Light Spirit Epic Chapter 959: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 959: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (thirty-two)

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Hoo! Prince Calvin raised the dagger in his hand, using the sword instead of the staff, releasing a thin cloud of ice mist.

This is not a special staff for spellcasting. Using it to cast spells will of course greatly reduce its effectiveness. But spells are not just about their power. It depends on the user’s usage and timing. Sometimes even the weakest spell can have the effect of turning things around!

And this icy fog is exactly that.

It spreads out and hovers at a very clever height, just fascinating the eyes of the Zhangren guards in the enemy line, stealing their sight.

And the monsters just opened their left hands, and the warp magic circle in their palms just wanted to open, spraying out the seawater stored in the warp. Once it is successfully ejected, the high-pressure water cannon will open dozens of large holes in the teenagers who face it. But Zhangren’s spells can’t be used, because a thin layer of ice has formed on their palms, preventing the opening of the warp exit!

At the moment when the people were confused by the inability to use their spells, Husky had rushed into the enemy line desperately. There is only one chance, if you don’t succeed, you will become a benevolent person.

Using his combat skills [arm strength], the canine boy swung wildly with two swords in his hands, and his whole body worked like a meat cutter, slicing everything around him indiscriminately.

Because of the height difference, Husky is not affected by the icy fog overhead, so he has the advantage. The Zhang people are still in chaos, and the canine boy’s sword is cutting off the Zhang people’s octopus legs without hesitation, causing these monsters to scream one by one, losing their balance and falling down!

“Die!” Husky rushed to a fallen Zhang Ren and pierced the monster’s head with a sword – even though the Zhang Ren’s face was no different from a human.

“Damn it!!” Hearing the sound of another Zhang Ren falling to the ground behind him, Husky turned around again, and the long sword in the other hand slashed horizontally and slashed out of the monster’s throat. A hole about three inches deep. Transparent blood spurted out of him.

“Go to hell! Go to die! All to die!” Husky attacked another Zhangren, who barely fell. The long sword in the hand of the Zhangren guard coincided with the sword of the canine boy Face to face, there is a clanging sound!

However, this can’t stop the canine boy who is attacking frantically. His other sword has pierced the chest of this chapter guard!

If there was one word to describe Husky at the moment, it would be [crazy] that best sums it up. The red-eyed Husky only knew how to attack, but he didn’t care about self-protection. Even a Zhangren guard behind him, who was on the verge of death, raised his long sword and was planning to stab him to death. Teenagers don’t even notice!

Hal in the distance exclaimed: “Husky, be careful meow!”

“Wha——-” Husky was startled and just turned his head. late! The tip of the monster’s sword was approaching at an unstoppable speed, only an inch away from Husky’s back—and it was aimed at Husky’s heart!

But Husky didn’t panic, his attention was drawn to something else. At that moment, his eyes stayed on Prince Calvin: the murloc prince was swinging his dagger with all his strength, and there was some kind of light on the tip of the dagger, and the light immediately turned into a solid projection, along the small murloc. The angular velocity of the prince’s sword tip flew out in an arc!

Clap! Before the sword of the Zhangren guard pierced Husky’s back, the Frostbolt pierced into the monster’s head first!

The Frostbolt cast with an illegal staff is not very lethal, but a headshot at close range is a one-hit kill! The body of Zhangren Guard’s out of control is weak and weak, and he can no longer threaten the safety of Husky! The canine boy was ignorant, and he just saved his life in such a confused way!

“You should thank this prince, little dog.” Calvin smiled smugly and raised the dagger in his hand.

“Let’s talk when you have time.” The dog boy tried his best to ignore the murloc prince, even if he did save his life.

“You really don’t know how to be grateful.” The little murloc prince said in a sarcastic tone.

“Because Husky doesn’t know what the **** you’re up to. God knows if you were trying to kill Husky just now——“

“Tsk tsk, what about the basic trust between people?”

“I have no trust in people like you, thank you Wang.”

“Cough cough!” Seeing that the atmosphere was a little out of place, Hal immediately interrupted his friends with a dry cough, and persuaded him, “Let’s leave here first, meow.”

“Of course Wang. After the first battle, our position may have been exposed.” Husky put away his sword.

Of course he forgot that his group only took ten minutes to solve the battle, and there was plenty of time;

The teenagers don’t even know that the enemies in charge of patrolling in the dungeon have already been killed by the brutal ones. As long as they don’t run around, the dungeon level is temporarily safe.

