Light Spirit Epic Chapter 957: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 957: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (thirty)

That’s right. The weapon in Tristan’s hand is not just a beautifully crafted ordinary spear. It really is a weapon with a plug-in system. And the spear in the hands of the murloc prince. It also comes with a very powerful spear. : it can generate high frequency vibration.


A piercing sound rang in the werewolf’s ear. The frequency was astonishingly high. The spear in Tristan’s hand vibrated at an ultra-high frequency. The high-frequency sound waves collided with the hard rock at high speed and rubbed out.

Bedivere’s puppy’s ears are very sensitive to high-pitched sounds. They can’t stand this high-frequency vibration. He was so sad that he wanted to reach out and cover his ears. After a few seconds, he suddenly found that the annoying high-pitched sound had disappeared.

No. It didn’t disappear. It was because the frequency became too high. It became a kind of ultrasound. And the frequency of the ultrasound was so high that the werewolf’s ears could no longer hear it.

Pala la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. Bedivere could clearly hear the sound of ice breaking. . Jumping as if alive. Only the surface of the strange stone flew out. The strange stone just used magic to combine the next frost dragon. Just ready to fight back. I didn’t expect the dragon to shatter in an instant. The efforts of the strange stone were completely in vain .

“Very well. Just this rhythm-” Tristan continues to trigger the pistol. The plug on his weapon appears to be a continuous action. Just squeeze the trigger. It’s super vibrating all the time- Until the battery in the plug-in runs out.

The murloc prince is using the powerful power of his weapon to suppress all the actions of the strange stone. No matter how the strange stone changes its frost minions, it will be instantly shattered by the super vibration. And this super vibration attack is constantly on the monster The body of the stone inflicts tiny, but non-negligible damage. It shatters the stone from the microscopic world bit by bit, creating bigger and bigger cracks. Tristan can stab his spear into it.

Worthy of being a sure-kill blow. The werewolf sighed inwardly. As long as you make good use of the power of the plug-in, that long spear can theoretically penetrate everything.

However. Since it is a continuous action effect. Since the power is so powerful, the energy that the plug-in needs to consume is estimated to be huge. Use up that energy to kill an enemy. It is estimated that it is the limit. Cui Stan wastes the spear plug on this kind of soldier. Is it really okay?

Clap. There is the sound of something breaking. It comes from the inside of the strange stone. The sound is not dull. Instead, it is very crisp. It seems that it has absorbed super vibration and is on the verge of death.

Boom. The whole strange rock shattered. It was scattered into hundreds of small stones and flew out. It is estimated that ordinary stones would not be so exaggerated. But this stone was actually shattered by invisible super vibration Yes. It shattered like an explosion.

Dang dang dang dang. The broken stone also hit Tristan as a matter of course. His good quality armor should be knocked loudly.

“It’s solved.” The murloc prince looked back with a triumphant smile. Of course it was for Bedivere: “Without me, you can’t do anything.”

The werewolf is silent. Speechless, I should say. Without the super-vibrating spear in Tristan’s hand. Bedivere they’re really going to be in a tough fight. Because they can’t break through that unbelievably hard piece The stubborn stone.

All in all. It’s good if things can be resolved quickly.

The werewolf looked intently at the spear in Tristan’s hand. The plug on the spear appears to be useless. Even with a small amount of power left. It’s emitting blue smoke from overuse. A lot of electronic components are burnt out.

“Look at what. You don’t need to worry about the condition of my weapon.” Tristan responded bluntly. He even took out another plug from his pocket. He took off the old plug of the weapon with his bare hands and replaced it with a new one. An overheated plug squeaked and scorched the murloc prince’s palm. He didn’t seem to feel it at all. The smell of burning Tristan’s hands wafted in the air. The scene was scary.

Bediver and Solar looked at each other. Since Tristan is such an unapproachable and difficult **** to talk to, they can’t say anything. Let the murloc prince burn himself.

“Wasted a lot of time.” Tristan hummed disapprovingly. “Let’s go. You can still follow Palamides. Right.”

“Okay.” Bedivere nodded slightly and analyzed as clearly as possible: “They are also dragged down by the battle. Our relative distance remains the same. We can always catch up or even surpass them.”

“Very well. Let’s run.” Tristan said in a commanding tone. As if he was the captain of the squad.

Of course this statement made the werewolf very uncomfortable. But Bedivere didn’t bother to care about anything. Started to focus on smelling the smell left by Palamides. Chased away.

At the same time. The entrance to the underground palace of Kilimanjaro.

The Knight of the Round Table Cadore picked up his electronic notepad. He watched the countdown stopwatch and finished the last second. Then he slowly read: “The last group. The overall score is ranked 42nd. Alber T. Elaine. Chanel. You can go out.”

