Light Spirit Epic Chapter 772: Explore in the Temple (10)


Chapter 772 of “K**Y**First*(..)” Exploring the Temple

It was a glass bottle with a dark red liquid

The deep red liquid in it is deep and bright, full of life like blood and death like poison

The bottle was full of [Chaos]. Some intuition so told Hal that it didn’t lead to [light] nor to [darkness], just pure [Chaos] reversing the original destiny and breaking the world order [Chaos]

The little black panther reached out tremblingly: “This can… save my dad, meow”

“Maybe” the other party replied calmly

The little black panther asked worriedly: “What will I lose if I use it”

“Maybe” the other party still replied calmly

Hal sighed in a low voice: “…there is no way to have the best of both worlds in this world meow”

“…maybe” said the person

But nothing will change if you don’t try

The world is still changing and the life will still be born. There is no choice but to change the fate with special methods

“I understand meow” the little black panther finally stretched out his hand: “If this can save Dad—that’s it, meow”

Darkness fades away

Hal regained consciousness and found that he was still hugged by his brothers. The three brothers cried in front of his father’s body

What happened just now seems to be just an illusion

But there is a real feeling that tells Hal that it’s not a hallucination

The small red bottle appeared out of thin air in the palm of the leopard boy and is now being held tightly by him

A suspicious red potion from nowhere seems to be whispering to the leopard boy

—Use me

—In order to get something, people must give up something. This is equivalent exchange

“Let go of me,” the little black panther pushed the two brothers away

“Oh, I’m sorry for hurting you, meow” Zephyr and Seglade let go of the leopard boy at the same time

Little Hal ignored his brothers and quickly wiped away his tears and opened the red bottle in his hand

Not many potions seem to run out at any time

He didn’t give much thought to pouring the contents of the jars onto Palamides’ skeleton

The red water soon seeped in

What happened?

No stones don’t move, no changes, potions don’t seem to work

Failed meow,” the leopard boy whispered in disappointment

“Hal, what a meow” Seglade’s trembling voice was full of worry and confusion: “Where did you get this potion, meow”

At this time, the leopard boy fell into sorrow and despair again. His vague voice answered the question: nothing can be done meow woo woo woo woo…”

“Hal—” Saifer touched his brother’s head and planned to say something to comfort his brother

Just now


A heartbeat sounded

plop plop plop

The sound is getting stronger and stronger in the pile of stones

Plop, thump, thump, thump, in a continuous heartbeat, the pile of scattered stones began to “thaw” from the hard rock to the original blood and flesh

However, even after the petrification was lifted, Palamidis was still a pile of broken flesh. His blood had changed from a solidified stone to a liquid, and his bones and internal organs were scattered all over the place. The stones scattered all over the place are exactly the same

Even if the petrified Palamides is already dead, it is no different from being chopped up by a knife. A creature broken like this cannot survive

“Oh God—“Seglade hurriedly covered his brother’s eyes to prevent Little Howl from seeing this **** scene

The petrification of Palamidis was lifted after it was broken up. It was even worse than being broken into a pair of rubble. Watching this scene, the two leopard youths cried out involuntarily

But they forgot one basic thing

Palamidis is a green knight who was originally an undead

The pieces of meat and blood that were scattered all over the place slowly moved and assembled together by themselves

The three leopard brothers slowly but surely combined into one person before their blurred eyes

All this is seen only by the canine boy Husky, he knows that the leopard is going to be resurrected

“Why are you crying?” the voice asked

“Woooooooooo…because my dad…dead meow” Saifer hugged his younger brothers and cried and couldn’t control his own thread

“What part of me seems to be dead—“

Seifer stopped crying when the voice asked that

He looked up at the man in front of him

A leopard man standing in front of three cats

Blood covered with countless fissures still seeping blood but this is a living person…or a living cat

Their father, Palamidis, was emaciated and emaciated in a dying state, as if a gust of wind would blow the cat away again into countless clumps of meat

But he’s still alive

He is really alive

Even Seglade and Howl stopped crying and looked up at the blood-stained leopard warrior. The three leopard brothers were dumbfounded

“Which **** broke me” Palamidis pretended to show blame and the corners of his mouth kept turning up: “Is that you little guy”

Dad meow,” the leopard boy whispered in disbelief

The big cat put his hand on his younger son’s head and gently rubbed it lovingly: “Naughty little brat, fortunately, I am a green knight and I am saved from death. I am afraid that ordinary people have already died several times.”

“Dad…””Dad” The three cats rushed to hug their father this time, not a cold stone statue but a real father

“Zefer Seglade and Hal I’m back” whispered Palamidis

His sons cry more than muffled cries with ecstasy and great sadness

For this day they waited for seven years and thought it would never be possible, but finally arrived

As King Arthur said: Never give up hope

Even in the deepest abyss of despair there’s still little shards of hope flickering If you close your eyes and leave it to fate you’ll miss it

So you can’t give up hope until the end when you open your eyes.

At the same time, the underground of a tower in Avalon Pure Land

A group of people crept through the underground corridor of the tower and came to a huge space

This is the core of the round table system

A square like a catacomb is neatly erected with tens of thousands of tombstones

Isn’t this really a tombstone a little different

Each of them is 30 feet high, and it is covered with ancient writing that no one can understand. Judging from the long history scattered on the tombstone, it is probably the antiquities of tens of thousands of years ago. but they are so strong that they have been completely weathered for tens of thousands of years. Every stone tablet is as old as new, shining with the beautiful stone luster of when it was first made

“You can try smashing them but you’ll find it all in vain” shadowwalker to Bedivere

If the werewolf didn’t answer, he could see from these time-honored steles that all these steles were probably made of the same material as the World Wall…hardness even higher than the World Wall—they are all [theoretically] Indestructible] Substance

These tens of thousands of steles are the servers of the round table system that manage the Holy Spirits of Avalon

Whether the enchantment that prevents the spirits from escaping or the warp used to summon the spirits is controlled by these steles

The ancient gods who traveled from the old universe have unimaginable wisdom, and their technological and magical attainments may never be surpassed by modern people

“Now—“Shadowwalker interrupted Bedivere’s contemplation: “Now that we have successfully arrived at the computer room, let’s talk about the mission”

He took out three pistol-like gadgets from his arms

“This is”

“This is… a detector and a device that emits a signal tracker” Shadow Walker explained: “I want you to split up the stele and use the detector to find the problematic stele and then shoot and track it. Beacons mark the problematic stele well, and you can do it well. You don’t have to worry about the next thing.”

“Are you kidding me?” Bedivere glared at the man in black: “There are 20,000 steles here, you want us to examine these steles and find the problematic one among the more than 20,000 steles

No matter how suspicious it is to do so, the amount alone is already scaring people to death. This is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack

“Don’t worry that the detector has a large search range and can scan a wide area. You just need to move very fast…” The Shadow Banker paused and thought again: “And watch out for the ghosts lingering here.”

“Meow—Ghost Ghost

“Albert jumped up and down like a frightened cat:”Please don’t keep talking about this kind of topic”

This stupid cat has a very shallow understanding of spirits, probably confusing all kinds of ghosts and spirits

Although they are not fundamentally different

I can’t tell you the details. I have an obligation to keep it a secret.” Shadowwalker crossed his arms and showed a worried look as if trying to convince the tiger: “By the way, think of this as a game. “


“Dodge the patrolling ghosts in this haunted cemetery to find the treasure’s location and mark it up”Shadowwalker makes up excuses”You’ll be rewarded handsomely for every [treasure] found I’ll pay you a thousand gold coins”

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