Light Spirit Epic Chapter 804: The expedition is different from the first


Chapter 804 of the expedition to another world

At the same time, in the middle and lower reaches of the Nile, two thousand feet in the air. 『Word**first*

“Be careful!” Bedivere exclaimed.

The giant Nile vulture roars, its sharp claws grazing the hot air balloon!

Brush! There was a rustling sound that sent a chill down the spine.

“Damn it! It’s trying to destroy the balloon!” Albert exclaimed, terrified in his voice.

Luckily, the hot air balloon’s fabric is super-flexible parachute fabric, and it’s also a flow of air that changes shape with impact. The balloon was cut by the black eagle’s sharp claws and was still intact, leaving only a small scratch. —— But everyone is very clear, this is just their luck for a while. Who knows if they’ll be so lucky next time?

“Woo— Elaine, flap your wings with all your strength!” the werewolf ordered, “Listen to my signal to dodge!”

“Really, is it really okay?!” The white bear man looked at the Nile Black Vulture passing by in the distance in panic.

“We’ll get through it!” The werewolf carefully watched the movements of the black eagle and put his hand on the white bear’s right shoulder: “It’s here again! Elaine, fly right!”

The white dragon man flapped his right wing with all his strength, producing a propulsion force to the right. At the same time, the werewolf also changed the direction of the jet on the raft, causing the two flames of the jet to deflect to the right.

Whoosh! The ship made a sharp turn to the right, barely avoiding the impact before being attacked by the black eagle! All it brought was a slight sway of the boat!

But how could the Nile vulture just stop there? It flew out of dozens of yards and then circled, and soon turned around again and attacked the raft again!

“The guy who doesn’t give up!” Albert looked at the huge flying monster, but was helpless. He saw something out of the corner of his eye, so he turned to look at the three Palamidis and his son curiously: “What are you doing?”

“Bow and arrows! How can you fight this monster without weapons?” The leopard warrior sharpened a long wooden stick with a dagger in his hand, and quickly made a short bow handle, which was then twisted out of fabric. The rope is used to make strings, and the short bow is formed.

At the same time, his two sons also cut dozens of sharp arrows from the collected wooden branches. However, with this little wooden arrow, you want to compete with such a huge monster? It seems unrealistic.

“Again! Elaine, to the left!!” Bedivere yelled, putting his hand on White Bear’s left shoulder. The dragon man flapped his wings fiercely, and with the boost of the propeller, the raft turned left in time, still avoiding the black eagle’s attack at the critical moment!

But this time the behemoth got even closer and passed the ship! The storm caused by the impact caused the raft to shake violently, almost throwing everyone on the boat! The Nile Black Vulture has mastered the method and timing of the attack, and its flying is getting more and more accurate and deadly! Next time, it might be able to hit the raft and tear everyone’s raft to shreds!

“Ow!!” Albert desperately grabbed the handrail on the side of the boat, fearing that he would fall off the boat: “It’s too unrealistic to fight it here! Let’s land quickly!”

“No!” The werewolf quickly glanced at the scene on the ground: “The distribution of mountains and forests here is too sparse. Even if we can land on the ground, we will only become living targets for black eagles! If we want to survive, we can only Escape from the air, as far as possible!”

“Wrong.” Palamidis raised his bow: “If you want to survive, you have to fight and beat the guy to escape.”

Bediver frowned at the arrow in Palamidis’s hand: “Do you really think that such a small arrow can drive away that large monster?!”

“Probably not based on that alone.” The leopard warrior slashed his fingers, and his fingers initially spurted blood, but gradually, a clear and transparent liquid dripped from his fingers, and he Apply this to the arrows: “This is a fortified oil I made from my own fat. Hope it works.”

He sets the oiled arrow on the stone bowl and ignites it. The arrow immediately burst into flames, burning hotter than the fire in a hot air balloon.

“Now—“The Leopard Man pulled his short bow and aimed at the black eagle that was rushing towards him: “Eat me an arrow!”

The flaming wooden arrows roared out, streaking a meteor-like arc of scarlet light in the sunset-lit sky.

