Light Spirit Epic Chapter 789: Power


Chapter 789 The chapter of power begins, the ultimate battle is in the sky, one

Same time. After thousands of jumps. Bedivere had already approached the aerial battleship.

A closer look. This thing is simply terrifyingly big. Even if most of the battleships were hidden in the dark clouds. The momentum of the battleship is still breathtaking.

Wolfman is a good distance. One last jump on the hailstone. At the same time, he threw out the vine whip in his hand. The end of the whip hooked the mast of the battleship without any suspense. Bedivere took advantage of the swing. It lands lightly on the deck.

“Yo. Bedivere. You’re here meow.” Zephyr yelled at the werewolf. Waving from a distance.

“Seifer. Segley” while saying hello to Bedivere. Surprised to see the uncle beside the two leopard youths. He recognized the man Palamidis right away. .

Bedivere thought that Palamidis had long since become King Arthur’s Knight of the Round Table without any suspense. Why is this guy coming to the exam now.

No. Is he not a student. Just came to see my sons off.

It seems logical to think so. But it felt like something was wrong. How could Palamidis, who saw off his sons, appear here fully armed. and. If he is a knight of the round table. I’m sure I won’t blatantly send my sons off here. Always avoid suspicion.

The werewolf approached the three leopards with confusion. A perfunctory greeting. More faster chapters to come. His eyes peeked at the **** panther curiously.

“Bediver. Let me introduce you. This is our dad. Palamidis.” Zephyr. “Dad. Uh…for some reason. Been in a coma for several years. I just woke up recently meow. He came to take the exam and also for rehab training meow.”

So it is. Bedivere remembers only the final fate of Palamidis and Vivienne seven years ago. They both turned into stone at the same time. Now it seems. They are all released from petrification.

When Zephyr does this. It wasn’t just the werewolf who looked at the panther suspiciously. Palamides also looked at the werewolf Bedivere with a puzzled look. at last. The black panther warrior finally couldn’t help but speak: “You are all introducing each other. Update as soon as possible. Isn’t this Bedivere. How can I not know.”


Palamidis remembers Bedivere.

“Uh…Dad..” The two young Leopards looked at their father strangely: “You’ve known Bedivere for a long time, meow.”

“Don’t you know him. Isn’t he King Arthur’s”

"啊啊啊啊啊今气真好啊。"贝迪维尔大嚷起來打断了豹人战士的话。 At the same time, he leaned in front of Palamides and whispered: “Can we leave this matter alone. I will explain it to you when I have time.”

“Hmm.” Palamidis was at a loss. He scratched his head. I thought it was some kind of game between Werewolf and Zephyr. It didn’t go into depth. Immediately fell silent.

At this time. Albert is also about to arrive. Tiger made bigger circles to take the safer route. Arrived a few minutes later than the werewolf. He threw the dagger to the edge of the battleship. At the same time, a transfer came. Teleport yourself to where the dagger is.

He jumps out one last time. It lands lightly on the deck. But already exhausted and panting. Lying on the ground and shivering: “You. You meow…Why meow meow to park the spaceship at this high place.”

Who told you to detour on purpose. The werewolf glanced at Al in the distance with disdain. On the one hand, I’m happy for Al’s successful arrival. On the other hand, I am also worried about Elaine.

“Bedivere.” A voice came from the Sacred Tree Seed in the werewolf’s arm. It’s Olin.

“What’s the matter. Don’t tell me the psychic stone is fake.”

“No.” Olin’s was something else: “Put your arm out. Don’t move. I’ll teleport something to you.”

“You took me as a porter.” The werewolf stretched out his left arm helplessly. The Seed of the Holy Tree has stretched its vines. Circle a portal the size of a bucket.

While the werewolf was still wondering. A great sword has been stretched out from the portal. The first update was followed by a bang. Elaine’s clothes and equipment were all stuffed by Olin.

“Wow. I haven’t seen you for a while. You got an interesting treasure.” Palamides looked at the tree species in the werewolf’s hands curiously. And the mess of equipment on the ground.

“Trust me. It’s not the kind of thing you want.” The werewolf smiled wryly. Instead, he asked Olin: “What did you do? Stripped Elaine’s equipment and clothes off. Let him run naked in the rain.”

“Idiot.” Olin cursed from the tree seed: “You just put away his equipment. Wait for him. He will come.”

It seems. Elaine really figured out a way to get up. Can this clumsy child get here. If you can. Really amazing.

