Light Spirit Epic Chapter 782: Preparation for trials (2)


Chapter 782 Preparations for the Trial

Same time. “K**said**first*(..)” Vivian’s research institute. Medical room.

The leopard boy gradually woke up. He opened his eyes. The first thing I saw was the cat face of his father Palamidis.


“Shh–don’t talk. Come get some gruel.” Palamedis held the spoon to Little Howl’s mouth.

That was indeed one of the dark dishes that Palamides made. That horrible wild vegetable porridge. However. This yellow-yellow-green-green big bowl of unknown things. But it became very delicious.

The little black panther took a lick. Swallow all the porridge brought to your mouth into your stomach. Then a look of happiness appeared on his face: “It’s delicious…I still want meow.”

“Of course.” The leopard warrior scooped another tablespoon of wild vegetable porridge and handed it to his son’s mouth: “Eat it slowly. Don’t burn it.”

The love that comes from the big cat’s face. As if the kitten in front of him was his own son.

Have a few mouthfuls of porridge. After recovering a little stamina. The leopard boy lay on the bed and asked in a low voice, “Dad…you guys are leaving tomorrow.”

Can’t afford it. ‘ Palamedis whispered apologetically: ‘This is very important to me. That Uncle Arthur saved me. and your brothers. without him. There would never be us now. “

“So to repay the kindness—“

“Yes. So you have to repay your kindness.” The big cat stroked his younger son’s forehead: “But. After all this is over. Daddy will come back and take care of you. My little baby. I missed growing up with you. seven years. I won’t miss any more.”

“Hehe. Go meow.” Xiaobao smiled meekly: “I have been with my brothers for the past seven years. I’m not lonely at all, meow. Dad must take good care of the brothers during the exam. Then you will become together. That knight of the round table meow. When I grow up, it will be my turn meow.”

“Well said. This is the knight’s son.” Palamides happily hugged his young son: “Come on. You dirty kitten. Daddy wants to give you a good bath. “

“Hehe—” Hal is held by his father. Feel happiness like never before. Although his internal organs were throbbing. His heart was warm. The first update of his father’s body temperature was passed from those big hands to the leopard boy. Seems to drive away the pain. for this warmth. He waited seven years.

Eight p.m. Hotel in Senezel.

After dinner. The werewolf returned to the room. Be prepared to study the material in that package.

Elaine probes in. She asked timidly, “Bee. Betty. Can you take a bath with me… uh. Take a shower.”

“What.” The werewolf glared at the white bear: “You are so old. You can’t even take a bath by yourself.”

“No. It’s not—” The polar bear took out the bottle of detergent: “Wash it for me. Can you wash off the paint on my body.”

That’s right. The white bear was still sprayed with that black paint. The first update this thing can only be washed with that special solution. It cannot be washed off with water. Elaine is clumsy. Back and other places out of reach of hands. I guess it can’t be washed.

“Can’t you just wash off the part that is exposed to the outside.” Bedivere said helplessly: “Other places can’t be seen after wearing clothes.”

“Yes. But.” The polar bear seemed to be determined to wash off the paint all over his body. Transform yourself back into a white and clean bear.

“I can’t stand you—” The werewolf just dropped the package.

“Come on. Elaine. I’ll wash it for you.” Albert hurriedly said, “I’m not as thin as this wolf. Hehe.”

“Thank you. Thank you.” Ice Bear gave Bedivere another look. More faster chapters to come. Then go with the tiger.

(Yes. You are really good friends.)

The werewolf shook his head. Opened the package.

Unexpected. Prophet Muthani to Bedivere. Not some text. but a box.

What the **** are you doing? The werewolf was even more puzzled. This can be related to whether they can take the exam tomorrow. Please be serious.

Bediver opened the box in confusion. Let’s see what’s in it first.

It was a black glass bead. About the size of a human eyeball. There were faintly seven-colored light spots. As if there is a universe in it.

Appears to be some kind of treasure. But Bedivere wanted data. rather than treasure. This one is pretty though. But there doesn’t seem to be a bead with magical powers. What does it have to do with the exam?

Damn. Have you been deceived by the Druids? It is now the last night. Now I hurried to the city to find information. I’m afraid it’s too late.

Just as the werewolves were desperate. The old man Senezer came in from the door: “Oh. Isn’t that one of the secret treasures of Druidism. [Psychic stone]?”

“Tong. Psychic stone..”

“Lord Prophet is willing to give you such an important treasure. He really looks up to you.” The old man said. “It seems that finding the venue for the trial is not a problem at all.”

