Light Spirit Epic Chapter 778: The Curse of Twilight (1)


Chapter The Curse Of The Twilight

After encountering air. “K**Y**FIRST*(..)” A cloud of grey smoke formed instantly.

A large hand. Grab the tiger’s liver. Pull hard. It snatched Albert’s liver from Shadowwalker’s hands.

“Damn.” Shadowwalker was also quite frightened. Surprised, he took a step back: “What is that…”

That thing is probably the body of the curse. The real culprit that caused Albert to fall into a coma.

Although only for a moment. The werewolf really saw it. It was a spirit body. Since it’s black. Then this guy is either an evil spirit or a dark spirit. Neither is a good thing.

The biggest problem is. It nestled in Albert’s body and refused to come out. Hard to come. I am afraid it will come to a jade and stone. Make a mess of the tiger’s guts.

What to do. How to do. .

The werewolf suppressed his confusion and unease. The brain was spinning fast.

How the **** did that thing get inside Albert. The first update just called Al’s name. Did it get in? .

No. How the process is done doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is the result. That being the case. Just have to count on the count—.

“[Great Sword Panda]. Call my name. Hurry up…” the werewolf yelled.

“What. What.” Elaine was confused.

“Just call.”

“Then—Bee. Bedivere..” Elaine couldn’t care less. called directly.

His words came out. A certain dark figure burst out of Albert’s guts. Like a bolt of black lightning, it shot straight towards Bedivere.

It sure is some kind of evil spirit. It will move as long as the conditions are met. a conditional.

—According to Bedivere’s guess. The condition is probably: “When someone calls someone’s name, evil spirits can penetrate into the body of the person whose name is called without any hindrance.”

The thing moves at the speed of light. More faster chapters to come. And the shape is black like a smoke. Impossible to see in dim conditions. I am afraid that many people have already been hit by this trick. He was attacked by this evil spirit.

And this evil spirit has just left Albert’s body. Immediately penetrate the werewolf’s belly. Drilled directly into Bedivere’s abdominal cavity. superficial. Murder invisibly.

Shadowwalker exclaimed: “What are you doing. Do you want to increase the burden of my surgery?”

“No. Teleport me out.” The evil spirits haven’t started yet. Bedivere still maintains his final sobriety. He hurriedly shouted: “I’ll deal with the Shadow Tiger in the future] I’ll ask you to save it.”

“Unbelievable..” The Shadow Walker waved casually. A mass of shady curtains enveloped the werewolf.

When the werewolf’s vision is restored again. He was already outside the café with the Goths.

Shadowwalker may be in a hurry. There is no way to teleport the werewolf very far. It was only sent to this sparsely populated square on the outskirts of the city. Update as soon as possible

—It doesn’t matter. At least there are venues for fights. You can give it a go.

The werewolf vomited blood. His internal organs seemed to be constantly rubbed by a hand. The pain was overwhelming. The werewolf finally understood. The evil spirits were doing one thing in him: sucking the photons out of him.

——It is “devouring” the life energy of Bedivere’s internal organs.

A variety of holy spirits and evil spirits roam the Avalon Pure Land. An evil spirit has invaded the computer room of the round table system. Not surprising at all.

It may even have been transformed by the fallen spirits. Now that the round table system is no longer supplying photons to the Holy Spirits. The Holy Spirit finds himself. Become an evil spirit and hunt innocents everywhere. Albert just had bad luck. It has become the hunting target of evil spirits.

But. None of this matters anymore. The werewolf just felt numb. He will soon be like Albert. The photons in the body were sucked out and fainted. This is a big crisis of lore and death. Update as soon as possible

Bediver giggled. He was half kneeling on the ground. with his trembling hands. He took out the bottle of red potion from his waist.

He took the dark red one. An ominous liquid like blood plasma. Grumbling into the stomach. .

This medicine “negates” an event from a past life. It used to be highly poisonous to drink. The “absolutely hopeless” Bedivere survives.

This time. It must also be able to save the werewolves.

Need to be negative. Just the simple fact that “an evil spirit once entered Bedivere”.

