Light Spirit Epic Chapter 807: The expedition is different from the first


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Chapter 807 of the expedition to another world

The King of Knights didn’t believe the “feeling the breath” description of the evil star before, but now he completely believes that the door in front of him exudes an unpleasant feeling that is completely the same as the smell “stink” Different but the same disgusting feeling—very disgusting anyway

There seems to be something in here that has great power but shouldn’t exist in the world, it makes the spine chill and hates to not want to approach it

King Arthur never expected to find something so discordant in his bedroom just to find two missing children

But what surprised Wang most was that this door should not exist

“Where did it come from?” the king of knights exclaimed in a low voice: “How many times have I checked back and forth in my castle to make sure there is nothing threatening the safety of the palace——why would I Ignore this door”

“One possibility is that you carelessly overlooked” the evil star sneered sarcastically” The second possibility is that this door did not exist before someone added it later”

“The third possibility is that it exists in the first place, but it is hidden by powerful stealth magic and no one can see it” Knight of the Round Table Lancelot appeared behind King Arthur: “It probably only appears under certain conditions “

The King of Knights glanced back at the handsome golden knight: “Lancelot especially followed me back and forth to protect Greenville”

“Why are you both like this?” Lancelot laughed sullenly: “Queen Greenville said the same thing, and she thinks you may need a help, Your Majesty.”

“I don’t need to be able to handle it alone, let alone the evil star.” Arthur carefully opened the door: “Lancelot, if you want to help so much, stay outside the door to prevent anything dangerous. Escape from the door”

“According to Your Majesty” Golden Knight also thought it was a good idea and did not refute it

The king of knights entered this deep room. The room, which is less than thirty square feet, looks like a junk room, but the junk in it has never been seen by King Arthur.

It’s like a different world and the king’s bedroom has a completely different atmosphere

Thanks to those two little devils for being able to endure this weird atmosphere and didn’t run away crying, King Arthur thought he had noticed the vent cover on the ground at this time

When he looked up at the ceiling vent, he could only feel a nasty smell oozing from it. It was clear that the ventilation duct led to an ominous world somewhere else

“It’s there, what are you waiting for? Climb in!” Shaxing urged

“Don’t be silly, how could I climb into such a small ventilation duct”

It would be possible if it were a child, Arthur thought, the two little rascals crawled in without a doubt

It’s really troublesome for your body for human beings. I’ll think of a way for you.”The evil star flew down from the top of the knight king’s head and changed back to the appearance of a golden armored boy again:”First, I will give you my blood”

“Dragon blood is replenished at this time” The King of Knights looked at the evil star suspiciously

“Come and drink” the evil star was too lazy to explain to King Arthur that he cut his wrist with a dagger and the bright red dragon blood gushed from the wound on his wrist

Arthur reluctantly leaned up and took a few breaths

The star made a very strange voice and Arthur glared at him

“Cough cough…” Jin Twinkle retracted his arm and coughed a few times: “Now your body should be filled with my power, including me [memory]”

Arthur didn’t understand: “…well then what?”

“With the blood of the dragon, I also taught you the method of moving transformation magic, and then you can temporarily change into my appearance… Theoretically,” Xinghuilong said: “With this young man’s body, it should be You can go through that vent.”

The King of Knights rolled his eyes at the dragon: “Transformation magic—I’m a human, do you think this is really possible?”

It’s not simply using creation magic to make oneself bigger or smaller. Deformation magic involves the size change of skeletal muscles and internal organs. It is the most complex branch of creation magic

“Don’t worry about it at all”, but the evil star giggled: “You are not a human, you are more like a monster than me, your wings are also transformed by the power of dragons and succubus, right?” It’s so difficult to change the whole body.”

It is true that the king of knights is stunned for a while, maybe he can really try it

“Close your eyes and concentrate and try to imagine yourself in reduced size.” The evil star said: “I have left the [blueprint] to you, you should be able to do it easily”

“Please don’t forget that I don’t have much talent for magic…” Arthur agreed in a puzzled manner and closed his eyes to try to change his shape according to the guidance of the evil star

“Yes, just continue to imagine yourself as you were in the period, let your bones shrink and muscles become smaller and thinner, and then—— become”

With the guidance of the evil star Arthur opened his eyes and looked at his arm, which was already a doubled arm Arthur became as tall as the evil star—–and the evil star also put himself Smaller he looks like a seven-year-old

“Hoohoo, I wish there was a mirror here for you to take care of what you look like now” Shaxing sneered at Arthur who had turned into a child, his vocal cords thinned and his voice completely became like a seven-year-old child /

“You’re not much better.” King Arthur looked at the evil star who had turned into a child and replied with his childish voice: “I feel very bad, my limbs are weak and my head is dizzy. How can I fight– —-How long will this magic last”

“Looking at the individual’s physique, it can last up to half an hour, I hope it is enough for us to pass through this ventilation duct.” The evil star looked up at the ceiling: “It’s okay for me to do another magic trick and it’s over, but your words—if If you are released in the middle of the transformation, you will be —— hehehe”

Arthur jumped up to the ceiling without a word, grabbed the edge of the vent, and climbed in. He was really a little scared

—-If he removes this magic knight king when he is crawling in the ventilation duct, I am afraid that he will become an adult stuck in the ventilation duct, and all the internal organs and bones of his body will be crushed by his own volume. Terrible way to die

