Light Spirit Epic Chapter 859: Traveling in Tianyuan (12)


Chapter 859 Traveling to Tianyuan (Twelve)

“Humph!” Husky swung his great sword in crisis, instantly using his combat skills [arm burst]. The powerful sword hit the plasma cannon, bounced the electrified electrolyte back, and hit a thunder lizard on the forehead!

“Ow!” the monster screamed, seemingly in great pain. Its scream shocked the other Thunder Lizards, and they hesitated for a moment!

The two teenagers also sped up their pace and ran towards the cave. One leap, and immediately hid in the cave!

“Whoo!” Hal got up and sweated.

A thunder lizard behind it stuck its head in, just enough to block the entrance to the cave. Seeing that it couldn’t enter the cave, it opened its mouth and spit out a plasma cannon, knocking out Husky, who fell to the ground!

Being hit by something like that would kill you instantly! Seeing that the situation was in critical condition, Howl used his fighting skills again. With enough strength from his legs, he flew and threw Husky away!

The plasma cannon brushed past Howl’s legs, and countless arcs left their marks on the leopard boy’s legs!

“Ouch!” Hal didn’t feel pain (blocked by the system), only a sharp numbness.

“No!!” Husky grabbed his buddy and ran deeper into the cave until he was out of range of the Thunder Lizard!

“Hal, are you okay?” Husky asked as soon as he put down the Leopard Boy.

“Um…I think I’m fine meow.” Hal struggled to get up. His legs were still sore and numb, there was some swelling and pain on the legs, and strange lightning scars appeared on the skin, but there was no actual damage. At least he can move.

“Really beneficial. Ordinary people are hit by that kind of attack, and even if they just brush it over, they will immediately die of heart palsy. Is it because you are a Leopard? It seems that you have far more resistance to electricity than ordinary people. .”

“Uncle Arthur Wang?” Husky turned to look in surprise as he helped rub Hal’s numb legs.

Arthur was already waiting in the cave, and he ran faster than the leopard boy who used the sprinting combat skills. What principle does it rely on to allow a mere human being to have such a terrifying speed?

Arthur did not care about the two teenagers, and muttered to himself: “Right, the leopards should have more powerful electrical power in their bodies than ordinary people in order to explode their extraordinary speed. Using electrical energy to stimulate the muscles to increase the speed, but also Make the body more resistant to electric shock. Interesting structure——“

“Cough. Don’t talk about that.” Arthur stood up: “Now, let’s start mining.”

“Wait, let me check Wang first.” As soon as Husky arrived in a safe environment, he hurriedly opened the inventory to check the items he had picked up.

There are several thunder lizard meat, some lizard scales, and two lizard teeth in the inventory, but there is no trace of semperite.

“Alas!” Husky sighed. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t find what you should have picked up!

“Don’t be like that, meow. At least we’ve all been promoted meow.” Hal patted his buddy on the shoulder and reassured: “Let’s see what new combat skills we can all learn meow?”

However, when he eagerly opened the menu to check his combat skills, he found nothing more.

“I can’t learn it yet, I have to go back to the [Altar of Eternity] to learn new combat skills.” Arthur added: “Don’t waste your time in this kind of place, just dig.”

The sky is getting dark, and the mine is even darker. If it goes on like this, it will be very bad!

The two teens sighed, still getting almost nothing for them. You can only honestly mine stones, and finish the task first!

“But I still don’t understand meow.” Hal followed Arthur slowly into the mine: “Why did we kill so many wild boars before, and even beat the boss, and finally got a level up—– –Now kill a thunder lizard, and suddenly it’s upgraded to another level meow? Those thunder lizards are really such powerful monsters meow? It is the same level as the previous forest bear meow?”

“No, it’s probably because…” The dog boy walking behind Howl explained: “We defeated the giant forest bear before, and the experience we gained was not only enough for us to level up, but also the remaining dogs. Then kill another thunder lizard, and the combined experience is just enough for us to go up one level.”

“That’s right.” Arthur interrupted Husky’s analysis: “But don’t you realize it? Using combat skills to give the enemy a fatal attack will reward more experience points than usual. Oh.”

“Oh, so meow!”

“In other words, use combat skills as much as possible to clean up those monsters?”

Hasky realized that he had chosen the right combat skills and weapons. Such powerful weapons and combat techniques that increase their power are the best to finish off the monsters. There is an additional experience point reward for using it, why not?

He calculated carefully, and he could use [Arm Burst] eight times today, while Hal had six opportunities to use [Power Dash]. If you make good use of this, you may really be able to make a fortune…

“Here.” Arthur led the two teenagers into a slightly wider cave. Surrounded by mining tools and even mine carts.

