Light Spirit Epic Chapter 819: The stormy waves in the dark night (5)


Chapter 819

“What?” Hearing Bedivere’s unreliable answer, Saint Lily Knight Chanel couldn’t hold back, and hurriedly asked: “Why is it by the river, not back to your camp?”

“Let’s go back with a bunch of chasing soldiers like this?” Bedivere giggled: “Hehehe, you want to have a party with a large group of monsters in the camp tonight and play until dawn?”

Everyone is silent. “You **first*.. The werewolf is right. No one will go back to the camp to rest without first trying to get rid of the beast army that is chasing after him. And using the river to eliminate traces and smells along the way seems to be their current best choice.

“Four o’clock direction!” The knight girl was only stunned for a while, and immediately returned to her alert state. After all, she is also a professional, and what she should do should be done first.

“Come on, meow!” Seglade also set up his shield and prepared himself, planning to face the beast that was thrown from the forest.

I didn’t expect that the monsters didn’t “pounce” out of the forest to attack them, but instead directly knocked the waist-thick trees into the forest one by one, attacking everyone with an extremely savage and domineering momentum!

Under the light of the fire, the figure of the behemoth finally appeared. It was a monster like a rhinoceros, and it was bigger than a real rhinoceros. Its rhinoceros horns were full of photons. A pale golden cold light shines out!

“My God! How could such a guy stop me?!” Seglade exclaimed like a cat, and subconsciously fled to the left, and the formation suddenly became chaotic.

Bedivere and the others had to follow Seglade’s pace and move to the left wing, while continuing to run forward, keeping a distance from the giant rhino, and running in parallel.

However, once that thing has set its sights on the target, it will not let it go. It is pressing straight towards Seglade, and it has no intention of letting the Leopard youth escape!

Seeing that the situation was not good, Bedivere immediately took out a high-energy flaming arrow and bit it in his mouth. There were only two flaming arrows left in his hand, and he wanted to use them sparingly—but now he had to give up and use up a precious flaming arrow!

But the giant rhino in front of him has a skin as thick as armor, and it is impossible for an arrow to shoot through it, and it is impossible to set this monster on fire in an instant. In order to maximize the damage of the burning arrow, Bedivere did not immediately draw the bow and shoot the arrow, nor did he follow the group to the left.

On the contrary, the werewolf took a risk and ran in the direction of the giant rhinoceros, jumped at the right moment, and stabbed the dagger in his hand!

Zha! The razor-sharp dagger plunges into the monster’s body effortlessly! With the support of this dagger, Bedivere successfully climbed the back of the giant rhinoceros!

He only felt a pain in his butt, and the whole world was shaking like crazy in an earthquake—the giant rhino felt something crawling up its back, and of course it started shaking violently, trying to get the werewolf off his back Dump it!

Bedivere, who has fought countless times with countless monsters and has been trained a lot, is of course impossible to get rid of. The memory metal prosthesis in his left hand transformed into sharp, long claws, while his right hand clenched the dagger and climbed with strength.

Using the help of sharp claws and daggers, the werewolf crawls forward one after another, leaving a large number of knife and claw marks on the rhino’s back along the way.

When the rhino couldn’t get rid of the hateful orc on his back and was about to hit the tree with his back, Bedivere had already climbed to the back of the rhino’s neck at high speed!

Not being left behind is a victory for Bedivere!

“Now—” The sharp claws of the werewolf’s left hand were stubbornly embedded in the monster’s shoulder, providing a good fixation force: “Die!”

He raised his dagger and slashed wildly, creating a huge wound on the back of the giant rhino’s neck! For a beast of this strength, it is only a trivial skin injury, and it will recover quickly. —— However, it has no chance to recover this wound!

“Beddy, fire! —” Seglade, who was running in front, understood the werewolf’s intention and threw the torch in his hand!

Bedivere caught the torch with one hand and ignited the flaming arrow with the torch before the rhino could react, and plunged the flaming arrow, radiating red flames, deep into the monster’s cervical spine!

Brush la la la la la! ! Thousands of degrees of high-temperature flames burned wildly, burning out the flesh of the beast, and even burning out its central nervous system hidden deep within the cervical spine!