It pierced the black eagle’s left eye precisely, the fuel on the arrow splashed out at the same time, and the fire spread on half of the black eagle’s face! The black eagle leaned to the right because of the pain, and the flight path changed!

“It’s now! Turn right!” Bedivere grabbed Elaine’s arm, and the white dragon man flapped his wings vigorously at the same time, causing the boat to turn sharply to the right!

No, a sharp left turn? How is this going?

“No!!——” Bedivere exclaimed in despair, the raft had hit the black vulture head-on, knocking everyone on the boat into a daze!

“Elaine, you stupid idiot!!” The werewolf cursed as soon as he recovered.

“Yes, you told me to turn this way!” The White Dragon Man said aggrievedly—the werewolf put his hand on the White Dragon Man’s left shoulder, so he flapped his left wing.

But under this collision, the raft did not break apart, and the huge kinetic energy knocked the black eagle out. The raft made by three father and son Palamides was unexpectedly strong and saved everyone’s life!

“One more time!” Palamidis has ignited another flaming arrow again, shooting the arrow while the beast is still dizzy! The arrow slammed into the beast’s tail, and the fire spread instantly, burning the black eagle’s tail wings!

The thing began to fly in random directions, like a blind fly.

“What is it doing, meow?” Albert asked curiously.

“The feathers on its tail are used to adjust the direction and balance the airflow. Of course, it can’t control the flight when it burns.” Palamidis sneered, “Come on! Before its feathers and eyes are regenerated, Get out of here as soon as possible!”

“Elaine!” cried the wolf.

“Ouch!!” The white dragon man cried out in pain, flapping his wings with the force of sucking milk to propel the raft. The werewolf no longer retained it, and turned the injector to the maximum, and a long flame was drawn from the mouth of the pot.

Amazing propulsion creates incredible speed, and the spaceship moves frantically, quickly throwing away enemies in the air!

“There!” Albert can already see the sixth waterfall of the Nile in the distance: “It should be no problem to climb that one!?”

“I hope so.” The werewolf saw that the black vulture was not chasing after him, and that a forest above the waterfall could also be a good hiding place, so he no longer hesitated and rushed towards the forest: “It’s about to land! Everyone, hold on tight! “

He quickly reduced the balloon’s fuel, making it less buoyant. With his precise calculations, the raft landed firmly beside the cliff above the waterfall, gliding a dozen yards, stopping before hitting the woods.

“Very good!” The sun was about to go down, and it was almost completely dark at this time, and the werewolf hurriedly urged: “El, campfire! Saifel and Seglade are fishing! Me and Pa Ramidis builds the tent! Let’s do it!”

“Me, what about me?” Elaine, who was half exhausted, could no longer maintain the form of a dragon man, and changed back to a white bear man.

Take a break! ‘ said the werewolf, taking his dagger and working the wood.

When he finished speaking, it was completely dark. Fortunately, flames were still burning in the stone bowl of their hot air balloon, and the firewood was abundant, making it very convenient to ignite and illuminate. Palamidis quickly made a hand of torches. At the same time, he used a knife to cut a lot of grooves in the tree next to him, and inserted some extra torches into the trunk to illuminate a small forest.

The howls of wild beasts are constantly heard around. The night fell, and it was time for the beasts to go out for food.

Palamidis leaned over to Bedivere: “We’ll have to build a little tent in the tree. Build a resting place on the ground, and there won’t be enough lives to die.”

“I can’t agree more.” The werewolf looked at a sturdy tree in the distance that couldn’t be hugged by five people: “It’s just right there. Let’s build a tent on that tree.”

Although they said they were building tents, they decided to make the most of it. The werewolf was responsible for moving the raft, while the leopard warrior climbed up the tree and chopped down branches, freeing up an area for the raft to land on.

“Okay, stop!” Palamidis pulled the rope to guide the raft so that it rested securely and safely in the canopy of the tree.

In this way, they can use the fabric of the parachute to build a beautiful ceiling to block the wind and rain, have a wooden floor where they can sleep peacefully, and also prevent the raft from being stolen. The campfire was made of two stone bowls holding firewood, which could be safely and warmly burned all night, and the problem of accommodation tonight was solved.

