Light Spirit Epic Chapter 991: Fighting for Ziyan (25)


Chapter 991 The fierce battle against Ziyan (twenty-five)

Thunder and lightning gather into bundles that appear to be electrical currents, but are actually vapors of some kind of electrolyte that are rapidly ejected from the body of Palamidis

They are about the same power as a normal hydraulic cannon or maybe less than a hydraulic cannon because it is composed of a relatively low-density electrolyte aerosol, but the beam cannon, which is actually a high-velocity aerosol, carries a strong current —–Thousands of kilowatts of high-voltage electricity that is enough to electrify most of the world’s living beings to the point of immobility

It swept one of the amethyst spider monsters and was immediately paralyzed by the strong electric current. It fell into the fire column like a rolling stone and fell to the ground.

The big cat twisted its head to increase the range of the spot beam, and several enemies were paralyzed by electricity and fell off the cliff

“This is Spark’s Dragon Breath…” Evan looked at Palamidis’s move suspiciously, but his doubts only lasted for half a second. Great opportunity, he took the opportunity to raise his gun and shoot the rest of the black iron pistol. A row of bullets are all empty

A dozen amethyst spiders died, injured, injured, and fell under the double burst of bullet rain and electric light. The number of falls was greatly reduced, but they were almost unstoppable. The remaining five amethyst spiders were still chasing them nonstop. Come up and focus their cannonballs on this cliff where Palamides is located

pound-pound-pound-pound-pound The cliffs began to shatter in a series of powerful explosions, but Palamidis didn’t intend to stay on this platform for long. After leaving this platform, I ran to the wall and continued to look for another platform to stand on.

“Uh, don’t run so fast, I have to change the magazine” Ivan was in a hurry by the galloping of Palamidis. The magazine he just took out from his pocket almost fell

“It’s really inconvenient” Palamidis deliberately slowed down a bit and risked being bombarded by explosive bombs. It turns out that although the power of physical bombs is still passable, it takes time to change the magazine after emptying the magazine. The gun is still one of the primitive weapons and a far cry from the modern battery-fired guns

“I’m just not used to it yet” because I took this opportunity to quickly change the magazine and threw the replaced empty magazine far away like garbage

(Why does it suddenly feel lighter)

“Uh you bastard” Palamidis finally figured out one thing and immediately began to curse: “You have a lot of magazines on you, right? No wonder you are reborn like that”

Yes, Ivan is now a mobile arsenal. There are dozens of magazines in his pockets, and each of the magazines is filled with rows of solid bullets made of stainless steel. No wonder he’s overweight with a pile of steel in secret

Ivan didn’t feel embarrassed when the secret was revealed. He kept silent and deliberately ignored Palamidis. He continued to shoot and shoot two amethyst spiders off the cliff

There are only three remaining enemies, and Palamidis runs away, hoping to finally get rid of this group of entangled enemies this time

But he miscalculated. There were more enemy troops in ambush on the cliff ahead. More than 30 amethyst spiders suddenly emerged from the gaps in the rocks and surrounded Palamides. They fired hundreds of explosives at the same time. It exploded on the cliff beside Palamides.

A strong impact of “woo” forced the big cat to fly off the cliff

And less than 20 feet below his feet is a flame tongue of a purple flame pillar. When they touch this, they will steam in an instant

Palamidis recovered from a dizziness that lasted only a second. He was able to regain consciousness so quickly thanks to the piercing pain on his back

“Ow!” the big cat screamed like a pig because Evan was pulling the fur on his back

And he has fallen for a long time, the deadly flame tongue of the Purple Flame Pillar is less than five feet away from Palamides

Unfortunately, the moment I realized this, Palamidis changed shape and grew a pair of wings composed of blue spar from his body—the wings of light stone

The anti-gravity generated by the special spar’s dazzling aqua blue light counteracts the gravitational acceleration of the big cat when it falls, but they are still falling slowly. According to this trend, they will still hit the purple flame and be evaporated.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you’re too heavy throw those magazines away” Palamidis used all his powers to generate anti-gravity but it still didn’t help anything till now he can only ask Evan loses weight

“No” the half-dragon youth was unimaginably stubborn on this matter, and he denied Palamidis’s request without a hitch – even if doing so might cost the two of them life

