Light Spirit Epic Chapter 889: Fighting for Tianyuan (7)


Chapter 889: The fierce battle in Tianyuan (seven)

Thinking of this, King Arthur understood instantly. The unhappiness that suddenly appeared in his heart just now came from the noble and glamorous temperament that vaguely oozes out of the little prince Calvin.

Apparently, he, like his brother Tristan, has inherited the nobility and pride of Iceland’s Queen Lilith.

What a terrific, nasty kid.

“Thanks to your care, this fire finally subsided.” King Arthur deliberately said quietly: “Thank you. And good night.”

“Good night, Your Majesty—— Huh?” The little prince immediately pouted when he realized that he had been fooled: “How can this be possible! Your Majesty is not playing cards according to common sense!”

The King of Knights sneered disdainfully: “Oh? Why do I play cards out of common sense?”

“Actually, shouldn’t Your Majesty first ask me how old I am, how did I get here, what’s the weather like today, and then start chatting? Your Majesty says good night when he comes up, how can I continue the conversation?”

(Then why don’t you go back to sleep good night?)

“I know how old you are and why you are here. When you were a baby, I held you. I am even less interested in knowing the weather today, hum.” King Arthur sarcastically said: “Calvin Prince, just say what you want. I will help you to the best of my ability.”

Actually, Arthur had already guessed what this kid wanted to do. Children’s psychology is easy to figure out, so they are “cute”.

“Alas—” The little murloc prince sighed and glanced secretly at the leopard boy in the distance. Hal was being held by his mother Vivienne, coquettish and murmuring a lot.

Calvin kicked his calf unhappily and gently raised the dust on the ground: “Actually, the brothers all ran to take the knights of the round table exam, and Iceland is now in a mess of volcanoes, and the mother has no time. Play with me, people are so boring.”

Yes, this kid is looking for a kid. After all, he is a six-year-old child, and he can only play when his mind is full.

“So——?” King Arthur continued to test the tone of the little murloc prince quietly.

“So—I heard you guys are working on a new game system recently, can you let me join too?—Of course I’m only in charge of playing, hehe.” The boy rudely told the knight Wang made a request.

The Grand Duke of Yones looked away from King Arthur’s line of sight and made a “this matter has nothing to do with me”.

King Arthur resisted the urge to curse and persuaded softly: “His Royal Highness Prince Calvin, that game is not the kind of game you imagined. You will never like to play it.”

It was a rare game that left players half-tired to death.

“That’s up to me to judge.” The little prince was stubborn in strange places: “Anyway, let me try it first. If you don’t like it, don’t need His Majesty to remind me, I will definitely give up immediately.”

Arthur smiled again, this time with a tolerant smile.

Anyway, the kid will give up soon.

The system of that game is not friendly. Even an adult who has been fully trained in combat will mostly give up when encountering that kind of overly realistic and difficult “game” — let alone this six-year-old child?

“Your Majesty, let him try it out.” But Yones was helping his son: “Anyway, he’ll get bored soon.”

“Yes, yes.”

(It’s okay to let this stinky **** suffer a little.)

(The game will eventually be open to the world after all.)

“But the target age of this game was originally over thirteen years old——“

(If it is too small, will it have a bad influence on the minds of children?)

“Last week just happened to be my seventh birthday.” Calvin interrupted the King of Knights: “Mermaids can stand on their own at seven, aren’t they?”

This is obviously an excuse made up. Arthur was too lazy to dismantle it: “Oh, you are seven years old? Can’t see it, little dwarf——“

“Humph! Not short at all!” The little murloc prince pouted in dissatisfaction.

“Huhu…Okay.” Arthur smiled again: “Come see me tomorrow. If nothing else, this time is really good night, Your Royal Highness.”

“Well… well, good night, His Majesty King Arthur.” Calvin said helplessly. Of course, this is just an appearance of helplessness, but in fact, he has already got what he wants and is very satisfied.

“Then, good night, Your Majesty. We’ll leave first.” Grand Duke Yones didn’t want to spend any more time with the King of Knights. After all, his time to visit his son was very precious, and this precious night was wasted by King Arthur. most of them.

He picked up his son, summoned his three-headed hellhound, and immediately went home.

“It’s time for us to go too, good night, Arthur.” Vivian came over with little Hal in her arms to say goodbye.

Arthur nodded: “Oh, good night. You are tired from so many things today, so you should rest early when you go back.”

He winked at Hal and reminded the Leopard boy not to tell his mother about the game today.

The little black panther winked at King Arthur: “Good night, Uncle Arthur! I had a good time at the playground today, and I will continue tomorrow!”

What a liar and don’t blink — oh no, does it blink?