“Wait. What.” The werewolf was at a loss. “This little glass ball. It’s so powerful. How do you use it?”

“You don’t have to worry about it. Just hold it in your hand. Think of where you want to go. The psychic stone will enlighten you.” The old man stared at the small glass ball: “This thing is very important. The magic weapon. Remember to give it back to us when you use it up. Can you.”

“Dang. Of course—” Werewolves still don’t understand. Does this little rock really have that much power? And he doesn’t even know how to use it…

Seeing Bedivere’s dazed look. Old Senezer sneered: “If you don’t believe it. Go to bed with it tonight. You’ll see what you want to see. No matter the outcome.”

Bediver makes an incomprehensible look. The first update, but the old man said that this [psychic stone] is a very important magic weapon. He didn’t dare to neglect either. Quickly put the glass ball away. He was afraid that the thing would be broken or stolen. So he hid the stone in an absolutely safe place:

A small indentation appeared in the werewolf’s left arm. Just enough for the psychic stone to be embedded in.

That’s an arm made of memory alloys. The appearance could have been slightly altered according to Bedivere’s ideas – the werewolf is based on the same principle. Set the Holy Spirit Diamond and the Holy Tree Seed in the arm.

Now there is one more glass ball. So depressing. There are more and more debris inlaid on the arm.

“Woohoohoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah

“Ahahaha—don’t move.”Albert also shouted: “This place has to be cleaned up well—“

“Ah ah ah ah.” Bai Xiong’s voice changed from resistance at first to mèi.

“What are they doing.” A bead of sweat emerged from the werewolf’s forehead.

“Your circle is really messed up.” The old man Senezel sneered. He turned around and walked away.

Listen to the screams of the polar bears from the bathroom. Bedivere shook his head: “Don’t play too long. You have to take the exam tomorrow. Take a shower and go to bed soon.”

Albert dragged his voice in response.

Then there was another scream from the white bear. What the **** are they doing in the bathroom. Bedivere couldn’t help but think of something very wicked. But he subconsciously put those thoughts aside. He looked up at the glass bead on his arm.

Ten minutes later. Elaine grimaced. He ran back to the room with a towel wrapped around him.

The person glanced at the white bear. The black paint on Elaine’s body was finally washed off. But the bear looked like something was wrong.

Looks the bear up and down again. The werewolf finally understood.

“You. Your hair has become so short.” The werewolf couldn’t help laughing at the short, fluffy fur of the white bear.

“Hehehe. This is the new hair. I shaved the old hair for him. Shaved many times.” Tiger sneered and probed in.

“Isn’t there that special lotion?” Bediveville wondered, “It’s fine to wash off the paint. Do you need to shave his hair off?”

“It’s useless. The lotion is just enough to wash off the makeup on his face. It’s all gone in one go.” Tiger laughed even more. “The black cat must want to continue to play tricks on this kid. He deliberately didn’t give him a sufficient amount of lotion.”

(Yeah. I get it. Elaine is more fun to play with. Everyone wants to play with this stupid bear. You guys are too dark.)

Elaine rubbed his ass: “Okay. It hurts. You cut. How many times did you cut me.”

“Anyway, your wound will heal soon. It doesn’t matter.” Tiger laughed mischievously.

“It still does. It will hurt.” White Bear protested: “And it didn’t. I didn’t shave it clean.”

“I didn’t shave it clean. I’ll shave it again for you.” Tiger smiled maliciously.

“No. No.” White Bear blushed. Sitting on the ground (he hits the floor. There are his sheets and quilts on the floor).

“Okay.” Bedivere shook his head and sighed: “Stop playing. Go to bed. The exam tomorrow will probably be very hard.”

“But I’m not sleepy.” The tiger jumped onto the bed and rolled around. He skipped the battle with the evil centipede today. Of course not tired.

The over-energized tiger came up with a bad idea: “ Let’s play poker.”

“No. I’m exhausted.” Bedivere burrowed his head into the pillow involuntarily.

“All at once. All at once.” The tiger insisted on lingering on the werewolf: “I made a thousand gold coins today. The gambling book is very rich. Let me win both of your treasures. “

“Dad said. Gambling is not good.” The white bear ignored the tiger. Sleep directly under the blanket.

You bastards—” Albert thought for a moment: “Okay. I’ll bet on something else. Things you are interested in knowing. “

“I have no interest in you at all. Good night,” the werewolf said coldly. Pulling up his quilt and pretending to doze off.

“You don’t want to know what my abilities are.” Al threw a bait.

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