Light Spirit Epic Chapter 980: Fighting for Ziyan (14)


Chapter 980 The fierce battle against Ziyan (fourteen)

Faced with such a ferocious attack by the monsters, the elephant man Bailing and the leopard man boy were calm and methodically counterattacked. Pav raised his axe high to meet him, and Hal also jumped on Pav’s shoulders and raised his The dagger swept over the reaper’s scythe!

Clang! Two crisp beeps. Great axes and scythes, short swords and scythes fight together! So far, the two and the Black Reaper have just been tied!

Or maybe not! The terrifying reaper opened his mouth at this time! With a flash of cold light, Howl could clearly see what was in the monster’s mouth!

“Be careful!” The leopard boy reminded as he jumped up. But in fact, the elephant man Pavu also noticed this change and had already moved to dodge!

Zha! The deadly black spear shot from the depths of the Reaper’s throat, where it was supposed to pierce the head of Papho the Elephant. But Pavu had already dodged away, and the blade of the long sword had swiped across the left neck of the elephant man’s white shadow, causing no harm!

At the same time, Howl also fell from the air, he stepped on the handle of the black spear, and pressed it against Papho’s shoulder and neck!

Black Reaper moves his head, trying to withdraw his spear! no way! Howl stepped harder, and Puff contracted the muscles in his shoulders, sandwiching the spear deep within it!

It’s an opportunity! The black reaper whose head was fixed together with the spear was temporarily unable to move its head, which meant that its field of vision had been greatly restricted! The Leopard Man Boy and the Elephant Man Bai Ling simultaneously released their left hand that grabbed the chain, and pulled something out of their arms!

A long sword, and a short sword!

“Die, meow!” “Die!” The spare weapons in their hands stabbed out at the same time, Papho’s long sword savagely pierced the black reaper’s chest, and Howl’s short sword also pierced nowhere. Into the hole in Black Reaper’s face that could be called the “left eye”!


Hal and Papho were not idle at this time. The tall elephant and the short leopard boy ran in opposite directions at the same time. One ran to pull out the scythe on the ground, and the other ran to pick up the other. Take a small sickle.

“You forgot this!” “Good luck meow!” The Elephant Man’s Bai Ling raised his scythe and fell towards the reaper, and the Leopard Man boy also threw the small sickle he just picked up, and it spun at high speed in mid-air , the head of the monster flew across the board! !

The reaper’s head fluttered in mid-air and was grabbed by the leaping elephant man Pavle! What he grabbed was actually the black spear attached to the head of the Reaper. He grabbed the spear and stabbed it into the monster’s heart before it hit the ground!

Zha! ! The deadly point of the spear pierced the heart of the Black Reaper – if it had one! The scythe recovered by Pavre slashed down from the right shoulder, severing half of the reaper’s body!

Pavu pulled the chain, took back the weapons he and the leopard boy had, and returned the short sword with the chain to Hal.

“It, it should be dead, meow?” Howl looked at the corpse of the black reaper who had been slaughtered by multiple weapons. At this moment, it was half-kneeling on the ground at a very strange angle.

“It’s not over yet.” Pavle ran over and pushed open the main gate of Edinburgh Castle.

The huge steel door that was supposed to be automatically operated by machinery and could not be opened by manpower was easily opened by the brute force of the elephant man.

Elephant Man Papho’s Bai Ling turned and said to Hal: “Get out of here, you will wake up. But this guy is still inside you.” The leopard-man boy instantly understood Pafo’s intention: “You must put It was thrown out of Howl’s body, right?” Bai Ling, the elephant man, nodded.

“When Hal wakes up, what will he see?” The leopard boy asked nervously again: “Could it be that… there is another reaper waiting for Hal in the outside world, meow?” “Reality It’s very weak.” Pavle bound the reaper’s body with chains: “After you go back, it’s up to you to run away or catch it.” Swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Once he wakes up from the dream world, he has to deal with a monster of unknown origin alone? It was too sudden, and he was completely unprepared!

“Dawdling!” Pavle didn’t care whether Hal wanted it or not, he had already dragged the monster’s corpse with a chain and threw it out in the direction of the door!

“No! What are you doing meow!” Hal was startled. The monster is estimated to have been driven back to reality, and Howl has not woken up! Who knows what it will do to Howl’s body in reality!

“So you go too!” urged the elephant man.

“Damn meow!” Howl hurried up and ran towards the door.

