Light Spirit Epic Chapter 841: Escape to the Demon Marsh (17)


Chapter 841: Escape to the Magic Marsh

The arm-thick tentacles in the distance kept twisting disgustingly and greedily. “You can say **the first*(..)”

No. It’s a tongue rather than a tentacle.

The giant tortoise lifted its head out of the water, opened its **** mouth, and waved its terrifying thirty-foot tongue in protest at the two orc youths in front of it.

Yes, those so-called dirt slopes are not really small slopes made of dirt. It’s weird for a swamp to have this kind of incongruity!

Those so-called soil slopes are actually the backs of these swamp giant tortoises!

This “fairly safe” area is covered with dirt and seems to have no other monsters, but it is actually the habitat of these terrifying monsters! In this swamp, the reason why other monsters disappeared is because these giant swamp tortoises are too dangerous, and other creatures dare not approach!

But Bedivere and the others didn’t even know it, and they ran into the deadliest swamp in the Sudanese Everglades, wandering under the surveillance of countless giant tortoises!

When thousands and hundreds of “dirt slopes” all around stood up together, revealing their hideous true colors, Bedivere knew that he was in bad luck!

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ! These dangerous giant tortoises began to screech one after another, as if to alert their companions. And their cry is like the cry of a baby in the middle of the night, sharp and terrifying!

The monsters are approaching at an extremely slow pace. The large size of these giant tortoises prevents them from moving very fast, but their tongues make up for it.

The thirty-foot-long, wriggling tongue is their most powerful weapon. With this, swamp turtles don’t even need to move half a step to catch their prey.

They sit back and forth, using the seemingly peaceful swamp as a hunting ground.

—This strange magical land is fearfully called by the locals [the Sudanese Everglades on the tip of the tongue].

And now, Bedivere and Seglade, surrounded by dozens of giant swamp tortoises, are the food that the monsters are close at hand!

Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle paddle paddle paddle! The tongues of the turtles were constantly waving around the periphery, and the speed was as fast as a living whip. The defensive net formed by these tongues can effectively prevent the two young orcs from escaping, making them like turtles in a urn!

With the attack range of these tongues, the two people in the encirclement cannot be injured for the time being. But soon, the monsters who narrowed the circle were able to reach the two young orcs and pierce their heads with their sharp tongues.

The longer it drags on, the more desperate the situation becomes. Even if the risk is huge, the only way to escape is now!

“Seglade, hold on to me,” Bedivere said calmly.

“Uh, what are you talking about? With my mobility—“

Bediver ignored his companion, half kneeling on the ground, holding his breath.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooo!” In the wolf howl of the werewolf, his shape changed drastically.

Yes, this is the [Beastization] of the orcs. Not just with an animal face, but completely transforming his body into the wild form of an animal.

Seglade looked at the big silver wolf in front of him: “How did you change it—Isn’t there a magic bracelet sealing magic meow?!”

“The details will be discussed later. Now hold on tight to me, I’m going to escape!” Silver Wolf roared.

Seglade reluctantly rode on the silver wolf’s back and hugged the wolf in an awkward position—escape was the most important thing, and he couldn’t care less.

Whoosh! Silver Wolf rushed out. Using all four of his legs, he can almost gallop on the water. The wolf’s form not only has very little wind resistance, but also uses muscles several times more efficiently than the human form when running, allowing the silver wolf to obtain a powerful mobility that is usually impossible to obtain.

He carried Seglade on his back and charged desperately between the two giant swamp tortoises!

It happened to be the “three-no-go zone”, where the tongues of the two giant tortoises could attack, but they both thought the other would strike first, so they both hesitated for a moment.

It was this moment of hesitation that gave Bedivere the chance to escape from these wild, lightning-fast tongue whips! He rushed out nearly ten yards before the tongues of the giant tortoises arrived. But the giant tortoises were gone, and Bedivere deftly twisted, dodging the tongue whip that slashed at his forehead, and then jumped sideways, dodging another blow!

When the giant tortoises retracted their tongues and attacked again, the silver wolf had already run for dozens of yards and was already out of the attack range of the monsters!

Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods.

The whole swamp is full of these terrifying giant tortoises, and they are stirring, turning their heads to look at the silver wolf, wielding their deadly tongue whip, ready to kill the werewolf!

In this case, Bedivere should run in the opposite direction of these monsters, as far away from them as possible.

However, what he did next was the exact opposite of common sense! He rushed towards a giant swamp tortoise, with the intention of confronting the monster!

“Stop it! What are you doing meow!—” Seglade exclaimed.

“Trust me.” Silver Wolf just murmured.

Of course, if Seglade doesn’t want to believe it, he can just let go and jump off Silver Wolf’s back. After that, they went their separate ways and didn’t need to care about each other’s life or death.

