Light Spirit Epic Chapter 798: The expedition is different from the first


Chapter 798 of the expedition to another world

Same time. “Speaking **first*..somewhere in the lower reaches of the Nile.

Three candidates walk together. I had hoped that there would be someone to take care of in this dangerous place full of monsters.

But they were far from thinking. The real insidious is not the beast. but people.

As they run past a dead crocodile. I couldn’t help being taken aback by the terrifying death of this Nile crocodile. It was this moment of hesitation. Make them slow down.

Same time. Bedivere has been waiting on a big tree in the nearby forest for a long time. He saw the movements of the students. Lift a piece of wood in the odd U-shape in your hand. Throw it out.

The thing drew a nice arc in the air. Then slammed **** the skull of a candidate. Bounce again. Another knock on the forehead of another candidate. Bounce again. hit the last candidate in the left face.

Three candidates fell simultaneously. Glide five full yards on the sandy bank before stopping. The werewolf had already leaped into the air from the top of the tree. A hand stretched out. Just happened to grab the piece of wood that flew back in the face.

“Wow.” Albert and Bedivere got out of the woods together. At the same time, he exclaimed loudly: “What kind of weapon are you using. It’s so handsome.”

“It’s a boomerang,” Bedivere answered briefly. Has rushed to the front of the students who fell to the ground. Kicked one of the exams: “Yeah. I’m finally honest.”

He ripped off the candidate’s clothes. Scrape off its gear. Let that person have only one bracelet and one shorts.

“They fainted. The bracelet didn’t fall off.” Albert was doing the same.

“That’s for sure.” Bedivere put the looted supplies in a backpack—which was actually made from another candidate’s robes: “The bracelets are already bound to them. Together. If they are in danger in the Nile Valley. I think the bracelet will believe the distress signal. Let the exam staff come to rescue them.”

“I see.” Albert rolled his eyes: “Hey. Update as soon as possible, you know meow. I suddenly thought of a very evil method. We can get transportation right away.”

“I know what you’re thinking. But no.” The werewolf immediately rejected the tiger’s idea: “We’re not bad enough to cause trouble for the rescue workers. They came to rescue people with good intentions. You But stealing transportation from them. That’s not even a scumbag.”

Albert also stripped off another candidate’s equipment at this time. But he still looked unyielding: “Even if it doesn’t break the rules. It can’t.”

“No,” the werewolf said firmly.

They have just stripped the equipment of two candidates. The third candidate was actually pretending to be dizzy. He took advantage of the gap between Bedivere and Albert’s conversation. Suddenly he got up and ran out. He thought that he would be able to escape from Bedivere’s clutches.

The werewolf waved disapprovingly. Huo Di threw the boomerang in his hand. The strangely shaped wood smashed into the forehead of the escaped examinee. This time it really knocked that guy out.

“Look at you running.” The werewolf cursed. Reach out. After the boomerang knocked on the forehead. Draw an indescribable arc in the air. Eventually returned to Bedivere’s hands.

“Hey. It’s really fun to watch it many times.” Albert drooled at the boomerang in Bedivere’s hand: “Where the **** did you learn how to make this thing.”

“The Royal Library of Great Britain.” The werewolf said disapprovingly: “Well. More chapters are coming soon. This is just a toy. It may be effective for humans. It is not strong enough against powerful monsters. I’ll give it to you if you like it. But. To make it fly back smoothly. You must be proficient in throwing skills.”

This deceptively simple toy. In fact, it involves very complex aerodynamic principles. There is no equivalent practice. It’s hard to get the boomerang to fly back.

Nevertheless. Albert, the older child, happily accepted the original wooden toy. This thing is enough for a big cat to play with for a long time.

Bedyville also took the resources of the third candidate. with Albert. Drag three unconscious candidates into the woods. at the same time. The three Palamidis father and son also basically completed the raft. More faster chapters to come.

“It’s beautifully done.” Bedivere looked at the raft of dozens of logs. A little surprised.

“You said it. Make it as strong as possible.” Palamides continued to refine the raft’s shape. The small dagger in his hand was swung wildly by him.

The leopards seem to have an innate talent for building objects out of wood. Maybe they don’t just run fast. Manual work is also fast and dexterous.

At that time in Athens. Werewolves have seen it. The houses the leopards built out of wood were beautiful and strong. And this makeshift raft turned out to be just as good. It’s even a mortise and tenon with a lot of finesse. tightly integrated into one. therefore. It can withstand strong shocks. It won’t shatter in the rapids. Update as soon as possible

That’s not enough.

