Light Spirit Epic Chapter 78: Contract to obedience (extremely)


Chapter 78: Covenant to Obedience (Extreme)

“Is it still a failure?” Evan put down his weapon and sighed regretfully.

Then there is silence.

“No.” Arthur pulled at the corner of his shirt that was shot through. “The clothes are also part of the body. This time I lost. As agreed, you can go.”

“What? You…let me go?”

“I’ll take care of the Knights. Of course, you have to return the stolen cavalry.” Arthur said, “But you are free. If you want to leave the Knights, leave. I was wrong about you, You’re not a worthless guy. You’ll have no problem going anywhere. You can be a mercenary, or a hunter. You can make a lot of money, eat and drink spicy food. Maybe you’ll live better Be merry. Better than staying with the Knights every day with death.”

Evan looked at Arthur and then at the gun in his hand.

“Then why do you want to stay in the Knights?” He couldn’t help asking Arthur, “With your strength, you can live a good life even if you’re not in the Knights. Why?”

“Because the mission of the Order is dangerous, because there are fights every day. I need more fights, I need to get stronger. In order to get back what I lost, I can’t get stronger.” Arthur Said without emotion.

“Why. You already have a lot!”

“I’ve always had nothing from the past, until now,” Arthur said. “I’ve always been the empty shell I used to be, with nothing but anger in my heart. Every day I live is empty. , I can’t even feel the real feeling of being alive. If this goes on, I will go crazy sooner or later. So I have to become stronger, in order to get back the feelings I lost as soon as possible, in order to feel the joys and sorrows again before I die. “

“Is that why you are strong? Can people become stronger when they fight?”

“I won’t answer ‘yes’,” Arthur said, “I just know that if you don’t even try, you won’t get stronger. You say you don’t want to change, but I know you In fact, my heart is eager to become stronger. Otherwise, you will not stand here and fight me on an equal footing. If you want to escape, you have a chance.”

Evan silently picked up the weapon.

“One more time.” He whispered, “Don’t let the water, this time I want to win you with dignity.”

“Very good.” Arthur removed the upper body armor, “If you think you can win with that little trick, you will regret it.”

“If you get hit without armor, you will die,” Evan warned.

“If you don’t hit, you’ll be fine.” Arthur said casually, he removed the armor from his body, leaving only the leg armor, and went into battle lightly.

“Very good, you asked for it yourself!” Evan fired both guns, and the two bullets were still fast and slow, flying in different directions.

“Do you want to use the method of refraction to surprise me again? Can it be so smooth this time?” Arthur said.

The other two light bombs have been fired, colliding with the previous light bombs, resulting in complex refraction.

Arthur dodged lightly on one side.

“Your method of refraction can only attack a stationary target. Once the target starts to move, you will not be able to hit it smoothly. It is necessary to calculate the time for the bullet to collide and the angle of refraction of the bullet, so complex ballistics Can you handle the calculation?”

“Wordy!” Evan fired several shots in succession. The slow bullets enveloped Arthur like a network, and the fast bullets were like a smaller net. Not only did each shot pose a threat, Each shot also restricted Arthur’s movements.

“Humph.” Arthur sneered, rushed forward and swung his sword to smash the oncoming bullets, dismantling the fast barrage, and at the same time using the bounced bullets to dismantle the slow barrage. Eight falls.

Evan immediately shot at the scattered bullets. As soon as the new bullet collided with the old one, it immediately changed its trajectory and flew towards Arthur. At the same time, Ivan was not idle, and continued to shoot at Arthur, and another round of barrage shrouded Arthur again.

“Even if you bounce the bullet, it will be used by you, so it becomes an infinite chain.” Arthur said, “Then—-” Arthur continued to bounce the bullet with his lightsaber, but this time he Changed the angle, the bullet flew towards Evan!

“Whoosh!” The light bullet brushed across Evan’s cheek, leaving a small burn mark.

“You’ll die if you stand there still,” Arthur shouted.

“You don’t need to remind me!” Evan said angrily, shooting continuously while running. The ballistic of the bullet becomes an arc, although it is more difficult to hit, but the ballistic is also more complicated.

“Hmph, the kid has finally started to master the tricks.” Arthur said to himself, “Since the conditions are now equal, don’t blame me for not being merciful!”

He jumped to his feet, stepping on a glowing bullet. Photon mirrors on the bottom of his boots provide a powerful reaction force, allowing him to jump higher while stepping on a photobomb. The two-dimensional battle that was originally on the ground immediately became three-dimensional, and Arthur, who flexibly jumped between the bullets, made Evan’s eyes almost impossible to catch.

