Light Spirit Epic Chapter 844: Escape to the Demon Marsh (20)


Chapter 844: Escape to the Demon Swamp

The item’s name is [Silver Moon Dagger]. “Speaking **first*..that weapon seems to have excellent enchantments, and the carvings are also gorgeous to the extreme.

“Oh, extra props?” Arthur had already jumped down from the tree and leaned over to watch: “These wild boars are very aggressive and can often kill other players. Sometimes they devour players whole. , and of course also swallow their equipment.”

Is it dropped by another player? “Hal looked at the rather beautiful dagger and was surprised:” That is to say, besides us, other players have played this game, meow? “

Arthur shrugged: “Of course. The computer room of this game is at the base of the North Sky Knights. Why do you think the Knights will leave the computer room unused? Today is a holiday, and many people in the Knights are It’s a holiday, so the game will be so deserted.”

“It turns out that we are not the first to try this game.” Husky came over after cleaning the battlefield and said, “Forget it—how about it, we should be promoted to a level?”

“The gained experience points are far from enough to level up.” Arthur glanced at the dog boy: “Howl’s character has also suffered a lot of damage. In short, return to the Eternal Altar first, and then organize the equipment. “

“Okay, I also want to replace the deadly heavy pig-tooth sword for Wang.” Hal put the sword back in its scabbard and carried it behind him.

They beat this group of wild boars that were smaller and got eight more tusks. These tusks are small and thin, and should be able to make short swords better suited to the wielding of their little ones.

And with such a large amount of pig skins and bones, what should be done?

“Okay, take my hand, I’m going to teleport,” Arthur said.

“When can we get our own City Return Scroll…” The dog boy grabbed the arm of the King of Knights and complained.

“You can buy it from the old woman when you have enough money in your inventory.” Arthur clicked on the inventory and was about to teleport—

Beep. The icon of the teleportation scroll darkened, and when it was clicked, there was a muffled sound of rejection.

“Well, what’s wrong meow?” Hal asked, grabbing Arthur’s thigh.

“Oh, unlucky to meet the boss at this time.” Arthur closed his inventory: “We can’t use teleportation until we defeat the boss.”

“Is there such a setting?”

“If you can use teleportation to escape casually, then this game is not fun enough.” The King of Knights sneered and drew out his lightsaber: “I will also help fight together. After all, with your current skills, you can deal with That boss will have a hard time.”

Or in other words, Arthur goes head-to-head with the boss of the forest. And the two teenagers just need to hide and not die, just make up a knife in time.

But Husky didn’t think so: “The two of us are going to beat the boss. Uncle Arthur looks good!”

“Are you sure? You will die! If you die, you will be demoted by one level?” The King of Knights laughed hilariously.

“Anyway, we are opening a new account. Even if we downgrade or even delete the file, it’s not a big deal.” Husky said stubbornly: “Let’s try it.”

Being a boss is more beneficial than detrimental. There’s no big loss if you don’t win, and if you happen to win, the experience points will go up and leveling up shouldn’t be a problem — at least that’s what Husky thinks.

“Huhu, okay, do as you like.” Arthur opened the inventory again and took out two bottles of potions: “This is a little support for you, drink it and heal your wounds. , let’s fight the boss with all our strength.”

“Thank you, Meow.” Hal took the potion without thinking, and gulped it into his stomach.

He thought it was one of those medicines in most games that would heal wounds right away, but he was disappointed – or, as expected, how could such a game that simulates reality as its main premise be possible There is that magic drug!

The medicine just helped the Leopard boy to suppress the bleeding from the wound on his back and make it less bad; it may have a small amount of refreshing and nourishing effects, but it is by no means a panacea for immediate recovery.

Husky ripped a piece of cloth from his clothes and bandaged Hal: “Anyway, that’s enough for a fight.”


As the giant monster’s footsteps approached, Husky realized how naive he was.

Touch, touch, touch! The monster was still approaching, and just stepping on it, it damaged a lot of trees along the way.

Standing on two feet, the whole body is covered with moss and various low shrubs, and a hundred-foot-tall giant monster—[Forest War Bear]—appears in front of the two teenagers .

Those clumsy boars are nothing compared to the boss. It can crush two teenagers with one foot, and send them back to their hometown with one palm.

“My God…” Hal exclaimed with his mouth wide open.

“Ask you again, does this boss really need me to deal with it?”

It took a long time for Skye to utter a sentence: “We can win Wang!”

