Light Spirit Epic Chapter 85: Choose from the Emperor (Part 2)


Chapter 85: The Emperor (Part 2)

“Really? It’s really a self-talking emperor.” Kay listened absently to Arthur’s words while looking at the information. “But what should we do? According to them, the other party is five people, In a duel, the number of people we have to fight is one short.”

“Damn the council, they clearly told me to bring four people to Rome.” Arthur said, “Isn’t it even clear about the duel within the council?”

“I don’t think they don’t understand the situation at all, but they are deliberately trying to trouble you,” said Evan on the side.

“It’s not a good thing for Rome to form an alliance with the Hungarians. Even if the people in the council want to trouble me, they won’t cause trouble for themselves, right?” Arthur asked in confusion.

“Perhaps the Parliament did not intend to ally with Rome. Instead, they hoped that Rome would ally with the Huns, and then killed these two thorns in one fell swoop.” Kaydao.

“Can your human thoughts be any more sinister and complicated?” Bedivere couldn’t help showing disgust.

“There’s no way out of this now. Let’s think about how to win first,” Arthur said. “Anyway, wouldn’t it be enough to win the duel before the problem of insufficient numbers is exposed?”

“Want to win three games before the fifth duel? It would be nice if it went so smoothly.” Kay shook his head, “I’m better off with Arthur, but are these two boys guaranteed to win if they play? “

“If you say it, you will definitely win.” Evan said coldly.

“At least better than you, kid. If you don’t agree, we’ll go out and fight now?” Kai provoked.

“Shut up, you two!” Arthur angrily said, “Let me think about it. There will always be a way.”

The next morning, the Amenity Hall of Emperor Justin I of Rome.

“Oh, are you here? You don’t need to salute, you all get up. I was originally a rude person from the military, and etiquette is the most annoying thing.” The Roman emperor said, sitting on his emperor with Erlang’s legs. seat. Although it is a very casual posture, his gestures exude indescribable domineering.

“See His Majesty the Emperor.” Arthur simply saluted, thinking that the momentum of Justinian last night was indeed far worse than the current Justin I. Is this the majesty of an emperor?

“Well, I think you probably understand Rome’s position, right? I am a person who is afraid of trouble. I have directly asked the generals to contact you before, and what you should do should be explained clearly. Of course, the orcs have explained it in the same way.”

The orcs probably said, “I support you in secret, I hope you can win”, right? Cunning Roman emperor, thought Arthur.

“Anyway, the duel is scheduled for tomorrow, in the Colosseum. It’s basically a one-on-one duel, and the winner will be determined in five matches.” The emperor said, “Any questions?”

“No problem, Your Majesty the Emperor,” Arthur said.

“See His Majesty the Emperor.” At this time, five orcs walked in. These orcs were wearing cloaks and did not show their faces, but from their steady steps and tall stature, these guys could be seen. All are excellent fighters.

“You don’t need to be cautious, you can all be polite.” The emperor said, the tone of his voice was the same as when he spoke to Arthur and his group just now.

The emperor used the language of the Hungarian people and the group of Hungarian envoys, and Arthur could probably guess what he said. Although it was not visible, Arthur couldn’t help scolding Justin I, an old fox who wanted to please both sides.

After meeting the Roman emperor, the envoys on both sides retreated into the reception room, and the small reception room began to smell of gunpowder.

“Oh, are these the envoys of Pantoracken?” A tiger man who was leading the Hungarian envoy said, speaking in unorthodox English, as if mocking Arthur and the others.

“I’m really disappointed, doesn’t Pantoracken plan to form an alliance with Rome? Are all the kids sent here? Not enough people? I think you might as well just admit defeat in a duel? That way? At least you don’t have to suffer from flesh and blood, kid!” The tiger man’s words became more and more mean.

