Light Spirit Epic Chapter 940: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 940: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (thirteen)

The girl spreads the receipt on the table and points to a line of writing on it. Read 蕶啶堐誐誐的网

“Although we can’t get the home address of the money-loving woman, there is one thing I can figure out. She is reimbursed with public funds, and this receipt also states the reimbursement unit. Along the way If you look up this clue, you can find the organization where the gold-worshiping girl belongs.”

“Really, really? What kind of organization is that?”

“Well, let me see—” The black cat unfolded the crumpled receipt, and from the “Reimbursement Unit” column on it, it was difficult to identify the scribbled handwriting: “De. ..what did I teach.”

“Deyi teaches Wang?”

“Um…probably. It should be called Deeism, haha.” The black cat smiled irresponsibly, not knowing that he had mispronounced “Druidism” as “Druidism” teach”.

The latter is actually a sectarian branch of a cult. This sect pretends to be “Druidism” on the surface to recruit followers, but is carrying out various cult activities behind the scenes to support the actions of their matriarchal sect.

“Then it’s easy, I’ll go back and find out where this [Deyi] church is, you can go to one of the churches and inquire, and you can easily find this gold worshiper—— Let me see—Olin Ophieste Senezel? What a strange name.”

The black cat handed the crumpled receipt to the dog boy: “This is also for you, but you have to keep it a secret. We generally can’t disclose the receipts of guests casually. In order to help you, this time is a A special case.”

“Thank you, thank you Wang!” The canine boy grabbed the small piece of paper with one hand and put it away. There are several complex scents on it, most of which are found in the black cat coffee shop, only one of them, obviously does not belong to this place, the smell probably belongs to the name “Olin”. A woman, the “golden woman” said by Sister Black Cat.

Worst-case scenario, if Husky traveled all over Dey’s church and found nothing, Husky would at least still be able to trace Olin’s location from the smell.

He focuses his attention on finding the mysterious gold woman. He thought that as long as he found this gold worshipper, he could find his father.

Is it really that simple?

Never mind that a child can’t move around without a guardian;

Even under guardianship, Husky is being targeted by an unknown organization at this time, and it is impossible for adults (especially his Uncle Arthur) to allow him to go to that kind of obscure Where to find someone;

And, most importantly, Husky has no grown-ups to rely on other than his Uncle Arthur, and the little Howl family.

Thinking about it, Husky couldn’t help but wonder.

No. What about the black cat sister in front of him? She seems to be easy to get along with, if you can win over her……?

Husky took a sniff and boldly said another question in his heart: “Sister Black Cat, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Ah?!” The girl’s face immediately turned red: “Wow, I hate it! —How can you talk nonsense like a child! How can you have a boyfriend at such a young age!”

(It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with being young.)

“However, the black cat sister has the smell of other boys…and she is someone Husky knows. It’s weird.”

The black cat’s face turned even redder: “Nonsense! How can I smell like another man? I haven’t touched another man at all today! Not even my brother!”

“But… it’s real. It’s just on your lips…” Husky leaned over and sniffed carefully: “This smell is definitely not wrong… Yes, it’s on. Next time, that golden brother has a great taste!”

“Gold, glittering gold?!” The black cat was stunned.

The “Golden Shining” that she thought of in the first second was Xinghui Longshaxing.

If Husky is not wrong, it’s the smell of the evil star on her.

And still on the lips.

But how is that possible? !

She and Shaxing haven’t seen each other for at least seven years, when was she left by the Shaxing guy like this——

Thinking of this, Charlotte was furious.

No, it’s not impossible. The Fiend has only one chance.

Just seven years ago, when Fiend was saying goodbye to Charlotte, he forcefully kissed her.

Perhaps the kiss was premeditated. Maybe at that moment, the evil star used some kind of magic to leave some kind of mark on Charlotte’s lips…

To keep track of where Charlotte is!

Thinking of this, the smart girl has fully understood the ins and outs. The more she understood, the more angry she became.

Shaxing, you bastard! Not only did he take Charlotte’s first kiss without authorization, but he also secretly stamped a magic mark on the girl to track Charlotte for seven years!

Too much! Unforgivable! !

Husky watched the black cat sister in front of her turn from red to blue, from blue to white, and finally from white to black.

The dog boy started to be afraid. He vaguely understood that his unintentional joke revealed some kind of big secret.

“Black, black cat sister Wang?” The dog boy called out in a low voice tremblingly.