The two sons of Palamides disassembled a looted robe of a candidate into many long ropes. After this special fabric is woven into a rope, it is extremely flexible. A rope as thick as a finger can hang a big fat man like a polar bear from a tree. There is no need to worry about the rope breaking.

Use these tough ropes. Two Blue Leopard youths are doing the final reinforcement work on the raft. They crossed the rope between the stakes. String the stakes in a row. As such. Even without the tenon on the raft breaking. The raft still has ropes tangled in it. Will not fall apart.

“I hope you’re not wasting your time with all this.” Albert looked up at the sky. Approximate the time of day from the position of the sun. “It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. We don’t have much time left.”

“Relax.” The werewolf opened the captured dagger. Take away those fuel tanks: “The next journey will be very fast. Enough to get us back the lost time.”

He pulls out a water bottle. Dump out the water in it.

Cador, the examiner, said. There is one hundred liters of water in the kettle – the problem is the number [one hundred liters].

A person needs only three liters of water a day. Less than ten liters in three days. And water can be drawn from the Nile at any time.

This 100 liters of water is apparently redundant — the same as the fuel for a dagger lighter. Giving a lot out of thin air.

That is to say. There is also a universe in this kettle. If you pour out this 100 liters of water. This is a huge subspace inside. A container that can hold a large number of items.

If you combine these items. Maybe something can be done——

Boom. Something fell out of the kettle. Bedivere was only half right. The huge container he wanted was indeed available after emptying the jug. But he never expected it. The organizer of the exam would be so kind. Additional [gifts] were prepared for the candidates.

Falls from the bottom of the kettle. Wrap the thing securely in a plastic bag. It’s actually only the size of a palm. But those who know the goods will immediately know the value of this little machine.

Saw the werewolf’s eyes. Albert couldn’t help but ask curiously: “Beddie. What the **** is this?”

“It’s an anti-gravity device.” Palamidis has already answered first: “Look at the specifications of this thing. It should be equivalent to the iron cavalry used by the Knights of Great Britain. With this, you can make the raft. floated.”

Floating rafts are no longer rubbed by the water. under zero friction. It can get very fast. With this. Hurrying is no longer an issue.

The werewolf remains suspicious. He reached out to unpack it. Weighing the anti-gravity device: “Paramedis. As you estimate. How many of these are needed. To keep our raft afloat.”

Palramidis can’t help but cast his eyes on Elaine. They were a group of six people–including the fat-looking polar bear–and a raft that was very large to support the weight of the six people. The total weight is really scary.

“Four.” Palamidis estimated. “To keep our raft afloat. Four antigravity engines are definitely enough.”

“Very good.” The werewolf brought three more water jugs. Empty the water in the jug. After the water is completely radiated. The antigravity engines fell out one by one.

They originally had six jugs. In addition, he grabbed another six from other candidates. There is absolutely no shortage of this set.

He begins installing anti-gravity devices on the four corners of the raft level. At the same time, calculate how long the batteries of these things will last.

If it’s the same as the cavalry. without charging. These units can be used all day.

Using up four antigravity batteries in one day. It took only three days to consume all twelve. If there is no accident. They can hold out to the finish.

Still waiting here is not the way to go. Time is consuming little by little. Go on like this. It’s getting dark.

After the werewolf set up the antigravity device then stuffed the canister of high-energy fuel from the dagger lighter into the emptied kettle. Then connect the spark plug to the spout. Thus. Once fired. The gas ejected from the high-energy fuel tank will first diffuse in the warp of the kettle. mixed with air. Reburn expansion. It is ejected from the spout at a high speed.

This is a rocket booster.

“Very skilled. You’ve played something like that before meow.” Albert was bored. Leaning over to look curiously at the work in the hands of the werewolf.

Bedivere was too lazy to answer the tiger. He had been a servant to Arthur before. Arthur, who was still a silver knight at the time, was assigned the iron cavalry of the Northern Heaven Knights. And the preparation of the iron cavalry is completed by the werewolf boy.

Arthur taught the boy Bedivere how to repair the delicate machinery. Compared with the iron cavalry with complex maintenance structure. This rocket launcher made by a werewolf. Nothing at all.

He weighs the amount of fuel. Made two injectors. Secure them firmly to the rear of the raft. This raft is already very presentable. Like a real jet boat. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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