Light Spirit Epic Chapter 784: Preparation for battle (4)


Chapter 784 Preparations for the Trial

The werewolf is still wondering. “Yan**shou*.. The tree species has stretched out a slender note like a head. Climb up the inside of Bedivere’s arm.

The werewolf hastily raised his left prosthesis. The whole arm holds three cards. Make Albert unable to see everything that grows on the inside of this arm.

Twigs run along the inside of Bedivere’s palm. Climb to the werewolf’s hand. It tapped lightly on that ghost card. A resinous substance spreads across the deck. It moves as if alive. Spread a very thin layer quickly.

This resinous coating masks the suits on the cards. In an instant, it became the suit of another card in Bedivere’s hand, an ace of spades.

The Sacred Seed’s resin coating replicates the texture of an object’s surface.

The werewolf is taken aback. He was distracted at the same time. Resin’s texture duplication effect disappears. becomes completely transparent. The ghost cards under the coating appeared again.

Though you can copy textures as you like. The effect of updating it for the first time is only for a moment. Just like playing the picture on the LCD screen. But because of insufficient power. Only play half a second.

“Beddie. You’re stunned. Are you going to let me draw cards?” Albert urged, shaking his legs.

“Wait. I’m thinking about a strategy.” The werewolf said casually.

“Humph. Playing **** requires strategy. Well. Whatever.” Tiger didn’t care.

At this time, the Seed of the Holy Tree also took back its twigs. It seems to be telling Bedivere: Since the other party uses magic to get rid of the old thousand. Nor can we show weakness. You can only fight poison with poison. Thousands of kilograms.

Nevertheless. Tiger’s card change is still invincible. He must be able to switch cards.

A werewolf can do it. Just change the texture of the card in an instant. the next moment. The card will return to its original state.

This is a passive. Weak Thousand Skills. It is simply impossible to confront the tiger’s thousand arts head-on.

What is the solution. More faster chapters to come. Turn passive into active. Let Bedivere turn defeat into victory.

The werewolf had an idea. I figured out a way.

He puts away the three cards in his hand. At the same time a purse was shaken out of the holding ring: “El. You did win eight hundred and thirty from my thousand gold. So I only have one hundred and seventy gold left. But that’s not It’s over. I haven’t lost completely. I’m going to raise.”

The tiger is a bamboo in the chest. Full of confidence: “How much to add.”

“One thousand eight hundred and thirty gold coins.” The werewolf threw a bag of money on the table: “If you win, the two thousand gold coins on my side are yours. Otherwise. You take one on your side. One thousand eight hundred and thirty gold coins will be returned in full.”

“Uh. It’s still one hundred and seventy gold coins.”

“It’s okay. What’s missing. You can pay for it with your body.”

“What meow..” The tiger shrank back subconsciously: “You pervert. What are you trying to do to my body…”

“You only changed. More chapters coming soon. I’m not interested in your body.” The werewolf scolded: “But. Except for the original agreement. You have to tell me your Beyond the new abilities. You still have to accept the punishment game. Hmm. Let me think about it—“

Bedivere deliberately pretends to think hard. In his hand, he kept coating the remaining two cards with resin coating with twigs.

“That’s right. That’s the game of punishment: you’re going to strip naked–no panties–and run around the walls of Edinburgh.”

“Wow.. you—“

“It’s just late at night. Hehe.” The werewolf laughed even more cruelly. “If you move fast enough. You should be able to run before dawn. No one will notice.

However. If you can’t run fast enough. If it’s dawn—hehe. You streaker, just wait for the headlines in tomorrow’s newspapers. “

The tiger shuddered: what a shameful punishment game.

“Me. I can lend you my livery.” Elaine showed half of her head from under the covers. Curiously inserted a sentence: “The weight. Spray the important parts with color. It won’t be that. So conspicuous—“

“Shut up.” The tiger glared at the white bear angrily. Terrified, Elaine retracted into the bed again.

“Easy to say.” Albert turned to stare at the werewolf: “If you lose, you should be treated the same.”

“Of course. I’d like to admit defeat.” Bedivere said confidently. As if he would never lose.