Vivian took her son and disappeared without a trace with a single teleportation.

“The children are really amazing now.” King Arthur looked at the people who were leaving, and sighed: “It’s far from when we were young. When I was six or seven years old, I was as stupid as a pig and didn’t understand anything. .”

“Humans are constantly evolving.” Constantine had already arranged the disaster scene properly, and only then did he have time to come over and talk to the King of Knights: “I was not much better than Your Majesty when I was a child. But look– -Nowadays children can even use computers and mobile phones. It is because of the progress of the times that they are so smart.”

“Or maybe, it’s a sign that the world is dying.” Merlin came over and said, “It’s a bunch of precocious white blood cells.”

“What did you say?”

“This world is sick and terminally ill, so it needs more and more powerful [white blood cells] to fight the disease. Soon, Your Majesty, you will see not only these new lives, but also the original inhabitants of the world. Hence the awakening. A large number of powerful warriors will suddenly appear, all for this reason.”

“And our simulation training system is designed to dig them out in time.” Arthur whispered. He was used to Merlin’s alarmism.

“Are you sure they’ll be dug up by—you—not the cultists of the Order of Twilight?” Merlin sneered meaningfully.

The King of Knights fell silent again.

That’s the scourge left behind by Morgan Le Fay, the Queen of Darkness. Even though Morgan crossed the wall of the world and went to the dark continent of the East, this group of cultists was still making troubles all over Europe. Needless to say, the fire this time was also the work of the Dusk believers.

King Arthur looks at the institute that was razed to the ground by fire.

The person in the mysterious phone call must have a lot to do with the Order of Twilight, and… must also have a place in the Knights of Great Britain. Otherwise, he would not be so rampant to threaten King Arthur, nor would he know about King Arthur and the movements of the Knights.

And this mysterious man also knows about Husky, and his purpose is to rob the canine boy.

The Husky again has some indescribable connection to those ancient Keltons–and this mysterious man may have been involved as well.

There are innumerable connections, but one decisive clue is lacking. The more I think about it, the more complicated and confusing it becomes, and it is difficult to understand. What is going on in all this?

At the same time, the East African plateau, the research institute of the ancient gods.

In front of Bedivere and the others is the terrifying undead, the evil spirit bone fire dragon.

The skeleton of the giant dragon is enveloped in a dark evil fire, making the dragon composed of the entire bone almost flawless, and it is impossible to attack if it wants to.

To make matters worse, the high heat from its body vaporized all the carrion venom around it, and a cloud of miasma spread throughout the space.

The only way to deal with this undead monster is——


The werewolf nodded and drew his bow.

“Three, two, one!” The leopard warrior quickly finished counting, and threw the lightning ball in his hand at the bone fire dragon!

Smack zi zi zi zi zi! The lightning ball exploded, bursting out dazzling, dazzling, and even blinding light!

“It’s now!” cried the big cat, charging towards Bedivere and Professor Paul.

The arrows in Bedivere’s hands scattered, dozens of arrows pierced into the monster’s body, embedded in the joints of the bone fire dragon’s bones.

And Palamidis also rushed in front of Bedivere, grabbed the werewolf’s waist with one hand, and carried Professor Paul with the other, and ran!

The “anti-gravity device” on his back works as usual, and the buoyancy generated by the two high-purity light stone crystals is more than enough to support the weight of three people.

The Leopard Man is almost floating off the ground, kicking **** the ground every few steps, exchanging powerful explosive force for astonishing speed.

At this speed, they escaped the miasma-filled room in seconds!

Bediver’s arrows are embedded in many of the joints of the evil spirit bone fire dragon. Although these are wooden arrows, they cannot be burned in a short period of time. They have the effect of hindering the movement of this monster!

Yes, the only way to deal with this undead monster is to run away first!

“How can you escape!” Professor Paul exclaimed: “That undead monster cannot be released from the institute! It must be destroyed!”

“I know! But I don’t want to fight it in that stinky place!” The big cat said in disgust, “It’s a good thing that you humans have poor noses. But our orcs have dozens of times more sensitive noses than yours. , the place filled with the stench of corpses is unbearable!”

He picked up his pace again, speeding down the corridors of the Ancient Man Institute with an ice-skating pace. The only disadvantage of this method of moving forward while floating is the lack of flexibility, so——

“Ow! Ow, ooh, oooooooo!” Bedivere slammed into the debris along the corridor frequently, screaming like a pig: “Can’t you walk more safely?! You bumped into me. !”

“Sorry, it’s hard to control!” The leopard still walked along the left side of the corridor, ignoring the werewolf’s feelings.

“Why does it seem like you’re drifting towards me on purpose to make it easier for me to bump into things?!” the werewolf exclaimed.

