Light Spirit Epic Chapter 801: The expedition is different from the first


Chapter 801 The Expedition to Another World

Palamedes grins. “Speaking **first*..” said smugly: “The buoyancy created by hot air. It is much more ideal than the propulsion of jets. It also consumes much less fuel. You see. This fabric is still fireproof. This is Absolutely, the questioner arranged it intentionally.”

He holds the fire-breathing dagger near the fabric of the parachute. The flames roared through the cloth. It seemed like a hole could burn through the thin plastic material at any time. But the fabric was surprisingly strong. The high temperature of thousands of degrees of blue flame can’t burn through.

Without a doubt. This fabric is intended to be made into a hot air balloon.

“Beautiful.” The werewolf took off his swim ring: “Paramedis. Use this to make the base plate for another balloon. Al. Break open more dry food. See if there’s anything more hidden in it. more parachutes.”

“Already there.” Albert handed another parachute hidden in the dry food to the werewolf: “This thing must be hidden in every candidate’s dry food. If you don’t pay attention when eating it. How many people’s front teeth will be knocked out? Huhu—“

The parachute is actually very cleverly hidden. The werewolf sighed inwardly. There will probably be many candidates who discard those useless dry food in the first place. Travel light. Find something to eat along the way.

And. There is only one parachute hidden in the six compressed dry food. Nibbling on this. Angry candidates. It’s easy to throw away parachutes like trash. Even reluctantly left it behind. It is also extremely difficult to research its use (at best it will only be used as a parachute).

This [Trial of Strength] can really play dead people. Update Bedivere for the first time and feel the deep malice in the exam questions.

Palamidis quickly made the base plate for another hot air balloon. Work the newly obtained parachute cord through the bottom plate again. It’s a new hot air balloon again.

As such. They own two hot air balloons. Plus the anti-gravity device on the bottom of the boat. Seems to be able to do something.

Of course. Fuel will be a big problem. Consistently consuming high-compression fuel from lighters. I’m afraid that the fuel will run out if it can’t reach the destination.

Bedivere pulls out three more water bottles. Empty the water in it.

“Elaine. Safe. Seglade. Go and pick up more branches. The more the better. It should be about the size of the spout of this jug. Fill them each.”

“Firewood. Firewood?”

“Yes. The firewood we will use for the next three days.” The werewolf was too lazy to explain the reasoning. “Go.”

“And the three of us.” Bedivere looked at Palamidis and Albert again. “Modify the raft. Put two hot air balloons on it.”

It is four thirty in the afternoon. There are still about two hours before dark. The werewolf suppressed the anxiety in his heart. Start modifying the raft. This is already well behind the scheduled itinerary. Just hope that the sixth waterfall of the Nile can actually be reached before dark tonight.

Same time. King Arthur’s bedroom.

Uncomfortable meow…” In the darkness. Howl whimpered in a low voice.

“Be patient with the bark again.” Husky’s voice sounded behind the Leopard boy: “The bark can be pulled out immediately.”

Hal made a painful voice: “No…it’s so tired. I can’t keep going, meow.—“

Husky also made a forceful voice: “One more time. It’ll be fine in no time.”


“Wow.” The two teenagers whispered at the same time. There was a “boo” sound that was pulled out in the darkness. Then there was the sound of the two landing.

A faint glow. Spilled from the ceiling. fell on the two teenagers.

Ass meow. “Hal rubbing his sore ass. More chapters coming sooner.” No. Not anymore. so tired. Take a break, meow. “

“No. Walk forward for a while.” Husky got up and looked at the light falling from the ceiling. They were in a low, small room. And the ventilation ducts in front of them seem to lead further into the castle. They just pulled it hard. It is a cover plate for the ceiling ventilation duct.

“One more time to stack Arhat. I’ll send you to Wang.” Husky wagged his tail and said, “It seems to be arriving soon. The real dungeon Wang with buried treasures.”

Hal looks at his surroundings with fear and suspicion. The dark room was littered with debris and cobwebs. He was a little reluctant: “Let’s go back, meow. It’s getting darker and darker here. It’s getting more and more terrifying meow.”

“You’re so timid. More and faster chapters to come. How can you hunt for treasure like this.” Husky hugged Hal disapprovingly. He quickly put the leopard boy on his shoulders: “Come on. Climb up.”

“Yes. But. Aunt Greenville will be worried…she may have sent the family servants to find us meow.”

“That would be no fun. Of course avoid them. Can’t get caught.”


“Don’t be an endless dog. Hurry up and crawl.”

Hal stretched out his hands helplessly. Climb up along the edge of the ventilation duct.

