Light Spirit Epic Chapter 839: Escape to the Demon Marsh (15)


Chapter 839: Escape to the Demon Swamp

Husky let out a protest-like groan: “Anti-human Wang.”

“Meow Against Humanity.” Even Hal muttered in a low voice.

“Hoohoo, whatever you say.” King Arthur handed the two roasted wild boars to Husky and Hal respectively: “Eat it. Although the taste can’t be expected.”

Husky is skeptical that this full sensory simulation game can taste it. He took the roasted wild boar and took a bite. As expected, the roasted pork only had a faint salty taste of meat.

It’s like chewing a piece of dry compressed dry food, and you can’t feel the heat.

Because there is no system in the game to simulate the sense of smell, the meat has no aroma.

If you lose your sense of smell, people can only distinguish the taste of food is sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and astringent. If there is only a combination of these five tastes in the food, then eating any food will not make much difference. This is also the reason why people who have a cold eat tasteless: their nose is not strong, and they can’t taste the deliciousness (scent) of any food they eat.

Hasky was dissatisfied with the tasteless meat.

“The olfactory system needs to be added to this game.” The dog boy complained. You can’t even eat a good barbecue, who would like to play this kind of ghost game!

“It will be added, and relevant information is currently being collected.” Arthur smiled wryly, not expecting the canine boy to be so picky about such details.

The special somatic sense of smell is uncertain for everyone. Some people find something fragrant, but others may find it smelly. To digitize the complex and huge olfactory world and reproduce it in a game system requires a huge amount of calculations.

And most of the warriors in the world don’t pay much attention to what they eat — in short, they can fill their stomachs.

After they finished their meal, it quickly got dark. The game’s time lapse is four times that of reality, and there are only six hours in a day, so it gets dark especially fast.

“Now, what should I do?” Arthur looked at the two teenagers and sneered: “We can continue to hunt beasts at night, but at night the beasts will haunt in groups, and the level will increase a lot. , to play with them is to die. The safest way is to rest at the altar overnight and wait until dawn.”

Before doing that—“Hal stood up, walked to the broken wall beside him, took off his pants without thinking, and planned to—

“No! Stop! What are you doing?!” The King of Knights exclaimed.

Piss meow. “Hall replied in a low voice. Since there is no toilet here, we have to find a corner to solve it on the spot.


“Wh, why not meow?” (No one is watching)

“If you want to, say it! It’s from the real world and has nothing to do with this game.” Arthur explained gloomily: “Even if our consciousness is in the game world, part of the body will still feel the same way. Reality sync. If you pee in the game ——“

“Oh no!” Hal blushed and turned to look at Arthur: “I would wet my pants in the real world, meow?!”

“Exactly.” Arthur shrugged helplessly: “Stop talking, let’s quit the game first. You need to go to the real toilet, not here to solve it—“

Hal grimaced: “But I’ve **** a little…”

Arthur laughed wickedly: “Congratulations then. In the real world, your pants are definitely wet—time for a diaper change, kid!”

“No——!” The leopard boy’s desperate cry echoed in the altar of eternity.

At the same time, in the middle and upper reaches of the Nile, in the Everglades of Sudan.

“My God, isn’t it over yet?” Bedivere sighed as he looked at the endless marsh in front of him. As the raft continued to move south, the madness of the Everglades gradually subsided a lot—at least not so many terrifying monsters were out foraging.

The bear man was burning, talking a lot of nonsense: “Dad…don’t go…”

Seeing that the condition of the wounded was getting worse and worse, the elf girl Chanel finally couldn’t help but persuaded: “We have to find a place to stop and rest. This child needs more care, and the bumps on the road will kill him.”

“…not a good time.” Palamides looked at the surrounding swamp. Although the “madness” has been greatly reduced, the swamps of Sudan are still in danger. Who knows if another swamp python jumps out of the water to hunt them down?

“Dad…Brother is not doing well, meow.” Seglade said while stroking Zephyr’s forehead.

Because the swamp is a bacterial paradise, the muddy land formed by the decay of countless biological corpses is dirtier than the city’s sewers. Injuries here are easy to get infected. Even if the physique is as strong as an orc, once the wound is infected, it will have to lie down for several days, and if the situation is bad, it will have to be amputated.

The problem is so serious that it really cannot be delayed.

“But—” Palamides still wanted to say something.

