Light Spirit Epic Chapter 874: Traveling in Tianyuan (27)


Chapter 874 Traveling to Tianyuan

Boom! ! A bigger thunder fell from the clouds and hit the tip of the gun of the ancient Neil! That long spear seems to call for thunder and lightning, summoning the power of nature for its own use!

The gunshot and the strong electric shock generated by the thunderstorm hit the black golden eagle on the head hard! This fierce impact caused the monster to change its trajectory – it should have hit the floating island, but now it sank sharply with the attack and fell toward the ground!

“Ahahahahaha!——” Palamidis also fell, of course! This drunk cat smirked indifferently, not knowing that he would fall from a height of 10,000 feet and fall into a puddle of meat!

Swipe! A whip wrapped around the cat’s left foot in time, saving Palamidis’s life! Bedivere manipulated the tortoise’s tongue whip and rolled up the big cat like controlling tentacles, dragging Palamidis back to the floating island fragment within a few seconds!

“You lunatic! You almost fell to your death, you know?!” Bedivere scolded as soon as he put down Palamidis: “If you die here, how am I going to get back to your son? Are you going to explain?!”

“Ahahahaha, *hic*, but you caught me, well done, Bedivere meow!” Big Cat laughed disapprovingly. “You can say **the first*(..)”

The werewolf sighed again, it’s no use arguing with the big drunk cat! Drunk people don’t rely on [logic] to think about problems, they can do whatever they want, and do whatever they want! However, thanks to this, everyone saved their lives!

Palramidis is stupidly stupid and well drunk!

Although the floating island was broken into several large fragments, these fragments were still pulled by the magnetic force and approached the large floating island in front. Soon they will be able to “land”, and temporarily “down to earth”!

And the black golden eagle also sank, not knowing where it went. Its head ate a thunderous knock from Palamides, and even if it didn’t die, it should have been dazed for hours!

Bedivere breathed a sigh of relief: “But I still don’t understand, how on earth did you attract Tianlei to attack that monster?”

“Huhu, the principle is actually, *hic*, it’s very simple, meow!” Palamidis sat cross-legged on the ground, it seemed that the drunk cat had fainted: “The clouds in the sky, the clouds, *hic*, it’s all positively charged—“

He plays with the spear in his hand. The black and silver gun body was shimmering because of the power of lightning.

“And the discharge organ in my body can *hic* directly make a pure negative charge meow.” The big cat held the spear high: “If you put, *hic*, the long spear full of negative charge in this thunder and lightning If you lift it up in the environment, it will become a *hic* thunder attraction machine, it’s weird not to be struck by lightning!”

So, this guy was wielding a long gun like crazy just now, in order to make the whole gun take a lot of negative charge?

A drunk big cat can be so calm and make the right judgment at the moment of life and death, Bedivere can’t help but feel ashamed!

Touch! The fragments of the floating island landed, or they were attracted and pulled over by the magnetic force of the big floating island. Bedivere jumped from the shards, and by the way ripped the drunken Palamidis down with a whip. The rough landing made Palamidis suffer a little.

“Ow! Light meow!” The big cat staggered up and rubbed his butt: “Your tentacles *hic* hurt me meow! Uncle, I’m getting old, I can’t stand *hic* You young people are *hic* hot meow.”

Bediver nearly vomited blood in anger as the sullen anger surged from the depths of the werewolf’s throat, “I wish I had a tape recorder in hand to record your words and broadcast them to Vivienne later. Listen.”

“Oh, *hic*, don’t meow.” The look on Palamidis’ face became serious, and he didn’t dare to joke anymore—at least temporarily.

“Is everyone all right?” The others arrived, and Professor Paul jumped off the debris of the floating island, his feet still trembling: “God. I just thought I was going to see Christ. “

“Oh, are you afraid? Why would you follow me if you’re afraid!” Bedivere glared at the ignorant scholar.

Professor Paul was completely lucky to survive this time. It was a fatal mistake to have this incompetent civilian follow.

“But you need an accompanying translator.” Professor Paul is already busy looking at the huge castle in front of him, his eyes sparkling: “And I also want to take the opportunity to study the heritage of this ancient man. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Great opportunity!”

(Even if you understand all the secrets here, so what? I’m afraid you won’t be able to go back alive.)

“Shushuluq.” The elder of the Begmi clan leaned over and said to Bedivere.

