Light Spirit Epic Chapter 978: Fighting for Ziyan (12)


Chapter 978 The fierce battle against Ziyan (twelve)

“You bastard, dare to sneak away?!” Sha Xing was not to be outdone, and jumped into the river following the King of Knights!

But they all miscalculated (did they?), thinking the sharks would be too busy chasing seal meat to take care of the drowning duo, but the opposite is true! !

The sharks in the river are in the white-hot stage of fighting for meat. They are all dizzy and can’t tell what to bite and what not to bite!

Seeing two shadows in the sky leaping down, a great white shark has already flown out of the water, desperately biting at King Arthur who was on his way into the water!

Oops! Arthur will be killed! The evil star who fell into the water after him couldn’t help but change his face!

He was both shocked and worried, because what happened to Arthur and what happened to Shaxing would be exactly the same, even if Arthur was bitten by a shark first, Shaxing would not escape bad luck!

But no! ——The king of knights had already come prepared. Before he fell into the water, he held his lightsaber tightly, and took advantage of the moment a great white shark flew over and raised his sword to draw out!

Om! The light blade ripped apart the air, making a low sound, and at the same time it had split the great white shark in half vertically!

King Arthur sneered and stomped on the carcass of the flying great white shark, leaping several yards with his strength!

The king marches on corpses!

Cheat this is! ——Xinghuilong cursed loudly in his heart!

That’s right, Arthur didn’t plan to have a “swimming” competition with the Shaman from the start! The goal of their game is to reach the opposite bank at best, and the means are not limited at all!

A man who was a landlubber a few years ago, no matter how hard he sharpens his gun, his swimming skills are not as good as the dragons who are born to be useful. but! Arthur didn’t plan to swim to the other side from the beginning! He used the most ostentatious method to attract sharks to kill, and then nimbly stepped on the shark’s body and flew over it!

And all of this, only a well-trained and agile swordsman like Arthur can do! From slashing and slashing sharks, to adjusting posture in mid-air, to stepping on the shark’s corpse with precision and jumping out, all this, Shaxing can’t imitate!

Xinghuilong secretly complained in his heart that he had been slapped by King Arthur from the very beginning!

Remorse is regret, and the real problems have to be dealt with! Another huge white shark also flew up behind the evil star, predicting that it would bite off the upper body of Xinghuilong before falling into the water!

The king of knights sneered at the dragon from a distance, and the evil star could not catch up with Arthur no matter what! Even if Xinghuilong can escape from the shark’s pursuit, he will definitely lose most of his time, and he has already lost this game;

And if the Shaxing isn’t good enough, and is killed by a shark like this, it can be considered a loss of the game (of course!), and the victory or defeat is still the king of knights!

Arthur then ignores the evil star and concentrates on his own game.

The knight king, who had just grabbed a piece of meat with his bare hands and threw it into the river, and was now covered in blood, was of course the prime target of the sharks! Arthur, who only flew three yards and hadn’t completely fallen into the water, was already targeted by several other sharks!

These ferocious and lifeless beasts are scrambling to jump out of the water to die, and the King of Knights wields a lightsaber in the air, breaking the sharks into dozens of large fish in an instant like a meat slicer!

Clap! He stepped on the pieces of meat floating on the water and flew out several yards! It’s very close to the other side!

But Arthur can’t help but turn his head when he hears a movement behind him!

Brush la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la! Amidst the surging waves, a certain black shadow shot like an arrow!

It’s a monster! Xinghuilong is holding a shark’s abdomen tightly with his hands, and his palms pierce deeper into the shark’s gills, exerting just the right amount of pain to control the shark’s actions!

He’s “riding” the shark, catching up with incredible speed! !

The King of Knights sighed inwardly. This fellow Shaxing is indeed a seasoned warrior—or rather, a dragon who has experienced many battles. Leaving aside the form of [human], Xinghuilong has probably used the form of [dragon] to scuffle with other dragons countless times, and has developed an incomparably exquisite melee skill!

Xinghuilong not only survived the shark’s flying pounce just now, but also used the enemy’s power for its own use, “riding” the shark to move forward with a unique move, rushing to catch up!

Not good! May be caught up! The King of Knights pondered.

Arthur’s leap by stepping on a shark’s corpse is at best an indirect means of movement, full of uncertainty, and his speed is only related to his own jumping power.

But the Shaxing rides a shark and gallops forward, which is a direct means of movement, and the speed is the swimming speed of the shark itself, not to mention how fast!

The difference between the two is already in the cloud and mud. If you don’t try to reverse this disadvantage, King Arthur may lose the game! If you lose this game, not only will you owe Shaxing alone, but Arthur’s original plan will not be realized! What should I do? !

Just as the King of Knights wondered, more sharks flew up to attack Arthur! The blood-stained king of knights has no shortage of “stepping stones”.

