Light Spirit Epic Chapter 887: Fighting for Tianyuan (5)


Chapter of the fierce battle in Tianyuan

King Arthur frowned, knowing that there was a ghost on the phone: “Who are you? Why do you know my phone number?!”

“None of this is important.” **First*..” The voice seemed to have been specially altered to make it impossible to guess: “Listen, King Arthur. I can stop this fire now, but You have to hand over that kid.”

King Arthur froze for a moment when the other party said such a ridiculous deal.

A tingling sensation spread across Arthur’s forehead: huh? ! “

“I can stop the fire, but you have to hand over that kid.” The mysterious voice repeated the words: “Hand over that kid and things will calm down. Otherwise, disaster will keep befalling you. Great Britain, more people will die, and you will regret it!”

King Arthur’s hand squeezed the phone so tightly that even the phone crackled. Veins appeared on his forehead. His eyes were bulging, his teeth were gritted, and he was furious: “Damn, how dare you threaten me?!”

As the lord of a country, sitting on the Knights of Great Britain, the King of Knights with supreme power, how could he be at the mercy of these mortals?

However, he was curious.

In order to find out what he really wanted, he deliberately and quietly tested the other party’s tone: “What do you want to do to Hal? Why do you want him?”

“Huh?!” When the Leopard Man boy heard the conversation on King Arthur’s phone, he was not only puzzled.

“It’s not the leopard boy, it’s the dog man.” The mysterious voice said again: “Give him over and everything will be over. Otherwise, disaster will—“

Clap! The phone in Arthur’s hand had been shattered by the terrifying grip of the King of Knights. It disintegrated into a large number of fragments and scattered all over the place, as if to demonstrate to the crowd that Arthur’s strong grip was known – thankfully the battery did not explode.

King Arthur’s face was flushed, God was very scary.

“Uncle Arthur…” Husky looked at the King of Knights aggrieved.

“—It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” In front of the children, King Arthur tried his best to put away this terrible look so as not to frighten the children.

But one thing is for sure.

Those guys working in the dark, targeting Husky.

Why someone is targeting this canine boy of unknown origin is still under investigation. But if you follow the clues and find out about Husky’s origins, the reports of these villains will naturally surface.

Once this idea was made, the next step was to deal with the fire in front of us.

This time it was Constantine’s turn to ring. The Knight of the Round Table took out his mobile phone with a livid face, and was about to answer it.

“Give it to me.” Arthur stared at Constantine, reaching for the ringing phone.

“Your Majesty, please pay attention!” Constantine reluctantly handed over his phone, fearing that King Arthur would crush it again.

“Shit!” Arthur picked up the phone, and immediately shouted in a strong tone: “Don’t call again, you **** gangster! I absolutely cannot agree to your request! You can’t hold me! !”

Next? “On the other end of the microphone came the voice of Celestial Knight Youns, who was yelled at by King Arthur, looking a little confused: “What the **** are you talking about—? “

“Oh, it’s Yones.” Arthur’s tone changed immediately, “Sorry, I mistook you for the gangster who just called and threatened me. —How is your situation?”

“Someone dared to threaten our King Arthur?” Celestial Knight Youns said with a sarcastic smile: “Everything is done. I communicated with Acting Captain Nassandrana and she is willing to take the ship Lend it to us temporarily. The [Ice Crystal] is on its way, please hold on for a while.”

“You better hurry up.” Arthur looked at the institute that was swallowed up by the fire. The building was originally made of extremely heat-resistant and shock-resistant materials, but under the continuous high temperature, it also began to burn. slowly disintegrated.

If this fire is not put out quickly, the entire institute will collapse. The people in it will have even less hope of survival.

Whoa! The dimensional submarine ice crystal emerged from the “water” surface of the warp and rushed to the scene at maximum speed.

The little prince Calvin was sitting on the captain’s seat of the submarine, commanding with an air of air: “The battleship is moving at full speed at maximum speed! The dark blue wave cannon is charging!”

Nassandrana held back her laughter: “Your Highness, you’ve repeated what you said.—Dark Blue Wave Cannon charging begins.”

“The charging of the deep blue wave cannon has started, and the charging rate is 10%.” said the mermaid crew in charge of the operation.

“Hehehe, so this is what the brothers saw.” Calvin looked at the passing clouds and stars around him, feeling very new.

“Well, it’s a good deal.” Celestial Knight Youns just finished the call, and he was watching all this from the first mate next to him.

The technology of [Dimensional Submarine] is currently only in the hands of the Icelandic mermen. Although the firepower of the battleship of Great Britain is mighty, it has not yet reached the level of diving into the warp. As a knight in Great Britain, Yones was of course envious of this new technology and wanted to get it.

