Light Spirit Epic Chapter 969: Fighting for Ziyan (3)


Chapter 969: The fierce battle against Ziyan (3)

Calvin doesn’t just want to be friends with a canine boy. The **** murloc prince is very possessive. He wants to keep Husky as his own. As his toy. And at the same time. Kick away Hal. The leopard boy and the dog boy are far from friends.

There are people with this kind of mental distortion in this world. Don’t expect others to get what you can’t get. You won’t share what you get with others.

Observed from today’s (real world) day. Husky came to this conclusion.

The murloc prince Calvin is a willful and selfish bad boy. He is spoiled by the Icelandic royal family. He doesn’t know how to get along with his peers.

If you follow him, not only Husky. Even Howl will be badly played by the Murloc Prince. How can Husky not take care of this guy Calvin.

“Um. What are you still muttering outside.” Calvin stuck his head out in the tent. He pretended to ask: “Little dog. Come in and sleep – this prince needs your fluffy tail. ~”


“Just be patient. Be patient, meow——” Hal Pai persuaded with a smile.

Haski silently burrowed into the tent. Ready to sleep. As soon as he entered, the tent’s zipper was pulled up. Since the tent is made of opaque material, it easily blocks the light of the campfire .makes it dark inside the tent.

Then the canine boy felt someone’s hand touching his waist. He immediately shouted in panic: “Wow, ah, ah, ah. Stop. Where are you going to touch”

“Hey hey. Don’t be shy.” Prince Calvin’s voice echoed in the tent: “Don’t take off your shirt. How can you sleep comfortably. Come on——”

“No. Stop. Stop-“

“Tsk tsk.” Hal, who was standing beside the firefly outside, shook his head angrily. He watched the flickering light of the campfire intently.

“No. Don’t, don’t touch that woof — log out woof.” Husky really can’t stand the harassment of the murloc prince. He has already opened the menu and logged out of the game.

The world was temporarily purified. This purification lasted for about a minute.

“You know very well.” The shirtless Calvin suddenly poked his head out of the tent. He said to Hal, “You know very well. All the disasters born beside you originated from you. So. Are you still clinging to the puppy and not letting go?”

Hal was silent. He silently picked up the wood and added a fire. His body was always facing away from the murloc prince.

“Do you want to…kill him?” Calvin asked bloodily.

At this moment, the boy’s face must be ugly.

The murloc prince finished humiliating the leopard boy with words. A smug smile appeared on his face. He immediately retracted back into the tent. He slept with the dog boy’s tail. Did he log out of the game? Hal has no way of knowing. He’s too lazy to figure it out.

The leopard boy has a million plans in his heart. At the moment, he is in a state of turmoil. He can’t rest in peace. And his left arm, the left arm that was bitten by an unknown shadow, did not leave any scars. I’m feeling a little bit of pain at the moment.

It’s just an illusion. Hal told himself – it’s just an unnecessary delusion he’s upset about.

While thinking about this, Hal, who should have been energized and responsible for the night watch, gradually became heavy–


He found himself dozing off. When he struggled to wake up, the environment around him had changed drastically.

“This is-“

The leopard boy climbed off the bench. He looked around. He found himself in a simulated training session with the Knights of the North.

No. It’s actually quite normal. They originally entered the simulation world of the game through the simulators on the benches in the simulation training room. Hal’s body in reality never moved. In this simulation training room.

But–it always feels a little weird.

The leopard boy tried to clear his mind. He just realized. He never logged out of the game. He was supposed to be in the game. Zhangren castle dungeon. Night. He was supposed to be sitting cross-legged in front of that bonfire just now. Taking a nap.

Why did he fall asleep in the game. He actually returned to the real world. Does the game’s simulation system automatically kick out the sleeping player?

No – I always feel something is wrong

This cold simulation training room. The atmosphere is a little different from when they came.

Also, the light here is much dim. No matter how long Hal slept. The real world at this time should only be dusk. It can’t be later than dinner time. But why is the dark corridor outside the simulation training room. A ray of moonlight was shot in

It’s not right. It’s not right.

“Husky Meow. His Highness Calvin Meow.” The Leopard Boy shouted loudly. He tried to summon his friends.

If this is really the real world. The canine boy and the murloc prince must have woken up. They should be staying in the lounge next to the training room. Waiting with Howl for Uncle Arthur to pick them up.

But what about the truth. It’s already dark. Uncle Arthur said he’d bring them home before dinner time. That promise has been broken.

It’s not right. It’s not right. Hal shouted several times. The entire simulation training room was deadly silent. There was no response.

