Light Spirit Epic Chapter 912: Lost in Tianyuan (15)


Chapter 912 Lost in Tianyuan (15)

The ship doesn’t fly fast, the two large balloons create huge wind resistance, and the airflow in the mountains is very complicated, making the journey full of hidden dangers.

There are undulating peaks and peaks at the foot of the foot, the difference between high and low is hundreds of feet. There are even clouds and mists in some valleys, making it difficult to see the details.

Although this journey is not far, it is definitely the most daunting journey along the way.

If the hot air balloon bursts midway, the people on board will fall into the bottomless valley;

If attacked in the air, this slow-flying ship is even more likely to die.

It’s not good, very bad, but they have no choice but to resign.

While thinking about this, Seglade had collected fuel canisters for lighters from other people, connected them in parallel, and stuffed them into the Warp Kettle, making the last and most powerful one of a jet thruster.

He was about to ignite the thruster at the stern to increase the propulsion of the spaceship, but Bedivere shook his head to stop him and said, “Don’t ignite first, save the fuel. At the current speed, it is barely enough to reach twelve o’clock noon. rush to our destination. This thing is our last resort and must be used in an emergency.”

“Well, okay meow.” Seglade nodded slightly and handed the injector to Bedivere for safekeeping: “Use it according to your judgment, meow.”

“Bedie?” Palamidis recovered a little after lying down for a while, but his legs were obviously not fully healed: “You’ve been on the electricity for so long, you should be tired, do you want to change shifts? ?”

“I can still-” The werewolf was about to refuse, letting Palamidis rest for a while.

But then he thinks that the best decision would be to let the Leopard warriors come to power. The big cat is currently injured, not suitable for fighting, and can only stare blankly when encountering an enemy. But Bedivere is different. After freeing his hands from the task at the helm, he can use whips at medium distances and shoot arrows at long distances. Every tactic is beneficial to the vigilance of the spacecraft.

It is a good thing to be considerate of your peers, but in most cases it will only waste human resources, make everyone half-tired, and not receive the greatest benefit;

Only by reasonably arranging the responsibilities of the companions, can they achieve their goals with the least consumption.

“Well, that’s it.” So the werewolf nodded in agreement, leaving the photon mirror at the stern to the leopard warrior to control: “Don’t force yourself.”

“It’s just a piece of cake.” The big cat reached out and grabbed the edge of the mirror and started the electricity. No matter how tired or injured he is, the electricity he can generate is much stronger than that of Bedivere. The speed of the spacecraft immediately increased significantly.

Of course, the choice that Bedivere made in exchange was the cold eyes of the two sons of Palamides. They would surely resent Bedivere for asking their wounded father to do such hard work.

The werewolf didn’t bother to take care of the two cats, so he sat in the middle and rear of the spaceship, erecting a bow and arrow to be alert. Also on the boat are Chanel on the left string and Albert on the right string.

In addition, Zephyr and Seglade mounted shields and raised guns on both sides of the bow for protection. In this way, the protection of the spacecraft should be very comprehensive.

I hope so.

Just as everyone thought everything was safe and they moved forward safely, a dark shadow in the distant sky had already stared at the spaceship. It lurks in the clouds, quietly waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

At the same time (?), in a virtual world.

Bang bang. Husky tapped twice on the ice blocking the intersection.

The voice was deep and deep, as if telling the dog boy: Don’t bother, there is no way to destroy me without a strong enough attack.

This high-temperature ice won’t melt at room temperature, and even burning it with flames has little effect. In short, the fire left in the hands of Husky and his party is definitely not enough to melt such a large piece of ice.

Using Husky’s [arm blast] to destroy this big ice block is probably the only way.

In order to do so, they must wait for tonight (during game time) to pass so that Husky’s ability usage counts reset.

The canine boy sighed, his stomach drumming constantly as he sighed. It was already night in the game world, and the reality was approaching noon, so whether it was the game or the reality, Husky was very uncomfortable with a feeling of fasting.

“How long will we have to wait to replenish our good combat skills? If this continues, we will starve to death in this cave!”

“Although it’s a little early… do you want to log out of the game first and go to lunch, meow?” the Leopard boy Hal suggested.

“It’s okay, but our [body] is still in this cave.” Husky immediately turned his attention to Prince Calvin for help: “What happens if the player doesn’t log out of the game in town? ?”

“Hehe, it will be miserable.” The little murloc prince opened the guide scroll and read it aloud:

“The player is invincible in the town, and when he logs out of the game, his physical state is locked. But in other places – such as the wild – when you log out of the game, the situation is completely different: the player Neither is invincible, and hunger increases over time.”

“You’ll starve to death in the end.” Husky finished Calvin’s words with a frown.

“Too bad, our avatars would starve to death in this cave even after logging out of the game. What to do to make it better —” Husky set his eyes on Hal : “Sure enough, let’s make a fire, roast the dragon meat that I just picked up and eat, and solve the problem of food and clothing first, then I will bark?”

“No, meow!” The Leopard boy was very persistent on this issue, or he was very stingy: “Dragon meat is a treasure, and it will definitely sell for a lot of money, meow! It’s a waste to eat it like this! You won’t starve to death if you eat, let alone one night meow? Let’s be patient meow!”