Of course, the merfolk hide everything deep. Even if Great Britain is an ally of Iceland, it is impossible to easily share this new technology.

A pillar of fire rose high above the ground in the distance, illuminating the night sky. Although it was on the outskirts, half of the city of London turned red under the light of this pillar of fire, showing the tragic fire of the fire.

And the Ice Crystal also stopped at an effective distance, opened the muzzle of the main gun, and was ready to shoot the dark blue wave cannon.

“The main battery is 50 percent charged,” the merman crew continued to report.

“Your Majesty, the main battery is about to be charged. Tell your knights to evacuate to a safe area.” Youns called again.

“Already doing it,” said King Arthur on the other end of the phone. As soon as the Ice Crystal appeared in his field of vision, the King of Knights began to order the evacuation of the people who were present to fight the fire, and the people had basically stopped the fire fighting work and ran to a hundred yards away.

“Dark blue wave cannon, 100% recharge rate. Ready to shoot!” reported the merman crew.

“Your Highness.” Nassandrana tapped a button on the captain’s bench. A control panel rose up and stood in front of the captain’s seat. There is a pistol-shaped handle on the panel, and it also comes with a sight.

“Cool!” The little prince reached out and held the handle, “Can you shoot if you press it?”

“Yes, be sure to aim carefully.” The acting captain said with a smile. Of course, this is just to coax children. The handle only controls the timing of shooting, and operations such as aiming, the battleship’s system has been fully calculated.

“Um huhuhuhu.” The little prince was excited, as if he was really the captain of a ship and was on a life-and-death mission. He carefully controlled the handle to aim, and repeatedly confirmed that the aim was correct before shouting: “Dark Blue Wave Cannon, shoot!”

“Dark Blue Wave Cannon Shot!” the mermaid in charge of the operating system also shouted.

A dark blue beam of light emanated from the submarine’s main gun muzzle, hitting the research institute on fire. This negative energy cannon composed of pure negative entropy can freeze objects to near absolute zero!

It blasts impartially into the fire, instantly freezing the air and counteracting the heat. The flames were frozen and turned into countless ice sculptures with fluffy structures!

“Wow! It’s amazing!” Husky, who was beside Arthur, saw the spectacle and couldn’t help exclaiming: “Can flames freeze?!”

“Yes. The flame is just burning carbon particles and hot air after all. They are heated and rise rapidly and heat at the same time.” Constantine explained, “As long as the temperature is low enough, whether it is carbon particles or air, it can be Freeze.”

“Amazing! Doctor Blackheart knows a lot!” Hal also said.

A drop of sweat emerged from Constantine’s forehead: “Can’t you stop calling me a black-hearted doctor?—Your Majesty, tell them too!”

“Hehe.” King Arthur pretended to be stupid. He looked at the wonderful ice and fire in the sky–or fire ice? —And the fire in the institute has gradually subsided, and the fire has been extinguished.

“Damn mermaids, technology is really enviable.” The King of Knights couldn’t help muttering.

“Wow hahaha—” The little murloc prince looked at the research institute surrounded by strange fire and ice, feeling very new. His longing eyes were seen by his father Yones.

“Want to go down and have a look?” asked the Grand Duke, leaning over to his son.

“Of course!” the child immediately exclaimed excitedly. Of course he didn’t know it was actually a terrible fire, and just treated it all as a game.

Ewens picked up his son and jumped off the submarine’s tactical deck: “Kyle Bellows!”

The giant three-headed Cerberus is called to appear on the tactical deck. The ferocious appearance of the Cerberus should have scared the children to cry, but Calvin seemed to have seen this Cerberus before, and was not afraid of him at all, and greeted the three-headed Cerberus cheerfully: “Hey, little one. Kay!”

“Wang Woo!” The three-headed hellhound also came over and licked Calvin’s face with that huge tongue.

“Oh, disgusting.” The little murloc prince wiped the dog saliva from his Why hasn’t Xiao Kai’s bad habits changed. “

“He’s a dog, and it’s natural to lick people.” Ewans smiled and shrugged, picked up his son and jumped onto the three-headed hellhound’s back: “Let’s go.”

Kelberos let out a bark, and his entire body sank into the warp, with Yones and his son.

When he reappeared, he had already crossed a hundred feet and came to the ground, behind Arthur and the others.

“Your Majesty!” Grand Duke Younes jumped off the back of the Cerberus with his young son in his arms: “Everything is settled, are there any victims?”

“Oh, it’s you.” Arthur turned his head and glanced at the Ewans and his son, and said indifferently: “You should ask, [Are there any survivors]?”

Although the fire was blowing in the face, it was not at all. In that terrifying sky-high fire, it is estimated that no one could survive.

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