Light Spirit Epic Chapter 891: Fighting at Tianyuan (9)


Chapter 891: The fierce battle in Tianyuan (9)

Husky’s throat was about to be caught by the mysterious man’s hand, but he was too frightened to resist. He saw that he was about to fall into the hands of the bad guys, but——

Pounds! ! A golden light directly penetrated the roof and landed in front of the mysterious man! The golden light blocked the mysterious man and the canine boy, and stood in front of Husky like a guardian!

That man is—King Arthur!

While the mysterious man stepped back in horror, the king of knights had already rushed forward and raised his sword to draw out: “Die!”

The holy sword in the king’s hand traced a dazzling arc of light in the darkness, pointing straight at the mysterious man’s throat. This sword move is ruthless and deadly, and it is a sure-kill sword that is completely shot to take someone’s head!

The mysterious man had already done a backflip, sending the blade of his sword across an inch in front of his throat. The light of the holy sword tore the collar of the mysterious man, but did not cause fatal damage!

At the same time as avoiding the holy sword, the figure of the man in black also disappeared in the darkness of the house, and the strange tone was full of surprise: “King Arthur? Appearing in such a place——! “

The king of knights grinned maliciously: “Hmph, don’t you know? I have installed a tracker on this child, and its teleportation anchor is bound to my ring. When he is very excited, his heart beats. When it reaches a certain level, the portal will activate!”

And King Arthur will be called, faster and stronger than anyone! Anyone who wants to hit the dog boy Husky will suffer a big loss and be caught by the king!

With such a commotion, how could the guards ignore it? The footsteps of the knights sounded outside the door, and the king of knights pointed at the mysterious man hiding in the darkness. The holy sword expels the darkness, expels the figure of the mysterious man from the dark, and makes it invisible!

“Surrender! You have no chance of winning!” King Arthur roared angrily: “As long as I live, you don’t want to hit this child!”

Within half a minute, the Knight of the Round Table, Westad, broke through the door with a large group of knights, and as soon as he rushed in, he shouted: “Your Majesty! Is everything okay?”

Dozens of knights of Great Britain surrounded the house inside and out, and the mysterious man was unable to fly this time!

Seeing that he had nowhere to escape, the mysterious man in black giggled, with unprecedented madness in his words: “Hey hey hey hey hey, well planned, King of Knights. So smart. , so wise, so scheming, so cunning!—– Admiration, admiration!”

Maybe it was a sincere compliment, or maybe it was a false flattery. But all this is meaningless, because the King of Knights has no intention of letting the assassin go!

Arthur swung his sword in the air, the light blade of the holy sword roared in the air, and the preface of the trial: “Stop nonsense! Surrender, you can still suffer less. Otherwise, don’t blame me for cutting your hands and feet off. Drop it, cut it into a stick, and slowly torture it to death!”

Although I know that torture will not work, the King of Knights will definitely enjoy the process – after this **** terrorist has done all this, it’s time for the man in black to taste the real Karmic News!

“Hehehehehehehe,” the man was still laughing, not panic, just endless madness: “It’s useless. You’ll never get any news from me! Just wait and see. Come on, King of Knights! Our plans are far more profound than you can imagine, and our brothers and sisters are far more difficult than you can imagine! We will surely succeed, and you will surely taste the taste of pain and regret!—- –Praise the silence, long live Queen Morgan, long live, long live!!”

Crack! There was a sound of something breaking! The mysterious man shattered some kind of mechanism hidden in his teeth!

“Oops! Everyone bow down!!” Arthur squatted down suddenly, using his body to protect the dog boy Husky with all his strength!

And Verstad jumped even more, using his tall body to block in front of Lian Yin’s stone statue!

Boom! ! ——The mysterious man detonated the bomb in his body and it exploded! The power of the explosion was not too great, but the strong blast shook the whole apartment into a frenzy. Dyed bright red!

Arthur is prepared, wrapping himself and Husky with his big wings to prevent all possible harm to the child from the outside world! Husky didn’t even get a drop of blood on his body!

“Ouch!” After the loud explosion passed, the canine boy opened his eyes.

He broke free from the arms of the King of Knights desperately, and immediately rushed to the stone statue of his mother: “Mummy!! Mommy, what’s wrong with you?!”

Lian Yin will not answer, of course. Her stone statue knelt quietly on the ground, but the panic and despair at the moment before the petrification solidified on her face.

“She’s fine, don’t worry.” King Arthur leaned over and comforted: “Lian Yin is only temporarily petrified and dormant. Once she is out of danger, she will immediately release the petrification.”

“Really, really?!” Husky turned his head suspiciously to look at the King of Knights, when the dog boy had tears and snot, his face contorted into a ball in pain.

“Don’t worry, Husky.” Arthur soothed the boy’s head: “I promise you, everything will be fine. No matter how much human, material and financial resources are spent, I will find a way to cure your mother. Don’t worry.”

“Wu uh—” The child wanted to nod in agreement, but he was already crying and collapsed at the moment: “Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

He threw himself into the arms of the King of Knights and cried a lot, but because of his lack of energy, he lost consciousness after crying for a long time.

And the King of Knights remained silent throughout, hugging the child tightly, as if hugging his own flesh and blood.

“Your Majesty…I’m not good enough to protect Lian Yin’s mother and son. Damn it—” Verstad also moved away from Lian Yin, walked to the King of Knights, and knelt down in reflection.

He was at the head of the explosion, and although he was wearing full armor, he still suffered serious injuries. Half of his helmet was blown to pieces, and there was a terrible burn on the handsome knight’s cheek.

“Can’t blame King Arthur watched his most important knight suffer such serious injuries, and couldn’t help but feel distressed:” That guy was able to hide from your subordinates’ ears and eyes, proving that he knew how to use extremely powerful concealment track magic. It’s not your responsibility, it’s me who underestimated these gangsters. —I’m sorry, Sir Westard, I owe you someone. “

“Your Majesty——!” The knights of the round table showed an indescribably complex god. Blood gushed from his forehead, smearing half of his face. Excited or moved, Westard trembled slightly.

“Don’t waste your time, send all the wounded to the hospital. You should also treat your wounds as soon as possible, Sir Westard.” The King of Knights gave the Knights of the Round Table an intriguing look: “This handsome It would be a pity if there were scars on his face.”

Knight of the Round Table Westard habitually took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood on his face, then whispered: “Yes, Your Majesty…”

Below his loyal exterior, there is another thought.

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