“The elder said, let’s go, there is still a long way to go.” Professor Paul was still dedicated to his translation: “You will see [the devil in the sky] soon.”

“Wait —— isn’t that eagle just now the legendary [demon in the sky]?!” Bedivere was startled, he thought that thing was their target—but That black golden eagle is tricky enough!

“Hahaha, stop joking, how could it be.” Professor Paul laughed: “The legendary demon with the same power as the gods must be hundreds of times stronger than that kind of bird?”

(You say so…it seems right)

(But that guy is almost equal to dragons, it’s epic. It’s not too exaggerated for wild people to regard photon creatures of that level as gods?)

Just as Bedivere was wondering, the group of Pegmies actually walked over and pushed open the door of the castle (the research institute?). They were so unscrupulous that they didn’t seem to care if there were guards in the castle.

Is this group of savages so unscrupulous because they think they have two “gods” following them?

Or is it because they’ve been here long ago and know the castle like the back of their hand?

The Black Gold Eagle is guarding it, and the Begmies probably haven’t entered this castle for a long time.

However, before the troubling eagle existed, it was likely that these wildlings were frequenting the place.

In this case, where is the [devil in the sky] they speak of?

With suspicion, the werewolf followed.

At the same time, Great Britain, Edinburgh, in a five-star luxury hotel.

In the king’s box, a neatly dressed, handsome waiter brought the first plate of dishes.

“Gum.” Husky swallowed. This was really too luxurious in front of him. Although he, Hal, and their Uncle Arthur were the only ones eating in the box, the excessively luxurious decorations around them still made the canine boy a little nervous.

Shouldn’t the dishes you come here be some delicacies from the mountains and seas, which are frighteningly expensive, and the way to eat them is very high-end cuisine, right? If there are too many rules, they may not be able to eat happily.

The waiter lifts the lid of the dish and presents it in front of the crowd.

That’s right, the “traditional national food of Great Britain”—French fries with fish steak.

So bland, so unpretentious. In the eyes of the two teenagers, it is the kind of fast-food junk food: it has no taste, it is simply quick and convenient, and if you eat too much, you will gain weight.

There is a bit of surprise on Husky’s face, but more confusion on his face. Why is there such discordant mass food in a five-star luxury restaurant?

“You think it must be very strange, right?” King Arthur laughed, and the complex expressions on the faces of the two teenagers were already revealed at this time: “But this is the first food I want you to taste, Great Britain. [national dish].”

Arthur picks up a french fries with a fork, stuffs it into his mouth and chews: “Um, good. Super—super—no taste. But taste it and you’ll see it’s hidden. flavor.”

Hasky dubiously put a french fries in his mouth and chewed it.

The contrast between the crispy crust of the french fries and the cotton-soft interior, combined with that wonderfully sweet taste, makes this little french fries different.

Husky let out a surprised “ah”, only then did he realize that this french fries were not french fries at all. Extra virgin olive oil, slowly fried at medium to low temperature, “fried fish sticks”.

What is contained in it is only the most original cod flavor, with a very small amount of sea salt. But this extremely simple taste exploded in the mouth, hitting the taste buds of canine teenagers like a river overturned;

The aroma of the fish is preserved to the greatest extent during the low-temperature frying process, locked in the golden shell of the fried fish sticks, and when Husky chews it and sends it down the throat, this fishy smell is delicious Haunting in his mouth and esophagus, there is an endless aftertaste.

Husky put down the knife and fork in his hand, holding his flushed cheeks, looking intoxicated. Howl did the same thing.

King Arthur looked at the two teenagers and couldn’t help showing a mischievous smile: “Hey, hey, did you deceive you?”

“It’s so good! It’s so delicious to fry the fish—” Husky looked at the slap-sized fish fillet on the plate. According to this logic, this fish fillet should not be- —

He can’t wait to cut a piece of fish steak into his mouth.

Yes, it’s not a fried “fish” steak, it’s a fried potato steak. “French fries and fish steak” is just the opposite. What looks like a fish steak is actually made of a whole piece of potato with a filling of scallion-flavored sour cream.

When the canine boy took a bite, the crispy exterior, smooth interior, and thick sauce of the fried potato chops brought a strong impact on the triple taste and touch.