But the sound of the storm from the bottom of the battleship is getting louder. The hailstorm is beginning to end. Time limit is approaching. The way to get here will be closed. Will Elaine arrive in time again?

More candidates showed up one after another. The huge deck of the battleship was crowded with people at an alarming rate. Bedivere and others moved closer. Take advantage of the last few minutes before the exam starts to chat for a while.

Of course. The so-called small talk is also mainly for the exchange of information. Two Blue Leopard youths who have passed the three-year exam. Point out those old faces that often appear. Alert Bedivere to their attention.

“The guy with the strange helmet over there. It’s the Roman gladiator Berelder meow.” Zephyr pointed quietly to a giant man in the direction of three o’clock: “The swordsmanship is very powerful. Offensive and defensive to destroy the opponent’s will. You definitely don’t want to confront this person head-on.”

“That’s the marksman Faris Meow over there.” Seglade also pointed to a slender man dressed as a hunter at six o’clock. “That guy can use the eagle eye technique. He likes to sneak up on other candidates from behind. To reduce the competition. He is a very dirty guy. Stay away from him meow.”

“And the poisoner Beet Meow next to that guy.” Saifel also. His eyes fell on the short man dressed as an Egyptian. This guy is wearing gold rings. There was also a giant python wrapped around him.

” These two often make up a pair to commit crimes. Bet is a master of poison. The first update is to apply deadly poison on Faris’ arrows. He kills many candidates every year. Even singles Fight alone. Beite’s poison is not easy to deal with meow.”

This is it. know. Bedivere thought to himself. He is an invincible physique.

“And the great mage Logan Meow over there.” Seglade turned his eyes to the direction of seven o’clock again. It was a big man dressed as a mage. He was wearing a black robe. In his hand he was holding a disobedient ruby ​​spear.

” That guy is the actual combat school in the Magician’s Association. According to him, he is proficient in time magic. He can freeze the time around me. But no one has ever seen him use such magic. Because he is strong enough to use the weapon in his hand. It can handle most situations meow.”

Time magic. The werewolf laughed inwardly. really.

Time is one of the most difficult things in the world to control.

There is no example in the world where time has been successfully created by magic. It’s okay to create (sub)spaces. But creating time is another matter.

Even with the ability to transform [time] with photons. Time is such an intangible thing. In an instant, it will spread in the time ocean of the entire world. Not only does it not help the caster. The transformed time also has little effect on the entire world.

Even if the entire universe is depleted of photons. Nor can the time of the universe be increased by one second; even the time of the entire universe is increased by one second. There is no benefit to the user either.

Therefore. Time magic has been considered meaningless magic since ancient times. No one has ever taken the time to study [time].

“Cough cough.” Saifer snorted. “And that.” Saifer pointed to a candidate twenty yards in front of him: “The most dangerous opponent. Magic Swordsman Solar Meow. He has five magic swords of different properties in his hand. He can control them at the same time. Fire. Ice. Lightning. Kinetic energy. And creation magic meow.

The most important thing to pay attention to is the [Creation Demon Sword] in his hand that can grow and become huge at any time. If you don’t care, you will be flattened by it. According to him, he almost passed the final hurdle in the exam last year. Become a knight of the round table meow. He is also recognized as a popular cat this year. “

Bediver looked at the werewolf-like figure. An excellent human warrior with purely functional muscles.

This man is indeed a master. Exercise this clean and simple. No muscle mass at all. It’s a lot harder than getting a muscle that gets in the way. People who will go after this. Usually a veteran of the fight. Made for fights.

When he looked at Solar Solar also turned to look at the werewolf. As if he could detect Bedivere’s gaze.

Bedivere was soaking wet. Not wearing any armor. Only in casual clothes. The soaked clothes were clinging to Bedivere. Show the muscles of the werewolf.

Therefore. When Solar saw Bedivere. He opened his mouth and let out a low sigh. It was probably An Sigh that found someone like them. Just look at each other’s body. You can understand how good the opponent’s fighters are.

That’s why. They both regard each other as a formidable enemy. Sparks of hostility erupted from each other.

So-called same-sex exclusion. That’s how it is.

“And there’s Descartes, the beastmaster over there. Morun the machete. Judar the monk. Doha the dragon knight. Lawrence the counselor. Nimitz the giant. Everyone is a frequent visitor to the annual exam.” Seglade pointed out these old rivals to Bedivere.

And of course. There are also Tristan and Evan Werewolf who have already found the figures of those two guys in the crowd.


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