Before jumping into the door full of white light, the leopard boy suddenly thought of something. He hurriedly turned back: “That thing is the invader of Hal’s dream, and it has always existed in Hal’s dream, that is to say—” He looked at the white shadow of the elephant man incredulously, and asked in a low voice: “You Meow too?” Elephant Pavlov didn’t answer.

Hal suddenly felt some kind of suction behind him and kept sucking his body into the door! He was swallowed up by the white light in an instant!

The next second, the leopard boy woke up and found himself in the underwater cave in the virtual world of the game. It was already late at night in the game, and the bonfire in front of the Leopard boy was almost extinguished. The fire was very weak, and it was time to add fire!

Crap! What about the reaper monster? ! Howl looked around looking for traces of the monster. Being attacked by that kind of monster here is no joke!

No! Can’t find it anywhere! In the dark and closed cave, there are only three objects: bonfire, Howl and tent, and the entrance of the cave has been blocked by ice, so the strange physics should not be able to get out from here! Hal took a quick glance at the tent, wanting to call Calvin and Husky in the tent for help. But he thought about it, the two should have waited out of the game, leaving only an empty shell of the game character, so they shouldn’t be able to help!

What should I do? Up to now, we can only add a fire first and brighten the cave before talking about it! Thinking of this, Hal quickly went to the pyre on the side, grabbed some firewood, and threw it into the bonfire. The fire soon lit up, making the cave brighter. Howl took the opportunity to look around again, trying to find the trace of the monster!

Still not! Where the **** did that thing hide? !

At this moment, Howl felt a sharp pain in his arm, like being bitten by a poisonous snake! He raised his arm in surprise, wanting to see what was going on, but immediately discovered that there was some kind of abnormality on his arm!

A black gas burst from the skin of the Leopard boy’s arm!

Because in the world of the game, Howl uses a human body, which is no different from a human boy, his arms are the flesh-colored smooth skin of a human boy, not what he looks like in reality Cat paws covered with black leopard fur.

This black gas, which emerged from his smooth human skin, was extremely conspicuous under the firelight! Intuition tells Hal that this thing is the monster that attacked the leopard boy’s dream just now! And it is probably the same thing that bit Hal’s arm in the dungeon warehouse!

So it turns out, it got into Hal’s body and lurked all the time, taking advantage of Hal’s falling asleep, did it make a sneak attack on the Leopard boy’s dream? This is probably the only reasonable explanation, although there are still many things that I don’t understand! The leopard boy didn’t think much, grabbed the dagger with his other arm, ready to attack the black thing at any time, no matter where it was sacred!

It’s out! As if rejected by the leopard boy’s body, that black mass could no longer stay in Howl’s body, and was driven out! As soon as it appeared, it took shape and became a – a spider! A black spider the size of a slap! !

“Wow!!” The leopard boy exclaimed, slashing the dagger in his hand towards his arm! He was most afraid of bugs in his life, especially this kind of terrifying bug with six legs that would bite!

The black spider jumped up from Howl’s arm. Not only did the leopard boy not hit it, but he slashed his arm with a silly knife!

“Ugh!” He subconsciously felt pain. In fact, the game system has completely blocked the leopard boy’s pain sensation. Even if he slashed his arm with a knife and the wound was deep to the bone, it would not hurt at all!

“Damn meow!” Without time to pay attention to his wound, Hal’s eyes chased the black spider away. That **** little thing galloped up and crawled around in the cave!

Too soon! Impossible to catch! Want to give up? !

No! Be sure to catch it and kill it! An angry Hal secretly made up his mind! He could clearly feel that the spider was weird and unusual, and it was definitely not part of the game! Just as it invaded Howl’s dreamland in a certain way, it must have used a certain way to invade into the virtual world of this game from reality!

Leave it alone, it will continue to attack players in this game world, especially the Husky and Calvin with Hal! It will take the opportunity to get into the body of Husky or Calvin again, and attack the canine boy or the murloc prince while they are asleep!

And without the help of the Elephant Man’s white spirit in their bodies, they will surely die miserably in the face of the attack of the Black Reaper! Hal clenched his fists. Only this one can’t! Never let that **** spider hurt his friends!

Be sure to catch and kill the black spider before it strikes the next victim again!

But what to do? !

Hal concentrates, watching the little spider carefully!

It is still randomly crawling in the cave, and the crawling track is so random, just to prevent the leopard boy from grasping its routine!

Hal gripped the dagger tightly and took a deep breath.

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