Darkness falls. Bedivere was almost completely unconscious.

The red potion is at the last minute. Works in werewolf belly.

“Uh. Ugh.” Bedivere spat out a mouthful of blood.

Dark black blood spurted out. Among them was the abominable evil god. .

With the power of the red potion. The evil spirits were expelled from Bedivere. More faster chapters to come. .

However. It’s not over yet. It’s far from over. Interrupted midway. Evil spirits who cannot absorb photons are not ordinary anger. It’s showing its teeth and claws. Turned into a giant centipede. I plan to tear up the werewolf in front of me and eat it.

“Oh. You bastard—” The werewolf responded with a little energy. Support stand up. Raising his weapon: “Just right. I have to teach you a lesson. I’ll see how arrogant you are.”

“[Silver Wolf].” Elaine also rushed out of the cafe. Bring his great sword to help.

“How about the surgery.”

“It’s over. Only. Just sew him back up again. No. No problem.”

There is no evil spirit constantly sucking photons out of the body. Albert will be fine. While Bedivere thought so. He also strengthened his determination to destroy the evil spirit in front of him.

Such abominable evil spirits should never have existed in the world. Even if it is an unkillable evil spirit. There must be some way to get rid of it.

Touch. . The whole body of the giant centipede was pressed down. The werewolf swiftly dodged.

Right now. A voice came from the [Sacred Tree Seed] on his arm: “What time is it. Are you still not coming back?”

“Ou. Olin.. How could you—“

“I use the resonance between tree species to communicate with you. It’s amazing. Haha.”

(It’s really amazing. You Druids don’t need a phone at all. Bring a tree plant on you and you can talk to each other at any time.)

“Olin. I want to ask you something.” The werewolf had an idea: “The kind of [Soul Retreat] you used last time. Do you still have it?”

“Of course. You sealed the bottle that the gods didn’t use last time. It’s still in my hand.” Olin’s puzzled voice came from the tree seed: “What’s the matter. You are in trouble.”

“Big trouble.” The werewolf tumbled again to avoid the centipede’s tail sweep: “Here is an immortal and ferocious **** waiting to be sealed. If you don’t come, we will die.”

“Hehe. What should I do? Should I help you—“

“Olin…” The werewolf crouched down. The centipede’s legs like sharp blades swept over his head.

“But. This thing is very precious. What should I do.” Women take advantage of the danger. Start talking about conditions.

“What do you want me to do?” Bediveville couldn’t help laughing and crying: “Tell me. I will try my best to satisfy you whatever you want.”

“That’s good. I’ll ask you for a wish.” Olin’s voice became more and more sly: “What kind of wish is it? I haven’t figured it out yet. Anyway, it’s a wish.”

(This is a woman.)

Deville murmured helplessly for a while: “Okay. Just wish. Only what I can do. Don’t ask me for hundreds of millions of gold coins.”

“Hehehe. Don’t worry. It won’t be too much.” Olin’s evil laughter came through the tree seed. The first update got even more sinister: “Now. Turn the tree seed into a portal. I came back from the portal.”

“Such a difficult technique—.”

“Try to ask for the [Sacred Tree Seed]. If the situation is really critical. It will understand and help you.”

(Simple to say. Can this be done easily..)

Bedivere and Olin are distracted by the conversation. At the same time, the giant evil spirit centipede also swept its tail.

This time. Werewolves didn’t shy away completely. There was a horrific cut on his right shoulder. Deep to the bone. His half-shattered ribs were exposed from under the slashed flesh. The severe wound made it painful for him to breathe.

“Ooooooo.” The werewolf realized that his life was really in danger. His tense nerves were highly concentrated. There was also a strong al wave in the head.

This is one of the powerful brain waves produced by a creature under extreme stress. Can stimulate inner potential.

As if responding to Bedivere’s request. The Sacred Tree Seed in his left hand really worked supernormally. It shot several vines in an instant. formed a circle. A black membrane appears in the circle. Exactly a portal.

The evil centipede attacked again. Olin jumped out of the portal in time. Raise the tree shield to block.

