Light Spirit Epic Chapter 770: Explore in the Temple (8)


Chapter 770 Exploring the Temple

Leopard boy Howl walks to the side of the security device. “Yan**first*..Put your face close. Let the machine examine his pupils. He stretched out his kitten paw again. Have the machine scan your fingerprints.

Door has entered Howl’s data. Of course I knew him. This organ is heavy. High security door. That’s how it was opened to the two little devils. And one of them is a little devil who loves to destroy.

The glass partition wall in the room rises. Allow the two children to come close and look at the huge glass container.

“This is my dad. Palamidis meow.” Little Howl walked over to the glass container. Gently hug the outer walls of the container.

“…He’s a stone statue.” Husky curiously counted the statue immersed in life support fluid: “And he’s cracking.”

“Dad was petrified for some reason. I don’t know the specifics, meow.” Little Hal ignored Husky. Instead, he wrapped his arms around the glass container contentedly. As if hugging his dad: “But dad is right here. Right here meow.”

(This is not normal. It is so abnormal.)

“Hey. Hal Wang.” The canine boy came up with a bad idea: “Don’t hug your dad through the glass. Why don’t we find a way to open the glass jar. Let you really hug your dad once. .”

“It’s not a good idea meow.” Little Hal wondered: “Brother and Uncle Arthur also said it. Dad is in a terrible condition now meow. If the glass jar is opened, he may shatter meow. “

I didn’t expect Husky to have a killing blow: “If you don’t open the glass jar. More chapters sooner. You may never hold your dad for the rest of your life. And he just shattered in it. I’m sorry.”

The other’s words hurt deeply. Hal shuddered.

“Come on.” The dog boy has ignored the other party’s dissuasion. Go around to the other end and fiddle with the control panel of the survival pod: “If you don’t do it, you will regret it. If you miss something, you will miss it. You will only regret it later.

—I didn’t hug Dad well for the last time when I was taken away by Mommy. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be hugged by Dad. “

He poked wildly. But he actually poked the button that touches the life support device.

“Don’t be like me,” Husky whispered.

Pop — the giant glass container begins to stir. Among them, the light blue vitamin fluid is constantly decreasing. And the stone statue of the leopard Palamidis also gradually emerged from the life support fluid.

The pod opens slowly. Fold into pieces and put away. A small amount of light liquid drips. Cracks all over the body. A leopard statue that seems to shatter when touched. Just like this, he stood still in front of the leopard boy Hal.

The child blushed immediately. Showing a sullen look. He couldn’t help but want to hug his dad. But he was afraid that the statue would be damaged if touched.

“Come on. What a dawdling.” Husky gave a shove behind the leopard boy. Hal fell forward. directly hit the stone statue.

When the leopard boy stabilized his body. More faster chapters to come. He also found himself hugging the waist of the stone statue.

The icy stone statue. both rough. Full of cracks again. but. This is the first time the child has embraced his “father”. in the moment of hug. The icy stone statue seems to be scattered with human body temperature. The hard and cracked exterior is also as elastic as human muscles. Is this what it feels like to be hugged by a father?

—Of course. All this is just the illusion of the leopard boy.

Because the statue was unsealed for no reason. The alarm bell rang in the room. The whole institute was boiling.

Little Howl closed his eyes. Quietly embraced the stone statue of his father. Ignore everything around you.

For Leopard Teens. This is probably his only time. A chance to hug my dad—as Husky said. More faster chapters to come. The opportunity must be seized. Some things are lost. will be lost forever.

The canine boy stepped aside. Quietly watching his little friend hug his father. Heart can not help but a little sour.

I don’t know if it’s dead or alive compared to Husky. The father who has never been heard from. The leopard boy in front of him could only hug his father who was turned into a stone statue. He is also happy.

Meanwhile. A tiny crack also began to appear in the chest of the Palamides statue. And spread to the top of his head.

Same time. in a mysterious realm.

The group took the cover of Apple Grove. Move forward silently. Soon came to the front of the White Tower.

This is an ornately decorated tower. Looking at the interior decoration of the white jade and gilt tower. Look at those beautifully carved wall sculptures. Bedivere is even more convinced that this should be part of Camilo.

The only question is: where did the apple grove come from.

What the **** are they teleporting from underground to somewhere in Camelot. Or is this part of the Camelot underground. Nothing can be judged yet.

The sky sheds a faint ray of sunshine. It was full of warmth as it penetrated the thick fog and fell on the werewolf. This should be sunlight. rather than artificial light sources.

It’s weird. What the **** is this place.

A vague name pops into the werewolf’s mind. Tan was confused by too many strange sights in front of him. I haven’t remembered for a while.