This stubborn kid is so funny. Do you still think you can win even if you are facing an opponent dozens of times bigger than him?

Arthur lets out a small smile.

It’s almost like someone’s childhood.

“Alright, let’s work hard.” The king of knights retreated into the shadow of the forest, watching the battle between the two young men with cold eyes.

At the same time, the middle and upper reaches of the Nile, southern Sudan’s Everglades.

“It’s so slow, will they come back for dinner?” Albert said dissatisfied, still stirring in the pot of broth with a small wooden stick in his hand.

“There was quite a commotion in the east just now. I don’t know if they were in distress.” Chanel used the lid of the kettle to put some broth, and when it cooled to a moderate temperature, she carefully sent it to the two comatose people. In the mouth of the awake wounded, let them swallow.

“It shouldn’t be a problem.” Palamidis was busy making “cannonballs”, with a knife and wood in his hand, and he kept cutting: “I have told them to let them go if there is any danger. The wolf smoke gave a signal, let us respond. You are not a small person, you should know how to deal with this trivial matter?”

“Uh, wolf smoke?” Albert asked curiously: “How do you make wolf smoke?”

The leopard warrior glared at Albert: “You are a monster hunter, you don’t understand such trivial things?!”

“We have a fixed ration, and commonly used medicines and props do not need to be made by ourselves.” Albert lied.

Actually, in previous adventures, all kinds of medicines and props were made by his little servant, Luff the cat—but the tiger man youth deliberately concealed the little servant’s affairs.

“Hmmm.” Palamidis snorted, did not confirm the matter, but explained casually: “Aren’t we carrying flaming arrows? Since there is such a strong fuel, we only need to put it in the Wrap it with fabric or firewood, then…”

He glanced at Chanel and suddenly felt that it might be rude to say this in front of a lady, so he blushed and took it back: “No, it’s better not to say it.”

“What meow?! Did you finish talking!?” Albert was intrigued, so how could he give up: “Don’t give a shit?! If one day I need this skill to save my life , but you didn’t tell me that if I was a ghost, I would come back to trouble you!”

A pea-sized bead of sweat emerged from the leopard warrior’s forehead.

“Tell me, too.” The fairy girl Chanel also asked curiously.

“You guys… well… it’s actually quite simple, soak the fabric or sticks with water, let it burn incompletely in the fire, and the wolf smoke will come out.” Palamidis With a blushing face and a dry cough: “But we orcs are used to using… urine. If we use that to wet the cloth or firewood, the wolf smoke that comes out will be very thick and rise very high, because there is phosphorus in the urine.”

“Oh—“Albert suddenly realized:”So it is.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Chanel also turned her face away a little embarrassedly, taking what she said just now as if she hadn’t heard it before: “No, it doesn’t matter… If there is an emergency, I will definitely replace it with water.”

“Hehe…” Palamidis also laughed awkwardly, and then continued to carve spiral bloodletting grooves on those wooden stakes to create more “cannonballs”. But he just finished talking about such a discordant thing, and he was a little absent-minded. With a slip of his hand, the wooden stake in his hand fell from his palm and fell into the water with a thud. The knife also stabbed into his palm, creating a shallow wound on the leopard man’s palm with a flesh pad.

“Oh, you see how stupid I am—” The big cat scratched his head, put away his knife as a matter of course, walked to the edge of the raft, and jumped into the water outside the soil slope, in order to retrieve the carving half of the stake.

He never imagined that the “dirt slope” they docked on was actually a dangerous area full of murderous intent.

The giant swamp tortoise, who was still sleeping, was awakened by the impact of the Leopard Man jumping into the water.

What’s more, when Palamides reached into the water to pick up the stake, a very small amount of blood gushed from the wound on his palm.

And this blood dissolves in the water, spreads, and the **** smell is instantly conveyed to the nose of the swamp giant turtle!

The monster, stimulated by the smell of blood, suddenly had a killing intent! It opened its mouth without thinking, and the tongue in its mouth shot out like a stab gun, straight to the heart of the Leopard warrior!

The elf girl with a keen sense of hearing heard the movement in the water and immediately screamed: “Be careful!!”

Awakened by this exclamation, Palamidis moved an inch to the right in an instant!

But he didn’t dodge! The sharp giant tortoise’s tongue burst out of the water and penetrated the left chest of the leopard warrior! A heart attack! !

“Ouch!” The big cat spat out a mouthful of blood.

“No! Ser Palamedis!” the knight maiden exclaimed.

Albert also left his work and hurried to get the giant rhinoceros sword!

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