Although the regeneration ability of the monster’s surface is very strong, the more hidden the internal tissues and organs, the slower the regeneration speed. Especially important systems such as the central nervous system, once smashed, their regeneration process will be very long!

Before the giant rhino could struggle, it felt a tingling sensation all over its body. It was paralyzed from the head below, and even its heart stopped beating! This guy can no longer cause any damage to Bedivere’s team. It can only slam into the big tree in front of it weakly under the drive of its own inertia!

The werewolf knew that it was time to abandon the “cow” to escape. He rolled on the top of the giant rhinoceros head. At the same time, he didn’t forget to take a little advantage, and he stretched out the prosthetic limb of his left hand with force! Clap! His brute force actually broke off the sharp horn of the giant rhino, together with a large mass of flesh and blood under the sharp horn! Bedivere, who has a deep understanding of the body structure of monsters, knows how to use force, so this seemingly indestructible rhinoceros horn can also be twisted and removed from its roots – although this is cruel!

At the same time that the giant rhino slammed into the tree, Bedivere jumped out and landed smoothly, keeping up with the team and continuing to run wildly.

“Seglade!” He threw the torch in his hand to the leopard youth.

The leopard caught it with one hand, making the team’s lighting return to normal: “How far are you going, meow?”

“Here.” Chanel could already hear the rushing sound of the river ahead. Is this all she can hear? —“The river in front of me is relatively narrow and the water is not deep, so I can run across it smoothly.”

Of course. Bedivere had followed Palamidis hunting in the woods and had already figured out the terrain here. He found several estuaries that could help them escape under the pursuit of monsters, and this was one of them.

The four run through the woods and into the river. The deepest part of the river is only waist-deep, and even a landlubber like Bedivere can cross the river smoothly.

As long as they pass here, the smell they leave along the way will be washed away by the river, and the pursuers who follow them will not be able to find them!

All of these considerations are correct and sensible, and a normal adventurer would choose to do this. However, there is a hidden problem with the plan that could kill them.

“Oh, **** it!” When Bedivere in the back of the palace found the problem, the problem was so big that he could barely escape. A huge black shadow burst out from the bottom of the river, and two sharp teeth of cold light couldn’t wait to bite at Bedivere. Night is the time for the Nile crocodile to hunt, how could it let go of any prey that crossed the river and crawled by its mouth?

Bediver rolls to avoid the bite of a giant crocodile. But half of his body is in the water, making it very inconvenient to move. Even if he avoids the fatal blow and runs away, it is almost impossible to escape from the pursuit of this monster!

The werewolf, who was wading furiously through the water, could already feel the giant crocodile approaching rapidly behind him. His companions kept exclaiming on the opposite bank to no avail. The Nile crocodile opened its **** mouth and was about to swallow Bedivere’s entire life!

Paza! Accompanied by the sound of splashing water, another gray shadow floated rapidly through the night.

It slammed into the nose of the Nile crocodile, forcing the giant crocodile, which was about to bite the werewolf, to retreat half a foot. This half-foot distance saved Bedivere from being buried in the belly of the crocodile!

The werewolf fled desperately, rowing frantically with both hands and feet, and finally reached the other side half-swimming and half-running.

When he got to the shore, his tears and snot came out almost completely, and he was very frightened: “Mow! I almost died when I went! I won’t go to the water to swim in the future!”

“You haven’t swam before, meow…” Saifer whispered.

“Noisy!” The werewolf snarled, turning to look at the giant crocodile in the river. A gray-white shadow was still fighting with the giant crocodile, and that shadow was the thing that saved Bedivere—a big bad wolf.

Bediver gasped. Of course he knew the big bad wolf. It was the big talking wolf that ate the jerky from the werewolf before!

And it is running at high speed, jumping and galloping on the water. That leisurely pace, that smooth movement like flowing water, is just like ——!

“The ability to run on water is becoming more and more rare, even a wolf can use it, meow.” Segred sighed.

That’s right, the ability to run on the water, which should only be used by the three fathers and sons of Palamides, was easily copied by this big bad wolf—this monster is really not easy!