The light and lingering mellow taste of fresh potatoes, combined with the sweet and sour richness of sour cream that melts in your mouth, and some fresh chopped green onions for seasoning make this fried potato steak taste sweet and comfortable. There is a strong rural atmosphere.

“This one is delicious too, meow!” Hal said with a smile, his mouth full of cream.

“Well, as long as you like it.” Arthur picked up the napkin and wiped the cream from the corner of the leopard boy’s mouth, his face full of fatherly love.

“How? You can’t just look at the outside. Even if it looks like junk food, if you don’t eat it, you’ll never know the mystery.”

“Yes! But it’s a little watery.” Husky looked at King Arthur with big watery eyes, wagging his tail for more.

“Hoohoo, next time. You guys are too full to eat other dishes.” Arthur said: “Now, drink some lemonade and rinse your mouth to clear the taste from your mouth. .This way you will taste more carefully when you eat the next dish.”

“Okay meow.” Hal took a sip of the lemonade and rinsed his mouth carefully, washing the smell of sour cream and fish out of his mouth. The refreshed taste buds are excited again, ready to try the next dish.

The waiter brings the second dish and places a small plate in front of everyone.

About twenty or so, light black and slightly transparent small **** were placed on the delicate white porcelain saucer. The golden luster on it makes it look like some kind of gold crystal ball. And beside the plate there are a few muffins to accompany the plate, and the small square biscuits are exactly one bite.

“This is… sturgeon roe meow?” Hal asked curiously. He had eaten the roe of the ice cod once before, and the deliciousness brought extremely good memories to the little Leopard boy. He can’t wait to try the sturgeon roe and see which one is more delicious than the puffer fish roe.

“Before eating—” Arthur spooned up a few sturgeon roes and placed the bowl of bean-sized **** on the muffin aside: “Put it on first, then eat like this– -“

He put the muffin and the roe into his mouth, crunching them at the same time, a happy halo on his face.

“Wow, howl also try meow!” The leopard boy learned the way of King Arthur and put the roe on the muffin and put it into his mouth.

The almost tasteless muffins shattered with a light bite, making a crunchy crunch. The thin, flexible membrane on the outer layer of sturgeon roe ruptures the next second it bites.

The juice inside the roe splashed out and echoed in the mouth of the leopard boy, and most of it was absorbed by the muffin.

The tasteless muffins are just a “fixing agent” for fish oil, in order to make this rich and sweet fish oil less quickly absorbed by the mouth of the leopard boy.

The excess oil that has long been absorbed by the taste buds penetrates deeply into every cell in Hal’s mouth.

The sturgeon roe, which has been moderately salted and has a faint scent of salt flowers, not only did not lose its original flavor, but instead multiplied its fresh flavor.

Fragrant and smooth, oily but not greasy, sweet and delicious, and this sweetness continues to spread, not only does it not fade as time goes on, but it gets sweeter, even more than the highest grade honey!

“Oh hehehe—” Hal grinned intoxicatedly, swallowing the fish oil-saturated muffin mash bit by bit. More sweet incense slid down his esophagus in a solid form, all the way down, making wonderful echoes all the way, even if it entered his stomach, he could still feel the smoothness and comfort it brought.

“It’s great, meow, even better than the ice cod roe that Hal had eaten before, meow.” The child praised unabashedly.

It may be related to the way of eating. If you eat it with muffins, the taste of roe is more sweet and lasting, and you will not get tired of eating it.

“Hehehe—” Husky also savored the rare caviar carefully. When he thought of eating this, his experience was recorded, and he could play it countless times in a virtual game in the future. Revisiting it, the canine boy feels extremely happy.

“Do you like it?” Arthur took another bite of the caviar and muffin, swallowed it beautifully, and then slowly asked, “Do you know where the caviar came from?”

“Well, it seems to be the seeds of the fish, meow?” Hal replied in a low voice, slightly shyly.

“That’s right, it’s the eggs of fish… uh, seeds.” The King of Knights nodded: “So, every roe here can hatch into a small life, a small life. Fish.—they were brutally eaten by us humans, and they didn’t even have a chance to be born.”

When he said this, the two teenagers suddenly frowned and put down the knife and fork in their hands.

Poor meow. “Hal looked at the two remaining roes on his plate and suddenly didn’t want to eat it.

“Yes, that’s pathetic.” Arthur sneered cruelly, “but they were dead, dead when they were salted into caviar, and had no chance of hatching any more- –So please rest assured, it’s not you who killed them, you are at most an accomplice.”