The black cat’s face still had a terrifying black aura, and the anger seemed to kill someone: “Little guy, come with me. We’ll go to His Majesty [Purgatory Lord] to talk about something right away.”

“Sister Black Cat Wang—” Seeing that the other party had already stood up and walked towards the backstage, the canine boy reluctantly followed.

At this moment, Charlotte can’t wait to find out this perverted stalker, Shaxing, and fix him!

At that time, Shadowwalker and King Arthur in the operating room were just in time to clean up the chaos.

King Arthur just carried the leopard boy who had fainted and had not woken up, when the black cat rushed in: “Your Majesty, I have something to talk to you about.”

Arthur had planned to leave, but was held back by the girl, so he had to reluctantly say: “Lunch break is almost over, long story short.”

“That—” The black cat leaned into the ear of the King of Knights and told the story about her and the evil star.

“What?!” This time it was King Arthur’s turn, his face turned dark: “Is this true?!”

“Ask [Moonshadow Hound] yourself. He should have no reason to lie.” The black cat pointed at Husky.

“Uh—” Husky showed a look of embarrassment, on the one hand he blamed himself for accidentally revealing a secret, and on the other hand, because of the wonderful name of the black cat.

“So it’s true. That boy Shaxing is really brave.” Arthur was also full of anger, and took out the contracted dragon scales of the red fire dragon from his arms: “Come on, Shaxing. I have something to ask you.”

Waited for a while. no respond.

“The evil star?!” King Arthur called again with a louder voice.

“Um…what’s the matter? In the middle of the night—” Xinghuilong emerged from the space-time channel with a listless look.

He still looks like the teenager in golden armor, but the armor on his body is even more tattered, and there are even faint bloodstains in the gaps in the armor.

This armor is actually Shaxing’s dragon scales, a by-product of his shape-shifting spell. The dragon scales were broken in this way, which proved that the evil star should have experienced quite a tragic fight.

“Hi, Shaxing. Do you still recognize me?” The black cat suppressed his anger and greeted Xinghuilong.

The evil star looked at the black cat with a subtle look, deliberately pretending to be plain: “Oh, Charlotte, it’s been a long time, you’ve grown into a great beauty. Although the taste of clothing is very questionable.”

“How dare you play stupid in front of me.” Charlotte’s anger began to explode: “Do you know what good things you did?!”

“Good thing? What good thing have I done?” Jin Shining was still at a loss.

“You took Charlotte’s first kiss, you **** bastard.” Arthur also said angrily.

“Oh—” Xinghuilong smiled slyly, and continued to pretend to be stupid: “That was seven years ago, and you still care about this now? How can you humans be so stingy.”

“That’s not the point!” The black cat was even more angry, “You kid put a magic mark on my lips so that you can track me anytime, anywhere?”

“How is it possible, I won’t do it—“

The black cat pointed at Husky and yelled at the evil star: “You still want to deny it?! This kid smells you on me! On my lips! Can you explain this!?”

“Oh…” The evil star glared at Husky. The canine boy stuck out his tongue helplessly, showing an air of nothing to do with him.

“…Ok, sorry—“

“Don’t come and say sorry to me! You perverted stalker! Inglourious bastard! Dirty and disgusting guy! For the past seven years, you have followed me wherever I go, and I have to settle the account with you! “

“No—you misunderstood, it’s just a marking magic used to make anchor points.” Shaxing hurriedly explained: “It’s the same as the dragon scale in Arthur’s hand, I can’t rely on that Follow you, but if you want to see me, you can call me sincerely, and I will be summoned——“

“I don’t care! You disgusting bastard!” The black cat in his rage was unreasonable: “Get rid of this magic!! Don’t imprint your [smell] on me! This is disgusting Don’t take it away…I called my brother to kill you!!”

The evil star is funny and helpless: “I’m sorry, but that kind of magic can’t be done. It can last for hundreds of years—“

Arthur, who was also furious, drew out the sword of the Holy King: “Then I will have to kill you for Lancelot.”

“Wait! Calm down!” The evil star pushed a few steps away, “Arthur, do you have to get involved in this matter? Don’t forget that you owed me a person last time and still haven’t paid it back. .”

The king of knights has already slashed the past with a sword: “It’s a matter of fact, I will find a way to help you with the affairs of the Dragon Continent. But you took advantage of Charlotte, and this matter can’t be left in any case. , just eat my sword!”

“Wow!” Sha Xing quickly avoided King Arthur’s sword: “Are you really playing!?”

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