“Hehe, you’re strong, and you won’t die if you hit it a few times. It’s hard to say about the humans here.” Palamides measured it with a strange standard.

“Ow—!” Bedivere’s **** was bumped again, and it hit the pointy corner of some kind of metal instrument. If the thing hadn’t been rusted and dulled by years of weathering, Bedivere’s **** would have blossomed.

He glared at Palamidis through gritted teeth, while venting his anger elsewhere, drawing a full bow.

Because the leopard warriors put their arms around Bedivere’s waist and carry the werewolf with one hand from the abdomen, Bedivere runs in the opposite direction of the big cat’s escape and can be responsible for the guard behind him.

At that time, the evil spirit bone fire dragon had got rid of the obstacle of the arrow and came in pursuit. In order to walk through the narrow corridor, the monster even reorganized its own skeletal structure and turned into a snake-like shape, rushing forward in a straight line!

“Wow thief—” Before the werewolf could marvel, he drew his bow and shot out a rain of swords. Throwing dozens of arrows at the same time is a waste, but Bedivere doesn’t care about that much at a time of life and death.

The rain of arrows fell on the monster’s body surrounded by black flames, making a crackling sound, but its effect was very weak, only delaying the pursuit of the bone fire dragon by a few hundredths of a second.

But that’s enough. In such a narrow corridor, as long as the monster is held back so that it does not breathe fire. Otherwise, everyone will only be cooked by the black flames!

The light of the exit can already be seen in front of him, and Palamidis is about to reach the outside of the institute! Just hold on a little longer!

“Humph…” Bedivere had an idea, put away his bow and arrow, and used his tortoise-tongue whip to roll up all kinds of debris on both sides of the corridor and throw them at the monsters one after another.

For a while, all kinds of scrap iron, unknown instruments, mechanical gears, all fell on the monster. The skull of the bone fire dragon was smashed by a huge piece of scrap iron, and its blood-red eyeballs burst out, just in time for the crushing of the huge metal gear thrown by Bedivere. It is already struggling to deal with these oncoming scrap iron, and of course there is no way to breathe fire! The monster was thrown far away, and the leopard warriors had already rushed out of the door of the institute.

“Ow!” Bedivere was thrown heavily to the ground, again howling in pain. He got up, rubbing his butt, and saw the Begmies waiting in the crystal courtyard in the distance.

The Pygmie chief elder seemed very angry, saying a lot of things that Bedivere couldn’t understand, although the werewolf had already guessed 90% of them.

“The elder said, you can’t escape. Doing so will release the [devils in the sky].” Professor Paul still reluctantly translated.

“We didn’t escape again!” Palamedis regained his posture, the crystal “armor” on his body shining brighter.

And here’s the outdoors. The thunder was rolling, and if Palamides wanted to, his electricity could be replenished at any time. The surrounding crystal courtyard is also full of sapphire and sapphire crystals, which can be of great help if used properly.

The only problem left now is this: Evil spirits cannot be killed!

It’s just a spirit body, just a group of photons. No matter how many times it’s killed, I’m afraid it can be resurrected! If there is no way to solve this problem, the evil spirit bone fire dragon is still invincible—no matter how many times it is destroyed, this group of spirit bodies will attach to something, reshape the body, and make a comeback!

Touch! The monster smashed the main entrance of the institute and rushed out. It’s much uglier than it used to be. Bedivere just threw all kinds of scrap metal at the monster, but he didn’t expect it to absorb all the waste.

The dragon bones of the bone fire dragon, surrounded by black flames, are now covered with all kinds of scrap iron — screws, gears, iron sheets and steel slag, all kinds of understandable and unintelligible The wastes of the monsters were all adhered to the monster’s body, and they were in a semi-melted state under the burning of the fire, connecting into a large piece, making it look like it was wearing an iron armor.

“Roar ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” The evil spirit steel bone fire dragon roared, and his primary goal — Paramidis — spit out “sputum”.

That’s actually a high-heat iron and steel waste liquid made from black flames melting scrap iron.

The big cat didn’t dare to neglect, and immediately slipped away at maximum speed.

The “iron phlegm” exploded more than ten yards in front of the big cat, the black flames exploded into a firestorm, and the scrap iron splashed everywhere, like a liquid bomb!

“Wow!” Bedivere dodged in panic. Even at a distance of more than thirty yards, he was almost splashed by the hot scrap metal!

“Damn things—” Palamidis got a splash on his left foot. Although the injury is not serious, the high-temperature scrap iron burns a small hole in the big cat’s ankle, which is really painful!