Shadowwalker leads the middle man. Carefully sneak into the white holy tower. Strangely enough. So gorgeous. It looks like a holy tower where princes and nobles live. There were no guards at all.

There are people. They climbed two floors. Immediately, a group of people talking on the top of the tower could be heard.

Shadowwalker made another [stop] gesture to everyone: “Everyone, pay attention. Don’t make any noise. Let’s sneak in. Observe the Council in the other room of the tower.”

“But…” Albert walked along. The belly full of doubts is about to explode: “You called us here. What are you doing, meow. Just to peek at a group of people meeting meow.”

Shadowwalker shook his head: “The real action is after this. But I also want to know the content of the meeting.”

They crept around the door of the conference room. Wrap into a small compartment on a plate. The group hid in the little one. After the empty room. Shadowwalker began to press his ear to the wall. Eavesdropping on conversations in conference rooms.

Werewolves and Khajiits also learn to stick their ears to the wall. Eavesdropping on the meeting.

Grumbling. Grumbling. Lots of people talking. You can tell from the different tones of each person. There were about fifteen people in the conference room.

The problem is. They were talking a bunch of things that were impossible to understand. That wondrous word cannot even be called language. They are continuous and have no sense of ups and downs. It’s like a mechanical sound.

“…What is this.” The werewolf was even more puzzled. At this moment, his mind was filled with countless doubts. I’m too lazy to think about it anymore. Ask others for help directly: “Can you understand?”

Albert sullenly retracted his eavesdropping ear against the wall. He shook his head sharply at the werewolf.

While Shadowwalker turned to look at Elaine the Ice Bear: “Can you hear something. Right.”

The white bear nodded slightly. Right now, he was listening.

“Inheritance tax relief bill… not passed.” He tried to translate part of the meeting.

“You can understand..” The werewolf stared at the white bear with wide eyes. When did this kid learn this magical mechanical language?

“Only. It’s just a little bit. I always think I can understand. Ah. They’re talking about it again—” White Bear pressed his ears to the wall even tighter: “Allot for the orphanage in China. Allocate 100 million yuan. The motion… passed. Too. Great.”

“Anything about the abolition of slavery?” Shadowwalker urged Ice Bear to listen carefully.

The bear shook his head. The meeting room was already in chaos. Apparently the people in it had finished the meeting. Ready to leave.

Shadowwalker stomped lightly: “Tsk. It’s really delayed too much. Did you miss it?”

“What did I miss?” Bedivere asked quickly.

It’s my own business. “The man in black muttered: “Don’t say it. Keep quiet and hide here. Wait until they are gone. “


“Boring. Here’s a little hole for surveillance.” Shadowwalker gently removed a small piece of the wall tile. A few small holes the size of pinholes are exposed.

He made a gesture. Signal the werewolves to see them.

(There is this little hole. Why didn’t you tell us sooner..)

Really well prepared. This little secret room. It’s almost like it’s designed for monitoring conference rooms.

Hardly put on makeup and anonymity. Also passed the Lyon Dickens inspection. In the end, people are brought into this kind of small secret room to monitor the meeting. What is the point of all this.

The werewolf is full of curiosity. Hope to see a clue in that pinhole. He put his eyes close to the small hole. What he saw shocked him.

That should have been a very ordinary scene.

There is a round table in the middle of the huge conference hall.

Sitting at a round table for a meeting. It is a group of familiar faces. Familiar yet unfamiliar.

Because Bedivere knew these people. Everything becomes unusual. That frightened the werewolf.

Sit evenly on all four sides of the round table. It happens to be the four most important figures in the Knights of the Round Table: the Knight of Heaven, Leon Dickens. Heavenly Knight Hall. Celestial Knight Youns. And the Celestial Knight Palinlor.

Near the Celestial Knights. Each has a seat at the round table. They are the knights of the round table:

Actor. Lancelot. Kay. Cador. Constantine. Delhi. Jaglow. Pasiva. Cameron. And several should be Knights of the Round Table. But Bedivere didn’t know. People who cannot be named.

Of course Knight of the Round Table Vestad is among them. The werewolf looked at the burly giant. There was an unprovoked hostility in my heart.

Though these faces are familiar and nostalgic to Bedivere. But there is a small problem that bothers the werewolves: these knights are too “white”.

The group of “Knights of the Round Table” present looked strange. their white heads. White eyebrows. Grey-white pupils. and silver-white armor. Nothing does not indicate that they are different from the deity.

These people are not real knights of the round table. Could it be… a fake.

No. The werewolf denied his idea in the next instant.

These people are not fakes. It can be recognized as [in person] from their manner of speaking. Or [something equivalent to myself]. They’re like clones of the Knights of the Round Table.

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