Light Spirit Epic Chapter 902: Lost in Tianyuan (5)


Chapter 902 Lost in Tianyuan (5)

At the same time, Fort Elsenberg, in King Arthur’s office.

As soon as the King of Knights, who had just returned to the office, sat down, he immediately dialed the internal line and called Chancellor Merlin.

“Merlin, how are things on your side?”

“Hey, it brings tears to my eyes.” Prime Minister Merlin also led a group of people to clean up the fire scene last night: “All my research efforts over the years have been burned. Fortunately, most of the documents are in the dark. The historical library has backups.”

“That’s not what I asked.” The King of Knights seemed indifferent to Merlin’s complaints, “Have you found any clues about the arsonist?”

“No. Not at all.” Merlin continued to gesture a few times, and directed the excavation team to dig into the rubble on the other side: “Such a powerful magic flame, it is impossible to control it from a distance. Only the arsonist can sneak in by himself. Come to my research institute and use magic. If this is the case, that person may have been burned into scum in the sea of ​​​​tens of thousands of degrees of fire, and even the ashes have been blown away with the airflow, and there can be nothing left.”

“…Is it possible?” The King of Knights blinked, “The flames continued to burn for so long, if the caster had already died, what would it have been able to sustain?”

“Oh, in general, it’s impossible.” Merlin was intrigued by Arthur’s question, and began to introduce it at length: “But there is a kind of magic in the world, or a forbidden art, Can continue to move after the caster dies.”

Hearing this, the king of knights changed his face: “Ultimate magic?”

“Yes, it is estimated that it is the same as the ultimate magic properties such as [Nuclear Fusion], [Space-Time Fission], [Space Collapse]. If the caster really wants to die, it may touch the chain collapse of photons. response.

In the forbidden art, the caster is just a [detonator]. After detonating everything, the chain reaction of magic will continue indefinitely, and another magic will produce more and larger magic, and it will continue like this. , out of control. “

Like last night’s fire, from one “tinder”—the magic of ignition—innumerable ignition magics are derived, making the fire more and more prosperous, soaring into the sky. Faced with this troublesome chain reaction, Arthur and the others didn’t even have any countermeasures. In the end, they relied on Ice Crystal’s [Dark Blue Wave Cannon] to force the fire to freeze.

“And that group of damned twilight followers also mastered the forbidden technique, it’s really troublesome.” King Arthur couldn’t help but secretly complained.

If these cult lunatics set fire to the borders of Great Britain, the whole country would be engulfed in crimson in an instant. Our side is in the light, while the enemy is in the dark. The terrorist attack of the cultists at dusk is almost impossible to prevent!

“Don’t worry too much, Your Majesty.” Merlin advised, “Although these forbidden techniques are powerful, they are not easy to learn and use. Even if there are only one or two geniuses in the Twilight Cultists, they can do it. How about understanding the principles of the forbidden technique? They will die as soon as they use it, and they will die if they die. If the forbidden technique is to be passed down for a long time, it is inherently difficult. That is to fight the enemy desperately in an emergency. It cannot be used as a means of winning tactically.”

“They can instill tutorials through brainwashing or deep sleep teaching.” King Arthur stomped his feet irritably: “Just like our knight simulation training system.”

“Your Majesty, I assure you, that is impossible.” Merlin vetoed: “Your simulation system may be able to transmit one or two combat skills to specific groups of people through deep consciousness, allowing them to quickly Learn to understand, but forbidden art… is a completely different concept.

It’s too complicated and requires too much IQ. Even with the continuous introduction of deep sleep teaching by ordinary people, it is still impossible for people with low IQ to learn the forbidden art. “

“…are you sure?”

“Absolutely sure.” The Great Mage Merlin promised to say: “You count, how many magicians in the Great Mage Tower want to steal the ultimate magic, but leave in regret? You count and see, human beings. How many people in history can really master the ultimate magic?—Except your celestial knights, of course.”

“I also use nuclear fusion…” Arthur wanted to retort.

“Your Majesty, your physique is special, shall we not talk about this?”

King Arthur froze for a moment. He is indeed special. He is not even a human being, but an artificial human made by Mogos, which is very similar to the [Patimo] of Lian Yin. Perhaps he was instilled in the ability to use these ultimate magics when he was created. God knows.

“One more thing.” Arthur sighed and asked again: “Constantine previously excavated some interesting [evidence] in the core of the round table system. According to him, it was sent to you. Did you go to the institute for testing? Where are they?”