Keng. The tree shield blocked the attack. The sharp blade slashed in an inch. But it couldn’t completely penetrate the shield made of pliable and hard wood.

“Wow. Are you alright?” Olin exclaimed as she looked at the **** white bear.

“I. I’m fine. The thing is. It’s him.” Elaine said helplessly.

Olin looked again at the werewolf behind her. Saw the seriously wounded Bedivere. She was furious: “Damn big centipede. How dare you…”

She doesn’t care that this is downtown. Directly throw out the four [Forest Seeds] in your hand.

The tree seed falls to the ground. Instantly took root and transformed into vines. The evil spirit centipede, which is frantically moving, is bound.

“Die.” Olin roared. The thorns in the vine whip pierced violently. To the giant centipede.

Kng-kang-kang-kang. . A series of metal symphony sounded. The result was beyond Olin’s expectations: the giant centipede’s steel-like shell. Actually blocked the thorn attack. What a heaven-defying hardness that must be.

“Olin…” The werewolf stood up clutching the wound in his chest: “No. It needs a more powerful attack. It can penetrate its shell.”

How many people has this thing killed? How many people’s photons have been absorbed. To have this look.

An ancient spirit that was supposed to be fading away can still be as feral as it is today. It’s all about human life.

Because of that. It is even more unforgivable.

Lin had the tree seed withdraw its thorns. Switch to a flexible tactic. The vines become loose and tight. It barely restrained the movement of the evil spirit giant centipede. And avoid being freed by centipedes.

“Why is this guy so powerful. The tree species won’t last long. You’d better figure it out as soon as possible.”

“I know.” The wound on the werewolf’s chest still hurts. He simply couldn’t concentrate on fighting.

“Don’t move.” Someone tapped the werewolf’s shoulder twice.

Bedivere suddenly felt less painful from the chest wound. In its place was a numb insensitivity.

“You gave you a local anesthesia.” Shadowwalker appeared beside the werewolf. Take some organic gel and apply it to Bedivere’s wound. Instantly blocked the wound. “Let me take a look at the wound. It is estimated that dozens of stitches will be needed.”

How are you doing? ‘ asked the werewolf worriedly. The quack doctor won’t give up on the patient in the middle of the operation.

Shadowwalker said flatly: “I sewed him up. He’s fine. He’s just wasted too much.”

Actually what he did. Just cut Albert’s abdominal cavity open. Let the evil spirits lurking in it appear. Al’s internal organs have never been passive. Should not cause additional damage. It should be fine to rest for a while.

The problem is. El’s guts were taken away from photons. Cells that lose photons. It won’t hurt in the short term. Only lose photons for a long time. cells will fail.

Albert was cursed and healed. Only about an hour passed. There shouldn’t be a big problem with his internal organs. Leave him there to rest for a few hours. Go back and eat something good. The photons in the gut will be restored.

Now just focus on dealing with the damned evil centipede. Avenge Al.

“Do you have a plan?” Shadowwalker looked at the huge evil spirit in front of him. A moment of unease: “They are [ghosts]. They cannot be killed. Is there any way you can stop it.”

“I didn’t. But I could put it to sleep.” Bedivere couldn’t hide it from the other party at this point simply told everything she knew. In order to save trouble and worry: “But your system must be able to do something. Avalon Pure Land exists to imprison these evil spirits. Since it has escaped, there must be a way to capture it.”

“You—” Shadowwalker was surprised. But he quickly suppressed the shock: “You are right. Every spirit has been marked by the system. Without the help of a third party, they will never escape.”

And this “third party” refers to Al. The evil spirit drilled into Albert’s body. Use the tiger’s body to deceive the system. escaped.

But. This evil spirit is still marked by the round table system. It’s also not hiding in any creature’s body right now. It can’t escape.

“I’ve called the administrators of the system. They’ll take care of the aftermath. Don’t worry.” Shadowwalker added, “Now just… er. Keep the damage to the city to a minimum. Knock this name out. spirit.”

Bedivere scolded inwardly: This is easy to say. It’s harder than getting to the sky. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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