Light Spirit Epic Chapter 885: Fighting for Tianyuan (3)


Chapter 885 of the fierce battle in Tianyuan

Fortunately, both Bedivere and Professor Paul took precautions under the reminder of Palamides, and they both retracted behind the wreckage of the nearby survival capsule to hide. 『Word**first*

The inflated black flames swept across the entire hall, and Bedivere was still able to feel the heat of the evil fire behind the cover!

“Wow—!” Bedivere looked out from behind the cover when he saw that the big explosion of the monster had finally passed. The scene became very tragic, there were small skeletons burned to ashes everywhere, and the corpse water that was originally full on the ground also evaporated instantly, turning into waves of vicious light green poisonous gas, spreading throughout the room!

Palamidis also emerges his cat’s head from behind another bunker, looking in surprise at the evil bone dragon at the center of the explosion.

Not only did that thing not die in its own black flame storm, but it became more fierce, and the dragon made up of the whole bone was wrapped in a layer of black flame!

The outer layer is dark yellow and the inner layer is pure black evil fire. I don’t know what principle it is based on. In short, it’s very hot, and it’s not easy to mess with!

And the evil spirit bone fire dragon covered in black flames looks more like a death **** in black robes!

Its flames can burn everything around you at any time! It is both immortal and unapproachable!

What should I do to kill this terrifying undead spirit? !

“My God! We’ve all got into something amazing!” exclaimed Professor Paul.

Paramedis frowned.

At the same time, Great Britain, London, the palace of King Arthur.

Husky took a nap after dinner and woke up at nine o’clock in the evening.

He got up from the bed and saw the Leopard boy Hal beside him. The room is rather dim, but from the environment and atmosphere, it should be their Uncle Arthur’s home.

“Hal, wake up, wake up.” The dog boy shook his buddy.

“Um…” The leopard boy was still lounging on the pillow, snoring slightly.

Husky leaned over to his friend’s cat ear and suddenly shouted, “Hal, you’re wetting the bed.”

“What meow?! No!!—” The leopard boy jumped up in fright.

“Oh no no no no no no! Mom is going to spank me again meow!” The Leopard boy checked his panties.

Touched and touched, but found nothing. No sign of wetness at all.

“Husky Meow?!—” The leopard boy glared at the dog boy.

“Hey hey, of course you didn’t wet the bed, I was just trying to scare you and wake you up.” Husky smiled slyly.

“This is not fun at all meow!” Hal said with a blushing face, only then did he realize that his whole body was aching, and the muscle aches became worse after a sleep.

“It hurts me…I knew it would be so tiring to play that game, so I wouldn’t play meow.” Hal sat on the bed and moved his limbs: “What about mom and the others? Haven’t come to pick us up yet, meow ?”

“I don’t know about Wang.” Husky massaged Hal’s shoulder muscles a few times: “Come on, get dressed, let’s go to Uncle Arthur.”

“Hehe, don’t look anymore, I heard you screaming so loudly.” Arthur just pushed the door and came in.

The King of Knights appears to have just taken a shower, wearing a loose nightgown with a towel draped over his shoulders to dry his soaked head: “You can really sleep, the chair in the restaurant after you’ve eaten. I fell asleep in the morning, and have been sleeping until now. You know what? It’s already nine o’clock in the evening!”

“Uncle Arthur Wang.” Husky put on his pants, wagging his tail and asked, “Where’s Mommy? Haven’t they got off work yet?”

“Well, it’s a little strange, they haven’t contacted me.” Arthur’s face also showed a puzzled look: “Maybe it’s just too busy with work. I don’t know.”

“Did Mommy ignore me?” Husky was a little upset.

“Well, they always get off work…” Arthur persuaded.

However, it’s kind of weird, Vivienne is hard to tell, because she’s the kind of person who forgets to eat when she’s so addicted to her work.

But Lian Yin is much more reliable, she can’t keep her son in other homes all the time. Even if you have to work overtime, should you call to let me know?

“Anyway, I will try to contact Vivienne and the others. Go to the living room and wait, there will be black tea and snacks for you.” Arthur instructed: “It’s really not good, just stay here for the night. Be careful not to Go to bed too late.”