Albert wondered. Where did this guy from Bedivere get his confidence. Had he figured out a way to win.

No. impossible. El’s card swap is flawless. Seamless. How could it be broken.

The werewolf is just bluffing. Absolutely.

The tiger agreed without hesitation: “I’ll wait to see you running naked. Don’t worry. I will use a camera. I will record the whole process of your running naked. I’ll play this to you every once in a while. Look at your friends and relatives. So that they will laugh at you.”

“Give this sentence back to you as is. Asshole.” The werewolf scolded with a smile.

He raises three cards in his hand. The more vicious the smile on the face is: “Pick it up.”

Tiger prides itself on changing cards. I took one without thinking.

It’s a ghost card. Albert was a little upset.

Oh wait. The cards suddenly changed. . The ghost card becomes the ace of spades. This makes a pair with the heart a in Albert’s hand. can be discarded.

But. When Al reached out to grab that heart a. The ace of spades turned into a ghost again. What kind of trick is this playing.

Albert turns to look at the werewolf suspiciously. Bedivere can actually change cards. .

He doesn’t know the details of the werewolf card trick. Thought the werewolf’s card change and his card change are the same principle. If so. This guy has also started to make thousands. And it is blatantly out of a thousand. .

“What’s the matter.” The werewolf sneered: “Are you ready? It’s my turn.”

“Again. Wait a minute.” Albert stopped helplessly. He clearly saw the ace of spades in his hand. That is obviously an ace of spades. Not a ghost card at all.

Do you want to throw it together with the heart a?

No. hold on. This might be a trap. If the discard is a ghost card. It will definitely be called cheating by the werewolf in turn. Lose the whole game.

But. If not. . If this is really a pair of a. Al didn’t throw it away in time. Let the werewolf take away the remaining club 7 in El’s hand. Make a pair and discard. Isn’t it bad.

In that case. Bedivere has only one card left in his hand. And it was Albert’s turn to draw. No matter what suit the card is. Tigers will lose. (Because the werewolf’s hand is zero after the draw.)

What to do. . How to do. The tiger youth began to panic.

“Are you still hesitating?” Bedivere urged. “Hurry up.”

If the ordinary game. Albert’s pressure is not so great. But this time if the bet loses. Not only did the two thousand gold coins disappear. Also have to run naked in the city. Along the way, it is estimated that he will be ridiculed by Bedivere. This has to be planned in detail.

The ace of spades in the tiger’s hand has become a ghost again. It actually changes every second. The staggered change is between the Ace of Spades and the Jacks. See the tiger dazzled. Upset.

Alright. you are vicious. Albert glared at the werewolf. At the same time keep shuffling.

Look at the situation first. Just don’t let the werewolf take that 7 of clubs. The two aces. You can take any one you want.

Albert still won’t lose. He has set anchors on all three cards. No matter which one the werewolf draws. A card can be exchanged in the past.

Bedivere reaches for a grasp. Just grab the ace of spades neatly.

The ace of spades instantly changes to the 7 of clubs. Startled Albert. He had to break the jar at that moment. Swap another ace, the ace of hearts, with the 7 of clubs in the werewolf’s hand.

Brush. Bedivere takes the a of hearts. At this time, Albert also discovered that he actually had two 7s of clubs in his hand. The “Plum Blossom 7” that should have been taken away was soon released. Changed back to the ace of spades.

Albert exclaimed: “How do you meow.—“

The person pretends to be an unidentified watch. This is the standard poker face.

“Bastard…” Albert knew he was at a loss. The veins on the forehead bulged out of anger. But he couldn’t say anything to protest.

Now. The werewolf has a heart a in his hand. A brick 7. The first update and that ghost card. from the discarded deck. The werewolf had no trouble guessing Albert’s hand. Know that El has a 7 of clubs in his hand. This is also the pattern of the cards he just changed. The reason to come up with another 7 of clubs.

Under the sudden fright, there is a lot of confusion. This is also normal. Bedivere knew that Albert was in a hurry to replace the (fake) seven of clubs with another ace of hearts. He successfully deceived the heart a.

