Light Spirit Epic Chapter 852: Traveling in Tianyuan (5)


Chapter 852 Traveling to Tianyuan

With a long sigh, Husky sold all the items in his inventory, including the rest of their armor. “You can say **the first*(..)”

Two sets of armor (except breastplate) sold for one hundred and twenty gold.

It’s still twenty gold coins. The two teenagers died of depression.

Husky thinks about it, and even sells that rock climbing kit. Although the help is minimal, the two sets of tools add up to ten gold.

It’s ten gold short. The two teenagers looked at each other. They clicked on the item bar, took off their clothes, and even sold the commoner clothes for six gold coins.

It’s still four gold shorts. Husky almost vomited blood.

Hal took out his pig-toothed sword: “Even this…”

“No way! How can you fight monsters without a weapon! This weapon is our last hope and cannot be sold!” Husky strongly objected.

The leopard boy shook his head, his eyes were red and swollen: “There will always be a way, meow. Now it’s time to heal your injury first and then meow.”

He also sold the last weapon for five gold coins. —— That’s right, the sword-making material [pig’s teeth] is worth hardware coins. The pig’s tooth sword, which took a lot of effort to create, is actually the same price as its original material! The business people are really black-hearted!

But then, they have… 2001 Gold! Enough for surgery!

But of course, they’ll be penniless, scantily clad, and without a decent weapon in their hands, of course! Do you really want to hunt wild boar with your bare hands? I’m afraid this game can no longer be played, right?

Husky walked up to the doctor angrily and pressed the confirmation button: “I’ve given you the money, heal me quickly, you bastard!”

“The cost of the operation is confirmed.” The doctor replied mechanically, “Now the amputation surgery will begin.”

A space similar to an operating room appeared in front of everyone, and the doctor motioned for the canine boy to lie on the operating table. After Husky complied, a huge shadowless lamp appeared on the operating table, and under the bright light, the wound could be seen at a glance.

The doctor injected a needle into the canine boy’s arm. After local anesthesia, he took over the severed limb and began to sew it up.

Of course, none of this can be seen by outsiders. In the eyes of Husky and the others, a cloud of blurry white mist completely obscured the terrifying operation.

“It’s just an operation, do you want to make it so realistic?” Husky said gloomily. He was actually looking forward a little, wanting to see how the doctor would stitch together his broken arm.

“Huhu, if you really see it, you’ll probably faint.” Arthur sneered on the side: “This game has blocked a lot of terrible content. The reality is actually much more bloody, and even with anesthesia, The pain will continue for a while after the operation.”

Hal watched all this but remained silent, his face full of guilt.

“Take advantage of the surgery, let’s take a look at learning skills?” Arthur urged: “Open your inventory and turn to the skills page to see?”

Husky lies on the operating table and does so with his free hand.

Because of his promotion to Level 2, three new learnable skills have appeared on his skills page. Of course, there is only one skill point, which means that he can only learn one of them.

He took a closer look at the details of those skills:

[Combat skill 001: Arm burst]

Instant increase in attack power by stimulating arm muscles. Suits warriors with a power shape. Duration two seconds, available times per day: 10

[Combat Skill 002: Powerful Sprint]

Instantly increase your running speed by stimulating your leg muscles. Suitable for speed-shaped fighters. Duration one second, available times per day: 10

[Combat Skill 003: Spiritual Unity]

Achieve greater focus by stimulating the nervous system to improve movement precision. Suitable for archers or agile fighters. Duration five seconds, available times per day: 5

“Arm burst… That is to say, can you instantly increase your attack power?” Husky asked Arthur: “How much can it increase?”

Unlike ordinary games, the explanations of these combat skills are so brief that even the actual attack power that can be improved is not explained.

So ambiguous, Husky had no idea what to choose. If you choose the wrong combat skill, you will waste a precious skill point, and this game is particularly difficult to level up, so you have to choose carefully.

Arthur was stunned for a while, and seemed to be worrying about the same question: “To be honest, I don’t know.”

“No, I don’t know meow?” Hal couldn’t help but complain: “Uncle Arthur, you’re not the maker of this game, meow? Don’t even know this meow?”

“Because, this combat skill has a lot to do with your own innate ability. Some people are naturally good at attacking, and learning this skill will get twice the result with half the effort, and the lethality of moving is also particularly high.

On the contrary, some people may be particularly unsuitable for this skill, and even if used, the effect will be significantly reduced. This is probably related to the person’s own nerve conduction and body coordination.

But…if you have to know a general answer, I’ll tell you that the attack power will increase by about 20%. “

Husky was immediately displeased: “Twenty percent… just woof?”

“It’s already a lot.” Arthur turned his face: “Do you think one combat skill can increase your attack power several times, allowing you to easily kill the enemy? It’s impossible.”

Seeing the two teenagers looking at him dejectedly, Arthur added: “However, by constantly practicing the same combat technique, when it is used proficiently, the efficiency and effect of its use will continue to improve. Let the attack power double. It should not be impossible.

—After the orcs go crazy, the muscle strength can also explode to several times the original, right? The principle is the same. “

“In other words, if I keep practicing the same combat skill, it is possible to instantly increase the attack power dozens of times?”

“No, unfortunately, no.” Arthur shook his head again: “The human body still has its sensory limits. If the strength is too great, the arm bones will be broken, the muscles will be torn, and the Self-inflicted irreversible damage. Your body will not allow that to happen.

——Before you let the muscle burst with too much force, your nervous system will stop it. “

“Even if…I don’t care about getting hurt, wouldn’t it allow it?”

“Perhaps.” Arthur smiled lightly, as if thoughtful: “You should ask your own body this question, not me.”

