Light Spirit Epic Chapter 96: Reunion for the duel (true)


Chapter 96: Reunion in Showdown (True)

“Lancelot really loves to teach others as always.” Arthur looked at the returning knight X and said sarcastically, “You have to be taught a lesson while fighting. The other party is so pitiful!”

“The guy who obviously has amazing talent but keeps wasting it, he should be woken up with a punch.” Lancelot said coldly, “Also, I’m Knight X, Lancelot. I don’t know who it is.”

“Pfft.” Kai snickered beside him.

“Babe…” At this time, the bear man Papa woke up, but his eyes were almost blind, “Babe…where are you?”

“Brother, I’m here.” Bedivere came over to hold his brother’s hand and replied in a low voice.

“Has the memory recovered?” Arthur cast a questioning look at Merlin.

“No. The effect of the anesthetic only temporarily restored some of his memory.” Merlin explained, “However, the fox people’s brainwashing is very brutal, completely disregarding the life and death of the experimental subject, and his brain has already been severely damaged. The damage. Now his IQ is only the level of a six-year-old child, and his memory is messy.”

“Can’t find a way to fix it?” Arthur asked again.

“Impossible. Even if a genius like me wants to repair the complex structure of the biological brain, it is impossible. Even if we try to repair the damage, there is no way to ensure that the brain is really restored to the original one. look.”

The human brain is incredibly complex. Once the [truth] is destroyed, it is almost impossible to restore it to its original state.

“That’s enough.” The werewolf boy whispered, he had already realized, “Actually, as long as my brother is still alive… it’s enough.”

“Babe…” the bearman whispered weakly, “I had a terrible nightmare. The village was destroyed, and my parents were killed by the bad guys. I used to have nothing. , and now everything is lost again.”

“Brother…that’s just a dream. I’m here, don’t worry.”

(If everything is really just a dream, how wonderful…)

Papalov has long understood all this.

“Babe, you have to live. Only you, please live. Although you have always been a nuisance and never let me have a good life, my brother never hated you.

Other people feel that my background is pitiful and they have always sympathized with me and treated me gently, but you are the only one who faces me with real feelings.

Only you would act like a spoiled brat to me and make me laugh or cry with all kinds of pranks. So… So, no matter how bad Beibei treats me, no matter how badly Beibei hates me, my brother will not hate you. “

“My brother likes Bei Bei the most.” The bear man stroked his brother’s head, and then gradually lost consciousness.

“Brother… woo woo woo woo…” Bedivere lay on Papa’s chest and cried, tears pouring out like a flood without a dike.

“You haven’t died, why are you crying? Idiot.” Arthur whispered, unable to suppress the viciousness in his tone.

“Arthur?” Only Kay, who was standing beside Arthur, heard it.

“Should I envy him? At least the child has tears to shed when he is sad. My heart is always aching, but I can’t feel any sadness.” Arthur said that almost no one could hear muttered loudly.

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