As soon as the card is drawn. Bedivere, of course, immediately used the power of the tree seed to coat the card with a layer of color-changing resin.

This way. Except for the 7 of clubs in Albert’s hand. All other cards were manipulated by the werewolf. Can be changed.

But. Albert also guessed the werewolf trick. Bedivere can change. It’s just the cards he’s taken. And only a momentary change.

Even with changing styles. Fatigue can also occur with this change. It cannot be changed for long. The tiger just has to look carefully at the “real” suit of each card. There is always a clue.

Just protect the 7 of clubs in your hand. Then solve the pair of aces. Albert will win.

“What the hell. It’s your turn,” urged the werewolf.

The tiger held his breath. Reach out to draw cards.

It’s a pity. This time he drew a ghost card. The nasty ghost is back.

It’s Bedivere’s turn to draw again. The werewolf sneered and held out his hand. Move back and forth on those three cards in Albert’s hand.

He grabs one. That card happens to be seven of clubs. Of course the tiger will not let the werewolf succeed. He used his technique to instantly change cards. Swap the 7 of clubs for a ghost card.

Not useful. The werewolf immediately discarded the card. He reached out to pick up another one. And hold the plum blossom 7 again.

In a fit of anger, the tiger changes the cards again.

Bedivere discards that card again. Reach out to pick up another one. Still a 7 of plum blossoms.

Albert changes his cards again.

“Hehe.” Bedivere smiled and moved his hands at high speed between the three cards. Keep chasing this and that club 7. As if he knew where the card was.

Oh. he knows. Of course he knew.

Bedivere didn’t just paint the front of the card with resin. Also marked with resin on the back of the card. This layer of resin instantly disappears or reappears according to the werewolf’s mind. Even Albert turned the cards over and looked at it. Probably can’t catch it.

Other cards have been manipulated by werewolves. Then there is only one “clean” card left. It must be a 7 of plum blossoms.

Bedivere’s hand will keep chasing the 7 of clubs. Only in a more adventurous way. The card was changed the moment he drew the card.

But. Will it go well. . The werewolf finally made up his mind. Grab the club 7 with one hand.

It is now. Albert used his abilities. Throw the ghost cards in your hand to your opponent.

Wait a minute. How come there are two ghosts. .

Just for a moment. The werewolf turned the ace of spades in the tiger’s hand into a ghost. He was scrambling at high speed among the three cards just now. Forcing the tiger to keep changing cards. in the process of changing cards. Even Albert himself was confused.

Oops. that’s terrible. Which one should I put in Bedivere? Which one is the real ghost card. .

Pasha. When the tiger hesitated. The werewolf had already snatched the 7 of clubs. .

“Hehehehehehehehehe. It seems that good luck hasn’t left me completely.” The wolf grinned.

So cunning. Do so many little things. It was entirely to make the tiger appear hesitant for a moment.

Albert’s card change is unbelievable. But that is a high-level magic after all. It requires the user’s concentration to complete. At that moment just now. I was stunned by the two ghost cards that appeared at the same time. Overwhelmed tiger. Can’t even switch cards.

The werewolf has made a pair of two sevens in his hand. There was only one ace of hearts left in his hand.

And the next step. It was Albert’s turn to draw. No matter what. Eldu must take the remaining card from the werewolf’s hand.

Then Bedivere’s hand emptied and Tiger lost beautifully.

Just a moment of hesitation. Let him lose two thousand gold coins. And suffer a great humiliation.

The tiger was furious: “You are out of a thousand.”

“You’re a genius. You need to show evidence.” Bedivere smiled viciously. He grabbed the stack of gold coins in front of Al with one hand.

The tiger grunted helplessly.

“If you weren’t in a hurry to get my cards. Maybe you wouldn’t have put the ace of hearts into my hand; if you didn’t bluff in the last draw. Change that 7 of clubs Change it. You won’t be dizzy. In the end, it’s too late to change cards.

The tiger pouted. Not a word.

The werewolf grinned treacherously. At the same time, he ordered in a frosty tone: “If you are a man, you have to fulfill your promise. —– Now. Take off your clothes. Go out for a run.” D Vixas’s point of view, if you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it, and its position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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