“Okay, okay meow…” Hal said a little aggrieved.

King Arthur smiled slightly and took out his phone.

At this moment, Lancelot rushed over in a hurry: “Your Majesty! The big thing is bad! Prime Minister Merlin’s research institute——“

He suddenly stopped talking when he saw two orc teenagers.

“Speak, I’m listening.” Arthur urged.

The golden knight of the United States coughed dryly: “Someone launched a bomb attack on the research institute. The research institute is currently surrounded by fire, and it is in chaos!”

“Oh my God! Mommy—!” Husky screamed immediately.

“What’s wrong with mom meow? She’s hurt meow?” Hal also asked nervously.

“You all calm down!” King Arthur’s cry quelled the two excited teenagers.

“Mommy…” Husky frowned, still looking worried.

King Arthur softened his words, and said with gentleness and dignity: “Quickly put on your clothes and get ready. I will take you there to see the situation immediately. Lancelot will continue to stay here to protect Greenville. “

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Knight Lancelot of the Round Table saluted.

“Arthur…” Greenville had also arrived after Wen Xun, and behind her were several maids.

King Arthur is a little depressed, why are there more and more people in need of comfort?

“Relax, Vivienne and Lianyin have experienced many battles, so they shouldn’t have a big problem. Merlin is even more unlikely, he is a great mage after all.”


Just in case, have all the surgical equipment you need ready. Maybe we will use it. ‘ ordered the King of Knights.

At this time, the two orc teenagers had hurriedly dressed and came to King Arthur’s side.

“Then let’s go first.” The King of Knights picked up Hal and rushed out with Husky.

At the same time, thirty nautical miles east of London.

[Dimensional submarine — Ice Crystal] quietly emerged from the “water” surface and opened the warehouse door of its mechanical warehouse.

A cavalry swept through the air, dragging a thirty-foot light blue arc, and finally burrowed into the shallow boat’s mechanical warehouse.

After accepting the cavalry, the submarine immediately dived into the warp and quickly disappeared into the night.

When the iron cavalry stopped securely on the holder, the Grand Duke Yones, the Heavenly Knight, jumped off it.

This round table knight in his 60s came to visit his family this time. He had almost no weapons on his body, and was also wearing a very light and thin iron armor. Rather than saying that it was a piece of equipment for combat, it was better to say that it was a ceremonial suit.

The one who stepped forward to greet the Celestial Knight was a young and beautiful mermaid. Under her graceful figure was a neat navy uniform.

“Welcome, Prince Ewens.” Nassandrana, acting captain of the Ice Crystal, saluted: “Have a nice weekend.”

“Thank you, dear lady.” The Duke of Yones also saluted humbly, “I just came to see the child. Where is he?”

“The little prince is in his room, and I’ll take you there right away.” Nassandrana smiled. “He seems to be seasick, and he’s making a fuss. You’d better come and see him.”

“Hehe, that kid——” Whenever he mentioned the matter of that kid, a kind smile would appear on the face of Grand Duke Ewens. He followed behind the mermaid, walking through the corridor covered with blue cold crystals of the Ice Crystal submarine, and soon came to a room.

“The little prince is inside.” Nassandrana set her eyes on the door of the cabin, “I won’t disturb your meeting, I will say goodbye first.”

“Thank you, dear lady,” Ewans thanked again. After Nassandrana had left, the Grand Duke walked to the door.

Sensing the approach of a person, the automatic door made of blue crystal shrank to both sides and opened by itself.

In a luxuriously furnished room full of toys and books, there is a year. He cuddled next to a giant teddy bear puppet and read quietly.

It was a murloc boy (male merman). Although his appearance is almost the same as that of a human being, upon closer inspection, his skin has extremely fine and highly transparent pale golden fish scales.

He is very handsome, with standard icy blue eyes and golden gold on his head.

His appearance is somewhat similar to Yones, with a tall and straight nose, and a round face with a hint of heroism.

This child is the second prince of the Kingdom of Iceland, Calvin.