“And what about equal conditions, this is clearly cheating!” Evan said helplessly, running uninterruptedly and making the rhythm of his attacks unpredictable.

“Too slow!” Arthur slashed with a sword from high in the sky, Evan rolled to dodge at the last minute, and fired at the same time, but before the bullet approached Arthur, he had already disappeared without a trace.

“Behind you!” Arthur stabbed a sword from Evan’s back. The moment the tip of the sword stabbed the opponent’s back, Evan turned sideways and aimed the muzzle at the sword and fired, hitting the light with the explosive force of the light bullet. The attack trajectory of the sword.

The stabbed Arthur fell diagonally forward, and Evan’s gun was aimed at Arthur’s face. But before he had time to fire, Arthur had already volleyed and turned around to receive a flying kick, directly kicking Evan a few meters away.

“Ugh.” Evan got up, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, and Arthur had pressed his lightsaber against his chest.

“It’s too slow, enough for you to die several times while you slowly get up,” Arthur said.

“I gave up. You guys are not something that humans can defeat at all,” Evan said.

“Without the combat power that surpasses human beings, it is impossible to gain a foothold in the Pantoracken Knights.” Arthur said, reaching out to support Evan.

“It’s a monster knight at all…” The moment Ivan grabbed Arthur’s hand and tried to stand up, an image flooded into his mind like a flood.

“Ouch!” The young man let out a faint wailing, as if he had no strength left to wailing.

“Have you had enough, little bitch?” The figure of another young man continued to beat the young man, ignoring the wounded boy’s **.

“Don’t…Gunse…it hurts…” the boy begged.

“You can’t die. In a long time, your wounds will heal, and then you will stand in front of your father and act like a baby. Ha! Such a convenient physique! Maybe you are really born to be beaten? Just like your prostitute mother, who is not a pity to die, but always can’t die!”

“You can insult me… please don’t… insult my mother!” the boy said weakly.

“What about insulting your mother? Are you going to hit me? Ha! Come on? Your **** mother confuses your father with dirty witchcraft and gives birth to your son of a motherfucker. You bastards. Mother and son are the same low, the same dirty, the same damn. May you be burned at the stake! Ha!”

“You…!” Despite the scars, the teenager got up and raised his thin fist.

“Ha, is he really going to resist?” The youth’s shadow sneered, “Come on? Shake your fist? Give it a try?!”

With blood, a small fist landed on the youth’s trouser leg.

“Oh **** it. Did you **** do it?!” The young man was startled, and immediately kicked the young man to the ground. “No! You **** bastard! You stained my clothes!!”

“How do you compensate me?!” The young man stepped forward and broke the young man’s arm with one foot.

A horrific scream echoed through the cellar.

“Wow!” Evan came back to his senses and broke out in a cold sweat.

“What’s wrong?” Arthur asked in confusion, “Even though the last kick was heavy, it wasn’t enough to hurt you, right? How many ribs were broken?”

“No.” Evan said absently, “You…have a brother?”

“Brother? No.” Arthur replied, “There are only three sisters in the family, and there has never been an older brother or younger brother.”

“So who is Gunther?” Evan asked in confusion.

“Gunse?” Arthur was taken aback for a while, as if he had never heard the name, but he started shaking involuntarily.

“Just… just… just…” Arthur knelt on the ground, the headache caused him to subconsciously cover his forehead, “I seem to have heard this name somewhere… .ah, weird…can’t remember?”

Arthur felt his nose sticky and wet for a while, and he wiped it with his hand, which was full of nosebleeds. He frowned and collapsed to the ground.

“What? What’s going on?——“

“——Don’t touch him!!” It was when Ivan was confused that a voice sounded like thunder. The voice had not yet reached, and the person had already arrived. Kai rushed over and punched Evan away.

“Ugh!” Evan got up, clutching his painful abdomen, “What the **** are you doing?”

“What the **** are you doing! Did you just say something?!” Kay roared.

“No, I just asked ‘Who is Gunther’ and then…”

“Where did you know this name?!” Kai immediately seemed to pour fuel on his body, and the flames went straight: “Listen, kid! From now on, don’t say this person’s name again! Don’t ask about Arthur’s family again. Thing! If you say one more word, I will stab you to death!!”

“Uh…” Evan didn’t know what to say for a while, his mind was completely confused.

Kai picked up the fainted Arthur, as if giving an order: “Pick up Arthur’s armor and follow!”

“Why should I obey your orders?!” Evan protested.

“Because you know too many things. If you don’t want me to kill you right away, you’d better do as I say.” Kai looked fierce: “I promise, I will kill you. , I will never hesitate like Arthur. I will give you a good time immediately, and you will not even have a chance to catch your breath!”

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