“How is it. Can I see anything?”

I narrowed my eyes and looked carefully. From a slightly sloping upward ventilation duct. Seems to be able to see something in the distance.

“Your crutches. Use this to pull me up.” Husky offered Hal’s two crutches.

“I’m not sure this is a good idea…”

“Just be a woof,” urged Husky.

There are faint footsteps outside the room. Maybe the servants have come here.

“Hurry up. The castle guards are all over now.” Husky, however, was fully in game mode.

I took the crutches. He sighed helplessly. He propped himself on both sides of the ventilation duct. Do your best to keep your body steady. He stretched out his cane again: “Come. Come on meow.”

“Hey hey. First update” Husky chuckled a few times. a jump. The canine boy jumped with all his strength. One hand just grabbed the edge of the ventilation duct. He stretched out his other straight hand and grabbed the cane. Climb up. Easily climbed into the ventilation duct.

“Okay. Let’s go.” Husky leaned over to Hal. Because the ventilation ducts are very narrow. The two were very close. You can almost feel each other’s breath.

“What the **** is going on ahead. Husky crawled up the ventilation duct. Hal followed Husky’s ass. asked worriedly.

“I heard from Uncle Arthur’s servants. This castle is a real old castle. It’s been around for thousands of years. It is said that Uncle Arthur will be moving soon. So they simply remodeled it. . Temporarily live in the upper floors of the castle. More and faster chapters to come.”


“That is to say.” The canine boy interrupted the leopard boy’s exclamation. “There’s actually a lot of unexplored parts of this castle. There’s also a good chance that there’s a real treasure buried there. Isn’t it fun, you say. Isn’t it exciting.”

“It’s very exciting…but—“Hal paused for a moment:”Will there be any ghosts and ghosts, meow. You know. Castle—“

“If there are ghosts. We can run away.” Husky smiled boldly: “Although I don’t believe there are ghosts in the world.”

I hummed softly. Don’t know how to respond.

“Ah. Here it is.” Husky pushed against the other ventilation duct in front of him: “Wow. It’s so tight. Hal. Come and help me. Push it hard from behind.”

“Again. Meow again.”

“Hurry up.”

Hal stretched out his hands helplessly. Press on the canine boy’s ass: “You know meow. This feels a little weird…”


Wow. “Little Hal hesitated.

“Okay. I’ll count to three. Then let’s bang together.”

“One. Two. Three. Wooooooooooo—“

The two teenagers slammed the head together. boo. The old vent duct cover was shoved open by Husky. Fall out. at the same time. The canine boy and leopard boy who couldn’t hold back their strength also rushed out of the ventilation duct. fell together.

Bump. The two landed heavily. Fortunately, the ventilation ducts are not high above the ground. They were not injured.

“Ow. My forehead is wrinkled.” Husky kowtowed. Excruciating pain: “Hal. Are you alright.”

“Uuuu…it’s okay meow.” Little Howl blushed. Get up from the canine boy’s back. Fortunately, he was safe with a small partner at the bottom.

However. When he got up and saw the surrounding scene. The little black panther was stunned: “Wow thiophene——“

“Wow—thiophene——” seems to be responding to the exclamation of the little friend. Husky also exclaimed.

The room in front of them. It is one of the many unexplored areas of the castle. It’s been mothballed because it’s too dangerous—at least. The two teenagers thought so.

The huge passage has long stone steps. All the way to the depths of the earth. The walls and ceilings on both sides are covered with delicate reliefs. There are thousands of statues of knights and war horses on it. It seems to depict a tragic battle.

This magnificent and ancient corridor is lined by with hundreds. Knight’s armor lined up neatly. They are a bit old and rusted though. The carvings on it are still lifelike. Armor held a spear and a great sword. They all stood upright. It was as if one of the knights was on duty. It seems to move at any time to drive away intruders.

“It’s so bad. It’s amazing. It’s amazing.” Husky was crazy with joy. wagging tail. Keep spinning around these armors. Admire the wonderful shapes of these armors. He also thinks that the praise is not enough. Added another sentence: “It’s so powerful, so powerful, so powerful.”

Hal picked up his cane and walked slowly. He also looked at the surrounding environment curiously: “It’s really amazing meow. I’m very curious about what’s down there.”

“Wow we’ll find out.” Husky’s tail wagged more happily. He walked to Hal and supported the Leopard boy: “Come on. Let’s continue walking.”

“Okay. Alright meow.” Hal cautiously descended the steps. For this seven-year-old Leopard boy. The adventure ahead was never before. A real castle adventure. Although afraid. At the moment, he was driven by curiosity. Had to continue to explore. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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