Even though it was such a simple monster, it was so hungry in the middle of the night that it ran to the Bedivere camp to pick up bark and beg for food!

It looks like a bear, just like a little beast that doesn’t belong to this wilderness at all, and has no ability to take care of itself in the wild!

All of this is so illogical and contradictory to the point that it makes people scratch their heads and can’t figure it out!

The big bad wolf uttered vague words again, feeling a little like he was trying to learn how to speak but failed. But its meaning was also expressed, as soon as Bedivere and his party reached the shore, they ran with all their strength.

There were Nile crocodiles blocking the river, and the demon beasts who were chasing Bedivere and his party did not dare to cross the river at all. They got rid of the pursuers successfully and ran south along the river, intending to return to the camp after this circle.

But here comes the problem. They crossed the river once and had to cross it again on the way back. The Nile River is full of dangers at night. If you risk crossing the river, the risk of being attacked by the Nile crocodile again is very great!

Seeing Bedivere’s sad face, the dark elf girl said comfortably, “It’s okay, I’ll help you this time. I can safely cross the river.”

“You have?”

“Anyway, listen to me first.” Chanel laughed.

The group can already see the camp fire from a distance. Bedivere had chosen a shallower course, and was planning to cross the river back to camp that way—now only the problem of the Nile crocodile was left.

Chanel chuckled. The young Holy Lily Knight picked up a small flat stone by the river: “Don’t make any noise, I have to concentrate on listening.”

The girl threw a stone. The pebble swirled and bounced several times on the river until it reached the opposite bank.

Every time it bounces, it creates a rippling sound on the river, making a “snapping” sound.

By the sound of small stones hitting the water, the dark elf girl uses her sensitive hearing to detect the movement of the bottom of the river – if there is some kind of dangerous beast lurking in the bottom of the river, something jumps on the water. , it will definitely respond!

However, the interior of the channel is as calm as the surface, and the water flows quietly, both serene and kind. This channel appears to be free of predators and can be safely passed through!

To be on the safe side, Chanel once again picked up a small rock and threw it. It rippled across the river again, bounced about ten times and landed on the opposite bank. After repeated tests, the river has been very safe.

“Without the crocodile, we can pass,” said the elf knight girl.

“Okay meow…” Zephyr and Seglade gushed over suspiciously. They reached the other side safely without being attacked by any strange creatures.

“I went too,” Chanel said, crossing the river too.

Finally it’s Bedivere’s turn. The werewolf was attacked by a giant crocodile while crossing the river just now, leaving a lot of shadows in his heart. He swallowed and walked slowly into the river.

Is there really no problem? Really? Bedivere was terrified as he walked in the river. The river was deeper than he had imagined, the water level reaching his neck. If you are entangled by monsters in such a ghost place, there is no way to escape, it is more dangerous than the waist-deep river just now!

Paza! Bedivere only felt that the soles of his feet slipped, and he fell into a big pit. The average depth of the channel is not very deep, but there are a few deep pits in it, and Bedivere unfortunately fell into one of them!

“Ooooooooooo!!” The werewolf struggled out of the water for a while: “Save—!”

Before his cry for help was over, he dipped his head into the water and took a big mouthful of cold water.

“Wow! Cough cough! Help!” This is the sadness of a landlubber: the pit is actually not that deep, and it can be crossed with a struggle.

But Bedivere starts to panic when he chokes When panicking, he chokes in more water. He was filled with water in a few seconds and drowned with lightning speed!

“Oh god—” Chanel exclaimed: “He turned out to be a landslide?”

The two big cats shrug together.

“People who are this big can’t swim…” The knight girl shook her head helplessly, and then glared at the two leopard youths: What are you waiting for? Why don’t you save him? “

Zefel and Seglade shrugged again with a bewildered look.

Chanel showed an incredible watch: “Could it be that… you are also landlubbers?!”

The two big cats turned their faces away in embarrassment, and the elf girl was absolutely right.

“Unbelievable!” Chanel yelled, diving headlong into the river to rescue the drowning stupid wolf. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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