the experience points rewarded by the big boss can reverse this disadvantage.

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