“But, where do we go next?” Calvin folded his arms behind his head and stood leisurely against the wall, not caring at all how dirty the ancient dungeon stone wall was (because he knew It’s just a game).

The dog boy looked at himself, and then glanced at his friends. They were all wearing tattered prison uniforms, which was not much different from running naked. Just wearing these ragged clothes was awkward enough.

“Husky still wants to retrieve our items. Although these two swords are good, Husky is used to the big sword.”

The murloc prince grinned maliciously: “That big sword? You can’t even wield it without the aid of combat skills. You can’t even wield it. That kind of thing is lost.”

“That won’t work,” Husky didn’t go fishing at all, “to deal with thick-skinned guys, you still need to use that kind of heavy weapons.”

“Even if you say so—” The murloc prince doesn’t particularly care, it’s just a game for him, it’s the same wherever he goes, the only difference is the “interest” brought by different routes: “Do you have any way of knowing where our luggage is hidden?”

At this time, the group of Zhangmen on the ground were completely dead, their bodies disappeared, and the props on the ground exploded. Husky and Howl were busy picking up props, and they found an interesting thing in the props pile – a map of the castle.

Husky was dumbfounded when he saw the map.

This Zhangren castle is built deep under the sea. And the dungeon they were in was the lowest level of the castle, and outside was the deepest deep sea. To escape from this castle, you have to go straight up, through the upper three floors, to reach the ground.

And the three floors, needless to say, are of course heavily guarded and full of enemies. Fighting with these chapter people is already very difficult one-on-one, not to mention being besieged by a large group of chapter people.

And, worst of all, the Huskies have a limited number of combat skills, making protracted battles impossible. Husky still has five left in his [arm burst] today. After running out, he can only rely on his own strength to fight against the terrifying enemy——it is impossible to win no matter how you look at it!

There is only one way to escape from here!

The canine boy and the leopard boy glanced at each other. They had been with each other for a while, and they had established a kind of tacit understanding. Even if they didn’t speak, they could vaguely understand what the other was thinking.

“…Sneak meow?” Howl repeated what the dog boy wanted to say but didn’t say it, in fact, only for the little murloc prince to hear.

“Sneak? Yay! That sounds like a lot of fun too!” Calvin agreed, feeling a little tired of ordinary combat and looking for something new and exciting to do in the game.

Husky let out a low sigh, too lazy to pay attention to the murloc prince, and continued to fiddle with the flat map with both hands, trying to find a space that could be exploited in every detail of the map.

Of course, since this is a game, since it’s all set “levels”, there must be a way to unlock it.

He saw the ventilation pipes, and with their petite figures, they should be able to use the pipes to escape;

He saw another large storage room, on the same floor of the castle they were in. They might be able to retrieve their captured weapons there, and maybe even find other useful things;

He saw again that this dungeon was connected to some sort of intricate undersea cavern. It is impossible to escape from the seabed from those caves, but it can provide a relatively safe resting place for the dog boy and his party. Light a campfire, rest for a night, and wait for the number of combat skills used tomorrow to recover, which will be very helpful for the battle.

In this case, everything is fine. First find the weapon, then hide and sleep for a night, and in the early morning tomorrow, when the Zhang people’s guards are relatively weak, they will use the ventilation duct to escape. That was the only way Husky could think of.

And when Husky thinks so, the Leopard Boy thinks the same. He was just a little worried: “There should be guards in the storage room, meow?”

Husky has already walked ahead and moved towards the storage room: “It doesn’t matter, with the number of combat skills we have left, we should be able to do something.”

Hal nodded without saying much, took out a dagger as a weapon from the loot, and quietly followed behind his friends. He’s almost recovered from his injury, at least he can run and swing his sword. If the situation is really dangerous, the Leopard Boy can also step up to help Husky — and Hal is also ready to fight to the best of his ability.

“Huh? Didn’t you mean to play sneak? Why did you suddenly go to treasure hunt again?” Calvin followed the two friends with easy steps, “But treasure hunting seems to be fun too, hehe.”

The three teenagers just walked in the old and dilapidated, dark and damp stone corridor of the castle dungeon. A pair of blood-red eyes appeared in the darkness at the end of a corridor, secretly observing the three teenagers.

Husky and the others had always thought that this was just a game——a simulation game that would not really hurt the real body if you died casually.

However, what is the truth? One

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