Kai stepped forward: “What did you say?! Asshole——“

Arthur waved his hand to stop Kai’s attack: “——Your superficial understanding of human beings is still at the point of measuring combat effectiveness by appearance?” He said coldly, “Don’t worry, Your Excellency You will never be disappointed. Tomorrow’s duel will definitely make you happy. There is indeed one person missing here, but this will not affect the outcome of the duel, because you will never have a chance to fight the fifth duel. In three games, you will be directly defeated.”

This time it was the orcs’ turn to attack collectively, and three of the five envoys shouted together:

“Don’t look down on people!”

“You think we’ll just cut you to pieces right here right now?!”

“Do you want to die now, kid?!”

“Quiet!” A leopard man in the envoy stepped up to stop several other companions, then he took off his hood, revealing a familiar face: “Meet again, Arthur Anonymous.”

“Chetovia Govas.” Arthur said.

“It’s ‘Covvis’! Did you do this on purpose?!” Leopard Man said angrily, then he knew he had lost his way, and immediately coughed, “Cough cough. In short, I look forward to tomorrow’s duel, I hope you all The strength is really as strong as the mouth says. Now, let’s at least introduce ourselves to each other in etiquette.——[Windspeaker], Chetovia Coves of the Grik tribe .”

“Pantolaken Northern Heaven Knights, Silver Knight Arthur Kelton.” Arthur said dispassionately.

“[Leaf Dancer], Towa Karonas of the Gric tribe.” Another cat person saluted.

“It’s also the Pantoracken North Heaven Knights, the Silver Knights, Kay Aktor.” Ser Kay said reluctantly.

“Humph…” The tiger man snorted, “Ferocious Fang [Berker], Reese Reeves.”

“I…” Under the threatening eyes of Arthur and Kai, Evan said, “Pantola Kensitian Knights, Gaia Knights, Owen Ewans.”

The orcs all showed their puzzled expressions. This seemingly weakest kid is actually the highest in this group of knights?

“[Earth Breaker], the Turkic Rai Pav.” said the burly Elephant Man.

“Bronze Knight of the North Sky Knights of the Pantoracken, Belle… Beren Lyle. Servant of Knight Arthur.” Bedivere said.

“Oh, servants? The Knights actually hired orcs as servants.” Reeves, the tiger swordsman, asked suspiciously.

“It’s a slave I bought back with money, how I want to arrange its work, the Knights can’t ask.” Arthur said coldly, playing with Bedivere’s face, as if to demonstrate to the orcs : ‘This is my possession, can you manage it? ‘.

The orcs showed a fierce look, but they were all stopped by the leopard Corvez.

“…What are you still doing, say something, idiot.” Coves said to the last envoy.

The white bear man had been in a daze for a long time before finally opening his mouth: “Papa. The servant of Master Coves.”

The leopard man frowned: “Can’t you speak more decently? You stupid Yes, I’m sorry.” The white bear man looked naive, “Papa is too clumsy and can’t speak very well. .”

The other orcs pursed their lips and snickered, seeming to even despise the clumsy white bear. But Bedivere on the opposite side was pale.

“Do you even make fun of your own companions?” Bedivere couldn’t help asking.

“Companion? Don’t get it wrong.” The tiger man Reeves sneered, “Indeed, the white bear is a valuable fighting force, which is why we brought him here. But this idiot is nothing but fighting. He is just a tool. As a slave, you should know very well, when will you slaves be equal to us?”

“Look, even if I treat him like this, he doesn’t dare to say a word—” Reeves the tiger man drew his dagger and swiped it on Papa’s arm. A deep bloodstain remained on the white bear man’s arm. Papa showed a painful expression, but he didn’t say a word, just gritted his teeth and endured it.

In a matter of seconds, Ice Bear’s cut arm healed, leaving only the bloodstains and the painful expression of public humiliation that flashed across Papa’s face.

“Enough, Reeves.” Coves the Leopard stopped his companions, “Then, see you at the death battle tomorrow, the knights of Pantoracken.”

Arthur squeezed Bedivere’s arm tightly, and the pain temporarily kept Bedivere sane.

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