He can only buy time to crawl through the ventilation duct of unknown length as soon as possible

Somewhere in the castle at the same time

Husky opened his eyes and found himself in a dungeon. He only felt that his whole body was weak and weak, as if he had been drained. He turned his head to see that next to him was the leopard boy Hal Haar It seems that the same encounter is in a coma

Husky tries to remember what happened before

That’s right he and Howl entered a luxurious hall where there was an ancient king’s corpse. The corpse opened his “eyes” and looked at the two teenagers who entered the hall just when Husky felt that something was wrong and wanted to run away. At the same time, the corpse had rushed to the front of the two teenagers at a very high speed and stretched out his bone-like hands. The moment Husky was touched by the corpse’s hands, Husky only felt that the strength of his whole body was drained. Completely occupied by numbness and cold, he lost consciousness

When he came to this strange castle, although the canine boy was mentally prepared for the adventure, he was easily brought down. If the mummy is the devil in the game, Nahuski, they must be grades The rookie hero who is not enough to be killed by the devil in one blow

What a shame Husky struggled to get up but his body had barely any strength left and fell awkwardly just after getting up

Ski Meow” the little black panther also seemed to wake up, he whispered in a low voice

“You’re awake wang” Husky struggled and crawled on the ground to get close to his little friend: “How is Hal wang”

Hal is not good at all. The little black panther’s body is already very weak. After such a toss, the vitality has bottomed out. Now it can be said to be dying

“I’m so tired…so hungry meow” Hal said angrily: “I really want to eat…Daddy’s cooking meow…”

Oops if it goes on like this, howl will weaken The door is tightly closed, and it is absolutely impossible to open it with the strength of a teenager

What should I do

The dog boy was so anxious that he almost cried

Cold meow…” Howl whispered: “Meow”

“There is no fire but—“The dog boy hugged the leopard boy and used his own body temperature to provide heat to the other party”This will make it a little warmer”

“It’s still very cold, meow…” The little black panther even let out a chill when he spoke while shivering

How wobbly” Husky shakes his body and rubs his already sore hands and feet together to generate more heat

He rubbed so hard that he was out of breath soon, but he didn’t know if the heat could be transmitted to the other party

“Ha Er is still cold? Wang” he asked breathlessly

The black panther boy is still shivering and starts to lose his mind

“Hal…I’m so sorry…I’m really sorry Wang” he hugged his friend and cried in a low voice

He never regretted what he had done. Only this time his curiosity nearly killed his friend did he really taste the fear and remorse

But he also knows that crying alone won’t solve the problem. If he doesn’t do anything, his friend will really weaken and die

“I will protect your wang, the **** I promised” He took off his and Hal’s shirts and wrapped himself and the Black Panther boy tightly together, so that his body temperature was directly transmitted to the other party. He didn’t care about his body. Fatigue rubs hands frantically with the remaining physical strength to create heat

His body begins to warm like a stove. The heat is transmitted through his fur to each other and spreads on the icy body of the little black panther. Howl’s shivering gradually slowed down. Instead, Husky gradually gradually shortness of breath

Thirsty…” After the body warmed up, Hal whispered in a dreamy whisper that he was extremely weak and needed to replenish water and energy as soon as possible

Husky thinks about the only way

He bites the palm of his hand without hesitation. The blood is gushing out of his dog’s paw as he puts his hand to Hal’s mouth: “It’s not too much but at least it will quench your thirst. Wang”

Smell the water (blood), delirious, Howl leaned in without hesitation, sucked the blood from Husky’s wound, and the force of life passed from one boy’s body to another boy But it never increased. The canine boy only felt that the only remaining physical strength in his body was slowly fading away, and he was dizzy.

Too bad doing this. Even if it can save Hal Haski temporarily, there is no strength to escape. The two of them will end up dead here. What to do – as the blood loss gets worse The canine boy’s sanity is also becoming more and more blurred, but he didn’t give up thinking. Before he fainted, he tried his best to support the hope that he could find a way to save himself

Clang—a bottle rolls out of Hal’s jacket pocket, hits the wall, rolls back, and ends up within a yard of the two teenagers

It’s a bottle full of red potions

“That’s…” Husky, whose consciousness was on the edge of the dizzy, looked at the bottle of the potion in front of him with his almost fainted eyes. He recognized that it was Little Hal who brought his father Palam to life. Des’s Red Potion

No matter what it is, it is the last straw for them to rely on at this time

“Haha, don’t smoke anymore” Husky retracted his palm and moved his body with difficulty to grab the potion bottle

A yard and a half yards, five inches, three inches. This moving process is as long as a century of dog boy. The whole body is as heavy as lead. It is extremely difficult to move a little

But he still grabbed the bottle and grabbed the last glimmer of hope for himself and his friends

As soon as he grabbed him, he put his face close to him and bit off the lid of the bottle. As soon as he opened the red potion, it was a matter of course.

Husky didn’t care about the dirty, but left his dignity behind. He stuck out his tongue like a puppy and licked the red potion on the ground

That thing is super bitter, super unpalatable and full of blood-like fishy smell

No way, Husky couldn’t hold on anymore. His physical and mental exhaustion still prevailed over his will. The canine boy’s eyelids fell heavily in front of him. The darkness and numbness in front of him completely grabbed him like this ( ) “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing healthy green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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