Merlin smiled lightly: “Of course, it’s also burnt to ashes. Sorry.”

The King of Knights is not very happy. He could vaguely feel that the fire in the research institute was also slightly related to this matter. But he doesn’t have any proof so far, and can only laugh it off.

If the round table system was really manipulated, and this person knew about Constantine’s actions and knew how to destroy the evidence in time, then, that is to say, there is some unknown inside Great Britain. The dark forces are just around the corner, planning some terrible big conspiracy?

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or maybe it’s just overthinking?

Arthur hung up the phone and sighed again.

His knights are extremely loyal, and there should be no shameless act of betrayal of the country.

It shouldn’t be possible… eh?

And on the other end of the phone, in the rubble, something moved.

“Hey! Here! There are still people alive here!” exclaimed the knights in charge of the excavation. They took shovels and moved the rubble away in a few strokes.

Merlin also put away the phone at this time and looked around. His eyes just fell on the guy crawling out of the rubble.

Dongfang River Crab Man Li Daoyuan originally shrunk into a spherical shape to protect himself. At this time, he stretched his hands and feet and climbed up. The movement was a little silly and funny: “Oh my god, I almost thought I would die.”

“Huhu, you look good, Mr. Li Daoyuan.” Merlin walked over easily and patted the giant crab shell armor of the Crab Man.

Li Daoyuan, who survived the disaster, was slightly irritated by the frivolous attitude of the other party: “That’s too much, Mr. Merlin. You don’t seem to be worried at all?”

“What do I have to worry about? Your [cloud-removing armor] can walk through the molten rock without any damage. This little fire can’t help you at all, right?”

Merlin is absolutely right. But it was because he was right that it made people even more angry. Almost out of revenge, Li Daoyuan shook his head and pretended to be disdainful: “Then the Prime Minister will not worry about the next thing? — The cloud-resolving armor you made was stolen.”

“What?!” Merlin frowned, his frown tighter than ever.

“It’s true.” Li Daoyuan tapped his body with his huge crab claws, shaking the charcoal dust off his body one by one: “Just as you hurriedly escorted the laboring orc to the basement , some strange shadow has slipped into the lab. I tried to stop him from stealing the armor, but he was moving too fast.

Immediately afterwards, he used the teleportation technique to escape, when the enchantment of the research institute happened to be broken in the fire. I can only watch him flee while the fire has consumed me. If I didn’t have this armor, I probably wouldn’t be able to stand here and report this to you. “

Merlin fell silent.

“And the woman who gave birth is said to be not on her due date, right?” The Oriental continued to ask: “Could it be that it was induced by drugs or magic?”

After hearing this, Merlin’s heart was already covered with a chill. Although he knew that this was a premeditated arson case, the mastermind behind the case hid deeper than he imagined and planned more carefully.

Their enemies are not easy to deal with at all.

At the same time, the East African Plateau, along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Albert looked at the clear blue lake next to him and felt relieved for a while. The surrounding calm and calm, so boring that the tiger couldn’t help but feel sleepy.

“Heh—” He yawned and asked casually: “By the way, why is a lake in Africa called Lake Victoria? It sounds like the guys in Great Britain gave What’s your name?”

“It was indeed taken by the people of Great Britain.” When he mentioned this, Professor Paul could not be silent: “According to the records of King Litu of Pantoracken, this lake was taken by Great Britain a long time ago. The explorer named it now. Because the age is too long to be recorded, we only know that this lake is called Lake Victoria. —— Here comes the problem: Great Britain’s exploration of Africa began as early as A.D. The first fifteenth century, but the record of this lake is far earlier than this. That is to say, before Great Britain began to explore here, they knew that this lake was called Lake Victoria, and the books even recorded the ecology, geography of this lake in detail. , environmental information.”

The fairy girl Chanel heard this and asked curiously: “Why? Could they predict the future?”

” This has always been a mystery in academia. Like so many other mysteries, the libraries of Great Britain are filled with information that is beyond the times, almost as if foreseen by a prophet The surreal topic of predicting the future has always been considered unscientific, but the evidence is in front of us, so the academic community cannot deny it.” Professor Paul continued to say with great interest:

“However, based on recent hearings, I have deduced a more credible statement. The authors of these ancient books did not actually predict the future, they just recorded history.

—But their [past], to us, is actually the [distant future]. Therefore, these ancients knew more and farther than we modern people. “

Albert was confused, he gave the old professor a stern look: “—please—speak—people—words!”

“Huhu.” Professor Paul smiled at the tiger and began to explain in detail. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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