Wait. Blood? ——While Arthur wielded his lightsaber and chopped the group of sharks to pieces, he also had an idea and came up with a solution!

He stepped on a piece of minced shark meat and flew out! At the same time, this piece of shark meat of the right size flew out in the opposite direction! – If there is action, there is reaction!

And this piece of shark meat that flew out in the opposite direction happened to knock on the nose of the great white shark driven by the evil star! The freshest **** meat splattered a flower of blood and spread on the shark’s nose!

Blood! Some kind of wild instinct awakened in the body of the great white shark!

Sharks can be said to be bloodthirsty by nature. They exist to chase the smell of blood all their lives. They are evil wolves in the sea. The nose was stimulated by such a huge **** smell, and the great white shark, who had lost his sense of common sense, entered a deeper madness! The evil star controlled the shark by continuously inflicting pain on the shark. But driven by nature, the bloodthirsty instinct of the shark covered up the pain, making it change the direction of its swimming and chase the piece of shark meat desperately!

“Damn it!!” Sha Xing increased his strength to restrain the shark, and even stabbed his lightsaber deeply into the body of the big fish to improve the efficiency of control! But it all didn’t help, the shark was chasing the meat like a blind fly!

“Hehe.” Arthur has successfully jumped over the wooden fence on the other side, and climbed up in a few strokes – the outcome is now! The cunning King of Knights used a little despicable means to win the Star Dragon!

“Bastard, bastard, bastard!” After a few minutes, Sha Xing finally got rid of the shark mouth of the entire pool, and climbed up the fence covered in scars: “As a king of a country, do Don’t you feel ashamed of this despicable method?” “This is a game, it’s good to win.” King Arthur shrugged: “You stupid dragon don’t know the dangers of human beings at all, right? Who will care about the despicable methods in the real competition? Not despicable? Use any means, as long as you can win, this is the iron rule of surviving in this cruel world. The so-called chivalry is only used by princes and nobles in peacetime thousands of years ago. This kind of thing has long been eliminated by this era.” The blue veins on the forehead of the evil star are so obvious that they can be clearly seen, and his complaints are even more ferocious and abnormal: “These words have always been a sly dragon. What the kind knight said, why is the position completely reversed today?—Is there really no problem in your human age?” “No problem, and it is very good, living despicably and hard.” The king of knights sneered disdainfully: “Now, Mr. Evil Dragon, you shouldn’t have forgotten our initial bet, right?” “Hush!” Shixing sneezed and shivered together, and he had a bad premonition: “You… what do you want? But let’s talk about it first, the thing you promised to help me before can’t be written off with this bet! If you dare, I’ll turn my face!” “Nothing, don’t be nervous.” The king of knights face With a mixed smile of a victor and a prankster on his face, the **** is not ordinary treacherous: “I asked you to do something else. But I won’t mention that for now. When the time comes, I will naturally tell you.” It’s a gift in return for what Shaxing has done before.

This guy made a request of the King of Knights because Arthur owed him someone. But this **** dragon has been selling out maliciously, always refusing to tell Arthur the specific content of this request.

Now they both have each other’s grip in their hands, and it can be said that they each win a game.

“You humans are really insidious and cunning, but that’s fine.” Sha Xing grunted, and was about to take out his climbing tools to climb over the city wall.

The castle suddenly rang out, and the gate on the opposite side opened, and hundreds of Zhangren rushed out to guard it. The guards were imposing like rainbows, with spears and swords in their fingers, and the water pressure cannon magic in their palms was even more ready. They seem to know that the Arthurs are scarred or exhausted after swimming the dozens of yards of shark moat, and now is the best time to join forces to kill these two intruders!

“These bastards! When will the city gate not be opened, and it will be opened after I finally swim through the shark pool?!” The evil star is angry and face flushed: “So Speaking of which, aren’t my efforts in vain?!” “It was in vain. Well, very smart.” Contrary to the usual impulsive and irritable normality, Arthur at this moment showed a completely different attitude from the evil star—— Not annoyance, but a sincere compliment.

King Arthur quickly put on his armor and muttered to himself: “If you don’t swim across the moat, the city gate will never be opened. When the players have worked hard to swim over, the city gate will automatically open to send troops. This way On the one hand, it can catch the players by surprise when their physical strength is exhausted to the extreme; on the other hand, it can attack the will of the players, so that the players who have worked hard to swim through the shark pool will be discouraged. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone—

That kid is smart, smart to the point of viciousness. “Uh, what are you talking about? ! “The King of Knights was confused by the words of the King of Knights.

“It’s my self-talk.” Arthur smiled mysteriously and drew his lightsaber.

Before the two of them were ready, the Zhang people had already attacked aggressively, and the two of them also rushed into the enemy line and began to hack and slash. . .. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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