There are people in the world who can move beyond the limits of their physical abilities. That person is the Heavenly Knight, the Grand Duke of Palinlor.

That guy has the ability to unlock the critical point of physical fitness, and regardless of physical injury, he can burst with amazing power.

But he did that on the premise of his amazing self-healing ability. His body probably knew that he could recover quickly even if he was injured, so he allowed Palinlore to act like that.

That’s why Palinlor is considered a monster. Far beyond [ordinary people] and [common sense], [monsters beyond the limit].

How many people in this world can do the same thing?

Husky and Hal are silent.

“That…other combat skills are the same meow?” After a long time, Hal asked: “It’s also affected by everyone’s talent, the effect is uncertain, meow?”

“Exactly.” Arthur nodded: “So please choose carefully and choose the path that suits you best.”

The two teenagers looked at each other. They are still trying to learn which combat skills.

I also want strength and speed. There is also a function that improves concentration that I don’t understand, and it seems to be useful.

If there is no skill point limit, it would be good to learn all three combat skills.

The monsters in this game are so tyrannical that even with these combat skills, the help they get is actually negligible. However, even a little extra boost is a stepping stone to their world of powerhouses.

After the dog boy and the leopard boy looked at each other, they each operated their own inventory and selected a combat skill.

“Oh?” Arthur looked on and let out a slightly surprised groan.

He could almost guess the choice of the two teenagers. Husky chose [arm blast], while Hal chose [powerful dash]. Does one seek power, while the other seeks speed? It is indeed very similar to the style of the canine and leopard people.

“Well, can I test me, meow?” Hal couldn’t wait to try his newly learned skills.

“You can.” Arthur laughed: “In towns, there is no limit to the number of times you can use combat skills. You can test as much as you can to find out how to use skills.

However, if these techniques are not used in actual combat, their proficiency will not increase. In order to become stronger, you must use your skills in actual combat. “

“Understood meow.” Howl practiced in the open space beside him. He concentrated, thinking about using that powerful sprinting combat technique. As he ran, his legs suddenly increased in strength, allowing him to rush five yards in an instant.

After rushing out, with a feeling of prostration after being released, the effect of the combat skill disappeared, and Hal also stopped.

“Okay, it’s so funny, meow!” the Leopard boy exclaimed. Although he also saw that the adults around him used a lot of cool abilities, when he experienced these abilities himself, he felt different!

“Ahahahahahaha!” He used his combat skills again, scurrying around in the clearing, sometimes accelerating and sprinting, sometimes stopping to rest. Jumping high at the end of the high-speed Benz, it can fly very far, and this ability seems to be very useful.

“Hmm…” Seeing Hal having such a good time, Husky couldn’t help himself: “Why isn’t the surgery over yet? When can I move?”

“Wait, it will be done within an hour,” said the doctor.

“What?” Husky was startled.

“It’s fifteen minutes.” Arthur crossed his arms and looked at the leopard boy in the distance with a complicated feeling: “The time flow of this game is four times that of reality, so when a player in the game hours, but only fifteen minutes.”

“Oh, that’s how it is.” The canine boy breathed a sigh of relief: “But it takes a long time to do a treatment in the game, it’s really troublesome.”

“What is that? In the real world, with such a serious injury, you have to lie in a hospital bed for several months.” Arthur rebuked without hesitation: “So, be careful and try to avoid injury, this is the The essence of the whole game.”

However, that doesn’t make much sense. The monsters in this game are so powerful that they can kill anyone with a single attack. In the end, he still had to rely on coquettish positioning and flexible movement to save his life.

“Okay.” The doctor said, and the surrounding equipment began to disappear: “The arm is connected, but it is not fully recovered. Don’t use this arm reluctantly for a month, got it. ?”

Yes, thank you Doctor Uncle Wang. Husky stroked his reattached arm. His hand was still a little numb, unable to move very well, with horrible stitches on the interface and a vague, transparent bloodstain around it.

“Fortunately, the broken left arm will not affect your use of weapons?” Arthur smiled slyly: “Remember what the doctor said? Don’t mess with this one for a month (within a week in the real world). Injured arm.”

“I know, I understand Wang.” Husky replied in a low voice: “If we cut it off again, we won’t be able to pay for the surgery at all.”

If you break an arm, you have to pay a huge sum of 2,000 gold coins for treatment. This game is anti-human.

The wound was healed, and their thoughts returned to the most realistic question: what should they do with almost no money and no decent weapon in their hands?

Husky gave King Arthur a subconscious look.

No. He immediately turned his head away from Arthur’s gaze. They have already received a lot of assistance from Uncle Arthur, and if they make more requests to him, they will probably be rejected.

Only with the efforts of himself and Hal, starting with hunting wild boars, the military funds have been saved little by little.

“The do you need help?” the blacksmith asked.

What? “The canine boy is confused. Generally speaking, if players don’t look for these dialogues, they won’t take the initiative to speak.

“Hehe.” The blacksmith stopped the hammer in his hand and turned to look at Husky: “You have no money, you don’t even wear clothes, and you are so poor. This is the first time I have seen it.– —-Again, do you need any help?”

Although the tone of the other party’s tone was full of ridicule, Husky immediately understood the reason: this was a hidden mission in the game.

It is estimated that in order to help those players who are penniless and so poor that they do not even have the most basic weapons, the game developer has hidden a hidden mission here from the uncle of the blacksmith, a mission to get people out of poverty.

In this way, they have at least one last chance to turn the book.

Looking at the slyly smiling uncle blacksmith, the hearts of the two teenagers rekindled hope. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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