But it would be really bad if it went on like this. Palamidis watched his body a little bit toward the flame tongue of the fire pillar. The heat of the purple fire pillar was very concentrated. They can’t feel the slightest heat yet, but the big cat knows As long as they encounter the high temperature of tens of millions of degrees in the fire column, it will spread on their bodies in an instant and steam them before they feel the pain

It’s too bad but he can’t do anything but watch himself burn to death

At that time, I saw that Ivan took out a pair of short swords and lay on the back of the **** panther with his hands even more stretched to the abdomen of Palamidis

“Hahahahahaha what are you doing” The big cat was so itchy that a strange feeling spread on his chest and abdomen

“Shut up and do what you have to do” Evan cursed viciously and pulled the trigger on both weapons

pound pound —— two shock waves are ejected from the belly of the **** panther at the same time Palamidis pushes back

The big cat that suddenly leaped far away from the threat of the purple flame column immediately flapped its wings, hoping to return to the mountain wall

But how could that group of ambushers just let the big cats go? Their second wave of explosive bombs has already fired hundreds of warheads at the **** panther floating in the air, and Paramedis, who can only float and can’t fly, is shooting It is the best living target in the air

“Well” the big cat tried to move his body to dodge, but he knew it all too well. In his current situation, he couldn’t flexibly dodge the opponent’s attack in the air. It was inevitable that he was hit by a large number of explosive bombs. This time he must Will be stunned by the strong blast and fall into the pillar of fire powerlessly, even the last struggle will not help.

Or maybe not ——-Evan raised his swords and pulled the trigger again

The shock wave of pound pound two blasted the powerful propulsion beside Palamidis and pushed the big cat and the half-dragon youth to the cliff at the same time

The rain of bullets brushed past Palamides but didn’t hit him. The enemies didn’t expect Ivan to have such an emergency evasion method, and he didn’t have a wide range of targeting. life

“Hurry up there” Evan pointed to a place less than ten yards above their heads, where there was a rather huge rock platform bulging from the cliff, where you could find a safe foothold to fight in peace

I don’t need Ivan to remind the **** panther that he has already flew in the past. Countless explosive bombs rang behind him. He subconsciously ignored these explosions, rolled and climbed, and finally escaped to the platform with his wings.

As soon as a safe foothold is found, Palamidis opens his mouth and gathers energy from the depths of his throat. flat

Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, a brighter beam of electricity shot out from the mouth of the **** panther I can clearly see the location of the Amethyst Spider army in my vision. Now I only need to sweep these areas to minimize the number of opponents

Not to be outdone, Ivan raised the black iron pistol and shot the leopard warrior’s electro-optical cannon, coupled with the incomparably accurate shooting of the half-dragon youth, the spider army that surrounded them was instantly wiped out most of them

The remaining monsters are not stupid. They have cleverly hid in the bumps and crannies of the rock and used the natural cover of the cave for defense

“Huhuhu” Palamidis felt a burst of fatigue from the depths of his body after shooting the electric beam, as if all the energy in the body had been shot away

The more amazing the power of this electric beam is, the more stamina it consumes – what’s more, Palamidis can’t use magic right now. His [electric beam] relies entirely on the discharge organ in his body , by consuming nutrients and heat energy stored in the body

“Aren’t the **** and **** taking the initiative to attack?” He took a breath and looked at the monsters who were cowering behind the cover

“No what are they waiting for” Evan set up a shield and raised a gun on alert “What’s coming — a big guy”


touch rumbling

touch rumble

Some kind of piling-like sound is heard from the depths of the cliff

The leopard warrior and the half-dragon youth looked in the direction of the sound and were stunned

Big spider

An amethyst spider queen, ten times larger than other amethyst spiders and a hundred feet tall, climbed down from the top of the cave

This cave is not an ambush full of spiders this cave—is—is—the lair of spiders

The Amethyst Spider Queen was hiding in the dark and quietly watching all this, watching the big cat and the half-dragon struggling under the siege of a group of small spiders. I thought the two intruders would be wiped out.

However, with the efforts of the two, the battle situation has turned into such a miraculous reversal. If this goes on, the army of the amethyst spiders will probably be wiped out by the two of them

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