The two teenagers looked at each other, not knowing how to answer.

“What’s the matter, in this world, big fish eat small fish, and higher creatures eat lower creatures. “Nothing to be ashamed of. Eat it.”

Hal and Husky swallowed and swept away the remaining roe. The sturgeon caviar was still delicious, but they always felt uncomfortable, as if the moment they swallowed the food, they could hear the screams of the unborn little fish in the roe.

“Very well, this is the second course.” Arthur laughed again, “Now, let’s make the third course.”

The waiter brought the third course again – foie gras with small eggs.

Put a light brown-red foie gras paste on top of the halved, yolk-scooped eggs. This white and brown shape is very eye-catching and endearing.

Carefully selected, small eggs that even a child can swallow in one bite, as if calling two teenagers: Eat me quickly!

Seeing this, Husky’s previous unpleasantness was swept away. He quickly rinsed his mouth with lemonade to wash away the smell of the previous dish, then picked up the knife and fork, and sent a whole small egg into the mouth.

Different from the delicate and light fragrance of caviar, the deliciousness of foie gras lies in its rich aroma, as well as its strong smell and taste stimulation.

By the way, this tastes somewhat similar to egg yolks, but more fragrant and smoother. It has a rustling texture, like a myriad of taste particles – and these particles are also much more delicate and tender than real egg yolks!

No wonder the chef hollowed out the yolk of the little egg and replaced it with foie gras — eat it with the egg whites, and the flavors go so well together!

The rich and salty aroma of foie gras is neutralized by egg whites. One is glutinous and soft, while the other is elastic and chewy.

Through chewing, the canine boy felt two kinds of delicious tastes in perfect harmony spread in his mouth, spread evenly everywhere, and stimulate every taste bud on the tongue!

“Good~~~eat~~~Wow~~~!” The eight-year-old canine boy couldn’t think of any more words besides his admiration. Because most of his mind was devoted to savoring this food, his mind was almost blank.

“Alas, there are only two meows.” Hal finished his first serving (half an egg) of foie gras with egg whites, and looked at the other half of the egg left on the plate and couldn’t help but feel regretful.

“Haha, eat it. Eat this now, and you’ll have it later.” Arthur had already finished his two servings of foie gras on his plate.

The two teenagers quickly swallowed their remaining portions of foie gras, looking content. At this time Arthur said: “By the way, do you know how foie gras is made?”

Hal and Husky glanced at each other and shrugged, not even thinking.

“Foose gras… should be goose liver?” Husky had to guess.

“Yes, and the liver of a goose with a fatty liver. It’s one of the most inhumane delicacies in the world.” Arthur smiled.

“No, inhuman?!”

“Because, to make delicious, plump and tender foie gras, farmers grabbed the geese by their necks and shoved food into the mouths of these poor little geese.

No matter how much these geese struggle and feel full, they are still force-fed irresistibly.

Day after day, year after year, overeating geese will get sick and their livers will become huge, which is fatty liver. “

Arthur stretched out his hand and gestured on his abdomen: “According to the proportion, a normal liver…is as big as my fist. And a goose with a fatty liver, an abnormally enlarged liver, guess what? Guess how big its liver can be?”

Double the bark? ‘ Husky whispered nervously.

Arthur shook his head, made a gesture on his abdomen, and circled a huge circle with both hands: “As big as the entire abdomen.”

“My God ——!” Hal exclaimed: “What about its other internal organs, meow? Isn’t that uncomfortable meow?”

“That’s It’s very uncomfortable. The goose in the terminal stage can’t even walk.” When he said this, Arthur glared at the leopard boy, as if he meant something: ” Not to mention walking, they have trouble breathing normally, they are getting worse and worse and they have to wait to die – and this is the time for the farmers to harvest the foie gras.”

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah! Don’t say woo!” Tears welled up in Husky’s eyes, “What a horrible wang! Husky doesn’t want to hear wang! Uncle Arthur is such a bad guy, he asked us to put such a Terrible things go into my stomach!”

“But you enjoyed it.” The king of knights pointed it out sharply, with a cruel smile on his face: “How is it? Do you like the delicious food produced by the geese struggling?”

“It’s terrible!” Husky wiped his tears regretfully: “But—damn! It’s really delicious!—I want to eat more!”

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