Bediveville took local materials, picked some large leaves and dried them by the fire, and laid them flat on the raft, which is a soft and dry mattress. Palamidis took off another parachute and spread the cloth on the cocoa-leaf mattress, which was a comfortable and clean sheet. Looks like they’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight.

At the same time, Albert and the others also came from the river bank, and the harpoons in the hands of the three were pierced with a large string of fat and delicious fish.

The fish of the Nile River have a habit of foraging for food at dusk. Coupled with the nature of chasing light, they keep throwing their arms towards the torches in the hands of the big cats, trying to catch these fish Simply effortless! Tonight’s food problem is also solved.

“That’s great!” Albert said happily after climbing up the tree house, “I’m starving, come and grill the fish!”

“You bake your hands.” Palamidis pulled Bedivere: “Let’s go hunting some birds as a food reserve. I’m going to be tiring to cross the Everglades tomorrow, and we have to prepare more food. , to prevent food shortages.”

“Oh, go, let’s save some grilled fish for Dad, meow.” Saifer sat in front of the bonfire and grilled the fish.

Can’t you eat before you catch the birds? “The werewolf followed the leopard warrior and jumped from the tree house, murmuring dissatisfied.

“I need some bird feathers for my arrows, and an arrow without feathers won’t shoot at all,” Palamedis said.

(Nevertheless, this guy shot the black eagle with two arrows with precision, one shot blinding the beast’s eyes, and the other burned its tail.)

“Also,” Palamides raised his torch and made his way cautiously through the forest: “I need to talk to you.”

What is coming is still coming. Bedivere murmured in his heart that he still owed the Leopard Warrior an explanation.

Because Bedivere’s archery was better than Palamides, the werewolf held a bow and arrow, while the leopard held a torch for lighting, and the two marched in the forest, looking for birds to hunt and small beast.

“So,” after listening to Bedivere’s explanation, Palamides was silent for a while, and finally said: “It’s because the [Fourth Miracle] made the wall of the world transparent, so that some parts that should have been The dead come back to life and make everyone in the world forget you exist? Sounds like an exaggeration.”

“But it’s true. Zephyr and Seglade forgot about me too. I don’t know why, but it’s intriguing that the petrified you is unaffected—“

“There!” Palamedis put away the torch and pointed in the direction of ten o’clock: “Did you see the bird on the tree?”

“Leave it to me.” The werewolf stopped talking, pulled his bow vigorously, and shot arrows at the birds on the tree.

Whoosh! The arrow without the tail was indeed a little unstable in flight. It swirled slightly in the air, but it still completed the task very well, and the arrow pierced the head of the wild bird. Needless to say, the wild bird died instantly, and the corpse fell weakly to the ground.

“Good arrows!” Palamidis chased after him to harvest his prey, “In such a dark environment, he can even get a headshot with an arrow.”

“I’m going to shoot it’s body…” Bedivere said helplessly, the arrow’s trajectory was indeed deviated.

“The result is good, everything is fine.” Palamidis didn’t care about that much, he quickly pulled out his arrow, removed the battered head of the wild bird and squeezed its blood. Partially thrown into the backpack: “Two more hunts, and the feathers should be enough. Next I want some fuel, something that will make the arrow burn more vigorously.”

“Isn’t the oil dripping from you a good fuel?” the werewolf asked gloomily.

“Idiot!” The big cat immediately scolded: “Look at my slender Where can I squeeze out any more oil? Those few drops of oil are the last fat I squeezed out of my body. If we don’t find a replacement soon, we will die if we encounter that black vulture again.”

“You can eat more fat—“

“So you don’t have common sense.” Palamidis replied: “It takes at least 24 hours for food to be digested and re-polymerized into fat and stored in the body. Even if I now catch fish and Birds have eaten up all their fat, but there is still not enough time.——Even a green knight is not a panacea.”

(Is that so? It seems to me that you are already omnipotent…)

While Bedivere wondered, there were more and more noises in the surrounding valley. The sound of wild beasts crawling and plucking leaves in the forest one after another, making people feel chilling.

In such deep mountains and old forests, they are destined to have a restless night. Palamidis is right at all, if you don’t hurry up and find a way to prepare your weapons, the group will really die under the claws of the beasts! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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