Light Spirit Epic Chapter 88: The decisive victory lies in the strategy (middle)


Chapter 88: Strategy (Part 2)

Although not powerful, it is a small photon blaster that can be carried in large quantities. Take advantage of the smoke just now? In this way, the elves with superhuman eyesight immediately occupy the absolute advantage of the venue, and their actions will also be greatly restricted. What a clever and despicable strategy, Levi thought.

Countless light bullets were waiting in mid-air, and the tiger-men swordsmen who had not yet landed had no way of evading, and could only wave their swords and whips to block. But Levi’s was not afraid, he swung his weapon with great speed, and shot the incoming light bullets one by one!

Then, hit the ground hard! Fortunately, it didn’t land on a mine.

“Come here, sneaky guy!” the tiger man said angrily, for fear that he would suffer losses if he moved around, so he had to stay on guard.

“You’re just a few sets of attacks, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I just need to be on guard and wait until you run out of ammunition for your weapon!”

“Humph, is it that easy?” The smoke had already dissipated most of the time, and Ivan’s figure appeared in the distance, and… Cuifeng Longha, who was flying in mid-air with a pile of ammunition supplies. ville.

“Foul… foul!!!” Reeves immediately roared, “Even though it was a one-on-one duel, you actually called a helper?!”

“No, using the Familiar to supply supplies is part of his ability, not a foul,” the referee in the stands announced.

“Thank you for your hard work, Javier. Go back first.” Evan said after taking the supplies.

“Are you sure you don’t need me to give him a few breaths?” Javier asked.

“No. Your breath doesn’t hurt now, does it? Leave it for later.” Evan had a more than enough expression.

“Then.” He loaded the grenade he was holding into the gun, “I still have three smoke grenades and ten mines. I have an infinite reserve of ammunition, and it will be delivered at any time. You have to follow How long will it take me?”

“Dead boy.” Reeves is a fiery and irritable orc after all. He was so provocative that his eyes immediately turned red, “I’m going to tear you to pieces!!!!”

The smoke bomb exploded in front of Levi’s immediately, and there was another thick plume of smoke. No matter whether the three-seven-two-one tiger-men swordsman waved his sword whip and charged forward, he was like a terrifying meat grinder, and anyone in front of him would definitely be chopped into meat sauce. But Evan had long since escaped, hiding in the depths of the smoke.

“Evan, stop playing, end it early. If it takes a long time to let the other party notice our real purpose, everything will be over.” Arthur said through the walkie-talkie.

“Now, I am confident that I can win that guy.” Evan said.

“Now that you win, it’s just a win. For the sake of the bigger picture, don’t delay.” Arthur said.

“Tsk. All right.” Evan said, “Now start implementing the plan.”

“Touch!!!!!!” A huge explosion sounded under Levi’s feet. The tiger man swordsman was thrown into the air, but did not take much damage. It seems that the guy used maddening to protect his feet at the moment of injury.

“Can’t the remote-controlled landmines for the chariot hit him hard? It’s a monster.” Ivan muttered, and at the same time fired in the direction Levis landed, not a light bullet but a photon bayonet attached to the pistol.

“Ugh!” The tiger man swordsman felt a sharp pain in his feet as soon as he landed. The photon bayonet accurately penetrated the gap in his armor and inserted into his knee, completely destroying his knee. Such an injury, even an orc with excellent resilience, cannot recover within a week or two.

“Damn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh however the tiger man rushed towards Evan regardless of the pain in his knees.”

“I surrender.” Evan said coldly.

“You…what?” Reeves was stunned. The opponent surrendered so suddenly that he, who was full of murderous intent, was at a loss for a while.

“I really convinced you. Even the most powerful anti-chariot mines are used, but they still can’t cause much damage to you. The trouble is dead, I still surrender.” Evan said.

The tiger man’s face was contorted with anger, and his eyes were full of terrifying bloodshots: “Stop joking!! You bastard, you want to run away after taking advantage of it!? No way!!!!!”

“So what do you want? Kill an opponent who has surrendered?” Evan said.

“Again, do you really want to surrender?!” the judge on the stage asked loudly.

“That’s right.” Evan replied without hesitation.

“You’re so **** beautiful!!!!” The tiger man Levi’s whole body went into a state of madness, and the huge beast rushed over like a madman.

“I think it’s better for you not to do this, because…” Before Evan’s words were finished, a figure had already appeared in front of him. Knife up and down. When Levis reacted, his right arm holding the sword was long gone.

“What, what’s going on?” The tiger man swordsman looked at his right arm in horror, “You, what did you do?! What did you do to my arm?!!!! Also Give it to me!! Give my arm back!!!”

“Sorry, that’s impossible.” The Roman Emperor Justin I was standing in front of Ivan, the great sword in his hand was only stained with a little blood red and scattered like sand in the wind.

“Your arm has been completely chopped to there is not even a drop of blood left,” the emperor said.

“The opponent has already said to surrender, so you should stop. Don’t forget that this is the sacred ancient Roman arena, and even the envoys are not allowed to break the sacred rules here. Do you understand, scum? “

Overwhelmed by the emperor’s majesty, he couldn’t move at all. The tiger man just clung to his blood-gushing right shoulder and immediately fainted.

“Is the shot too heavy? It’s really troublesome. Call the medical team quickly.” The emperor put away his sword, “Listen to me, and whoever dares to ignore the rules of the duel, the next time is not to chop off one. Arms are so simple, desecrating the sanctity of the arena is a dead end!”

Returning to the lounge, Evan looked at Arthur with a gloomy face and asked coldly, “Is this what you expected?”

“No. The ideal situation is for Levi to be killed directly by the Roman generals. I didn’t expect that the emperor would actually do it himself, and it was not so straightforward.” Arthur shook his head, as if he felt high Estimated the emperor of Rome, “Sure enough, guys from military backgrounds are so vigorous?”

Evan quietly slapped Arthur.

“Hey!” Kai yelled.

“Forget it, I deserve this slap.” Arthur wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“You’re a heartless devil,” Evan said.

“I know.” Arthur replied disapprovingly.

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