The boy was startled by the sound of the door opening. He put down the book in his hand, looked up, and exclaimed, “Daddy? Why are you here?”

“Hi, lad!” Yones walked up to the child and sat down cross-legged: “Long time no see, do you miss me?”

“I miss it!” The little murloc prince threw himself into his father’s arms and said with a smile: “Hey hey hey — why is Daddy busy all the time, why doesn’t he come to visit Calvin? People in Iceland have a very boring life. Yes!”

“Sorry, it’s the annual exam time, everyone is busy.” Ewans stroked his youngest son’s head. The gold felt extremely soft to the touch, smoother than silk: “Wait. After this time, I will go to Iceland to spend a vacation with you and your mother.”

“Good!” The child smiled meekly: “But the volcano on our side has exploded and it has become so hot! The places where we could have played have been swallowed up by the molten rock, so annoying. I hope Uncle Volcano will soon. Click to stop spraying!”

“Hehe, that’s a natural phenomenon, I guess it won’t be so easy to do as you say.” Ewings picked up the book on the ground, he originally thought it was part of a fairy tale book read by children Kind of, I didn’t expect it to be a book that introduced the use and principles of spells.

“Huh? Are you a child reading this kind of book? Don’t you think it’s very profound?”

“No, not at all.” Calvin, the little murloc prince, shook his head, “Spells are very interesting, and my mother often uses ice spells to make beautiful ice sculptures for me to play with. Calvin also wants to learn to do it. One.”

Ence smiled lightly. As expected of a mermaid’s child, has he been interested in magic since he was a child: “Well, what kind of magic do you use, can you show daddy?”

“Hehehe, of course—” The little murloc prince sat beside him and folded his palms: “First of all, it is to collect the moisture in the air and make a mass of ice fog——”

A cloud of vague white mist formed between the boy’s palms, and Yones could already feel the coolness oozing out of it.

“Well, that’s pretty good.” Ewans patted his son’s head in approval.

It’s good to be able to do this. Ice magic seems to be the innate talent of mermaids, and even such a small child can use it proficiently.

Of course, this should also have something to do with Calvin’s intelligence and eagerness to learn.

“Hey, hey, it’s not over yet.” The little prince continued to concentrate on manipulating the ice fog.

He compresses the air, condensing the water vapor into lumps. Gradually, the ice fog condensed into a dense fog.

The mass of fog continued to compress, increasing its density and turning into a snowball.

The snowball continues to compress and increase in density. The fluffy snowball turned into a small hailstone.

And this hailstone fell in the palm of the little murloc prince, and he picked it up with his fingers to play: “I’ll give this to you, Daddy!”

“That’s amazing, Calvin.” Ewans played with the small hailstone in surprise. This hail is not as cold as imagined. It is composed of a kind of high-temperature ice, so it may not melt at room temperature.

Magic is amazing. Not only can low-temperature flames be created, but high-temperature ice cubes can also exist.

Youns doesn’t know much about magic, but he knows very well that this kind of magic is actually very deep – although he doesn’t know where the depth is, it must be very deep, after all, it has violated the laws of nature.

“This is amazing.” Yones expressed his sincere admiration to his son: “Have you shown this to your mother? What does she think?”

“Hey, I haven’t let my mother see it yet. I plan to sculpt the shape in the future, and give my mother a surprise.”

“ boy!” Ewans hid the small hailstone in his clothes pocket: “I’ll take this back for my collection, it shouldn’t dissolve, right?”

“As long as it’s not too hot, there should be no problem.” Calvin smiled.

Youns was about to say something else when his phone rang.

“It’s me, what’s wrong?”

“Youns, where are you now?” Arthur asked as soon as he opened his mouth: “I asked your subordinates, they said you should already be on the mermaid battleship?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I’m on the Ice Crystal.” The Celestial Knight was slightly displeased. Today is obviously a holiday, and he has obviously taken leave to visit his son. Why does he always have to be troubled by all kinds of chores in the Knights?

“That would be the best.” The King of Knights, however, didn’t care about Yones’ situation at all, and ordered uncomfortably: “Help me contact the captain of the Ice Crystal, and I want to borrow their ship.”() “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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