“Run.” The three of them ran out at the same time. They rushed into the volcano underground palace.

Cador looked at the backs of the three and chuckled: “Huhu. Why are you working so hard? Anyway, the trio at the rear of the crane will definitely fail in the end.”

“God knows. The little tiger is blessed with the power of the Holy Spirit.” Hall approached and said.

“I wanted to talk about this a long time ago. Lord Captain.” Cador turned his head to look at Hall of Heavenly Knights. The other party was obviously his old boss for many years. Now he looks better than Cador. Still a little young: “That tiger has the power of the Holy Spirit. Isn’t this a foul of being naked. Naked. After all, the round table trial is to select the Knights of the Round Table who can control the Holy Spirit. He already has the Holy Spirit to control. What exams are you taking?”

Being so questioned. Hall was stunned for a moment, then smiled hilariously: “Everyone has his own way. What he likes to do. We have no power to stop it. And His Majesty King Arthur has approved it – he probably thinks that It will be interesting. And well. Please don’t complain to me about this. Wasn’t the examiner in the first exam Palinlor. Where did he go.”

“The Grand Duke of Palinlor should still be in Cairo. Prepare for the content of the third stage of the exam.” Kay also came to join in the fun.

The candidates at the scene have all entered the volcano underground palace. There are only a few dozen staff members. The scene is quite empty. It is no wonder that Kai can’t stand the loneliness: “The Egyptian government is very uncooperative. They have been raising prices. It caused us a lot of trouble. Palinlor should still be doing the arrangement of the venue.”

Hall held his cheeks. He showed a very depressed expression: “That old man… I hope he doesn’t quarrel with the Egyptian government.”

Same time. Red Sea.

pounds. A huge stone pillar was thrown into the sea. It stands on the surface of the Red Sea along with thousands of huge stone pillars. It forms an incomparably spectacular man-made landscape.

“Hehehe. This is the end.” Palinlor clapped his hands and shook the dust from the stone pillar from his palms.

It was this old man in his 60s who inserted the huge stone pillar with a height of 1,000 feet and a diameter of 300 feet vertically into the bottom of the Red Sea.

Of course…there are more than 3,000 stone pillars of the same size. All of them came from Palinlor’s hand. All of them pierced into the bottom of the Red Sea.

“Fssssssssssss.” Palinlore’s mount. The black alicorns neigh. The glamorous unicorn horns. And the glossy wings. Let this steed be like The creature is different. It also exudes a charming brilliance in the night. It is not inferior to the superb scenery here.

“Thanks for your hard work. Lawrence.” Palinlor lightly swayed the pure black mane of the Alicorn. “Go back and treat you to a good meal.”

“Hissssssss.” The black Alicorn still hisses slightly discontentedly. Seemingly disturbed that he is being forced to do this kind of work.

“I know what you’re thinking.” The Celestial Knight continued to stroke his mount. At the same time, he cast his eyes on the surface of the Red Sea: “In this way, the landscape of the Red Sea has changed. I really don’t know your majesty. What do you think. But he gave this order. There must be a reason for him – anyway, we just need to trust the king. The rest will be ignored.”

The Red Sea is a huge body of water east of Egypt. The world’s hottest. saltiest. And also the youngest sea.

It was formed 40 million years ago due to the movement of the bottom crust tore apart the geological plate. It is like a particularly wide long river. It separates West Asia from Africa. Its north is connected to the Mediterranean Sea by a river channel. wall]. In fact, it can’t flow into the waters near West Asia.

However. Recent research results show that there is convection on the bottom of the southeastern Red Sea. The seawater flow here is very strange. It seems that there is an “outlet” from which the seawater flows out. According to accurate simulation calculations by scientists. Existence is confirmed. It is only a matter of time before it is found.

So. Here comes the problem——

Since this mysterious outlet exists in the southeastern part of the Red Sea. To ensure that this half-closed sea area can generate convection. It will not become a Dead Sea – that is, the Wall of the World is in that part of the Red Sea. There should be some kind of gap.

If this extremely hidden gap really exists, it may become a hidden danger. Because the creatures of the dark continent will find this gap sooner or later and invade the human world from there.

This is exactly what King Arthur has been worrying about.

Take advantage of this exam. The King of Knights played a game in the Red Sea——

At least that’s what Palinlor thought. The Heavenly Knight glanced at the Red Sea again. Looking at the “great cause” he had just completed. He breathed a sigh of relief. There was also a vague uneasiness in his heart. Lingxing Biography only represents the views of the author Raven D. If you find any content that violates national laws, please delete it. The stand is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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