Seglade grabbed the shoulders of the silver wolf, and let the wolf lead him to sprint in front of the monster.

Give it up!

The giant swamp tortoise opened its mouth, and the sharp tongue was like an arrow from the string, piercing from the dark and deep mouth of the monster. Its speed is so fast, coupled with Bedivere rushing towards the monster, the relative speed of the two has already exceeded the limit of human reaction, and theoretically it is impossible to avoid it.

However, the Silver Wolf already knew where the opponent was going—these monsters habitually shot their tongues in an attempt to punch through Bedivere’s forehead.

Because of this, the prepared Bedivere stretched out his claws, sprinting as he slashed with the metal prosthetic arm of his left arm!

Brush la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la! ! —The wolf claws made of indestructible memory metal have extreme sharpness, it effortlessly smashed the tongue whip on the face, and shaved the long piece of meat into several **** things!

Successfully used his claws to poke away the fatal blow of the giant swamp tortoise. Before the monster had time to retract his tongue, the silver wolf made a leap and jumped onto the back of the giant swamp tortoise!

The wolf gasped. Although his left arm is made of memory metal and can be repaired automatically, the impact just now still damaged his claws. cigarette.

It is obviously a very risky idea to touch the tongue of the giant swamp turtle with its claws, and it should not be used multiple times.

But here he is, and it’s a lot easier.

The giant swamp tortoise at his feet was still waving its tongue, trying to attack the silver wolf on its back. But its tongue was smashed in half by the wolf’s claws, and it has not had time to regenerate, and its length is obviously not enough to reach the wolf standing on the turtle’s back.

The other swamp tortoises came over to get a piece of the pie. The howl of the silver wolf kept tempting these monsters, as if saying to them: Come and eat me!

The giant tortoise at Bedivere’s feet was unhappy in the face of the slow-crawling, but certainly surging swarm of giant tortoises in the swamp. It waved its tongue, which was only half its original length, and drove the other giant tortoises, as if telling its companions: This food belongs to me, and no one will come and **** it from me!

Seeing this swamp giant tortoise, which has clearly failed but is still showing off its power and trying to eat alone, its companions are also dissatisfied! They waved their tongues in provocative poses to the giant tortoise with the severed tongue!

They’re fighting! Countless tongues are constantly fighting, you stab me and swipe each other. This is a veritable “word battle”, as straightforward as it literally means.

“Okay, okay, you let them coax, and then what?” Seglade whispered.

“And then—” The silver wolf was full of strength on its hind legs, and its claws sank deep into the dirt, ready to take off at any time.

He is waiting for the moment. An opportunity to go unnoticed and get to the other side safely.

“It’s now! Hold on tight!!” Bedivere roared and jumped out!

While the giant tortoises were fighting to the death and crowding each other, the wolf had jumped from one giant tortoise’s back to the other.

The giant tortoises are only ten yards apart, and their tongues are so entangled with each other that they have no time to take care of the silver wolf leaping over their heads!

“Clap!” The wolf landed on all fours, and the impact was far from enough for these thick turtle-shelled monsters to notice. The giant swamp tortoise under his feet didn’t even know he had a wolf on his back!

Although these beasts have hard thick shells and deadly tongues, their minds are full of mucus and stupid! They have long forgotten their original purpose. Once they start a group fight, they will continue to fight!

Seglade looked back at the giant tortoise that they had just settled on. It had been stabbed by the tongues of other giant tortoises, and had several large holes in its head, blood flowing. Knowing that he had lost the battle, the giant tortoise retracted its hands, feet and head into its shell.

Unexpectedly, this aroused the desire to attack from its kind. Countless tongues, like tentacles, penetrated into the body of the hapless swamp giant tortoise along the gap on the monster’s tortoise shell, and put the swamp giant tortoise The turtle’s body is pierced from the inside! The monster appeared to be dead in its own The inside was a mess. It spewed a large amount of blood and visceral fragments from the gaps in the turtle shell, which soon dyed the surrounding waters red. The **** smell of its death immediately attracted the interest of other swamp giant tortoises, and more monsters came around, stuck out their long tongues and penetrated into the turtle shell, but when they came out, they used the barbs on their tongues to hook Get a large piece of meat. The monsters quickly divided up their companions, and the giant tortoise was probably hollowed out, leaving only a shell!

How brutal. Seglade swallowed a mouthful of saliva: “Let’s go, meow.”

“Not now.” The werewolf released his animalization, and tried to keep a low profile on the back of the tortoise: “If you jump into the water now, you will wake up those giant tortoises. We are here to bask in the sun and wait for Palamidi. Just come and pick us up.”

“How did they—“

“They will come.” Bedivere interrupted Seglade: “Chanel must have been able to hear such a commotion.”

Seglade also crouched down, trying not to make too much noise. He just hoped Bedivere was right. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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