Palramidis raised his spear to attract thunder, and an astonishing thunderbolt fell on the tip of Eternal Nir’s spear! When he obtained the power of lightning, he also shot a shot along the ground, and a giant thunder column slammed into the monster along the ground!

Clap! It has a swiftness close to the speed of light, and of course it hit the bone fire dragon. The violent explosion shattered the monster’s ribs, and the mad thunder cut a large hole on the evil spirit like a blade.

“His—” The evil spirit steel bone fire dragon took a step back under the impact, but it was clinging to scrap iron all over its body and was unimaginably heavy, so it wouldn’t be so easily knocked down!

It grabbed the leopard man frantically with its black fiery claws, and Palamedis then dodged left and right. Its deadly bone tail covered with metal spikes swept across, forcing Palamidis and Bedivere to leap high, and managed to dodge the blow.

However, the black evil fire made them very uncomfortable, and the body continued to lose water under the high heat, and if it continued like this, they would go into shock!

Touch! The dragon picked up its tail, and the shock wave it set off swept away Bedivere, who had stopped! The werewolf was about to fall into the courtyard full of sharp crystal columns!

The figure of the leopard man flashed past, grabbed the arm of Bedivere in the air, and forced the werewolf from the other direction, throwing the werewolf to a safe area!

Clap! Bedivere landed safely on a flat ground without crystals. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and cast a thankful look at Palamides.

The big cat uses the anti-gravity of the light stone crystal on its back to lightly land on a semperite crystal. The soles of his feet rested lightly on the tip of the crystal, and he stood with his arms crossed, like an expert in the world.

“That **** is pretending to be handsome again.” Bedivere angrily said.

And the consequence of pretending to be handsome is to be chased by the enemy as the primary target. When Palamidis stopped to take a breath, the monster spit out three melted iron bullets at the big cat again!

The high-heat scrap iron surrounded by black flames is extremely deadly. Even if you avoid it from a distance, it is easy to be splashed by the waste liquid of steel. If you don’t die, you will be severely disabled! Palamidis then changed his tactics and stabbed the ground with the meteor gun in his hand, prying hard! And the light stone crystal on his back is also charged with strong electricity, emitting a dazzling aqua blue light!

Whoosh! Under the reaction force of the long spear and the buoyancy of the light stone, the Leopard Warriors flew into the air! The waste liquid of steel is always affected by gravity, and the higher the cat flies, the less likely it will be splashed.

And, he did it for another purpose.

Relying on the anti-gravity of the light stone to fly hundreds of feet off the ground, Palamides is closer to the air. He held the ancient Neil high, and once again gathered the thunder.

Boom! ! Bedivere saw a mad thunder smashed down, hitting the head of the evil spirit steel bone fire dragon impartially!

The direct strike of a real thunderbolt is extremely lethal! The strong current of tens of hundreds of millions of volts can directly generate crazy high heat. These high heats are thousands of times stronger than black flames. They can directly vaporize metal into gas, and can even break up the molecular structure of matter!

Under the bombardment of the giant thunder, a terrifying scar appeared on the body of the evil spirit steel bone fire dragon, as if it had been slashed by a huge sword! The keel on its body has been shattered into ashes by the impact of lightning, and it is impossible to regenerate.

“Well done, Palamy!” cried Bedivere. According to this trend, continue to send more giant lightning strikes to the bone fire dragon, it will eventually be wiped out, right?

Or maybe not!

The next second, the smile on Bedivere’s face disappeared.

In order to replenish the lost body, the evil spirit bone fire dragon began to use its claws to dig the soil on the ground. It immediately grabbed a large amount of mud and covered itself with the mud!

The black flames quickly burn the dirt into a glass-like substance, although it is limited in transparency and extremely ugly.

These things replace the monster’s original body, like a mass of “meat” that grows out of thin air on the bone monster.

The [method] of this evil spirit is very vulgar, but very practical: it can assimilate everything the body touches for its own, and remake it into a part of its own body.

The ancients gave it “bone” and Bedivere gave it “fire” and “steel”. Now it finds a way to replenish its lost body, and it can even absorb the “mud”. If this trend continues, the entire earth will be absorbed by it! ?

Unless a strong attack is used to instantly smash the entire evil spirit bone fire dragon into pieces, so that it has no chance to turn over; otherwise, it will only continue to absorb everything around it and become larger and larger. It’s getting harder and harder to kill!

Not only the “soul”, but even the monster’s “**” can’t be killed! And Bedivere and the others can only watch it devour the whole world like this? !

If it continues like this, all the people present will die under the claws of this evil spirit steel bone fire dragon!

Is there any way out?

No, there is another way. Bedivere subconsciously reached out and touched the Demon Sealing bracelet on his right wrist. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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