“We need some medicine. A powerful antibiotic called swampberry.” Seglade said bluntly: “I’ve seen quite a few of these plants in the Turkic marshes, and I was here just now. I have seen meows in the swamp beside me. Give me a little time, I can get meows back.”

“Gathering herbs on foot in the Everglades? This is courting death!” Albert muttered. He has seen the horrors of this swamp, so he is convinced that there are even more terrifying things lurking in this swamp. The stupidest people wouldn’t hike here.

Seglade sighed deeply: “But we have to do it, there is no other choice, meow. Without medicine, they can’t survive tonight, meow.”

“Okay, that’s it.” Bedivere interrupted everyone’s argument: “I’m going to collect medicine with Seglade, you guys… just stop on the island over there and have a rest. .”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea…” Palamidis looked at the dirt slopes emerging from the water in the Everglades.

These soil slopes are like small islands on the sea. They are scattered in the swamp. The soil slopes are almost always arched. Most of the tops are bare mud, and there are only a few low and low places around the water. Shrubs and grasses.

All of this seems to be a deliberate resting place for travelers. It looks comfortable and comfortable, but the comfort is too much, and anyone who is alert can vaguely perceive some kind of dissonance.

“Don’t think too much, we stop for a few minutes, and we can start with enough supplies, and it’s not too short of a few minutes to be in danger.” Bedivere comforted. He is very naive and thinks that these soil slopes are just a miracle of nature and exist for the convenience of travelers.

“…Okay.” Palamidis was also forced by the situation. Even if he had a vague feeling that something was wrong, he had no choice but to do so. He found a relatively dry **** to stop the boat. .

As soon as the raft came to a stop, Bedivere and Seglade jumped onto the dirt slope. The werewolf stomped his feet hard, and after confirming that there was nothing unusual about the **** they were on, he greeted the leopard youth: “Okay, let’s go out.”

“Swamp berries are shade-loving plants. They will grow in clusters on the southwest side of this kind of soil slope.” Seglade explained as he walked: “We’ll look in this direction and we’ll find it soon. Meow.”

“Do you want me to go with you? My hearing might come in handy.” Chanel’s face was full of unease, perhaps because the swamp was so quiet it was suspiciously quiet.

Bediver shook his head: “No, you stay here on guard. If there is any movement, don’t wait for us, let the ship take off immediately.”

He’s right. Ships are more important than people. The two of them were in distress in the process of collecting medicine, and only two people were lost. And if the ship is attacked and destroyed, all of them will die in this swamp.

Let’s do it. “The elf girl looked a little disappointed. She knew the same thing, but she still felt very uneasy.

Seglade frowned when he saw the look on Chanel’s gaze at Bedivere.

“And I’m… in charge of making lunch.” Albert added water and jerky to a stone bowl, and boiled the dried meat again into a broth for the wounded to eat: “Keep it. Some for you guys?”

“Oh, just a little bit, thanks.” Bedivere agreed casually, picking up his big wooden bow and walking with Segred into the depths of the swamp.

Paramedis didn’t stop either. After he parked the boat, he picked up the knife and continued to process the wood to create the javelin “cannonball” with a bloodletting slot before.

This is one of the more lethal weapons they can currently use, of course the more prepared the better.

The disadvantage of this powerful attack method is also obvious. The attack requires the use of photon mirrors for propulsion, and the ship cannot move until the shell is fired, that is, it cannot escape;

Furthermore, each “cannonball” fired requires electricity – the electricity is exchanged for Palamides’ physical strength. The shells would be useless in the absence of Palamides, or if he was too tired to generate electricity.

“You need more rest, Sir Palamidis The Knight of Saint Lily of France, Chanel worriedly advises. She can clearly see the tiredness on the faces of the Leopard warriors: “Don’t waste your energy. In this kind of place, we need your strength to continue the journey. Without you, the boat will not go fast at all. “

“I know. I’ll be fine soon, I’ll make another one.” Palamidis hurriedly cut the javelin in his hand, and then lay down obediently to rest: “I’ll sleep first, and the meal is ready. call me.”

“Well, that’s right.” Chanel laughed.

“Like a housekeeper—” Albert muttered in a low voice.

“Shut up, go ahead and cook your lunch!” Chanel scolded, she still didn’t like Albert, the streaking pervert.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” Albert muttered twice and continued to stir the broth in the stone bowl with a small wooden stick, allowing it to be heated evenly by the flames.

Albert didn’t know yet that a murderous noon was gradually finding their group. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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