Hal naively thought that after twelve o’clock in the evening (in game time), their skill counts would reset and Husky’s [arm burst] would be available again, allowing them to recover from Escape from the cave.

But…is the game really that easy?

Grump——–The canine boy’s stomach continued to reverberate hollowly. He couldn’t take it anymore, so he persuaded: “Husky wanted to ask for a long time: If you don’t have enough to eat, even after a day, will the number of skill usage reset?”

The little prince Carl smiled slyly, raised the scroll and read: “Combat skills are closely related to the user’s physical state. Excessive fatigue or hunger will affect the reset speed of combat skills. In the worst case, No matter how many days pass, the combat skills will not be reset.”

As expected. Husky frowned again. After all, it was a technique that consumed his physical energy.

It’s like a machine. If there is no refueling, or if the mechanism fails, no matter how long you wait, the machine will not be able to operate again.

“Sure enough, let’s eat the dragon meat.” Husky looked at the leopard boy with an almost pleading look: “Come on, it’s good to eat only one portion. We picked up so many props, it was a waste. One is not bad, is it?”

Hal is moved. It should be said that without feeding Husky, they really can’t get out of here.

“Only one serving…you can’t eat more, meow.” The Leopard boy was still stingy.

They leaned against the hole and made a fire with torches and extra materials. However, the lack of fuel directly caused the bonfire to not burn enough. With this firepower, it is estimated that it would be difficult to cook the food.

Hal thought about it, took off his shirt, and threw it into the fire.

“Halwang?” The canine boy exclaimed.

“It’s alright…when you’re full, we can go back to the Eternal Altar and buy a new set of clothes, meow.” The leopard boy saw that the fire wasn’t hot enough, and even wanted to take off his pants and burn them .

“Okay—that’s enough, that’s enough!” Husky hurriedly stopped, “I can’t just let you burn your clothes, Husky can burn too.”

The canine boy took off his cotton shirt, rolled it up, and threw it into the fire. The fire burned more vigorously.

“Now, let’s grill the dragon meat quickly.” Husky urged.

The leopard boy sighed, took out two pieces of dragon meat, put them on a twig, and grilled them by the fire.

The game’s olfactory system is not perfect, which can be said to be fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunately, they couldn’t smell the unpleasant smell of burnt clothes. Unfortunately, they also couldn’t smell the aroma of the dragon meat as it cooked.

All in all, the meat is grilled. Husky couldn’t wait to bring the meat to his mouth and took a big bite.

Under the crunchy outer layer that is roasted, is a very springy tender meat. It tasted a bit like beef, but it was a little softer than beef. The olfactory system is not perfect, so it only dissipates when the dragon meat slips into the throat of the canine boy, and it is faint, not a strong aroma.

Nevertheless, dragon meat is still delicious. However, whether this flavor comes from a real dragon remains to be seen.

The canine boy ate a big mouthful of content, but when he turned to look, he saw that Hal gave Calvin another piece of meat. The murloc prince feasted, but the leopard boy didn’t eat anything.

“You…don’t you eat Wang?” Husky felt a little embarrassed.

“Let’s eat, howl is not hungry…”

Gu—— Although he said that he was not hungry, the sound of his stomach completely betrayed the leopard boy.

He scratched his head embarrassedly, covered his stomach and said nothing.

“You can eat it, too.” Husky cut the dragon meat in his hand into two halves without thinking, and handed it to his friend in half: “How can you just let us eat, and you don’t eat anything. What about it? This is too outrageous.”

“Hal doesn’t eat meow.” The leopard boy pushed away the half of the dragon meat handed over by the other party: “Hasky eat it, it’s you meow who needs to replenish his stamina. You can only use your combat skills to save your stamina. Let’s go out of the cave, meow.”

I didn’t expect his little friend to be very stubborn: “Husky eats this enough to eat. Hal also eats—if you don’t eat, I also don’t eat!”

“Then… okay meow.” The leopard boy reluctantly took the half of the dragon meat and chewed it.

“Hehe—” The canine boy came over and sat side by side with the leopard boy, leaning on the rock wall of the and slowly started to eat the barbecue: “The barbecue really needs to be eaten together. Fragrant.”

“Um…” Hal’s face flushed slightly, and he took another bite of the roast.

The night in the game has not yet fully passed, and the cold of the late night is spreading in the cave. After the canine boy was full, he instinctively leaned against his friend to keep warm, and fell asleep after a while.

“Husky…?” The leopard boy looked at his little friend helplessly. The canine boy leaned his head on Hal’s shoulder and slept soundly, and the leopard boy didn’t want to disturb the other party. The murloc prince was even more exaggerated, grabbed Husky’s tail directly as a pillow, and fell asleep half lying on the ground.

Difficulty also spreads under the eyes of the leopard boy. They are just waiting for the time to pass so that the number of combat skills can be reset. Before the second day of game time, it can be described as boring.

“Hal sleep for a while, too, meow.” The leopard boy muttered to himself, glanced at the bonfire that was about to go out, and closed his eyes.

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