“This used to be a prosperous mine. In the end, it had to be abandoned because of the relocation of the Thunder Lizards. The local people could not fight against such terrifying monsters as the Thunder Lizard.” Arthur explained: “In short, The tools here are all unowned, you are welcome, just find a suitable iron pick to dig.”

“That… Uncle Arthur meow?” Hal whispered.

“What’s wrong? Want to go to the toilet again?”

“No…” Hal blushed. “I just wanted to ask, how do I get iron ore out of these rocks? They all look almost the same…”

“Well, is there a trick?” Arthur picked up an old iron pick and thought about it: “The trick is… there is no trick. Miners are also lucky to mine.”

“Huh?!” The two teenagers immediately showed their unhappy expressions.

“If you really want to ask the trick, I will tell you, try to dig as much as you can, whether it is iron ore or not, you can dig as much as you can, anyway, your inventory can hold unlimited items.

When real miners mine, they also dig all the [possible ore deposits], and then go back and refine them slowly. “

How tiring that must be. The two teenagers looked at each other.

No. Better mining methods exist. Husky immediately thought of it.

The deeper you go into the mine, and the more you dig into areas that no one has ever dug, the higher the chance of digging iron ore, and perhaps even more valuable gems.

Of course, the deeper the mine, the greater the danger. Who knows what dangerous foes hide in it? This long-abandoned mine has probably long since become a lair for the monsters, and it can be said that there are hidden murderous intentions everywhere.

“Yeah.” Husky swallowed and muttered a few words in the leopard boy’s ear.

“Okay, let’s go meow.” Hal nodded, agreeing without hesitation.

“Then let’s walk.” Husky picked up a rock on the ground and marked the road.

“Hehe, do you really plan to go deep into the mine?” Arthur sneered beside him: “Be careful of getting lost. Even the return scroll doesn’t work in the enclosed area. Players who are lost in the mine are almost always lost. There is only one outcome: death.”

The two teenagers looked at their Uncle Arthur and shrugged.

Isn’t it just dying? Poor and white, they have nothing to lose.

“Then… I wish you good luck.” Arthur found a big rock and sat down, and clicked the menu bar a few times: “I’ll give you the torch, I won’t follow, I’ll wait here. Two Come back in an hour.”

“Uncle Arthur won’t come, meow—” As soon as he heard that the King of Knights would not follow, the Leopard boy felt unsure.

Arthur smiled: “I’m not your nanny, do you have to follow me to dig a mine? Find a way for yourself.”

“Then… well wow.” Husky lit the torch.

He had long expected that Uncle Arthur would be less and less helpful to them as they became more familiar with the flow of the game. In the end, even the opportunity to give guidance on the side was cut off, and the two teenagers were completely allowed to move freely.

Exactly what he wanted. Husky watched the dwindling timer on the torch. Speaking of two hours, the torch can actually only burn for thirty minutes, because the game time is four times as long as the real time.

Including the return journey, they had very little time to move freely.

When Hal was about to light the torch, Husky shook his head to stop it: “The two of us should share a torch. Save that torch.”

Howl nodded, returning the torch to his inventory. If the two torches are used alternately, their real action time is doubled to an hour.

The two teenagers did not hesitate, and immediately charged into the depths of the mine with torches.

At the same time, somewhere on the East African plateau.

The two “Heavenly Gods”, surrounded by a group of Pygmies, came to a floating island only thirty yards above the ground.

“Really short floating island.” Bedivere looked at the floating island and said, “Is this the feeling of not being able to going to sink?”

“God knows. The buoyancy will naturally be a little worse because the amount of light stone is relatively small.” Palamidis looked at the floating island carefully, and there seemed to be various man-made structures on it: “Oh my God, these bergemis People actually live on floating islands! Aren’t they afraid of being struck by lightning?”

Bediver set his sights on a device on the floating island. It was a lightning rod about seven feet long, roughly made from locally mined iron ore!

These savages can smelt iron and use it to make lightning rods! ?

Indeed, with this, the floating island can guide the falling thunder in the sky one by one to the pyroxene mines inside the floating island. The pyroxene will quickly absorb the power of lightning, and people standing on the floating island will be unharmed.

With the aid of the device, it shouldn’t be a problem for the Begmies to live forever on these floating islands.

The Pygmies are obviously a group of uncivilized savages, but their wisdom is not to be underestimated! Bedivere couldn’t help but get more nervous! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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