Husky and the others are not here. Uncle Arthur is not here either. Not even Uncle Cameron, the Knight of the Round Table, who is supposed to be in the engine room of this training room, is not here.

It’s eerily quiet. It’s eerily quiet. Howl is getting worried.

“Don’t. Don’t scare Hal Meow——”

Is this some kind of nightmare. Why does this happen to him

Anyway. Howl decided to get out of this cold simulation training room. Let’s see what’s going on.

The leopard boy tiptoed to the door of the training room. He looked around cautiously. Observe the situation in the corridor.

The hallway is dark. Not much lighting.

The castle of the Knights of the North – Edinburgh Castle – is a fortified steel fortress. Previously used to defend against Viking raids from the north. But now – Great Britain and Iceland are allied The present of the agreement – the main function of this castle is to provide training for new knights. It will train stronger warriors for a future war.

Therefore. The castle is not as tightly guarded as it used to be. This laxity is even more pronounced during the holidays – because most of the knights here are resting. .

It makes sense. The desertion here and now is inevitable.

However. No matter how deserted the castle is, it is impossible to be deserted. There are not even half a patrolling knight in the corridor

Hal walks slowly and silently down the dark corridors, leaning on a cane. He finds Edinburgh Castle almost a ghost town. Not only is there no half of a person. Even the lighting and heating are cut off at the same time. .

Is this really reality. Isn’t this some kind of nightmare. Hal swallows. So ask himself.

If this is a nightmare. Please wake up soon.


Whose voice. Echoes in this dark and deep world.

“Who, who, meow” Leopard boy was so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat.

“Ha-er-” The voice was near and far. It was melodious and ethereal. It was like the whisper of a ghost. It was like the whisper of a ghost.

A chill spreads across the leopard boy’s spine. It starts from the back. It goes up to the back of the head. It also goes down to the tip of his cat’s tail. He has a very uncomfortable feeling. It’s like holding back urine It feels like I can’t find the toilet after holding it for a long time.

“Ha-er-” The voice was getting closer and closer. It floated out more than thirty yards in front of the leopard boy. And there was an imperceptible darkness at the end of the corridor.

Something. There.

Thinking of this, the leopard boy gasped.

In the world of the game. He may be a little warrior who can run freely and kill the enemy with a knife. But in the real world, he is just a frail and sick person. Even walking needs to be supported by crutches. .If that thing in the dark really came with malice, the leopard boy is powerless to resist. He can only wait to die.

Therefore, Hal made a correct and direct decision: walk for the best.

He turned around immediately. Leaning on his two crutches. He ran as fast as possible. In order to stay away from the unknown creature in the darkness as much as possible.

But he also knows very well in his heart. All this will only be in vain. The place where the Leopard Man boy lives. I am afraid it is the “world” created by that thing. There is no one else here. There is only him and it.

As long as this nightmare doesn’t wake up. No matter how Hal escapes, I’m afraid he can’t get rid of “it”‘s pursuit. It will eventually catch up. Find and harm the leopard boy.

What should I do

Just as the leopard boy ran towards the direction of the moonlit castle corridor. While trying to stay away from all dark corners as much as possible, that thing was also chasing at high speed.

It was very fast. It dived into the darkness. It was like cruising in the ocean. It slipped through the long dark corridor in an instant. It came to the Leopard boy.

“Ha-er.” It shouted. It stood in front of the leopard boy. It showed its teeth and danced its claws.

“Wow–” The leopard boy took a few steps back. Seeing the dark shadow monster in front of him stretched out terrifying claws. Its body made of darkness swayed in the moonlight. .But it’s very big. It’s big. It’s bigger than the monsters that Hal has seen in reality. It blocks the way of the Leopard boy with its huge black body. It blocks the entire corridor densely. Airtight.

“No—” The leopard boy turned and tried to run away from the other side of the corridor.

It doesn’t work. The other hallway is blocked by the same dark shadow monster. It is also showing its teeth and claws. It is coming towards the leopard boy.

There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. Howl can only watch in despair as he is swallowed by the most forced monsters——

Or maybe not.

A white shadow appeared behind the Leopard boy out of thin air.

“You are.” Howl asked in a low voice, looking at the huge figure whose outline was very similar to that of an adult elephant man.

“Hurry up. I’m about to jump.” The white shadow hugged Hal and slammed into the city wall beside him.

The white shadow of the tall Elephant Man directly smashed the steel city wall of Edinburgh Castle. Leaping out of the castle.() “The Walking Dead” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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